Top 5 Best Vermont Bicycle Tours

Top 5 Best Vermont Bicycle Tours

Vermont has some of the best biking trails and bike paths in the country. No matter what kind of biker you are, you can always find a trail that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely bike path to ride with friends or want to make a day trip out of it — there’s an abundance of Vermont bicycle tours for you to choose from.

Cyclists who make their way into Vermont are likely to hear the phrase “The Northeast Kingdom” mentioned once or twice. The small section of land in Northern Vermont is considered one of the best places in the east for mountain biking — something that surprised me considering I assumed Moab, Utah was this country’s premier biking destination.

This area boasts over miles of beginner, intermediate, and advanced biking trails. All built with expert attention to detail, no matter what kind of terrain you’re looking for — there’s a trail here for you. And, with a lift-served bike park and dirt jumps on-site, this is the perfect place to drop all your worries and pedal hard.

Bike-friendly businesses give tourists a welcome respite after a long ride. And many East Burke locals are riders themselves, creating a community of riders who love to chat about routes and tips for first-time visitors.

Just like Vermont, Florida offers many opportunities for anyone who wants to embark on an unforgettable biking trip. We’ve listed some of the best bicycle trails in Florida to ride through, so check it out if you want to head to Florida before or after your Vermont cycling adventure.

5 Best Vermont Bicycle Tours

If you’re looking for a cycling adventure in the Green Mountain State, there’s no better place than Vermont. Here’s our complete guide to the best Vermont bicycle tours. 

1. KMBC’s Killington, Vermont Bicycle Tours 

KMBC's Killington, Vermont Bicycle Tours 

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Whistler’s Gravity Logic partially built the bike park at Killington. The park features a range of trails that cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for an easy downhill or an expert trail with insane jumps, the bike park has something for everyone.

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With 3 lifts leading to 3 major terrain areas, there are trails for any level of rider on Killington’s mountain. 

The aptly named Snowshed Lift is a beginner trail that services beginner and intermediate terrain. 

The Ramshead Lift, reaching above most of the tree line, caters to advanced riders through advanced trails with a lot of kick (ask for the Sideshow Bob).

Lastly, the longest-spanning Gondola in North America offers new vistas every time you ride it and takes riders to the summit of Killington Peak in under a minute. The ride culminates in a spectacular glissade — gentle for beginners and fast for experts who want to shoot all the way to the base of the mountain.

Bike parks are all well and good, but they aren’t the only game in town. To the west is Pine Hill Park, a 16-mile trail built for cross-country riding that also appeals to novice and intermediate riders.

If you’re looking for some epic downhill mountain biking, check out the trails at Killington. The runs are open to experienced riders as well as beginners — there’s even a dedicated climb trail with lights and signage. It’s 15 miles north of Killington, so you can get there by shuttle, or try the new Green Mountain Trails network.

In another article, we reviewed the best cycling tour companies. Some offer bike tours across Vermont. If you are looking for more information, you can find it there.

2. WAMBA’s Woodstock Area, Vermont Bicycle Tours 

WAMBA's Woodstock Area, Vermont Bicycle Tours

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Woodstock might not be as famous as Killington, but it is far from a less desirable alternative. What Woodstock lacks in extensive trails, it makes up for in the variety of terrain offered by its Suicide Six Bike Park. 

Five miles of trails let riders choose their own adventure, whether that means a few laps around the most challenging descents or learning to build skills on beginner trails.

The Mt. Peg trails are for those who love mountain biking and adventure. Offering a variety of terrains and challenges, the area is a great spot to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors.

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There are also many great areas to ride near Woodstock, such as the Aqueduct Trails. The network is made up of a smooth, winding single-track with lots of features. 

3. MTA’s Millstone, Vermont Bicycle Tours 

MTA's Millstone, Vermont Bicycle Tours

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Millstone mountain biking network is one of Vermont’s best-kept secrets, with a network of trails winding through the Barre Town Forest. The Millstone Trails Association, a non-profit organization, manages the network and volunteers maintain the trails well. Each section has its own personality, from the technical clockwise flow of TNT to the beginner-friendly dirt jumps in Chestnut.

If you’re up for something a little bit more adventurous, try Gnome Man’s Land. The toughest trails in the park are very technical and are as much fun as dangerous roller coasters. Ride Screaming Demon to explore a twisted labyrinth of tunnels beneath the trees, or tackle Roller Coaster to feel like you’re road-tripping on a motorbike.

And you’re going to love Millstone’s Canyonlands trail, which winds through exposed rock formations and over hills that give you the feeling of being a part of the natural landscape. And there’s Canyonlands’ Fellowship of the Ring, which is a fun climb, particularly at the end. Riding this trail is all about going with the flow and enjoying it as much as possible.

The original quarry in Millstone was abandoned in the early 1900s. Since then, it’s been transformed into a family-friendly amusement park, filled with more than a dozen rides and attractions. 

4. BRMBC’s Pleasant Valley, Vermont Bicycle Tours 

BRMBC's Pleasant Valley, Vermont Bicycle Tours

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This network of mountain biking trails was hand-built by a group of like-minded bikers who wanted to share their love for mountain biking with the community. Every ride makes the community stronger, and every ride is a piece of what makes Vermont such an incredible place to live.

The mountain biking world has been deprived of access to public trails, but the Valley has about 40 miles of singletrack just waiting to be explored. Not all trails are open to the public, as some are on private land, so it is up to you to find these hidden gems and connect the dots.

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If you’re not familiar with the area, joining the BRMBC is a great way to discover Brewster’s best biking spots and meet other riders. From there, try joining a group ride to experience the area’s trails firsthand. Or if you’re looking for a challenge, consider entering the annual Tour de Valley. 

5. Ascutney Trails Vermont Bicycle Tours 

Ascutney Trails Vermont Bicycle Tours

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Southern Vermont’s Ascutney Trails has a narrow course with lots of twists and turns and it is definitely worth the trip. While the course can be difficult, there are some fun downs and spectacular views. We suggest riding the southern network to escape the more crowded northern zone. 

Cloud Climber is an enjoyable climb, great for beginners. Lynx is another beginner trail with amazing views. Just Smile is a super fun downhill. And if you’re not too tired after shredding the trails, head over to Gracie’s Loop—a beautiful, winding ride with stunning views.

They don’t link up very well, so finding a good route to follow them all can be tricky, but we’re pretty sure you could make one on TrailForks!

Please note that these trails are multi-use: cyclists, hikers, and runners share the same trails. The surrounding area is a popular spot for hiking and running; please observe the speed limit to avoid accidents with other trail users. 


Vermont bicycle tours are a great way to see the state of Vermont in a different way. These biking trails will take you through Vermont’s beautiful landscape while stopping to tour historic sites and enjoy local food. 

Vermont is a wonderland for cycling enthusiasts. Adventurous cyclists taking part in the state’s numerous cycling tours have unlimited resources to discover Vermont’s scenic countryside and quaint towns. But if you want an easier, often faster route, a self-guided cycle tour might be just what you’re looking for.

We’ve shown you 5 great bike tours in Vermont. Now get out there and take them. Whether you like single-lane trails or winding roads, Vermont will hold nothing back when it comes to its territory.


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