Local Hub Bicycle Company: A Legacy of Community and Cycling

For cyclists in Dallas, Texas, Local Hub Bicycle Company was more than just a bike shop. It was a hub of community, a place to gather with friends, meet new people, and share a passion for cycling. Located in the heart of the Deep Ellum neighborhood, Local Hub was known for its hard-to-find bicycles and accessories, community bike rides, classes, repairs, and rentals. It was a place where anyone, from beginners to experienced riders, could find what they needed and feel welcome.

Local Hub Bicycle Company
Local Hub Community

One of the most sought-after bike types at Local Hub was electric city bikes. These bikes provided an excellent solution for commuting and running errands around the city, while still getting some exercise in. The shop also carried Canyon bikes, Raleigh bikes, and other top brands.

Whether you were looking to fix a squeaky bike wheel, fix a deflating tire, or perform some other maintenance on your bike, Local Hub’s expert mechanics were always there to help. They could even teach you how to patch a bike tire or adjust chain tension. The shop also carried a wide variety of bicycle parts and accessories, from Shimano Claris components to cycling clothing and safety tech.

For those looking to improve their cycling performance, Local Hub offered spin classes and other strength training for cyclists. They could also help you choose the best bicycle wheels for your needs, and teach you how to clean your bike chain or perform aluminum bike frame maintenance. If you were a heavy rider, the shop had options for bikes for heavy people, as well as budget hybrid bikes.

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Local Hub was also committed to promoting cycling safety. The shop offered classes on bike laws and how to ride safely on the road, and even had a section on their website about injury compensation for cyclists.

In addition to selling and servicing bikes, Local Hub was a place to meet other cyclists and have fun. They organized community bike rides and hosted events like workshops on bicycle frame maintenance, changing bike brake fluid, and how to install bicycle pedals. The shop’s knowledgeable staff could help you choose the best bike for your needs and even recommend the best bicycle brands.

Finally, Local Hub was a place to rent a bike. Whether you were a visitor to Dallas or just wanted to try out a different type of bike, Local Hub had a wide range of bikes available for rent. Their rental fleet included road bikes, mountain bikes, and cruisers, as well as children’s bikes and trailers.

Local Hub Bicycle Company had a strong online presence and could be found on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On Twitter, their handle was @localhubbicycle, while on Instagram, it was @localhubbc. Their Facebook page was called Local Hub Bicycle Company. They used these platforms to engage with their customers, post updates on new products, and share information about upcoming events.

In conclusion, Local Hub Bicycle Company was more than just a bike shop. It was a community of passionate cyclists who shared a love of cycling and a desire to connect with others who shared that passion. Though Local Hub is no longer open, its legacy lives on through Volata Cycles, which aims to continue the Local Hub tradition of providing exceptional service, expert advice, and a sense of community to cyclists in Dallas and beyond.

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