Reflective Bicycle Gear: Be Seen, Be Safe!

Reflective Bicycle Gear Be Seen, Be Safe!

With the weather shifting into spring and summer, many people are getting their bikes on the road. It’s also important to consider safety. Besides helmets and other safety gear, you also need reflective bicycle gear.

Reflective bicycle gear will make the world of difference for you at night, in the rain, in fog, and any other time you are on the road in less than ideal visibility. 

There are some great and unique ways you can stay visible while on your bicycle that will keep you and others safe on the road. Here are a few of our favorite bicycle reflective safety items.  

Top 3 Reflective Bicycle Gear

It doesn’t hurt to have a few different items, just to make sure you have all the bases covered. Consider items for yourself and the bike.  

1. DFTD High Visibility Breathable Reflective Cycling Jacket 

DFTD High Visibility Breathable Reflective Cycling Jacket

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If you are serious about cycling, then chances are you need a lightweight, windbreaker jacket. When you think about getting a jacket, why wouldn’t you find one that is also reflective?

A lightweight jacket keeps you protected against the sun, the wind, insects, and other flying debris, and has the ability to keep you warm and cool all at the same time. 

Add in a reflective component and you are all set. The DFTD jacket won’t weigh you down or feel bulky. It is also the only lightweight jacket of its type with a perfect balance of high visibility material and reflective panels.

You can count on this jacket to keep you safe and visible regardless of the light conditions. It has a mesh lining throughout to keep the material from sticking to you. 

There are several zippered pockets, both inside and out to make sure you don’t lose all the essentials you need, like your phone, keys, bank card, and other items you will need. 

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It is well suited for anyone who needs to be safe and visible while on their bicycle, whether you are practicing for a marathon or on your way to work. Available in men sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

There is also plenty of room so you can move freely and still get other garments comfortably underneath. That’s great for those who are not afraid of cycling in all types of weather. This jacket also makes one of the best cold-weather bicycle gear.

Despite its generous size, it will fit like it needs to. Elastic waistband and cuffs ensure you won’t get wind, rain, or bugs inside and the jacket won’t billow out when you hit those high speeds. 

This DFTD Jacket allows you to be very visible day or night. Bright yellow high visibility material that is also lightweight lets you be seen in the daylight and the silver reflective panels glow in the dark for your safety.  

2. Leasinder Reflective Wheel Rim Stripe Decal Sticker 

Leasinder 24pcs 12 Reflective Wheel Rim Stripe Decal Sticker

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One of the best and easiest ways of improving your visibility on the road is to not only highlight yourself with reflective bicycle gear but your bike, as well. In difficult light, it may be hard for a driver to determine if you are walking, running, on the side of the road, or stationary. 

Reflective tire tape is easily applied to the wheels of your bicycle. These stripes will let everyone know they are approaching a person on a bike, and allow them to take necessary measures to get around you. 

These stripes are specially designed to stick to your tires and reflect the light hitting them, making you and the bike very visible. You can apply them yourself and they won’t get loose and get stuck in the wheels, brakes, or fall off too easily. 

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They are available in several colors and not only do they provide a great deal of safety, but they also look super cool too. Get colors to match your bike, they are made from PET reflective material, so order enough to do both sides of both wheels.

There will be no mistaking you and your bike when people see those bright wheels spinning down the road. They will be a great safety feature for your bike, for you, and for your entire family.

They use prism reflection technology that reflects light from the headlights or streetlights. These reflective bicycle gear light up as soon as light hits them, so they are always going to keep you visible. They are not expensive, yet priceless when it comes to enhancing your safety. 

They are an ideal addition to anyone looking to enhance their safety while riding their bikes. Reflective bicycle gear should always include items for the rider and the bike. This makes a distinction between person and machine, in particular, in bad weather. 

If you own a mountain bike and want to become more visible, consider getting yourself the best lights for mountain biking at night.

3. RydeSafe Reflective Decals 

RydeSafe Reflective Decals

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Applying reflective stickers to yourself, your clothing, and your bike will make a world of difference to help you be more visible on the road. The best part of reflective bicycle stickers is that you can put them on anything you like. 

Get them in any design, color, pattern, or shape, and size. Perfect for the whole family, as kids will love the colorful and fun designs while ensuring their safety. 

The RydeSafe Reflective Decals, for example — you can put them on your spokes, on your tires, there are stickers for your helmet, the bars on your bike, the handlebars, the fender, the pedals, and anywhere else you want. 

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They will stick to the metal and reflect any and all light that hits them. Not only will you increase your visibility, but you will also be able to trick out your bike and your clothing. 

These RydeSafe Reflective Decals can go directly on your clothes, so you will always have that safety feature every time you ride your bike. You can decorate your helmet to be more visible and your entire bike.

Stickers are the perfect items for those on a budget looking for reflective bicycle gear. These hexagon reflective stickers are available in 6 colors. 

Where you want to use them is also endless, as the more you use them, the better your visibility will be in the dark, in the rain, or in foggy conditions. Get several different colors to really make your outfit, your bike and accessories sing.

It’s really the cheapest way to add safety and have a lot of fun while you are at it. You can find more of this kind of reflective bicycle gear and use them anywhere. Decorate your helmet to match your bike and all your bike clothing.  

If you’re always looking for stylish ways to decorate your bicycle helmet, these bicycle helmet decals are a great way to spruce up your headgear while also keeping you safe during your commute.


Depending on your budget and your situation, you can always be safe when riding your bike. It’s important to help drivers see you better. Adding a few items of reflective bicycle gear will help that tremendously. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can find plenty of items, clothing, or accessories at a great price. It doesn’t matter what you use. Just take steps to become more visible to drivers on the road. 

Bicycle safety is down to everyone, so do your part and add some fun colors and designs.

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