700c Roadmaster Adventures Bike Review

If you’re looking for an adventure bike, then the 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike might just be the bike for you. It is a versatile bike that blends the features of a trail bike and a road bike into one package, making it perform exceptionally well over the flat road you’ll be typically traversing during your daily commute, and over the moderately rougher terrain of the weekend trail.


Over tarmac or gravel, or even grass and dirt, the Roadmaster Adventures Bike can go over them easy, all for a very budget-friendly price.


Frame Design

The all-steel frame of the Roadmaster Adventures Bike is built and designed to last. Although made from steel, it is built from quality metals, and the weight is at a reasonable 30 pounds. It isn’t by any means light—especially when compared to the more expensive offerings—but 30 pounds is still something one can reasonably consider light as far as entry-level road bikes are concerned.

All in all, the frame feels very strong and sturdy, and the overall bike, because of the frame, feels much more expensive than it actually is. Trust us, not too many bikes in this price range feel the same way, and this is something that we really appreciate about the Roadmaster Adventures Bike. Indeed, we’ve tested a lot of bikes in this price range (and in slightly higher price ranges), and it is typically the case that a bike this budget-friendly will feel budget-friendly. This one did not.

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The frame design, happily, feels both agile and comfortable—it’s a bike that is definitely worthy of being called a hybrid. From our short but extensive scrutinizing of the Roadmaster Adventures Bike, we fully expect it to handle well in the areas it was made for. We won’t, however, suggest anyone use this bike as a proper mountain bike because it simply wasn’t made for those kinds of stresses. This bike will handle moderately rough trails without a problem, more so flat road and tarmac. But mountain bike trails? Don’t.


Like we said, as long as you’re using this bike for the terrain that it was made for, then you won’t really have a problem with it. As far as comfort, it’s pretty subjective, but, certainly, it was relatively comfortable, and even more comfortable than some popular bikes at this price range. The saddle, a standard trim athletic style seat, was pretty competent. We had no problem with it. Especially while sitting upright in a leisurely position, which is, of course, the position that most people who opt for a hybrid bike would be in. We also appreciate that the saddle was still relatively comfortable when in a more racing position. But if you’re, how shall we say, more heavy-set then we are, then it’ll be easy enough to replace the saddle should you not find it as comfortable as we have.

Overall, comfort is subjective, and while we certainly feel that our current titanium-framed bike is more comfortable than this one, it is thousands of dollars more expensive. But, yeah, I—we—would say that for the price, this bike is pretty comfortable, and would be on our shortlist of most comfortable bikes at this price range.

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Roadmaster Adventures Bike Drivetrain

This bike is fitted with a 7-speed tz31 drivetrain that is as smooth and competent as one would expect for a bike this budget-friendly. You’re not exactly getting premium parts here, but, again, you’re not getting something that is clunky and unreliable, either. We also think a 7-speed drivetrain will be perfect for the conditions this bike was designed for, so that’s a good thing. Overall, the drivetrain is agile, reliable, and performs pretty competently on the road where we tested it. Again, you’re not getting silky-smooth pedaling and shifting here, but you’re getting something remarkably competent for the price, and one that won’t damage easily as long as you use the bike over the terrain for which it was designed.

The Brakes

Well, here we can be less ambiguous because the brakes are actually quite excellent. The stops are smooth, and the brake modulation is… well, let’s just say we didn’t expect it to perform this well because of how affordable the bike is. But, yes, we can confirm that the brakes here perform well, and the alloy calipers offer a somewhat confident grip.

The Wheel Set

It’s got 700c “high-performance” alloy wheels. And we put those words in quotes for a reason, because that’s how they’ve been advertised. And, to be sure, while they are indeed a good enough wheelset, we wouldn’t really call them “high performance” anything. They seem like a standard set of 700c wheels that offer a good amount of traction and rolling resistance, and you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged abruptly as long as you—again—use the bike over the terrain, and under the conditions, it was designed for.

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It’s a great daily beater that is worthy of the hybrid badge. For commuting, it’ll be great. For moderate trails, we’ll say it’ll be great, too. Not so much for rougher, mountain trails—in fact, skip this bike if that’s what you intend to do. But if you want a competent entry-level that’s easy to live with, then this bike will definitely be a great option. Also, the price; it’s fantastically affordable. We will say that you are getting a very capable, novice-friendly bike for the price.


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