The Best Bicycle Tours France Offers

Bicycle Tours France

France is a bike rider’s dream destination, with its world-class art, charming bistros, a stunning landscape, and romantic views around every corner. Join Trek Travel and Butterfield & Robinson for the best bicycle tours France offers—the two companies’ annual bicycle tour gives riders scenic views of the locations featured in Woody Allen movies while biking along France’s Loire Valley.

You’ve thought about it. It’s been your ultimate dream. You’ve read about it. Now it’s time to plan your trip to France. What will you see? Monet’s gardens? The Riviera? The Loire Valley? Well, you might not have to choose between them — France is the largest country in Western Europe and has a variety of landscapes, cities, and lifestyles that rival any other in the world.

You can’t beat the thrill of passing through the cobblestone streets of its local market, where each corner brings a new adventure and new smells. You stuff your face with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fill your senses with the colors, sounds, and smells of a vibrant market. It’s time you make that happen!

And don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve narrowed down the top 5 best bicycle tours France offers.

Top 5 Best Bicycle Tours France Offers

Picture yourself pedaling through the French countryside, surrounded by mountains on all sides. Wineries punctuate the horizon, and it’s easy to imagine you’ve arrived in a postcard image of France. The cobblestone lanes are supplemented with bike paths that hug the edges of fields, and as you pass through each little village, children hand out fresh fruit to passing bicyclists. Here are our top 5 best bicycle tours France offers! 

1. Provence Luxury 4-Day Bike Tour 

Provence Luxury 4-Day Bike Tour

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Located in Southeastern France, Provence is a region that’s best known for its countryside and architecture, as well as its natural beauty. With quaint villages dotting the landscape, beautiful beaches by the coast, and markets that are bursting with local food products, it’s no wonder so many people want to see this little corner of France. 

One of the best cycling tour companies, Trek Travel offers one of the best bicycle tours France offers —a luxury 4-day Provence tour that offers a chance to sample some of Southern France’s finest produce, cooked by a local chef over an open fire. After cooking, you can explore Provence’s quaint villages. You can also visit the markets while enjoying wine tastings and local delicacies. A true taste of the French countryside in just 4 days.

One of the most memorable cycling trips in France is the Tour de Mont Ventoux — a climb that’s notoriously difficult even for professional cyclists. At the end of each day, though, cyclists can meet at a Relais & Chateaux hotel to enjoy great food and wine… or bask in their accomplishment on a terrace with views of vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Trek Travel luxury tours in Provence offer you a chance to be both pampered and challenged, but with the chance to truly relax at the end of it all. A luxury tour through France means that you get both exercise and relaxation, guided by an expert tour director who is always ready to give you a new challenge.

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2. Bordeaux to Dordogne Biking 

Bordeaux to Dordogne Biking

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France is chock-full of delights for wine and foodies alike. Famed for its Bordeaux wines, the Bordelais countryside offers a great way to escape the city — along with one of art history’s most important treasures: the network of ancient caves at Rouffignac are covered in 13,000-year-old prehistoric paintings! 

Let Butterfield & Robinson take you on a tour in Saint-Émilion, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site. Immerse yourself in the wine culture of the region by visiting private wine-making works and Château vineyards, where you can sample the finest wines these estates have to offer.

What will you ride on this tour? You’ll be outfitted with a hybrid bicycle with flat handlebars and a handlebar bag to keep your belongings safe. You’ll also get a helmet and water bottle, so you’re prepared for the long journey ahead.

For the first day, you get to treat your taste buds to the mouthwatering flavors of Bordeaux wine country as you cycle through vineyards on a rails-to-trails bike route. Then stop for a hearty lunch at a Château before exploring the town of St-Émilion, which is famous for its medieval architecture.

On the second day, you get to visit the Right Bank, which is best known for growing the world’s best Merlots. You’ll also see why during one of the best bicycle tours France offers. You get to explore the vineyard and experience the process from picking grapes, to tasting wine, to getting your own hands dirty in a visit to the barrel room at one of the area’s oldest wineries. Then, learn about French wine as you go on a tour of the cellars. Then, wind down at dinner and watch the sunset on Burgundy over a glass of Premier Grand Cru wine.

From the cradle of wine culture, Saint-Emilion, to the rolling hills and breathtaking countryside of Bergerac, this scenic biking tour will take you through some of France’s most beautiful natural landscapes. On the third day, there will be a cooking class and an extended wine tasting in one of the region’s most coveted vineyards.

From the massive castle in Beynac to the beautiful forest lands of Dordogne, day 4 of this trip will take you back to the medieval ages. Beynac is filled with ancient castles and subterranean passageways from a time that was far simpler than our own, but no less impressive. While there, walk through its halls and discover all that it has to offer — don’t forget your camera!

On the fifth day of this tour, you’ll discover the Middle Ages in Rouffignac, a 13,000-year-old cave decorated with prehistoric art. Located near your hotel, it’s easy to go and visit. The town of Le Bugue offers a wide range of shopping opportunities before your last night’s gala party in a beautiful 18th-century mansion.

To say goodbye to your trip, book breakfast at the hotel on the last day of your stay. The restaurant will serve a special farewell meal while waiting for your train back home.

