The Best Exercise Bicycle TV Stand on the Market

The Best Exercise Bicycle TV Stand on the Market

If you’re an avid exerciser, chances are you find it hard to find the time to work out and watch your favorite show at the same time—unless you’re equipped with an exercise bicycle TV stand. Designed specifically for exercise bikes, these stands let you enjoy watching television on a screen placed in front of you while working up a sweat.

Fitness is for everyone, regardless of age, weight, and experience level. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete in training, exercise bikes are the perfect means of gaining strength and endurance. They can be used to build stamina and increase metabolism — whether you’re cycling at home or at the gym, it’s an effective way to keep your body in top shape.

Cycling is the next best thing to walking, and you should do it every day. Cycling is easy on your joints while providing all of the health benefits of walking and more. A 2019 systematic review found that people who cycle at home are just as healthy as those who walk for exercise.

An exercise bike is an excellent way to lose weight and keep fit. However, while you are burning calories, you may want more than just an uninspiring view of your living room wall. Instead of just watching the minutes go by, you can play games or watch movies and enjoy interactive entertainment. There are many great stands available to help you mount a flat-screen television to your exercise bike.

If you want to enjoy spinning on your own without the stress of holding up the bike, we suggest you get the best bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand. You can also read our guide for how to choose the best model for you.

The Best Exercise Bicycle TV Stand

The best exercise bicycle TV stand can be hard to find. However, after extensive research, we have narrowed the list down to three stand models that any avid cyclist will find useful. We’ve found that each of these stands can accommodate most bikes and are compatible with most TV sizes. 

1. KOM Cycling Media Display 

KOM Cycling Media Display

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The KOM Cycling Indoor Media Display Bike Desk is the perfect product for any serious cyclist. With quick-access slots for your phone or water bottle, you can use this bike desk for a quick session before a race or just get closer to your favorite cycling apps and shows. Perfect for both racing seasons and bad weather, you’ll be sure to find a space in your home for the KOM Indoor Media Display.

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KOM Cycling has also made it easy to transform your indoor bike into an outdoor bike experience. The ability to put a TV or laptop on top of your bike is convenient and innovative. The media display provides the ability to pop in and out of the real world while riding indoors, letting you explore new cities through mapping or watch videos of other cyclists zooming through their local routes.

Whether you’re riding on a stationary bike or spinning around the world on Alpe Du Zwift, you can confidently climb your way to the top of the leaderboards with this brilliantly crafted display. Securely mount your laptop or tablet and cycle through beautiful scenes from Watopia.

The bike trainer desk lets you take care of business while exercising–switch from a standing desk to a seated one in just seconds. Its wide surface area can hold all of your devices, and a built-in cup holder lets you sip water or coffee without interrupting your flow.

The KOM Cycling Media Display is the perfect addition to your home stationary bike: it’s sturdy, holds your phone (and your water bottle), and can adjust to various heights. Whether you’re a first-time spin-class attendee or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find this media display perfect for indoor training sessions.

This trainer is unlike any other. Its split-beam design offers the most secure mount for training in the home, while its lightweight aluminum tripod base gives it a sturdy and stable feel that cyclists love. The included desktop rubber grip surface adds to the experience, creating a stable yet dynamic ride.

However, some users complain that the base is too wide, making it impossible for them to get closer to the desk. Yes, this desk has received negative feedback, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering it as an option. Because the vast majority of reviews are positive, noting that the exercise bicycle TV stand desk is sturdy and reliable, despite a couple of design flaws. 

Hey, so you want to experience the thrill of indoor cycling without having to shell out for a new bike? No sweat! We’ve made a detailed article on how to convert your bicycle into an exercise bike. Check it out.

