Bicycle Tour of Colorado: Top 3 Best Tours

Bicycle Tour of Colorado Top 3 Best Tours

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado and want to ride your bike, our list of the best bike tours in the Centennial State has got you covered. We’ve taken hours of research about the best bicycle tour of Colorado and we managed to put together this comprehensive list — from easy routes for riders with little experience on two wheels to epic journeys for experienced riders who love to explore.

Colorado is one the most popular states amongst competitive cyclists and triathletes for one reason: it offers them endless possibilities to test their endurance. The state’s natural environment includes lush valleys, river canyons, and mountains — ideal for road or mountain biking in both urban and rural settings.

Colorado is renowned for its challenging terrain and high urban altitude. The state boasts a number of professional cyclists who use the state for training, including the internationally respected BMC team. However, cycling culture runs deep: you’ll find community road rides in almost every town — and plenty of adoring fans who will encourage all kinds of cyclists.

Bicycle Tour of Colorado: Top 3 Best Tours

The roads of Colorado are always there to welcome cyclists, whether it’s for a challenging climb or a scenic ride. The Centennial State boasts hundreds of beautiful cycling routes, from the Spanish Peaks to the tree-lined streets of Aspen. Your road biking destination is just waiting to be discovered. 

1. Aspen Colorado Bike Tour 

Aspen Colorado Bike Tour

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If you think Aspen is about skiing, think again. Brought to you by one of the best cycling tour companies, Trek Travel, Aspen bike tour takes you to the best the area has to offer: miles and miles of scenic trails, stunning mountaintop vistas, and local towns that reflect the natural beauty of Colorado. Trek’s rental bikes will help you navigate the terrain — not a bad deal for those who want to experience the beauty of Aspen on two wheels.

This is a 5-day active and adventurous cycling tour that explores one of America’s most beautiful areas. At night, you’ll be staying at the Gant hotel. During the tour, you can either ride a Trek Domane SL 7 Disc on your own or ride a Trek Verve+ Sports Bicycle with an electric-assist motor if you want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings without needing to pedal too hard. 

On the first day of this bicycle tour of Colorado, you’ll meet your guides at the luxurious ski resort in Aspen for a welcome picnic with delicacies. After being fitted for a bike and receiving a safety speech, you’ll then take a trip to an old mining town. After that, you’ll proceed to the ghost town of Ashcroft at the headwaters of Castle Creek to reflect on the path that lies ahead.

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Day two is going to be fun and relaxing, but you’ll also get to see a slice of the past. As you enjoy the scenery along the Rio Grande Trail, you’ll pass by old ranch buildings and a railroad bridge. You’ll also see elk herds and Mount Sopris looming in the distance, adding some drama to your trip.

On the third day, things will get going early. Take a bike ride or get on a van for Independence Pass — a mountain pass that’s filled with incredible views of streams and a waterfall. It’s the perfect place to start your downhill ride back into Aspen.

On the fourth day, you’ll be able to explore Aspen to your heart’s content. There are plenty of activities to choose from: take the Silver Queen Gondola to the top of Ajax Mountain and hike amongst the wildflowers or fly fish for local trout in Maroon Creek, enjoy a day of whitewater rafting with class III rapids or head up to Independence Pass for some well-deserved paragliding. Or, you could just book a massage at one of Aspen’s spas.

Head out for the last half of your trip and spend your fifth day exploring the surroundings of Aspen. You will ride through the wilderness of Colorado’s high-altitude forests, where you can take in sweeping views of the Maroon Bells peaks and enjoy a wonderful breakfast at a local cafe.

If you’re not ready for a bicycle tour of Colorado, you might like Vermont bicycle tours. The Green Mountain State shares many similarities with the Centennial State: all-seasons cycling, diverse landscapes, and a liberal attitude that makes it feel like home. If you’d like to explore Vermont by bicycle, check out our comprehensive list of the best bike tours in Vermont.

2. Rocky Mountain Road Bike Tour 

Rocky Mountain Road Bike Tour

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Escape Adventures offers 5-day bicycle tours of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains every summer and is a perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors with friends or loved ones. A casual country inn accommodates participants of this tour, who also get to enjoy other amenities such as airport shuttle service, special gourmet meals, and guided day hiking and biking. 

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the color-packed world of Colorado by bike, this Colorado road bike tour is for you: cycling through vibrant landscapes of green mountain meadows and yellow, orange, and red rock mountains are sure to provide plenty of photo opportunities.

In Durango, Colorado — known as the wildflower capital of the world — you’ll find a thriving cycling community that’s been around since 1896. That means people have been biking here for over a century. This community loves bikes with everything they’ve got. Bikes are more than just transportation here; it’s their lifestyle, their passion, and their culture.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts will love hiking, biking, and skiing the steep mountain passes and meandering glades of Montana’s San Juan Mountains. With thousands of miles of trails winding across Mount Augusta National Forest and Glacier National Park, tourists can sample tranquil valleys framed by forested peaks and high altitudes teeming with wildlife.

