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I’m Jacob, a true bicycles enthusiast. My mission here is to help and educate. Enjoy!

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Let’s just go on and say it; bike theft is a big hassle. Imagine paying thousands of dollars on a rad bike, pimping it out with all the bells and...

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A coaster brake is not commonly used in bicycles in the US, but it is pretty common among transport bicycles in the Netherlands and Denmark. Basically, a coaster brake is...

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Wheelsets, like a good pair of shoes, have to be great. They need to be able to do precisely what you need them to—they need to be able to do...

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Hand numbness is a common problem for many cyclists. It commonly afflicts long-distance cyclists but doesn’t infrequently affect cyclists of all stripes, too. Gripping the handlebars for extended periods of...

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Where to begin to find a bike For those of you with outgrown dimensions, riding a bike can be slightly challenging. You try bikes and their wheels happen to be...

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We know a lot of students feel that college is the time when getting a new car is totally justified. Most who have that impression feel a new car isn’t...

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If your little one has a bike, then the next purchase you should make for him/her—of course assuming you’ve already got him a helmet—is a bike bell. The importance of...

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So, the entry road bike you’ve been using just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you have $1,500 to spend on a road bike. Well, bikes in-and-around the $1,500 price range...

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It goes without saying that finding the right pair of shoes is important in cycling. But finding the right pair will especially be difficult for one who’s, like me, been...

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