Ohio Bicycle Tours: A Two-Wheel Adventure at the Buckeye State

Ohio Bicycle Tours A Two-Wheel Adventure at the Buckeye State

In Ohio, scenic byways and picturesque roads meander through lush forests, rolling hills, farmlands, quaint towns, and vibrant cities. Winding along these roads is a beautiful ride that’s made even more breathtaking when you stop to take in the view. Read on to discover our top 3 Ohio bicycle tours.

Ohio is a wonderland, teeming with natural beauty, culture, and creativity. With its gorgeous cities and exciting sports teams, it’s an excellent place to soak up the sun or try out new hobbies like cycling. Ohio abounds in culture and history. It has state parks, professional symphonies, and countless museums – all just two hours away from each other!

Ohio is a state blessed with beautiful, cosmopolitan centers like Cleveland and Columbus, as well as fantastic places to bask in nature’s wonders, including riverside parks and waterfalls. Ohio has a full repertoire of things to do — from fine art museums to incredible local music and theatre. From the arts to outdoor adventure, there’s something for everyone in this great state.

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Top 3 Best Ohio Bicycle Tours

Ohio is a state known for being beautiful. And when you add bicycles to the mix — well, that just creates a dynamite combination. We’ve put together a list of Ohio bicycle tours that will let you experience the ultimate bicycle adventure.

1. Wilderness Voyageurs’ Cincinnati to Cleveland Bike Tour

Wilderness Voyageurs' Cincinnati to Cleveland Bike Tour

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The Wilderness Voyageurs Ohio Bike Tour is one of the best ways to travel through the state. From quiet country roads to busy city centers, this six-day trip takes you from Cincinnati to Cleveland via Amish farmland and small towns. With its diversity, the bike tour lets you see all of the best Ohio has to offer.

Ohio to Erie Trail is the country’s longest rails-to-trails project, spanning the state from Cincinnati to Cleveland. Bike or hike along a trail that takes you past picturesque villages and scenic landscapes — and through the heart of big cities like Cleveland, Akron, and Canton!

Ohio is one of the most well-rounded states in the United States. From the clearest waters of Lake Erie to the charming small towns that dot the countryside to the exciting cities that run along its metropolitan perimeter, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to see in the Buckeye State. We know that you’ll have a great time here! 

For a guided bike tour with a twist, Wilderness Voyageurs of Ohio leads tours that explore the beautiful and diverse nature of the Ohio countryside. Covering stunning cities like Cleveland (the state capital), Akron (a national historic landmark), and Canton (the home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame), this tour won’t leave you disappointed.

2. The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure 

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

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There’s nothing like a 50-mile-per-day bicycle ride to challenge your endurance and your willpower. That’s why Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP) exists — a nonprofit focused on promoting non-competitive outdoor recreation. COP supports The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA), a bicycle course through rural Ohio. The inaugural challenge of its kind in the midwest draws participants from all over the world to test their endurance as they explore the great outdoors.

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The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is an annual bicycle tour through the beautiful state of Ohio, with thousands of other cyclists. This non-competitive and non-timed event features a week-long bike riding for 50-55 miles a day, letting you fully appreciate Ohio’s spectacular landscape while enjoying unique friendships along the way. 

GOBA takes you through the state’s most iconic cities and attractions, to camping under the stars. Once you’ve hit up the best of the state with your included stays in Columbus and Cincinnati, you’ll be on your way to exploring all of Ohio’s best!

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3. Senior Cycling’s Ohio Trails 1 – 2021 Bike Tour 

Senior Cycling's Ohio Trails 1 – 2021 Bike Tour

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Bicycling across Ohio is perfect for any senior who is looking for an active way to visit the scenic state and see its many sights. On this 8-day tour, you’ll stay at Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Westcott House. Seniors can choose between three different bicycles: a performance road bike, a hybrid bike, or a touring bike. You will pedal 230 miles through the state. 

You’ll travel across the different sides of Ohio, starting in Cleveland and ending up in Cincinnati. You’ll ride on pathways beside rivers and streams, through parks, and onto farmland. It’s a trip with a variety of different landscapes, local communities, and urban business centers, all in one trip!

The first day of the trip will be an introduction. You’ll get to know other participants and the guides and outline the week together. On the second day, you’ll take a road trip to Akron from Columbus, passing through Cleveland along the beautiful Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. 

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On Day 3, you’ll travel from Akron to the banks of the Ohio River. You then ride on the Canal Towpath. From Canal Fulton, head south through the lush greenery to Navarre. There, you’ll have a picnic lunch at Bud’s Place Picnic Area. On Day 4, you’ll visit the Amish Heritage Center and ride four trails — from the Bridge of Dreams all the way to Mount Vernon. Day 5 will be a climb to Roberts Pass and a ride over to Prairie Grass trail.

The next three days will be a scenic bike ride to the Little Miami Scenic Trail. It will be from Cedarville to Springfield with lunch at Yellow Springs. Then, a Loveland-to-Newtown ride along the Little Miami River. Finally, a Cedarville-to-Yellow Springs ride on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Book Senior Cycling’s Ohio Trails 1 – 2021 tour today, and explore stunning nature like you never have before!

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There’s a reason why Ohio has been nicknamed ‘The Heart of it All.’ From Cincinnati to Cleveland and everywhere in between, you can’t get bored due to the variety of things to explore. The state’s small towns and diverse landscape make for an unforgettable experience that offers different kinds of bike tours. 

Whether you choose a bike tour in the hills of Athens or a marathon tour around Cuyahoga Valley national park, you’ll be sure to get an unforgettable experience that you won’t forget!

What Ohio bicycle tours are you most excited about?

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