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A long and winding trail runs through the open meadows, which are as smooth as silk to run through. They stretch for miles in every direction like the waves of the ocean. At some points, they’re even higher than your head. With a shoulder-high wave of wildflowers and tall grasses, wild animals such as deer, fox, hawks, and more roam freely.

And prepare for Durango’s most impressive culinary feat: secret recipes that will blow your mind with delight. Complete with their own distinct flavor and rustic feel, you’ll truly appreciate their finesse. You won’t be able to get enough of the mouth-watering, flavorful taste…and you’ll definitely want to come back for seconds!

You’ll embark on a journey that begins in Durango, goes over four challenging mountains passes into the beautiful Telluride and Ouray towns in the San Juan Mountains, and ends in Silverton. On this tour, you’ll visit well-preserved cliff dwellings that were inhabited for more than 700 years by Ancestral Puebloans.

Have you been eyeballing our Rocky Mountain tours, but hesitated to join them due to the steady climbs? Then you have just found your solution. In this tour, you get to ride an e-bike, eliminating all of that procrastination with an added boost of power that makes each climb a breeze — leaving you and your traveling companions to enjoy all of the breathtaking views.

3. Boulder Self-Guided Bike Tour 

Boulder Self-Guided Bike Tour

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With Trek Travel’s Boulder Self-Guided Bike Tour, you’ll have the chance to explore the best of Colorado by bike. Discover trails and scenery at your own pace, and experience the joy of seeing a new place at your own time. Enjoy the time of your life on this 6 days and 5 nights bicycle tour of Colorado. You also get to stay at an Explorer-style hotel that’s perfect for relaxing after a day of cycling.

Aimed at active cyclists and enthusiastic tourists, this tour lets you see the sights of Colorado as you cycle through the Rocky Mountains on your Trek Domane SL 7 Disc bike. Wherever you go, this bike can handle it all with its endurance-enhancing carbon frame and tough Shimano components

On your first day, you leave your luggage at the hotel and join a Trek Travel host for an after-work bike ride in Boulder. You can choose from two great routes: The Morgul Bismark Loop will take you to south Boulder, where you can enjoy spectacular vistas and challenging climbs. Or, you can try the Lee Hill Route, with its classic Boulder sights and a few rolling hills. After your ride, cool off in the hotel hot tub!

On the second day of your cycling trip, you can get an up-close look at Left Hand Canyon. A part of the Bristol Mountain loop, it’s a ribbon of pavement that winds through a verdant valley and includes some leg-burning climbs — but nothing too harsh. You’ll ride alongside a creek, pass over a few bridges and take in the view from scenic overlooks before reaching Brainard Lake at 10,500 feet above sea level.

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On Day 3 you’ll cycle through the Coal Creek Canyon, up and down its rock tunnels, and through breathtaking vistas. You’ll reach Salto for lunch, stopping to marvel at its amazing views over the boulder-strewn landscape. After being torn between the more difficult route or one that is easier, you’ll continue cycling past hand-carved stone structures that overlook state llama farms.

The fourth day of your tour is dedicated to spectacular views. You’ll ride through the Crane Hollow neighborhood – one of the most beautiful spots in Boulder, as well as gorgeous Carter Lake Park. The home of Bassett Ice Cream and summer activities, it can be accessed by foot or bike only. After you leave the lake, you’ll enjoy sweet refreshments at the Crane Hollow Café, followed by a relaxing push to Downhill’s Mountain Fountain Café.

On day five, you’ll have two fun routes to choose from. The first heads through Boulder Canyon, and the other travels through Lyons. Both get you to the same place on day six — but the only one gives you a chance to explore some of the best views in Boulder County.

On the sixth day of our journey, you get to visit Flagstaff Mountain — a twisty stretch just west of Boulder that offers a grueling test for even the most seasoned cyclists. The mountain’s history stretches back to the Coors Classic when it was ridden by everyone from Andy Hampsten to Greg Lemond.

If this bicycle tour of Colorado still hasn’t convinced you, you might want to try another setting that’s as stunning as Colorado, so make sure to check out our list of the best Hawaii bicycle tours. We’ve listed the best two-wheeler tours in a separate article, to ensure we don’t overload you with information.


Colorado is a cyclist’s wonderland. It has every type of riding you could want: challenging mountain passes, smooth and fastback roads, and flat trails that are perfect for training. Colorado has everything a road rider could want — and more! 

Mountain biking in Colorado is some of the best in the U.S., with a selection of trails that include easy options for beginners and technical, rocky routes for experienced riders.

You now have a list of bike tours to choose from when you visit Colorado. It’s difficult to build the perfect itinerary that takes into account the weather, the biking skill level required, and your availability. 

The tours we have mentioned are some of the best in the state. But, they’re not exhaustive by any means. There are many more to experience! We hope this article helped you find the best bicycle tour of Colorado for you!


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