Top 3 Best Bicycle Tours Italy Offers

Top 3 Best Bicycle Tours Italy Offers

There’s no better way to experience Italy than biking along its well-maintained roads and taking in the sights of its picturesque towns. Tourissimo, Trek Travel, and Butterfield & Robinson offer the best bicycle tours Italy offers — you’ll be able to see everything from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the glistening waters of Venice on a bike tour!

Certain destinations call for a particular type of trip — and if you want to take a bike tour through Italy, then you’re in the right place. Italy is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, with historic cities, beautiful countryside, and incredible food.

Trek Travel, Tourissimo, and Butterfield & Robinson have the best Italy bike tours for you — from the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to the canals of Venice, these brands can really take you on a journey. Since these brands are so well-known in their segment, let’s focus on just some of their best features: tour guides with rich local knowledge curated travel experiences depending on your personal preferences, fine hospitality, and accommodations.

The sights of Italy are incredible, and getting to them is easy — as long as you can find the time for it! But no matter how busy you are, there’s always room for a nice bike tour. If you are in the area or visiting somewhere — why not go on a bike tour? We’ve got some great suggestions for you, so check out Italy’s 5 best bike tours today!

Top 3 Best Bicycle Tours Italy Offers

From the gliding gondolas of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany, our list of the best bicycle tours Italy offers has been specially designed by experienced guides. If you are looking to see the countryside in the most unique way possible, plan your trip with Tourissimo, Trek Travel, and Butterfield & Robinson. 

1. Tourissimo’s Chef Bike Tour Sicily 

Tourissimo's Chef Bike Tour Sicily

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Tourissimo’s Chef Bike Tour Sicily is no doubt one of the best bicycle tours Italy offers. This cultural bike tour begins with a visit to the historical center of Palermo. The Capo Market and Vucciria Market offer an insight into Sicilian cuisine, not to mention Sicily’s rich history. You then journey to dinner – a private event prepared by Chef Dario from Palermo and some guest chefs! That’s day 1! 

On the second day, you’ll ride through the Sicilian countryside and enjoy the majestic views. Visit Monreale and its Cathedral and then proceed. It’s a pleasant bike trip with plenty of time to stop off at Piana degli Albanesi for some cannolis before arriving at Santa Maria del Bosco Abbaye, where we’ll stay tonight.

On day three of this bike tour in Italy, your ride takes you from the Sicani Mountains Regional Park, crossing peaceful villages and a slice of paradise – Lake Arancio. After passing by beautiful beaches we will reach Casina Miregia—a charming south-Sicilian hotel where we can relax after lunch.

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Day 4 takes you on a loop ride through Montevago, a town ravaged by earthquakes and abandoned in the ’60s. If you’re lucky, you may find some delicious cheese — fresh from the shepherd’s sheep — on your way to Menfi.

The fifth day will have you cycling the length of Sicily which is an ambitious and exciting challenge that you’ll set yourself. Beginning in Menfi, a town steeped in history – but one which has declined a little in more recent times – we take to our bikes with the aim of reaching Marsala, Europe’s westernmost city.

Then, visit Mozia on the sixth day. This is where Carthage once rose to power and crumbled away. It’s a memorable site. It’s also home to the island, which has been excavated by archaeologists. The flat terrain makes for great biking, as does the vineyard nearby. The history of this part of the Mediterranean is very interesting.

You hop back onto your bike and glide across the landscape, eyes fixed on the horizon. Your goal is Nubia, a Relais & Chateaux built in the middle of Balearic salt flats that have been cultivated for over two millennia. The perfect place to reflect on the journey you just took — and the one you’re about to embark on.

Trapani’s salt pans, the tuna industry, and wine-making… all this activity isn’t just an economic engine for Italy – it’s also a beautiful source of food for the Mediterranean! 

Day 7 starts with a nice ride southwards through the countryside, toward Trapani; you can take in the cultural sights as your head towards the Antiche Saline for a celebratory dinner.

On the final day, after breakfast, you have a choice to extend your stay or not. If not, you’ll transfer to the Palermo airport for your next trip – back home or experience the best bicycle tours France offers.

2. Butterfield & Robinson’s Tuscany Wine Country Biking 

Tuscany Wine Country Biking

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Tuscany is where you’ll fall in love with the country’s rustic cuisine and bold wine flavors. Explore the region by bike, admiring its medieval towns and olive groves on your way past. Whether you’re a passionate foodie or a dedicated biker looking for a new challenge, the Tuscany Wine Country Biking tour will quickly make it one of your favorite bicycle tours Italy offers. By the way, it’s best offered by Butterfield & Robinson, one of the best cycling tour companies.

As a 6-day Level-3 Tour, Butterfield & Robinson’s Tuscany Wine Country Biking is paced for the more experienced bikers. While it covers hilly terrain, the average daily distance is kept to a moderate 24 miles (38 km). Steep climbs are avoided whenever possible — but remember that Tuscany’s terrain can range from rolling hills to picturesque valleys, so be prepared to tackle some inclines and descend them at your own rate.

