The Best Cold-Weather Bicycle Gear


Who would want to go out riding their bicycles in cold and/or snowy weather? But if you bundle up with the best cold-weather bicycle gear:face mask, winter cycling pants, and accessories, a two-wheeler ride in a freezing cold day will be just as fun as a ride during the summer. Instead of roaming around in inadequate attire, be sure to protect yourself from the cold elements. Wear quality outerwear paired with mid-layers and socks to stay warm as you go out on the open road and have a fun ride.

We know you love to ride your bike year-round. We also know it’s not always easy to keep warm, so bookmark this list of gear if you’re the kind of cyclist who wants to ride – not shudder at the thought of riding – through winter.

Ascher Super Bright Front Headlight and Rear LED Bicycle Light

best cold weather bicycle gear 1. Ascher Super Bright Front Headlight and Rear LED Bicycle Light

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Make sure you ride safely at night and in low light conditions. One of the best ways you could do that is to install bike lights. Make no mistake, the Ascher LED Bicycle Light is our first best cold-weather bicycle gear. Not only are they rechargeable via USB, but they also offer four light modes: full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing. 

For your daring winter bike rides, stick the red light on the back and the white light on the front. Cars will see you from behind while pedestrians will be able to spot you ahead. And not buying 2 packs of these might just be your only regret.

100% Speedtrap Sport Performance Sunglasses

best cold weather bicycle gear 2. 100% Speedtrap Sport Performance Sunglasses

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In order to ride safely in any kind of weather, especially a cold one, it is important to arm yourself with the right shade. For the higher price, 100%’s Speedtrap sunglasses are really good; they are lightweight but incredibly sturdy with interchangeable lenses. They also don’t fog up as much as most other brands we’ve tried.

Speedtrap’s polycarbonate, high-impact lenses protect your eyes from UV rays, flying debris, and more. They also are 100% shatterproof. Make sure you wear this amazing eyewear when you’re going out for extreme cycling.

They are perfect for long rides and will fit comfortably under your helmet while protecting your eyes from debris and wind. These glasses are a great choice for competitive distance road cyclists or those who are in a hurry. And they will serve you well on a cold-weather drive.

GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Balaclava

3. GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Balaclava

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If you want to protect your face, neck, and head with warmth in frigid conditions, then you need the best cold-weather bicycle gear like the GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Balaclava. Windstopper fabric can keep potentially dangerous winds out and your body heat inside. Gore Windstopper technology blocks harsh wind and cold from your forehead and ears.

Yes, this thing got vents at the mouth and nose for more breathability. The fabric it is made of is also stretchy, so it fits perfectly and doesn’t inhibit movement. This balaclava is also water-repellent to keep you dry without feeling too hot or sweaty. It has reflective details that provide extra safety when out in low-light conditions.

Winter Thermal Athletic Cycling Skull Cap

best cold weather bicycle gear 4. Winter Thermal Athletic Cycling Skull Cap

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For such a small investment, this cap delivers all the benefits you would ever need. The Winter Thermal Athletic Cycling Skull Cap invites you to ride through any lousy weather you can handle – even the coldest weather. This Winter Cycling Cap is just the right amount of warmth and comfort, and its lightweight material means you might not even know it’s there. Tuck this cycling helmet into your pocket, vest, or backpack when you aren’t wearing it.

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This tight-fitting cap is great for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding as well as everyday activities like cycling, running, and hiking. The cap is made of polyester and spandex, which makes it both comfortable and breathable. The fabric is also designed to let in heat while preventing cold winds from chilling your ears. It’s available in a one-pack combo or a two-pack combo. 

Giro Timberwolf Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

5. Giro Timberwolf Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

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Riding a bike in winter can be dangerous. While some people may think that winter riding is less strenuous than pedaling in summer, winter cycling does carry its own set of risks. Winter conditions can make the trails more slippery and affect your balance and your ability to stop. At best, you will end up face-down in the snow; at worst, you can get seriously hurt. Therefore, you need to wear the best cold-weather bicycle gear like the best winter bicycle helmet that fits well and can protect your head from impact in collisions while keeping you warm and comfortable in cold environments.

Last winter, there were a lot of cyclists wearing helmets for snowy conditions. They looked just like ski helmets! Thinking about that, Giro created its own snow-inspired helmet called the Timberwolf. Its Thermostat Control ventilation system allows you to control airflow.

In addition to the warmth provided by the fleece liner, and the comfy removable ear pads, the top of this goggle is vented with Front Stack Ventilation. This ventilation allows for fog-free viewing in cold weather. Whether you are mountain biking, commuting, or riding fat bikes, these goggles have you covered.

