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As an avid cyclist, you may be looking for the best cycling shorts. Well, it turns out that one of the best options out there are Adidas cycling shorts. Adidas has been a leader in the apparel manufacturing industry since 1949. That’s why every single pair of Adidas cycling shorts is of excellent quality and comfortable to wear. 

Cycling shorts are critical to any rider’s wardrobe. Good cycling shorts can ensure that your ride is as comfortable and effective as possible, while bad ones can lead to a lot of discomforts and take the fun out of riding.

Good quality shorts can cost anywhere between $10 and $300+, which means brands are investing a lot of money in their most popular products. Generally speaking, cycling shorts come in two kinds of varieties — the cheaper ones designed for beginners or the more expensive ones made for world-class cyclists.

You know, you guys have been absolutely spot-on with all of these buying guides. The thing is – there are other brands that also make similar cycling shorts to these Adidas ones, but we just couldn’t vouch for the comfort of their cycling shorts. There are some great alternatives out there as well, like Nike or Under Armour, for example.

Adidas and Its Cycling History

Adidas is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, but few of its customers are aware of its long, rich history in cycling. Even if many do not directly connect the dots between Adidas and cycling, the connection is there — and it goes back to a time 75 years ago. That’s when Adidas started making cycling apparel as well. Since the company is known for its innovative designs, we are sure that you’ll be thrilled to own a fresh pair of Adidas cycling shorts

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The reason you don’t immediately recall Adidas when someone mentions cycling is because historically, the brand has only been relevant in the past decade. Yes, yes, they were around before, and yes, they still exist — but they were just a blip on the sports world radar for many years and decades.

Now, if you’re looking into purchasing a pair of Adidas cycling shorts, you might be interested in some of their new Alphaskin and Adidas Originals options. I’m going to talk about both the Alphaskin and Adidas Originals cycling shorts available on Amazon. Both pairs are made for women and men, respectively.

Adidas Men’s Training Alphaskin Sport Short

Adidas Cycling Shorts - Adidas Men's Training Alphaskin Sport Short

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Unless you’re training for a marathon, comfort on a bike is pretty much your top priority. So, the best possible cycling shorts for your needs should be form-fitting, high-quality, and lightweight. As a bonus, these Adidas Men’s Training Alphaskin Sport Short are great Adidas cycling shorts perfect for any casual fitness activity.

The brand has made high-quality sports clothing for decades. These shorts are a great example of this. With a Kinetic wrap design, they let the body move freely. There’s nothing to impede movement and plenty of cushioning in the elastic waistband and closure for comfort during workouts. The full range of motion still feels great after a workout because there’s no extra material rubbing against your skin or sliding around in the wind.

These Adidas cycling shorts keep your legs in place, but it doesn’t bind or feel tight. It is designed to promote airflow, which keeps you cool and dry. But its core feature is built-in odor control, which keeps you fresh and righteous.

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What’s more, a metallic heat transfer logo on the front of the shorts creates a cool look and feel. These shorts are the perfect blend of cool and practical. They dry almost instantly and don’t get too hot when you’re riding on a warm day. Although they’re nice enough to wear under your normal gear, they’re not so thick that they’ll feel heavy or uncomfortable on your legs. Fabric is quite breathable, so you won’t feel a single bead of sweat during a hard ride.

Adidas Originals Women’s Biker Shorts

Adidas Cycling Shorts - Adidas Originals Women's Biker Shorts

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Ladies! Be sure to keep your training routine fresh. These Adidas Originals Women’s Biker Shorts feature adjustable closure for comfort and ease of movement and are made of high-quality polyester materials of 79% and elastane of 21%. Thanks to Adidas’ commitment to the environment, these shorts are sustainable. 

The high-waisted shorts have an athletic appeal and are designed with a 3-stripes motif that will catch everyone’s eye wherever you wear them. Point to Point Trefoil logo detail adds sophistication and style to this top-quality item. These Adidas cycling shorts are comfortable and well-made pairs of shorts that will improve your cycling wardrobe. 

Well-designed and made from high-quality materials, this pair of Adidas cycling shorts are a great option for the price. They don’t have all the bells and whistles but will get you into races without any issues. They’re a great choice for casual bike clothing and are certainly well suited to wear while not riding.

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Adidas has been in business for many years. They’re one of the most popular brands in the world, providing impeccable quality and excellent customer service to every customer who comes into their stores. They are extremely popular among new generations of shoppers because of their easy-to-wear designs and casual climate.

While this article discusses the best Adidas cycling shorts, there are many other types of cycling shorts that provide excellent value for money. What kind of cyclist are you? If you are a beginner or teenager AND a fan of Adidas, then it is worth considering what we recommended here when choosing the perfect pair of cycling shorts. Take for example long-lasting and reliable models such as the Adidas cycling shorts mentioned above, which are praised for their good fit and quality design.


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