How to Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes


What can you do to avoid the embarrassment of cycling around with a water bottle in hand? The answer is easy. You need to install a water bottle cage on your bike! Installing one isn’t as hard as it seems, but there are some important things that you should know before installing one. In this blog post, we will cover how to install a water bottle holder so that you can have an enjoyable ride without worrying about holding onto your drink or stopping every few minutes just to take a sip.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out where your water bottle holder will go. If your bike doesn’t come with a mounting hole for it, how are you supposed to know? Yes, I understand how aggravating it is! Fortunately, we have the solution; you can put your water bottle in a total of 9 places.

  1. Fork
  2. Handlebar
  3. Seat stay
  4. Down tube
  5. Top tube
  6. Seat tube
  7. Behind the saddle
  8. Handlebar
  9. Bottom of the down tube
  10. Seat post

There are a variety of locations on a bike to which you may attach your water bottle holder. Depending on the bike, it might have several mounting possibilities. However, the best location to mount your bottle depends on the riding you’ll be doing. If you’re riding down a mountain bike trail and the bottom of the down tube strikes you as a good spot, by all means – go for it.

If you’re riding to work and storing your water bottle on the top tube or seat stay is most convenient, then that’s an equally acceptable location. nIt just depends on what works best with your bike and where you need to store it!

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Some bike frames cannot have water bottles cages on them because of the way they are made. But, you can put one on your bike by finding a place that would work best for you.

So now we’ve got the location sorted, let’s get down to business.

What is the best way to install a water bottle cage on your bike if you don’t have any drilled holes?

Zip Tie

The Zip Tie is a very popular item for binding just about anything. You can use zip ties to secure a bottle holder or cage in your cycle frame. It’s the simplest method to install a bottle cage without drilling any holes. Simply position the bottle holder where you want it attached, then tie it with multiple cable ties.

Hose Clamps

Find hose clamps at hardware stores. Hose clamps are very easy to use on your bike. You can place the bottle holder anywhere you want it without any holes. When you are done, tighten it with a screwdriver until it stops moving. Do not tighten it too much, or else the clamp will break off the frame of your bike.

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Attaching bottle holders to your bike with straps is one of the simplest and quickest solutions available. You may quickly and simply attach a bottle cage or holder using stapes, as well as hose clamps or cable ties. The advantage it has is that you can remove the bottle holder from your bike quickly and easily at any time and place. It’s also very cheap and simple to use.


Handlebar Bottle Holder

Bottle cages come with the option to attach to your handlebars. They are very modern. The handlebar-mounted bottle cage is beneficial since it allows you to readily access the water bottle while out cycling without having to bend your body to reach the bottom of your bicycle or any other location.

Seat Water Bottle Holder

In this type of holder, you can carry one or two bottles. It is usually attached to the back of your seat post. You can also carry some tools and other things that you need for your cycling in these holders.

Quick-release Bottle Cage Holder

This is the most recent and cutting-edge style of bottle cages available. This is due to the requirement of attaching or detaching the bottle holder as needed. You may not always need to carry more extra bottles depending on your excursions. This rapid-release bottle cage attachment is ideal for this situation. You can also rapidly attach it again with the press of a button.


Are bottle cages a standard size on most bikes?

Most water bottle holders are the same size to fit big and small bottles. Some have stoppers that you can adjust depending on the size of the bottle.

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What kind of bikes can I install my water bottle cages on?

You can install your water bottle cages on any kind of bike.

What should I consider when installing my water bottle cage?

When choosing where to attach it, think about how easy or hard it will be for you to get the bottles in and out of that place while cycling.

Where should I attach my water bottle cage?

You can decide where to attach the holder based on how easy it is for you to reach and use and what’s most convenient for the size of bottles you will be transporting. You might also want to consider attaching a second or third one, depending on the intensity of your cycling.

Is it worth investing in carbon water bottle cages?

Although carbon water bottle cages have several advantages, they’re more convenient than a must-have since the component has little impact on performance.

Final Words

Install your water bottle cage on any bike with one of these methods. Whether you’re looking for the simplest solution, or something more durable and flashy, there’s a perfect option to suit your needs. You may also want to consider how easy it is for you to reach and use the water bottles in that place while cycling when deciding where to attach them.


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