The Best Kids’ Bike Bells Available on the Market

If your little one has a bike, then the next purchase you should make for him/her—of course assuming you’ve already got him a helmet—is a bike bell. The importance of a bike bell is two-fold; 1, it tells the people around that, well, your kid is around, and 2, it’s just something that kids love playing with as they discover the world with their bikes. I got a bike bell for my 5-year-old once, and he couldn’t stop slapping his hand against the thing, excited at all the attention he’s getting from the people around him. In fact, it didn’t last long because of how often it was used.

In this article, we’ve done a roundup of the best kids’ bike bells available on the market today. These are the ones we found that aren’t simply built to last, but look really cute, too, and will be a great addition to any kid’s bike.

Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell Bicycle Bell


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You’re probably wondering if that was a typo—no, it isn’t. The name of this kid’s bike bell is not easy to pronounce, but who cares?—it looks awesome! All those cogs and gears inside the plastic glass dome of the bell remind me of a watch’s innards. And they move and spin, too, as the bell is operated. We’re sure your kid will be enchanted by all those gears moving as he operates because even we were.

The housing is tight and rainproof, so you won’t have to worry about your little one getting dirt or water inside. And it comes in a variety of colors. Again, it won’t be a bad idea to buy more than a few and line them up on your kid’s handlebar stem—in fact; it will look cool.

Despite the bell’s plasticky appearance, it is surprisingly durable and can be operated by twisting the colorful dial in a clockwise manner.

Nutcase Bike Bells


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Nutcase is a popular brand that makes all kinds of bike accouterments for adults and kids. The kids’ helmets they make are fantastic, in fact. Happily, we can say the same for their kids’ bike bells, which come in a variety of cool retro designs.

You can ratchet up the coolness factor for your kid by pairing up your Nutcase bell with an equally lovely, retro Nutcase helmet. I’m sure your young one will love the combination!

Cartoon Bike Bells For Kids


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This particular kids’ bike bell will simply look cute on your kid’s bike. In fact, this is what I have for my kid right now, and he loves it.

The bell itself is rotatable and made from an aluminum alloy. It makes it very durable—durability is precisely why I chose this bell; my kid never tires of playing with his bike bell when he’s on his bike. Of course, there are parts of the bell that are made from plastic, but they at least feel engineered to be tough.

I also appreciate that the bell is loud without being annoying to the ears. It will definitely herald the arrival of your child from a distance without bursting people’s eardrums.

Ebos Alpenhupe Bike Bell


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Well, it’s like a cowbell, so what’s not to love? It’s great for kids, not just because of its cute design but because it works very simply. The quality is better than it looks, too—the body is made from a powder-coated metal, which gives it a sort of premium feel. But just be aware that the velcro strap can soak in dirt from mud or rain more easily than other kids’ bike bells.

The bell has a magnet inside that is used to turn the bell off. So, when the bell is off, it won’t be making a sound no matter how much the bell is moved. It can be turned on again by simply folding the strap, effectively disconnecting it from the internal magnet.

Anyone familiar with the popular mountain bike bells from Timber might thing the Ebos Alpenhupe will work the same way. And, yes, there are similarities in the way they work, but we have to warn you that the sound of the Ebos Alpenhupe is nowhere nearly as strong as those Timber bells. In fact, this is perhaps my only reservation with the Ebos Alpenhupe kids’ bike bells—they don’t have a strong enough sound.

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