Best Mountain Bikes for Women


Are you looking for the best mountain bikes for women? Women-specific bikes are designed specifically for female riders of all experience levels, from beginner to expert. Geometry tweaks have made them accessible to riders of smaller stature as well. Now, everyone can have a bike that fits him or her well. The geometry of short-travel bikes has changed to make climbing and descending easier than ever. Big-travel mountain bikes now have suspension systems that can handle any trail conditions, whether you’re in a bike park or navigating technical terrain.

By the way, there are great used women-specific mountain bikes for sale here. You can own a solid one at a VERY affordable price. And if you’re a lady in your 60’s, we also did a review of the best bikes for older women

The key to a great mountain bike is flexibility — for all kinds of riders. Mountain bikes are all created equal, and we men may have no qualms riding the same bike as others. However, there are some things ladies will need to look for when shopping for their perfect bike. For example, smaller riders may want to opt for a lower standover and shorter reach. With this in mind, we chose the best mountain bikes for women out there. Consider one of them if you’re in the market!

Best Mountain Bikes for Women

1. Schwinn GTX 2 Comfort Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes for women - Schwinn GTX Comfort Mountain Bike

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Have you always wanted to go on a bike ride with your friends, but didn’t want to buy two separate bikes for road and off-road excursions? How would you like to own a one-of-a-kind bike at an affordable price?

Say hello to one of the best mountain bikes for women — the Schwinn GTX 2 Mountain Bike. It is a cranky hybrid bike with flat handlebars that will give you a comfortable grip while riding and will provide an unmatched shock distribution similar to riding a mountain bike but with more agility and speed thanks to its 700c wheels. It provides a comfortable ride, and you can take pride in it being built well.

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Schwinn has risen to the top through its dedication to excellence. The Schwinn GTX 2 is one of many examples of this. Schwinn takes what it does seriously. They have structured a product whose quality matches its price point. It comes with numerous gears to pick from and hydraulic disc brakes for quick stopping power in any situation. As an added bonus, the bike has lifetime protection for the handlebar and frame.

Schwinn’s mountain bikes are some of the most balanced mountain bikes on the market. What makes the Schwinn GTX 2 Mountain Bike one of our favorites is its gender-neutral design. Its aesthetics also make it great for both men and women. The bike uses an aluminum frame, making it very light and durable. As a result, it lowers the center of gravity, positioning riders lower to the ground for increased stability.

The bike has a one-piece gearbox to optimize high speeds on fast winding terrain. You have four chain-rings up front and nine in the back. The Microshift levers in front control them, and the Shimano Altus shifters in the back shift on them.

The Schwinn GTX mountain bike comes with a versatile combination of 20-inch wheels and 28 spokes that will allow you to tackle any terrain with confidence and comfort. It even comes with three-knife sculpted tires that help you adjust on the go for the conditions you encounter.  No matter where you are riding, this bicycle is sure to keep you safe and sound.

2. SAVADECK DECK300 Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes for Women - SAVADECK DECK300 Mountain Bike

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SAVADECK is a manufacturer of one of the latest models in carbon fiber mountain bikes, the SAVADECK DECK300 30-Speed Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike. This is one of the best mountain bikes for women available on the market. The model features a carbon fiber frame, which contributes to its lightweight but ensures that it can stand up to outdoor conditions and heavy loads.

Equipped with Shimano derailleurs in the front and at the back, this mountain bike allows you to switch between speeds with greater ease and smoother acceleration. The varying gears are ideal for every cyclist, from experienced to novice. Plus, you don’t need to know how to do anything fancy to get started, and the bike can take you on even the roughest trails.

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We are so impressed with this sleek model. We really like this bike’s brake style, which is operated by both the handbrakes and the disc brakes. The brakes are built into the hand-grips, so they’re easy to operate if you need them in an emergency — like when you’re riding down a hill and get a flat tire. Since it has a hollow crankset, you can ride up hills without wasting energy.

It’s a great mountain bike — and we guarantee it’ll serve women well! The assembly is do-able but may require shopping-around for a bike shop to tune it up. Otherwise, the only thing we found to be a bit of a turnoff is the clicking sound coming from its gears when freewheeling. However, after research, it seems that this is normal! We recommend you keep using it. With the SAVADECK DECK300 Mountain Bike, you’ll have many years of riding enjoyment!

3. Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bikes for Women - Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike - Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike

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Make no mistake! Here’s another one of the best mountain bikes for women — the Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike. Its looks are deceiving. Yes, it is a mountain bike, but with a “road bike” -ish appearance when you’re done putting it together. This is because it is made of high-quality aluminum, making the frame much lighter but also keeping its sturdiness and toughness. Although it weighs in as heavier than some competitors on the market, it has tremendous strength and durability.

This bike has a 146mm rear hub that can take on bumps with more vigor. It also comes with lock-on grips, which allow you to hold onto the handlebars without worrying about numbness. In addition, the front suspension absorbs impact from potholes and rough paths to create a smoother riding experience.

The Shimano 18-speed gears shift very smoothly. They can handle slightly hilly roads or rough singletrack trails. And the hydraulic brakes allow for maximum stopping power in most conditions, including when it rains or when you’re riding through the mud.

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Well worth the cost. The bike looks great and is comfortable to ride. You can expect the shipping to be packaged well. You can put it together on your own, but it helps to have someone to help you hold the pieces steady as they go together. The instructions are easy to use but could be better in some parts. We know that you’ll find this bike great when you ride it. And you’re going to love the front shocks that do a good job of absorbing bumps from the road. This couldn’t make you happier with what you’ll get for the price. A beautiful bike in orange! 


Mountain biking is one of the best outdoor sports for thrill-seeking riders, and it’s also a great form of exercise. It has long been a popular hobby, as well as a pastime, and as a way to explore nature. Riders could go for cross-country riding, which is best for those who wish to be more relaxed, or trail riding, which is better for those looking for an exhilarating workout.

Mountain biking has been enjoying increasing popularity for two decades. In the last decade, in particular, more and more women are taking to it, which led to the creation of mountain bikes specifically made for them. These bikes are designed with features like women’s comfort in mind. They also facilitate efficiency in rides. 

Before we wrap it up, you might want to check out our list of the best Schwinn mountain bikes. Schwinn is also a great manufacturer of women-specific bikes. Now then, when considering a bike, ride comfort should be the most important feature. You should make your choice based on that criteria to find the perfect bike for you. So, have you decided which one of the best mountain bikes for women above to buy? If so, let us know in the comments and tell us why you picked it.


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