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Evil Mountain Bikes The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to an in-depth look at the various models of Evil mountain bikes. To help you choose which one suits your riding style best, we’ve gone over the technical specs...

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Looking for something warm yet stylish to keep you cozy as you ride through the winter? Merino wool bicycle clothing is a savvy, sustainable choice. Merino wool is a miracle...

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Bike lovers, don’t forget that bicycles are incredible machines to get around on. If you’re like us, sometimes, you’d find yourself mulling over things like tire width, wheel depth, frame...

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What is the Best Way to Ship a Bicycle

No matter the means of transportation, it can be an ordeal to ship a bike from one place to another. Whether you’re driving, flying, or shipping by rail — there...

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People spend too many hours sitting each day. But sitting for extended periods of time can have a major impact on your health. Under desk bicycle pedals let you exercise...

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Best Road Bikes Under 1500

So, the entry road bike you’ve been using just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you have $1,500 to spend on a road bike. Well, bikes in-and-around the $1,500 price range...

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How to Remove Slime from Inside a Tire

Slime is probably the most annoying thing you can find inside your bike tire. But did you know it can also be damaging to your bike’s rim and wheels? Not...

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Wheelies—what can be cooler? When I was a kid, learning to do a wheelie set you apart from the rest. Only a few in the neighborhood could do it, and...

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We know you’re here because you’re looking for the best mountain bikes under 500 bucks. Aren’t you? Mountain biking can be a thrilling, heart-pumping experience that takes you through hills...

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