On day one of your trip, ride on a horse-drawn carriage to Montisi, the hilltop village above Pienza, where you can buy local olive oil from Signor Bindi, the region’s most esteemed producer. Then enjoy the sunset with prosecco in a lovely courtyard with your partner/spouse/best friend/etc.

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The 2nd day is the most important day of the entire trip. You’ll take in the breathtaking scenery as you pass through the Val di Chiana countryside. Then, prepare for a lunch like no other, as you visit Casa Lungarella for a three-course wine and food pairing that will leave you full of life. Afterward, you’ll meet up with others again for a tour of the vineyards followed by an educational tasting of Tuscan reds. Then, proceed to Chef Walter’s villa in Bettole for a spectacular dinner.

The third day will have you riding the Tuscan road that leads to Siena. On your way, follow a guide through the most picturesque areas of Tuscany, such as scenic towns like San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, or the area around Volterra.

On the fourth day of the bike tour in Italy, take a day trip cycling to the Chianti region and have a quick break to taste its famous vino in the vineyard where it was first invented. Afternoons are best for a bike ride through the vineyards or a walk around town. Relax with a swim in the hotel’s saltwater pool — a great way to end the day.

On day five of the tour, you’ll delve deep into Tuscany’s heart. With a morning arrival in Radda in Chianti and an afternoon arrival in Gaiole, you’ll have plenty of time to stroll through these signature villages. In the evening, you’ll head to a private wine estate for a wine tasting and get a taste of what farm-to-table dining in Tuscany is all about.

On the last day of this bike tour, enjoy a brunch at the hotel in Chianti. You’ll get some time to rest, followed by a drive to Florence.

3. Trek Travel’s Puglia Bike Tour 

Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

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Puglia, the “heel of Italy’s boot” is a unique region that’s dotted with quiet roads, majestic olive trees, and dramatic beaches. It combines the wild beauty and charm of Southern Italy with the culinary secrets of Northern Italy.

The beautiful Puglia region in Italy is a destination like no other, with ancient ruins, incredible history, and amazing local wines. Trek Travel’s 6-Day Puglia Bike Tour offers you the chance to discover the highlights of this region while enjoying a fun, relaxing ride.

Indulge your senses on this cycling trip as you explore the region’s cultural and architectural treasures, sample local specialties, and enjoy unparalleled hospitality. And it’s not just about sightseeing: treat yourself on this vacation bike tour to unforgettable meals featuring award-winning wines, fine Italian cuisine, and luxurious accommodations. 

You’ll be cruising through Puglia on one of the best bicycle tours Italy offers. With the Trek Verve+ e-bike or the Domane SL 7 Disc Bike, you can take in rugged coastline views and pedal on smooth roads under a clear blue sky.

The first day will have you riding through the winding roads of Puglia! A 45-minute private shuttle will take you from Bari (the heart of Italy’s largest wine region!) to Masseria Garrappa, a charming ancient Masseria where the owner’s mother has prepared lunch.

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On the second day, you start with a picnic-style breakfast. And After that, hop on your bike to explore the countryside – olive trees and wine country as far as the eye can see. Marvel at Italy’s iconic stone houses: Trulli! Get closer to an authentic experience with a farm-to-table lunch in Alberobello.

Take a bike ride through the Salento region to stunning Ostuni on the third day of this bike tour. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, as well as great shopping and narrow, winding streets that are enticing to explore. You’ll pass through Ostuni on your way to our 5-star hotel where you’ll spend this afternoon by the pool or working out at the gym.

Enjoy a leisurely morning on the fourth day then take your bikes for a ride along the coastline. You’ll cycle the last few miles to meet an artisanal cheesemaker, who will explain how they make their delicious cheeses. Taste some of these local specialties and learn about the area’s wine-growing traditions.

You’re going to love the fifth day! You’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to see astonishing coastal views along the Ionian Sea. Stop at a seaside restaurant for lunch, then enjoy biking through Ciolo in Puglia, literally at Italy’s southernmost point. Enjoy your dinner poolside while celebrating your bike tour.

On your last morning in Puglia, you’ll spend a little more time on the terrace soaking in the awesome sea views and chestnut trees. After breakfast, you’ll have about a couple of hours to explore Lecce on your own — your Trek Travel guides will leave at 10:30 AM.

And if you’re planning on taking another awesome bike tour, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the beauty of Vermont. We’ve already created a list of the best Vermont bicycle tours, so no need to do some extensive research – we’ve done it for you!


There are many reasons to love Italy. You can spend a week here and still not see everything the country has to offer. It’s filled with art, food, history — unique treasures waiting to be discovered by anyone who is brave enough to peek behind its walls. And of course, the people are one of the strongest reasons to come. They’re genuine, friendly, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you have an unforgettable time.

We’ve just listed for you some of the best bike tours in Italy. You can pick anything that suits your intention, and we promise you’ll have a good time. Bike tours are perfect for getting to know the hidden gems of a city with friends or be able to soak up the atmosphere when you travel by yourself.

Buon divertimento in bicicletta!


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