Ultimate Trek 800 Review: Find Out If It’s Worth Buying

If you’re looking to get started in biking or have just been thinking about trying it out again and have laid eyes on the Trek 800, you might be wondering whether the Trek 800 bike is worth it. Is it good?

Well, here’s the short answer. The Trek 800 is a good bike mainly because of its design. Its rigid steel frame with TIG-welded design gives a powerful and comfortable ride even if you’re on rough roads or up steep inclines.

Ultimate Trek 800 Review: Find Out If It's Worth Buying

Also, its reliable components like 21 speeds and Shimano parts let you cruise any terrain. And the Trek 800 series of bikes have been popular for many years now because of their quality and affordable price tags.

A lot of bikers have witnessed Trek 800’s great performance since its official release and have been pleasing riders with how well their cycling skill is improving using such a good bike.

Here are important aspects you need to consider about the Trek 800 bicycle:


Bike Sizes13″, 15.5″, 17.5″, 19.5″, 21.5″; 13″
ColorsBaja Blue/Smooth Silver/Starry Night Black
FrameHigh tensile steel and Cro-Moly frame
Handlebar30mm Rise High tensile steel
BrakesetAluminum linear-pull brakes
DerailleursShimano C051 &Shimano C050
Headset1-1/8″ semi cartridge, sealed
Cassette7-speed, 11-30 teeth
Tires26 x 1.95inch multi-terrain
SeatpostAlloy micro-adjust
CrankSuntour XCC-100 48/38/28
ForkHigh tensile steel ATB
Spokes2.0 mm stainless steel
WheelsMatrix 550 rims; 14G,
ShiftersShimano EF29
Brakesetw/ levers
Shift leversSRAM 5.0
PedalsNylon platform
Rims36-hole alloy
SaddleTrek ATB

Would Trek 800 Make a Good Bike For You?

Trek 800

Quite Durable

Trek 800 bike’s durability is one of its strongest points. It holds up to three times more than your normal road bike, which means that you can take longer trips and ride in extreme weather conditions without breaking down.

The long-lasting features also mean that maintaining a Trek 800 is easier, so you won’t need to waste time at home or work maintaining a bicycle. Its sturdy steel frame is top-of-the-line.

The rims are strong and rigid, so they won’t go wobbly even on bumpy roads. The hub bearings are tight and smooth-rolling. Trek 800 bikes also have excellent impact handling capacity because of their size and how stiff their aluminum material is.

It’s easy to control and corners with minimal effort. You can take tight corners at higher speeds than on other bike models with ease. Also, their high level of responsiveness on a bumpy road can make you feel as if you’re not pedaling as hard as you are.

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Despite being quite durable, the Trek 800 is obviously a fairly sturdy bike but will bend and dent over time but luckily it’s easy to repair. This high level of durability means it is suitable for cyclists who need a strong frame that can stand up to hard and brutal riding.

While this makes the bike quite sturdy, one should be warned that the added weight certainly comes with a sacrifice in terms of speed and efficiency which might not be good for particularly competitive cyclists.

High Tensile Strength

Trek 800 Bike has 2.0mm stainless steel spokes that are rust-resistant and durable, plus a lightweight aluminum frame. These bikes’ powerful spokes can withstand any kind of terrain.

More Gear Choices

And let’s not forget how this speed bike will not just give you more gear choices but also has quick-release wheels that make servicing your bike simple. This bike’s broad gear range and disc brakes also allow for a smoother ride and more control, even in adverse weather conditions. And of course, the Aluminum linear-pull brakes of Trek 800 are also good which makes controlling speed fast or slow easy.

Huge Cargo Capacity

Trek 800 bike is a good bike for hauling your stuff too because of its huge cargo capacity. You can equip it with front and rear racks and add your basket of choice to make it more personalized so you have room to put your items without having to worry about them sliding off.

While this bike is built to last, it’s possible to have a few problems along the way. Now, let’s look at the things that would make you not want a Trek 800 bike.

Weighs More

Though Trek 800’s steel frame makes it a durable bike, it also makes it on the heavier side. This bike does weigh more than your average bike, more so with additional accessories like a basket and holders attached to it. Plus, its plastic pedals may also break easily, and heavier bike riders might not feel comfortable on its small seat.

Not Enough Suspension

It’s important to have bike suspension since you will be riding with a lot of weight, so you want a smooth ride. Suspension helps in avoiding back and neck pains that are usually caused by riding on rough terrain.

With Trek 800, you might experience a less comfortable ride due to its lesser suspension. Some riders also complain that controlling and maneuvering is difficult when riding at high speeds.

However, many say that once you get used to how to trek 800 rides, there isn’t much to worry about especially on paved roads.

Trek 800 Bike Family

There are also other great options aside from the classic Trek 800 bike like its siblings, the Trek 800 Antelope, Trek 800 Mountain Rack, and Trek 800 sport. Check out these options below.

Trek 800 Sport

Trek 800 Sport

Trek 800 Sport has great features like HI-tensile steel and a rigid unicrown crown frame from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.

Trek 800 Sport is a step up from other entry-level bikes and helps you improve your biking skills. It’s for male and female bike riders and Trek 800 sport is available in various sizes as well. The 800 Sport bike is available in several different sizes to accommodate a range of riders and budgets, including 13″, 16.5″, 18″, 19.5″, 21″, 22.5″ and 17″.

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Of course there is an additional option for those that prefer nothing smaller than the big 23-inch model which is designed specifically for female riders between 5′1″ and 6’0″ that prefer their bike to be lighter and more certain on its feet.

