The TOP 3 Best Single Speed Wheelsets Available On The Market Today

Wheelsets, like a good pair of shoes, have to be great. They need to be able to do precisely what you need them to—they need to be able to do exactly what you bought them to do.

Of course, much of this will depend on your exact needs, and while you can probably chug along and get by using one that’s been crafted from the flimsiest of materials—i.e., one that looked ugly, won’t last very long, and is an overall pain to ride—the fact is that you really shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you need, especially if you have the budget for it. 


In other words, you need to get the best single-speed wheelset you can afford for your bike. And be wary of those who will suggest otherwise, or those who will suggest that a particularly inferior product “will do.”

After all, there is more to wheelsets than being circular and being able to spin round and round to get you from point A to point B, so you don’t want to simply chug along and get by with a cheapo wheelset that will break when you least expect it to. 

You want something good, something comfortable, something that will last and provide marginal and noticeable gains for the additional price. 

And, since this topic can be moderately confusing, we’ve decided to write this article so people like you—yes, you!—can be informed about the many options on offer. 

So sit back, relax, calm your plebeian mind, and read on to get guided accordingly as to the best single-speed wheelsets available on the market today.

Best single speed wheelset

Image Wheelset Price
ICAN 38:50MM Carbon Road Bike Wheelset 700C Rim Brake Clincher 23mm ICAN 700C Carbon Wheelset Check Price
Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm Clincher Wheelset 700c Racing Bike Wheel Queen Bike Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset  Check Price
Superteam 50mm Clincher Wheelset 700c 23mm Width Cycling Racing Road Carbon Wheel Decal Superteam Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset Check Price

Let’s get in details.

ICAN 700C Carbon Wheelset


If you have been looking for a great carbon single-speed wheelset to supercharge your road biking experience, the ICAN 700C Lightweight Road Bike Carbon Wheelset Clincher is one of the best options you can buy. It’s great for experienced cyclists as well as cycling novices. This sleek carbon fiber bike wheelset looks great with a subtle logo that flashes white streaks as you roll down the road.

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The inclusion of a skewer and two brake pads with each purchase of these wheels shows ICAN’s commitment to its customers. Also included is a roll of rim tape, which most companies don’t include in the package.

Carbon fiber wheels are excellent for climbing hills and superior in sprints to all other types of wheels. They give cyclists an edge in short and long-range competitions. And, the best part is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Customer Reviews

Customers have given the ICAN 38mm depth 23mm wide Carbon Rim an impressive rating making it an excellent choice for cyclists looking for reliable and high-performance wheelsets.

Customers praise the wheel’s lightweight design, smooth performance, and stability even after long-term use. They also appreciated that installation of tires was possible without extensions and the freehub sounds great with every engagement.

The only downside reported was difficulty in installing tires but customers still highly recommend this product due to its great value for money.

Our Verdict

The ICAN 700C Lightweight Road Bike Carbon Wheelset Clincher is one of the best single-speed wheelsets available today. It has a sleek design, provides a smooth ride, and offers great value for money.

It’s perfect for experienced cyclists who want to ride faster or novices who are looking for an upgrade. Additionally, this wheelset is perfect for climbing hills and sprinting.

Overall, the ICAN 700C Lightweight Road Bike Carbon Wheelset Clincher is a great way to upgrade your ride and help you get where you’re going faster than ever before! So go ahead and get one today! You won’t regret it.

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset 


At just under four hundred dollars, this is a worthwhile investment. It includes a full carbon rim and a carbon braking surface, creating one of the best light single-speed wheelsets in the marketplace and probably the best carbon wheelset for the money.

Carbon clinchers, which are lighter than their tubular counterparts, are slightly heavier because they have a stronger rim to compensate for their lightweight and withstand braking pressure at the same time.

These shallow-rimmed wheels will help with aerodynamics. If you want to avoid crosswinds, these are the ones for you! And because of wide-open tires that are held in place by a bead, they’re much easier to switch out when damaged.

What’s the catch? Well, braking at high speeds with this wheelset takes a long time to come to a complete stop. And they’re not stainless, so you’ll need to replace them more often than other spokes. 