2. RAD Cycle Products Adjustable Bike Trainer Fitness Desk 

RAD Cycle Products Adjustable Bike Trainer Fitness Desk

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The RAD Cycle Products Adjustable Bike Trainer Fitness Desk Portable Workstation puts everything you need in one place. It fits on any bike trainer and provides you with space for your drinks, tablet, notebook, smartphone, touchpads, and more. It also makes a great exercise bicycle TV stand.

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The RAD Cycle Products Portable Work Station has a powerful non-slip surface to keep your equipment safe as you exercise. It’s so sturdy, it can even be used as an office desk! The table has multiple configurations — whether you want a standing desk or just a handy shelf to store your laptop, it’s there for you when you need it.

And if you’ve ever had trouble balancing work and exercising, the RAD Cycle Products Adjustable Bike Trainer Fitness Desk Portable Workstation should be at the top of your list. At 33.5 inches to 47 inches in height, this adjustable desk is suitable for use at home or while traveling — and minimizes clutter by combining two must-have items into one smart workspace.

The 14″ x 28″ top of the desk is roomy enough to fit two computer monitors or one TV and other desk accessories. There are also two cup holders, so you can either store your pens or even drink while you are working! With slots for tablets and pads and management for cords and cables, the desk can help you maintain a neat and tidy work environment.

Designed to stand up to years of use, this portable desk features a sturdy steel frame that can be securely locked into place using the easy-to-operate locking casters. The openings on the table surface allow you to hide cables inside its frame to keep the exterior clutter-free and improve efficiency. 

But please note that some users found that the stand’s adjustment button is very difficult to operate. You’ll need to depress a button on either side and then adjust it to the appropriate height before you click it into place. This can be rather difficult because of how stiff the buttons are; however, we would like to assure you that if you apply enough force, you should be able to adjust it. 

3. 5Rcom TV Stand Tripod  

5Rcom TV Stand Tripod

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Of the three models listed here, this one is different in another way: instead of being a desk and a TV stand, it’s entirely a TV stand. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a workout and wants to watch their favorite shows at the same time. There are no water bottle holders and no tablet or phone holders – it only holds a TV. 

The tripod base makes this TV stand flexible and easy to use. You can adjust it to be used as a narrow, space-saving stand or a wide one that will support larger TV sets. You don’t have to drill any holes in your walls to make these stands; they are portable enough to be moved from room to room.

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The exercise bicycle TV stand mount lets you adjust the viewing angle with just a flick of your wrist. You can tilt it up or down by 15 degrees and swivel it 30 degrees left and right to get the perfect view. It also features an adjustable height — from 51 inches to 75 inches — for when you want a higher or lower angle.

Fitting the TV into its stand is tool-free, but you’ll have to make sure it’s adjusted properly. The knob on the back of the stand is used to adjust the height easily — but pay attention that it doesn’t suddenly drop because of its floor-safe security pin. A bubble level located on top of the stand can be used to check that the TV is in a perfectly horizontal position before you put it into place.

The anti-slip, anti-scratch padded legs of the tripod TV mount provide a sturdy foundation for any device. Cable management lets you easily run power and AV cables through the back tube and keep your living space neat and tidy.

Works as advertised, but due to the weight of most TVs, this is only suitable for smaller units (under 55″). If you have a TV larger than 55″, you’ll need to add some weights to the distribution legs on the bottom of the stand. It’s small and inconspicuous and works great from any spot in the house with an exercise bike nearby.

If you found the exercise bicycle TV stand that suits your needs but doesn’t have an exercise bike at home, we have an entire article dedicated to the best exercise bike for small spaces.


Who knew choosing an exercise bicycle TV stand could be so difficult? If you’ve been searching for the best solution, you’re probably suffering from choice paralysis. We can’t help you pick, but we can tell you that our top picks are the three listed here.

We looked at a wide array of models, from basic stands to high-end options with a wide array of features. Then we condensed it all into an easy-to-read buying guide so you can find the exercise bicycle TV stand that works best for your needs.

So which exercise bicycle TV stand are you going to get? Let us know in the comments!

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