Best Electric Bicycle Brands (Top 5)

Best Electric Bicycle Brands (Top 5)

Trek, EMOJO, and ECOTRIC are widely considered to be the best electric bicycle brands. They have some of the most innovative designs and technologies on the market, and they’re also some of the easiest to ride. 

The future of mobility is electric — and you’ve got to be on board! With the growing popularity of micro-mobility around the world, it’s clear that the electric bike might just be what we’re all looking for. There’s a lot of hype about these powerful bikes, and rightfully so.

The e-bike trend is continuing to soar in popularity. There are numerous reasons for this, but the ones we’ve heard most often are: 

  1. An increase in environmental awareness, 
  2. A desire to get more exercise while doing errands and meeting with friends, and 
  3. The simple fact that riding an electric bike is just plain fun!

Top 5 Best Electric Bicycle Brands

Electric bicycles are available in a huge range of styles, features, and prices. The five best electric bicycle brands we’ll be taking a look at today produce electric bikes that fit every price range and offer a distinct range of features. Here’s what you should know about each. 

1. Trek 

One of the leaders in electric bike technology is Trek — and they take it very seriously! With 42 current models, Trek’s range offers something for everyone, whether you want to ride off-road or on. You can choose from an all-around model like the Verve+ 2 Lowstep or the impressive new Rail 5.

What makes Trek one of the best electric bicycle brands out there?

Trek Verve+ 2 Lowstep

Trek Verve 2 Lowstep

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Bike brands are everywhere, but only Trek has survived since its inception in the 1970s. It’s no wonder their e-bikes have endured the test of time — they’re durable, versatile and, thanks to a nifty load-distribution system that utilizes both the front and rear forks (instead of one or the other), can accommodate all sorts of accessories. If you had enough of getting stuck in traffic or just want some extra exercise, Trek is the perfect way to get out there and explore your city while staying fit! 

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2. EMOJO Bike 

EMOJO Bike is a Southern California-based e-bike company that was founded in 2013 by Elaine Guo and Mario Cisneros. The latter has a lot of experience designing and creating motorcycles and the former knows all about business. Together, they have created the EMOJO Bike, a lightweight electric bike that is perfect for the urban commuter.

Wildcat Pro 500

Wildcat Pro 500

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You’ve never had fun while riding a bike until you’ve tried EMOJO Electric Bikes! It has a range of electric bikes and electric trikes that work at the touch of a button! Whether it’s for commuting or just leisurely cycling around the neighborhood, EMOJO is committed to giving its customers the highest satisfaction in recreational cycling.

EMOJO bikes are meant to help you relive your childhood. Built with awesome features and top-of-the-line parts, they make it easy to ride without a care in the world — and when you’re out riding, feeling young is the best feeling in the world.

3. Electra 

Electra has created bikes that the world will love and has changed the game entirely with its high-quality, stable design. Built to fit everyone’s lifestyle, the company gives customers exactly what they want. From commuter bikes to adventure bikes, all of Electra’s bikes are high-quality and built to fit seamlessly into any and every lifestyle.

Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Step-Thru

Best Electric Bicycle Brands

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With a line of electric bikes that are built to tackle anything, Electra is one of the best electric bicycle brands for American e-bikers. The brand has been known since the 1990s when it was born as part of Trek. It has been running independently from Trek since 2012, but it has never lost sight of its goal: to make products that are as engaging as they are stylish.

After carefully studying market analyses and customer feedback, Electra came up with the perfect blend of their best-selling models to create the ideal ‘Go! Collection’ bikes (Townie Path, Vale, Attitude, and the Townie). Each has a predominant feature. Their e-bike’s biggest feature is the speed, which is powered by Bosch motors to reach a speed of up to 28mph. 

4. ECOTRIC Electric Bikes 

ECOTRIC believes that in order to protect our planet, we need to change the way we travel. In 2017, ECOTRIC was born with the goal of manufacturing electric bikes that make sustainable transportation easy, accessible, and fun. While the company originated in Oakland, California, ECOTRIC now operates all across the United States thanks to its fast and efficient electric bikes. 10,000 American pedaling enthusiasts have already bought their electric bikes from ECOTRIC.

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The mission of this electric bike brand is to make their bikes as environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and high-quality as possible. Their SEAGULL model, in particular, has been highly praised for being able to handle a variety of road conditions. Ecotric’s LARK meets the needs of women. The ECOTRIC BISON is the perfect vehicle to conquer the trail. These models have made ECOTRIC popular with riders in many countries.

If you’re looking for a great e-bike, consider getting one from one of the best electric bicycle brands – ECOTRIC! When it comes to innovation, style, personality, and performance, they completely outshine the competition. And the Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike is one of their best-selling electric bikes.

Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike

Best Electric Bicycle Brands

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The Rocket is a bike that looks like it means business. A team of engineers who respect the golden ratio designed it. Riding this bike is simply one of the best ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin R. It’s got all the best features of a classic, with an efficient design geared towards high performance. 

5. Ride1Up 

Ride1Up is one of California’s best electric bicycle brands, and it’s popular for its reasonable prices. With the competition in its home state of California being so competitive, Ride1Up has had to fight hard to provide quality products at affordable prices. Many customers who are looking for a reliable electric bike choose Ride1Up models because they keep an eye on their target market. This is a major part of the reason why Ride1Up is so well-loved!

If you’re looking for high-quality electric bikes at affordable prices, Ride1Up has just what you’re looking for. Most e-bikes on the market will cost you a pretty penny, though. However, Ride1Up has created an e-bike that has looks, power, and price tags that match up to competitors’ e-bikes that cost much more.


Best Electric Bicycle Brands

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You’re looking for something affordable, reliable, and sporty? Something that will give you the perfect mix of performance, reliability, and style? The 500 Series is your answer. The 500 Series draws inspiration from the bike culture of the 1990s — but has been reimagined for the needs of everyday commuters in 2021.

Other Best Electric Bicycle Brands 

Aside from the companies mentioned above, there are a lot of other best electric bicycle brands. If you’re going to buy an e-bike, it’s important to know what is inside. Some have cheap parts and low battery life, while others are strong and come with high-quality batteries and motors. Make sure you know what you’re buying. Green Bike USA, Specialized, Rattan, Elby, Pedego, Rambo, Yamee, Schwinn, Eunorau, EWheels, Nakto, and many more are also worth looking into.

Finally, Electric Bike Company stands out because of its quality and inclusivity. The brand offers a range of high-quality electric bikes that are relatively more affordable than its rivals but emphasizes on creating the perfect customer experience. They’ve already launched 6 bicycle models, including basket attachment for that utilitarian American feel and pedal support for the more adventurous customers.


There you have it! Those are some of the best electric bicycle brands. The brands listed here are not the only ones out there, however, so be sure to keep an eye out for new and exciting brands rolling out in your area. Because there are other companies still producing bikes and trying to make it into this list.

Bikes come and go, but you can find the best one for yourself, no matter your preferences with a little research. Our research has done all the hard work for you, so you can just sit back and relax! We’re able to pull together a list of the best electric bicycle brands so that you’ll be in good hands no matter where you live.

Choosing the right brand and the right e-bike can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you love e-biking for leisure or for exercise, there is an e-bike available that will suit your needs perfectly.


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