Weighing 29 pounds, the 800 Sport is on the heavier side of the spectrum. In addition, it isn’t equipped with a suspension system – which means you may feel uncomfortable coming from a bumpy road or terrain when riding on rugged terrains; that being said, it might be a good investment for you if your intention is to use this as an off-road bike.

You have 3 color options for Trek 800 sport, it is available in Baja Blue, Smooth Silver, and Starry Night Black. And this bike’s durability will take you to new heights, thanks to its sturdy material composition.

The one thing that riders don’t like about Trek 800 sport is its seat post; some say that it feels loose when compared with other bikes in its price range. But you know, the Trek 800 sport is not for everyone, but for those who want a vintage feel to their ride, then Trek 800 Sport is just what they need.

Trek 800 Antelope

Trek 800 Antelope

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a cycle, each one poses its own unique challenges. In the case of mountain biking or even road biking, you might find yourself racing during certain periods of the year. But if recreational biking is more your thing, then longevity is usually a factor to consider though not just when purchasing your cycle’s initial model but often throughout its lifetime by choosing accessories that fit it well.

The Trek Antelope 800 is the perfect bike for anyone and everyone. Its stunning features make it one of the most versatile bikes on the market, which makes it so nice to ride and such a pleasure to own despite its price and low-quality construction.

The Antelope first hit the shops in the ’80s and released hundreds of various modifications over the years until the early 2000’s when it had its last big release. Today, for those few people who have managed to hang on to one, there is no doubting that this was one of the most reliable and well-rounded bikes from back in the day. It’s no surprise then that The Antelope has become a coveted bike for many.

The Trek Antelope is an accessible and comfortable mountain bike that does its job well. The frame is made of Cro-Moly, which makes for a reliable frame you could confidently rely upon for smooth riding regardless of the terrain you may be facing. Moreover, it has 5 speeds and can reach up to 15 depending on the type of crankset you use – if you want to ride pitches so steep they make it difficult just to walk up to them, then this is a great option.

You’ll also love how practical this bicycle is overall. It’s equipped with a reliable chainring that runs alongside the rear wheel chain and goes from easy motion transmission all through your pedaling effort as your feet press down on the pedals. Furthermore, you’d appreciate how this product comes with shifter/brakes because sometimes these things tend to malfunction.

While the components of this bike may not be the best in the industry, they are more than enough for those who are in need of a reliable mode of transportation. It doesn’t offer you a road bike or even a mountain bike experience – but hey, it has the versatility to get you around on any terrain while still feeling comfortable and secure on what could be just your starter bike.

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Trek 800 Mountain Track

Trek 800 Mountain Track

This Trek 800 Mountain Track utility bike is huge all-around and comes fully tuned up for use in your city or for the trails. This utilitarian bike is great for getting around town with its smooth-shifting 21 gears that change with the Sram Gripshift pedals, which move through Sram and Shimano components throughout as you go from 0 – 21 speeds.

This bike is pretty powerful, as it’s equipped with 26″ aluminum quick release rear and front wheels, alloy cantilever brakes, and triple cranks. These features are perfect for being able to conquer various terrains and riding techniques since they’re quite speedy.

The tires on these bikes are quite wide so it’s safe to say that multiple types of terrain would be fair game for them. As far as sizing goes, the size of this Trek is 18″ from Trek, but it rides quite small as an 18″ classic bike and should fit most riders between 4’2″ to 5’0″.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike is a Trek 800?

The Trek 800 is a friendly, warm mountain bike that can be used for a lot of things, like riding around town or just finding some extra exercise. It’s safe to say that this bike was made for people who love bikes and are looking for one that fits into their lifestyle perfectly.

What’s the size of a Trek 800 bike?

The Trek 800 Bike comes in a variety of sizes to fit adults and youth; the largest size available is 26-inches for adults and 17.5-inches for those who use this bike as a child or teenager.

What’s the size of a Trek Antelope 800?

A Trek Antelope 800 is a mountain bike designed with the features you appreciate in a road bike but transformed into a rugged off-road vehicle. It has an aluminum frame and twenty-six-inch wheels, whose wide radius provides greater rollover capability for off-roading.

How much will it cost to get a Trek 830?

A brand new Trek 800 will set you back about $200, but if you’re looking for something cheaper and more economical, you can snag a used one for next to nothing. A used Trek 800 will cost, at most, less than $100, depending on its condition.

What’s the weight of a Trek 800?

It weighs a hefty 29lbs, which is quite a bit more than the weight of modern bicycles, and whilst it’s only slightly heavier than other bikes in its class, the weight difference can result in discomfort if you’re cycling on rugged terrain.

Also, the frame doesn’t have suspension, so on uneven surfaces or pothole-laden roads, you could feel the impact of road vibrations and shocks during your ride and that definitely wouldn’t be ideal for making for an enjoyable experience whilst cycling.

Is it possible for a 250-pound person to ride a trek 800?

YES, a Trek 800 bike is able to handle the weight of someone who weighs 250 pounds.

Is Trek 800 a good bike?

Trek 800 is a good bike for the money. It is affordable and well-made, and it offers many features that are important for riders of all levels.


Trek 800 is surely a good bike to consider if durability is any indication. If a bicycle can hold up over years of riding both off-road and on roads daily without breaking, then it must be worth considering as an affordable and reliable mode of transportation for your needs.

Consider Trek 800 if you want what is essentially a basic, but dependable mode of transportation that serves purposes outside of recreational use like commuting or handling errands efficiently regardless of the terrain.

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