Customer Reviews

The customers who have purchased the Queen Bike Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset have given it a very impressive overall rating, with over 219+ ratings from customers around the world. This indicates that this wheelset is a reliable and worthy investment for any cyclist looking to upgrade their ride.

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The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, describing the wheelset as a “Ridiculously Good Deal,” “Fast For Cheap,” and an “Incredible Upgrade” compared to factory OEM alloy wheels.

Customers have reported excellent performance after 1,000+ miles and no signs of wear or degradation in quality. Some even report that this budget option outperforms more expensive alternatives like Mavic Cosmic Pro SL UST Carbons and Easton EC90s – both top-of-the-line carbon wheelsets that cost 4x the price of these.

Our Verdict

The Queen Bike Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset is one of the best single-speed wheelsets out there. It’s lightweight, aerodynamic, and reliable – perfect for any cyclist looking to upgrade their ride without breaking the bank.

The customer reviews speak for themselves – this is an excellent product that is well worth your money!

Superteam Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset


This is the fourth set of wheels to make it to our list as one of the best single-speed wheelsets on the market. The superteam 700c best clincher wheelset has received incredibly high ratings and reviews.

The Superteam 700c Carbon wheelset is built from Toray t700c Full Carbon fiber and is EN-quality certified. These carbon wheels are lighter, faster, and stiffer than alloy and aluminum alternatives. 

Carbon wheels have an undeniable aerodynamic advantage. They can greatly enhance the performance of superior riders. Therefore, it is no wonder that these wheels are a high-quality and reliable product. Each wheel has a 23-mm rim width and 50-mm depth.

As of now, this product is reasonably heavier than other products in its category. It’s flexible as well. Nevertheless, its durability is good enough to make a difference. 

Furthermore, you can expect a better level of braking performance. The rim of the wheelset consists of a 6-layer carbon on the rim body and a 12-layer carbon on the brake track. This makes the wheelset an ideal upgrade for users who need better performance at a reasonable price.

These wheels are better suited for lighter training purposes and, as such, may not be ideal options if you plan to stress test them or use them at high speeds frequently.

This bit of advice comes from a bike aficionado: the Superteam wheels are reliable enough. All in all, this product, of course, offers a good value when put in comparison to the competition. This is definitely one of the best single-speed wheelsets on the market.

Our Verdict

The Superteam Carbon Fiber 700c Clincher Wheelset is a great choice for those looking to upgrade their single-speed wheelset. It offers superior performance, durability, and value for money, making it one of the best choices on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are OEM wheels better?

After conducting thorough research, we have determined that OEM rims are of a much higher quality than 90% percent of aftermarket wheels available to the public. This is due to their superior finish and casting process, hardening process, conversion treatment processes, aluminum alloy makeup as well as design durability tests.

How much lighter are carbon bike wheels?

Carbon wheels are not only significantly lighter, averaging 10.6 oz less than aluminum wheels, but they also provide superior handling with their increased stiffness and responsive nature.

What is a fixed-gear wheel?

Commonly referred to as “Fixies,” fixed-gear bicycles are the epitome of convenience, featuring just one rear wheel-linked drivetrain that does not permit coasting – meaning steady pedaling is essential for movement.

Is the wheelset upgrade worth it?

By offering the most weight savings, these wheelsets significantly boost your start-up speed and energy efficiency. Whether you’re going on a casual ride or an endurance race, lightweight gains will make all the difference to your pedaling performance throughout.


Choosing the best single-speed wheelset ultimately hinges on your riding requirements. If you need to train on carbon fiber wheels, the Superteam, Queen Bike, or ICAN will make for some of the best budget single-speed wheelsets — just don’t forget to look after them and use them sensibly.

If you are a competitive cyclist who races frequently, you may prefer the light ICAN wheelset with 38mm rim depth and an amazingly low 1420g weight. If you encounter steep inclines in your races, you might want to choose the Queen Bike with its shallow rims.

Choosing the best single-speed wheelset for your bike can be difficult because it can overwhelm you with so many to choose from, and this is usually something that experts do, not newbies. 

Our team here at Volata Cycles can help. We’ve reviewed some of our top choices above, so you don’t have to worry about making a bad pick.


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