Best Toddler Bike Helmets on the Market


It’s a great feeling to see your young one endeavoring, and ultimately succeeding, at riding their first bike or scooter—especially these days, when outdoor play is increasing in popularity. 

Of course, just the same with adults, toddlers need the protection of a helmet, and since we understand that finding one that fits a toddler’s head can be tricky, we’ve dutifully scoured the internet for the best ones available on the market. Thankfully, it really isn’t all that difficult to find the perfect bike helmet for your toddler because most countries, especially in the US, have safety standards that require all helmet manufacturers to pass. In this roundup, you can, therefore, rest assured that as far as all the safety requirements are concerned, these helmets fit the bill.

So, without further ado, here are the best toddler bike helmets available on the market today.

Giro Scamp Helmet


This is a pretty popular choice and for a good reason. Giro is a well-trusted and reliable brand, after all. And their helmets which have been specially designed for toddlers are no exception. It’s lightweight, it’s very comfortable, and it’s well ventilated—toddlers won’t mind having this strapped to their heads for long periods. 

It also comes with a neat buckle and wheel that make adjusting to the proper size a breeze. Lastly, it comes in a variety of colors and designs that your young one will love.

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Bell Sidetrack Child


This one is a great choice, too, not least because of the added lower head coverage at the bike helmet’s rear. Your toddler will be fully protected in this helmet. It also has an extension at the front area, which acts as a visor to protect your toddler’s eyes from the sun. 

Like the Giro above, the Bell Sidetrack has an easy to adjust pinch buckle that will allow it to be adjusted for the perfect fit. This helmet is actually marketed for older kids, but it definitely can fit a toddler’s head, too. 

Nutcase Baby Nutty


This one has got to be one of the cutest in this roundup. The design just screams that it was specially designed for toddlers. And, notice the name—can there be a perfect name for a toddler’s bike helmet? We think not. 

The coverage on this helmet is great—in fact, it’s better than the coverage of the Giro and the Bell above. As one can see from its design, it will cover a great deal of both the front area and back area of a toddler’s head. 

It doesn’t employ a pinch buckle like the others, but its elastic fit system will work just as well and will fit most toddlers from 12 – 36 months old. An issue one might find with this helmet is that it doesn’t have enough ventilation to be as breathy and airy as the Bell or the Giro above. This might make your toddler uncomfortable on long stretches, but what we can say is that this helmet has got protection in strides.

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Joovy Noodle


This helmet is the bestselling toddler’s bike helmet on Amazon, and for a good reason! First of all, the sleek design offers wide coverage for your little one’s noggin, and secondly, the comfort level of this helmet had been dialed up more than a few notches with its 14—you heard that right; 14!—cooling vents. What’s more, it’s half the price of the other helmets listed here, while offering practically the same amount of utility. 

The Noodle also has an easy and adjustable dial, which will make it easily fit just about anyone who’s 1-4 years old. 

Lazer Bob


This is another toddler’s bike helmet with great noggin coverage. Not only that, but the design is also highly reflective, which will increase your toddler’s visibility to others. The Comfit3 Retention System works really well and is easy to adjust, so you can be assured that whatever your toddler’s head size is, this one can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

One thing we also appreciate about the Lazer Bob is that it has additional neck reinforcement, which adds a layer of protection that parents will definitely appreciate.

Bell Frozen Toddler Bike 3D Tiara Helmet


If your toddler doesn’t wear anything that’s not Frozen-related—we find there are a lot of kids like that these days—then this helmet might be the one for you. We just had to add this one here because it looks really cute!

It’s not just cute, mind you, it’s one of the more affordable ones in this list, it’s got good noggin coverage, a reflective color for more visibility, and a pinch-proof buckle for easy adjusting. Those 12 air vents are a welcome addition, too, to keep your little one’s head feeling cool and airy. And, best of all, it’s got Elsa doin’ her thang at the side of the helmet!

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