DEVOPS Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts 

best cold weather bicycle gear 6. DEVOPS 2 Pack Men's Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

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Stay warm and dry. DEVOPS’ Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is designed to do just that. During the autumn and spring, you can wear it alone, but during the winter when it gets really cold, pair it with a waterproof jacket and thermal base layer for that ultimate warmth.

This winter cycling jersey features a soft, moisture-wicking fleece that naturally caresses the skin. And when your core temperature rises, the jersey’s fleece lining moves sweat away from your body to keep you cool and comfortable.

But what we really like about these thermal tops is that they’re lightweight and breathable, providing thermal heat retention and a soft-hand feel to the touch. They are perfect for indoor activities, outdoor adventures, and recreational sports such as bicycling.

ColdGear Mock Women’s Authentics Compression Shirt

7. ColdGear Mock Women's Authentics Compression Shirt

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Stay toasty and dry when winter sets in with this women’s baselayer. Ultra-lightweight and next-to-skin soft, it wicks away sweat and keeps you amazingly warm. With the ColdGear Mock Women’s Authentics Compression Shirt, you’ll enjoy your bicycle ride in the cold.

With updated brushback knit fabric, it offers mega benefits for everyday wear, including temperature regulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. No longer will you have to worry about odor, as it is made with anti-microbial technology. Meaning you can wear this over and over again without washing!

And featuring a 4-way stretch, this top will keep you moving in every direction without creeping up on you. It comes in various colors to suit your ride. Worried about chafing? Don’t be! Its smooth flatlock seams will take care of that. 

Warning: Some people found the sleeves a bit too long for them. But overall, it’s the perfect layering piece to go with the other best cold-weather bicycle gear. And if it’s in your price range, we definitely recommend this product.

Castelli Men’s Alpha ROS Jacket

best cold weather bicycle gear 8. Castelli Mens Alpha ROS Jacket

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When you need a truly functional softshell to keep you warm in the freezing cold, look no further than the Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket. Made in Italy by the highly-revered brand Castelli, yes it’s a pricey one, but it’ll provide you all that you need to conquer a cold biking journey even if it’s up the Himalayas or on the roads of Lapland.

Even when it’s -10C, this jacket will be comfy with some 2 or 3 layers underneath. And when it’s around 45F (8C), even if you wear it with just a normal jersey only, you won’t be disappointed by how it’ll still keep you warm and dry.

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With a convenient zippered front pocket and three back pockets, you can store your cell phone, snacks, and keys. The range of available colors includes Black/Black, Light Black/Black, Ceramic Blue/Black, Red/Black, and Silver Gray/Black.

The Castelli Alpha ROS owes its excellent water protection and amazing high-speed wind protection to its Gore Windstopper 150 Fabric. It is NOT a rain jacket, but it has a double-stitched seam sealing on the shoulders and a zipper that easily slides to prevent most of the rain from getting in.

The jacket’s subtle design separates the wind and water protection layer from the heat and moisture-wicking layer, creating good moisture evaporation and optimal ventilation. With some stretchy fabrics and advanced patterning, the fit is tight but allows you to move freely.

Santic Women Thermal Soft Shell Cycling Winter Biking Jacket

9. Santic Women Thermal Soft shell Cycling Winter Biking Jacket

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Buy the Santic Women Cycling Winter Biking Jacket and ride with it, and we bet that you’d find it the best cold-weather bicycle gear that you’ve ever worn. It’s lightweight and warm, and its new cut ignores aerodynamic concerns. If you’re looking for a jacket that works well during winter or fall/spring weather, then this Santic jacket is your best bet.

The jacket is designed to block the external wind; its tighter construction leaves no place for air to penetrate. The longer-back hem ensures protection from the cold at your lower back. The jacket is super warm with its polar fleece inner liner and provides additional protection from the wind and cold with its wind-resistant collar design. There are also 3 pockets with an elastic band on its back for storing your ride essentials. And you’re going to love its chest strip and reflective tail for high visibility in low lighting environments and at night. Some reviewers had an issue when it comes to sizing so be sure to look at the sizing chart. 

ShowersPass Waterproof Breathable Unisex Crosspoint Knit Gloves

ShowersPass Waterproof Breathable Unisex Crosspoint Knit Gloves

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Whether you live in an area that has long, brutal winters, or you’re just a hardcore cyclist looking to get the most out of your rides no matter what the weather brings, this knit waterproof glove could be the perfect investment for you. For $45, this mid-weight glove alike offers insulation that should work well for temperatures around freezing. People riding around 35 degrees Fahrenheit should consider adding base layers. 

Cycling along on a smooth trail or cruising down the road, the ShowersPass Crosspoint Knit Gloves are sufficient for temperatures as low as 30 degrees. However, if you’re riding faster and working up a sweat, your hands might start feeling chilly. In this case, your fingers may feel cold, but they will warm up in about 15 minutes.

