Holland Bicycle Tours: Journey to The Netherlands

Holland Bicycle Tours Journey to The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, cycling is a way of life. Bike tours in Holland allow you to reap the benefits of bike riding while discovering this beautiful country. If you’re visiting Amsterdam and want to see the sights from a different perspective, consider taking one of the best Holland bicycle tours below.

Travel to Holland and you’ll see plenty of windmills. You’ll see the famous flowers. And you’ll probably see a famous painting or two, too. But it’s not just these iconic attractions that make Holland so memorable — it’s the entire experience. Old cities, bike paths, and dykes dot the landscape, and sunny days are never-ending. Explore canals, parks, and incredible museums in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Holland Bicycle Tours

Check out these 3 awesome bicycle tours in Holland. All of the below options provide you with a great tour guide, an exciting itinerary, and an unforgettable experience!

1. Butterfield & Robinson’s Netherlands Biking 

Butterfield & Robinson's Netherlands Biking

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Delightful, scenic, and safe, Butterfield & Robinson’s Netherlands Biking is one of the best Holland bicycle tours that will give you the opportunity to cycle around the best parts of Holland! Brought to you by one of the best cycling tour companies, you’ll ride your customized hybrid or racing bike past windmills, canals, bridges, churches, polders, and more. Explore the countryside of Holland for six days and five nights — and stay at three delightful local accommodations.

On day one of the tour, you’ll travel through the iconic tulip bulb fields of the Netherlands. Your expert guide will share stories about the history of these vibrant red and yellow flowers, as you admire their beautiful colors from your high-quality bike. Then, you get to pass by the North Sea coast, where you can see the sand dunes from the bike. It’s going to be gorgeous! 

The second day of your trip will take you to the beautiful old town of Leiden, where you’ll learn about the history and culture of the local university. After this informative tour, a Dutch bartender will show you how to taste gin — an important part of Hollanders’ culture.

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On day three, you’ll explore the scenic Groene Hart region — a landscape of canals, polders, windmills, and pastures. You’ll be cycling past the famous Gouda cheese farms and artisanal cheese shops. Have your cameras ready for some epic shots. Afterward, have a well-deserved picnic lunch in the countryside before checking into your hotel for dinner.

To add to your trip itinerary, day four will be a cheese masterclass at Ineke’s farm. For a taste of Dutch heritage and artisanship, head to Kinderdijk afterward for the UNESCO-designated Dutch windmills and surrounding dike system.

On the last two days, enjoy a private tour of an oyster farm and visit a shellfish auction. After dinner, meet the master chef who has earned his three-star Michelin status! The next morning, you’ll have a sumptuous breakfast before you head home or for another tour. 

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2. Backroads’ Netherlands & Belgium Bike Tour 

Backroads' Netherlands & Belgium Bike Tour

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There’s no shortage of Holland bicycle tours, but few can beat the beauty that the new 6-day, 5-night tour from Amsterdam to Bruges offers. With stops at premier hotels such as Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, Hotel des Indes, and Hotel De Tuilerieën, you’ll want for nothing as you ride through fields and explore the countryside on a carbon bike, a performance road bike, an e-bike, a hybrid touring bike, or a tandem bike with someone. 

On the first day of your bike trip through the Netherlands, you’ll ride from Edam to Santpoort, where you’ll stop for lunch at a lovely farmhouse restaurant. There, you’ll feast on classic Dutch food and admire the surrounding emerald-green fields. After lunch, continue biking through the forest, catching glimpses of horse farms and windmills along the way. Finally, finish your day with a rest at one of the luxurious hotels.

On the second and third day, visit the world’s largest flower garden: Keukenhof. Here, you can marvel at the elaborate landscaping and floral displays that adorn millions of tulips and daffodils. Take a short bike ride to The Hague, where you can pedal through polders and the countryside to Gouda, famous for its cheese.

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On this bike tour, leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the beauty of Holland. Travel alongside the impressive Kinderdijk windmills, designed to drain the surrounding floodplains centuries ago. The Kinderdijk is an area filled with beautiful windmills, charming villages, and dikes. You’ll have a chance to enjoy traditional local dishes like pannenkoeken or appeltaart topped with Chantilly cream. Holland is famous for its love of biking, and the perfect way to experience Dutch culture is on two wheels.

Day 4 and 6 will bring you on a bike ride through a beautiful country to the old-world town of Bruges. On your ride, you’ll discover the secrets of this medieval city of gabled brick houses, cobblestone streets, meandering canals, and lofty spires.

When you’re thirsty, Diksmuide has the best beer around. Follow the trail of locals on a bike ride through a lush forest or canal to discover the town’s history, preserved in local landmarks like shell-scarred buildings. Visit a chocolate shop for a taste of true Belgium — we guarantee it’s sweeter than you’d expect! Book this tour now!

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3. Roar Adventures’ 12-day Paris to Amsterdam Bike Tour 

Roar Adventures' 12-day Paris to Amsterdam Bike Tour

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Cycle through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands — three countries highlighted by their cycling prowess.  This self-guided tour through three countries will bring you closer to Europe without having to worry about transportation from one site to another. 

This is what you’ve been waiting for: a bike tour that combines the flair of France with the history and culture of the Netherlands. 12 days of biking from Paris to Amsterdam gives you plenty of time to see both cities as well as many wonderful sights along the way. If you want to challenge yourself physically and have a unique travel experience, this tour is for you. 

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See ancient sites, ride through gorgeous countryside, and meet new people on a journey you’ll never forget. Enjoy luxury hotels and bikes, two full weeks of included breakfast, and an experienced guide who will smooth your way from start to finish. This unforgettable journey is perfect for couples with 461 miles of exploration.

You’ll be starting off in glorious France, with its delectable wines and verdant landscapes. Next up is Belgium, with its medieval towns and mouth-watering chocolate. Then, you’ll be heading to the Netherlands for unspoiled villages and age-old cities with their own unique flavors.

As you cycle closer to Amsterdam, the towns get smaller and smaller. You’ll pass through traditional Dutch villages and areas untouched by time. You get to see windmills lining the horizon and lined up among them are pastel-colored houses with distinctive gables. The scenery gets even more peaceful as you approach Amsterdam — iconic landmarks like the Anne Frank House, the Bloemenwerf Flower Market, and Leidseplein Square come into view. Book this bike tour now at Roar Adventures!

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There’s no better way to see Holland than on a bike. There’s no better tour of Holland than with these Holland bicycle tours. With different tours available, such as Butterfield & Robinson’s Netherlands Biking Tour and Roar Adventures’ 12-day Paris-to-Amsterdam Bike Tour, you’ll experience fantastic sites across the country during your time out on a bike. From tulip fields in springtime to the windmills in Kinderdijk, there are plenty of beautiful sights to take in. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting on a bike and pedaling. Whether you prefer hills or flats, an easy cruise, or a challenging ride, cycling in beautiful Holland is a must-try. Great experiences are waiting for you when you choose one of the Holland bicycle tours mentioned here.


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