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3. Pyrenees Sea to Sea Bike Tour 

Pyrenees Sea to Sea Bike Tour

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Here’s another one of the best bicycle tours France offers – and once again brought to you by Trek Travel.

You get to enjoy a ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees. Climb mountain passes and fully experience the thrill of passing by local people cheering you on as you pass through their villages. It features a comfortable route that takes riders from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Cycling through the picturesque terrain of France and Spain, this trip offers riders a chance to explore the finest cities in Europe while enjoying the opportunity to ride the Trek Domane SL 7 Disc Bike in one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world.

You’ll be cycling through the Basque Country and the Catalan Country — two regions famous for their culture, cuisine, and landscapes. The rolling hills are filled with ancient forests of sweet chestnuts, fruit trees, and eucalyptus. The coastline is scattered with beaches and coves along winding roads leading to charming seaside villages, where delicious tapas are just around every corner.

You get to visit Bagnères de Luchon, a gorgeous small town in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Though there are many options to explore when you’re in town, you can’t leave without getting in touch with nature and enjoying this thermal spring spa town.

The magnificent Pyrenees Mountains offer the variety of landscapes you’d expect from one of Europe’s greatest mountain ranges. What better way to enjoy the views than by bicycle? This expert-led trip, taken along the routes and trails of the Pyrenees Sea to Sea Trek (a famed French cycling route), offers memorable day-to-day experiences that will transport you across the entire range.

After exploring the sights of France, you may still be in the mood for some active fun. If this is so, know that we also made an article for the Best Vermont bicycle tours offering an all-encompassing tour of the Green Mountain State. Marvel at the gorgeous scenery as you ride across grassy hills and through broad valleys — occasionally passing by a small town or charming inn. 

4. Normandy & Brittany Biking 

Normandy & Brittany Biking

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Best managed by Butterfield & Robinson, your itinerary for the first day of one of the best bicycle tours France offers includes a tour of Fontaine-Henry castle, a visit to the Valley of Mills, and a ride through Juno Beach. In the afternoon, your WWII expert will join you at a bar in Bayeux before you head to dinner at one of the town’s best restaurants. 

During the second day of the Normandy & Brittany Biking Tour, you’ll meet a WWII historian who will walk you through the Battle of Normandy for an eye-opening narrative into the region. Finish the day by walking through the American Cemetery, where you’ll be able to see a breath-taking background of Normandy’s rolling hills. 

If you’re into history, you’re going to love day 3 of this bicycle tour in France. You’ll be taking a trip to Longues-sur-Mer and Bayeux. You can visit the D-Day Landing Exhibit at Arromanches and do a Calvados tasting before getting on your bike for an easy ride through quaint villages back to Villa Lara. And don’t forget to check out the Bayeux Tapestry while you’re there — it’s an absolute must!

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On day 4, you’ll be visiting the island monastery of Mont Saint-Michel, standing like a dream above the bay. Then, you climb past centuries of history as you explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, then kickstart your trip along Brittany’s western coast on a customized road bike with drop bars or hybrid with flat bars.

On the fifth day, you’ll be traveling to St-Malo on a ferry for a guided tour of the historical city of corsairs. While there, you can take an excursion to Cancale, a seaside village famous for its oysters. After your tour, head back for a dinner that will make you feel like a true Breton.

When the tour is over, there will be a delicious French breakfast at your hotel prepared for you to enjoy before your personal guide will drop you off at the Rennes train station so you can get on with your next travels.

5. Classic Climbs: The Alps Bike Tour 

Classic Climbs - The Alps Bike Tour

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The Classic Climbs: The Alps Bike Tour by Trek Travels is one of the best bicycle tours France offers! On this scenic bike trip, you can fuel your day with traditional alpine favorites. Savor tartiflette, raclette, and fondue on your way through the Alps! 

Enjoy the thrill of riding a Trek Domane SL 7 Disc bike as you pedal across the countryside in a Tour de France homage. As you climb uphill, you can almost hear the shouting of fans from the sidelines, and as you approach a sweeping curve, you will see the graffiti of famous riders who have inspired you, like Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault.

It’s no surprise that some of the most historic moments in cycling have taken place within the mountains of the French Alps. Amongst cyclists, climbs like Mont Ventoux, Alpe d’Huez, and Col du Galibier are some of the most legendary peaks on earth. Here, Eddy Merckx made a name for himself with five straight victories in the Tour de France in the 1970s.

Whether you’re a professional cyclist looking to push your limits or an amateur wanting to get some fresh air, this trip’s Alps Tour will take you on an unforgettable journey. From the breathtaking mountain views of Lake Annecy to the excitement of riding up Alpe d’Huez, this tour will make sure you’re always having a good time.

Unforgettable bike vacation for all mountain lovers. You will ride through the beautiful French Alps. There’s a route that will take you from Annecy to the highest peak of the region: Alpe d’Huez. There are plenty of things to do along this path — wildlife, castles, and interesting stories await you. A fun and active week with an exceptional group of people await you!


If you’re still looking for a good bike tour to take on your next trip to France, then we hope that this list will help. We picked out 5 great options for you, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that piques your interest. And if not, well we hope you’re able to find some incredible restaurants and walking tour options!



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