During the dreaded summer heat, don’t ever worry about having hot and sweaty hands. The Crosspoint will keep them cool when the mercury climbs to shocking levels and keep them comfortably warm and dry through the worst of cold weather. And of course, the ShowersPass Crosspoint Knit Gloves fits both sexes. 

GORE WEAR C3 Women’s Bib Tights

 ORE WEAR C3 Women's Bib Tights

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Women who love to go on a not-so-cold trip with their two-wheelers need to try these GORE WEAR C3 Bib Tights. GORE WINDSTOPPER technology is built into these Bib Tights, making them comfortable for you to ride in for hours. This technology makes the pants breathable, windproof, water-repellent. 

The tight fit and bike-specific cut make the coldest of rides less cold. To keep you protected from light precipitation, the face fabric is treated with DWR technology. 

GORE wanted wearers of their C3 bib tights to move freely without pinching or binding as they pedal, so GORE gave it an articulated fit because the Windstopper fabric isn’t like those unlaminated textiles like ThermoRoubaix that can stretch more. 

BALEAF Men’s Cycling Pants

BALEAF Men's Cycling Pants

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BELEAF has been designing essential cycling products for 5 years. The BELEAF windproof cycling pants are one of their top sellers. The beauty of these pants is that they can give your lower extremity all the warmth and comfort it needs. With a soft fleece lining, these pants keep you cozy even while on the most chilly days.

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These pants aren’t just made for cold-weather cycling. They are also a comfortable and cooling pair of pants for hot summer riding days. Made with 100% polyester, these pants are durable, yet breathable. You’ll stay cool and dry on even the hottest days, so you can ride forever.

The heat management of these pants isn’t the best as claimed by some. But c’mon! These cycling pants designed to resist the wind will make it easy for you to ride your bike no matter what the weather. Made with reflective elements that provide extra visibility at night, this pair of pants is yet another best cold-weather bicycle gear and a must-have accessory on every cyclist’s list.

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock

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If you want bicycle gear that can keep your feet dry, warm, and moisture-free no matter what the weather is, you’ve got to look for a sock with a hydrophilic membrane, a wool-blend interior, and a nylon outer for its three-layer construction. And guess what?! This SEALSKINZ Mid Length Sock exactly has that! What’s more, it’s suitable for both men and women.

We tried riding with it on a cold rainy day. And what do you know! We found some pros and cons. While this sock works great at keeping your feet warm when riding in low temperatures, it loses its ability to do so once your feet start to sweat. And using shoe covers only makes it more discomforting. But we won’t deny the fact that it really is the best at keeping your feet dry during easy rides in wet conditions. But if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can check out our review of the other best bicycle socks.

Fizik X5 Artica, Men’s Cycling Shoe

Fizik X5 Artica, Men's Cycling Shoe

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These are the hottest all-around off-season cycling shoes on the market! Stylish and comfortable, they feature high-quality protection in harsh conditions — the best cold-weather bicycle gear for pedaling in the coldest, wettest weather around.

With a rubber sole reinforced with treaded nylon, Fizik X5 Artica cycling shoes are tenaciously grippy on wet, slimy surfaces. On the bike, they provide a supportive pedaling platform while offering a firm yet comfortable heel cup.

With advanced insulation properties, plus a completely waterproof build, plus a robust grip, plus great trail protection, you get a cold-weather companion with lightweight and durable qualities that can beat the elements. There’s also the internal Speed Lacing system of its outsoles. So when you take these shoes off, it’ll be a matter of seconds. 

PEARL IZUMI PRO Barrier WxB Shoe Cover

PEARL IZUMI PRO Barrier WxB Shoe Cover

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For mountain bikers, puddles mean wet toes. Luckily, Pearl Izumi has a new line of cycling overshoes to keep those toes dry. There are few to no choices for high-quality cycling rain boots specifically made for mountain biking. Pearl Izumi’s PRO Barrier WxB shoe cover is a welcome addition to the cycling rain boot market.

PRO Barrier WxB’s stretchy polyurethane-coated fabric will keep water out, while its close-fitting nature keeps these minimalist overshoes slender and elegant on the foot. Waterproof and insulated with a soft lining, they’re perfect for cold weather down to around freezing. Seams are sealed with tape for added water resistance. Two-stage hook and loop closures — behind the heel and at the ankles — provide a secure fit. Easy to put on and take off!


Fancy winter cycling gear isn’t for everyone. However, by making careful choices about what you order online, you can look good and stay warm. Owning the best cold-weather bicycle gear will make your winter adventures safer and more fun. Put the information in this article to use and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need quickly. Best of luck with your shopping!

Which winter cycling gear above interests you? Why?

Are there other winter cycling gear you want us to include here? Let us know in the comments.


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