Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review

If you’re like us (and we’re guessing you must be if this article caught your attention) who desire the simple life, and who want to be able to get their surfboard to the beach without much hassle, then this Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review might interest you.

Hell, if, like us, you’re someone who doesn’t live too far from the beach to justify having to bring a car to get there, and who doesn’t live too close to the beach to justify walking, then a surfboard bike rack, much like the carver surfboard bike rack, might be exactly what you need. 


And because we realize that many people like us are in the market for such convenience, we’ve decided to check out this particular surfboard bike rack and do a review for you.

We can’t say we’ve tried them all as far as surfboard bike racks are concerned. But we’ve definitely tried a few, so we’re confident that we can objectively tell whether this one is worth the moolah, or whether you should skip it and check out something else. 

So, without further adieu, here goes.

The Carver Surf Racks

The Carver Surf Rack company says on its website that they’ve been in the business of making surf racks for bikes and mopeds for a while now—indeed, they say “since 2003.”

That is definitely a good sign. This means they know what they’re doing, and are a serious business, not some fly-by-night. Now, you might think this little piece of information isn’t all that insightful but trust us: it is.

We’ve encountered many products that boast about having been well-built only for them to break down with the slightest tinkering. Maybe they’re cheap knock-offs, perhaps they were manufactured in some cramped basement in China—who knows?

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The fact that this company can trace its origins to an actual person who started the business on the shores of Hawaii is an excellent sign!

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard

Carver Surf Rack CSR Mini Black Small

Firstly, the whole package. We got the Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard – it seems to be the cheapest of all the Carver Surf Racks on offer – and it came with seemingly everything we need to complete the installation. 

Aside from the manual that details all the steps for installation and the tubular arms that form the rack itself, the package also came with all the bolts needed to connect the arms (naturally!) and a 5mm hex key (as well as another, smaller hex key) for tightening the bolts. 

So far, so good.

Every single piece of metal that’s supposed to form the surfboard rack looks well-made. The mounting bracket, as well as the tubular arms, look strong and sturdy. Not only are the tubular arms made from an aluminum alloy that is built to last, but we can also, because of this, expect them to be rust-free for years to come. The tubular arms are also foam-padded, which is a nice touch. This means you won’t be scratching your bike or your board as you take off with both.

Installation was a breeze. Indeed, my grandma could have installed this if I asked her to. The installation guide included in the package that detailed the setup process was easy to understand.

I even initially browsed Youtube for instructional videos to guide me but ended up reading the installation manual instead, because it was fairly easy to follow and understand. (But, yeah, if you don’t like going through written manuals/guides, many videos on Youtube can help!)

The arms snap to each other easily and each arm slots into each bracket’s clamp securely. The mounting bracket is likewise easy enough to bolt to the bike’s seat post. So really, installation of the whole thing shouldn’t take more than a few minutes even for the most technically incompetent individual.

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With the rack mounted onto the bike’s seat post, we found that our 8-foot-long surfboard fits perfectly. No problem at all! 

The company does say on its website that 8 feet is the maximum surfboard length that the Carver Surfboard Bike Rack can reasonably lug around. However, we suspect we’d still be fine with a board that was a few inches longer.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard has been favorably reviewed by customers. Customers appreciate that the rack is easy to install and remove.

However, some customers pointed out that it can be difficult to take off the entire rack for riding without a board due to needing to completely remove 4 bolts from the mounting bracket. Taking this into account, we give this product a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In any case, if you use a longboard that exceeds 8 feet in length by more than a few inches, then you’re better off getting the Carver Surf Rack’s “Max Rack,” which reportedly can carry boards up to 10 feet. 

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

With everything set; with the rack mounted to our seat post, the bolts carefully tightened, and our 8-foot surfboard in place, we decided to ride the bike around the block a couple of times to test the rack’s balance and stability. 

And, boy, does this thing offer excellent balance! 

We were fully expecting to have a difficult time on our first ride, not least because the board was side-mounted—i.e., the weight of the whole board was set to one side—but no! It was surprisingly balanced and stable, even for our first ride!

In fact, I don’t think we’ll be having any trouble riding our bike for miles with our 8-foot surfboard in tow—it is that stable.

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Customer Reviews

Customers have overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards. Customers praised the sturdy build quality and ease of use – with many saying that it fits their large boards securely and is easy to install on bicycles.

However, customers with disk brakes may not be able to find a compatible model. Overall, this surfboard bike rack is an excellent choice and deserves a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rack compatible with all types of bikes?

To ensure the perfect fit, be sure to consult your bike’s manufacturer specifications before purchasing the Carver Surfboard Bike Rack. Crafted with most standard bikes in mind, this rack offers a secure and convenient way to transport your surfboard.

Can I take the rack off if I’m not carrying a board?

Yes, you can remove the carver surfboard bike rack when you are not using it. This is done by removing 4 bolts from the mounting bracket.

Would this work on an enduro street bike?

Whether you plan to use your motorcycle for applications like mopeds or scooters, the Moped/Scooter version is ideally suited, here is the link to Carver Moped Rack.

Final Words

In summary, the Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard is an ideal way to transport your shortboards. Its strong construction and easy installation make it a great choice for anyone needing a reliable surfboard bike rack.

The company’s longboard version (Max Rack) can also be used to securely hold boards up to 10 feet long. With Carver’s surfboard bike racks, you don’t have to worry about your board coming loose. So go ahead and hit the beach with your carver!

You won’t be disappointed. And please feel free to leave us a review if you have any queries or experiences with carver bicycle racks. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Riding!


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