Best Bike Alarms Available in the Market Today


Let’s just go on and say it; bike theft is a big hassle. Imagine paying thousands of dollars on a rad bike, pimping it out with all the bells and whistles, only to have it stolen a short while later. That will be enough to make your blood boil a hundred times over. And, I don’t know about what experience you might have with bike theft, but I’ve had a few of my bikes stolen before, and they were rather expensive bikes. Sometimes it’s the accessories I’ve saved up for and put on my bike that gets stolen, which is, granted, better than having the whole bike stolen, but is still a huge annoyance. There was even an instance where I had to ride my bike without a saddle because—you guessed it—it got lifted by a thief.

Anti-theft add-ons like locks and alarms are, therefore, an essential item to have installed on your bike. They add a layer of protection that can dissuade a thief from targeting your bike altogether. A great system will be that which has both—the lock and alarm—working together to give your bike the optimum protection. Of course, not all bike locks and alarms were made equal. Some are better than others, while others are much better than others. We understand that it will be challenging to get an idea about which product will be performing as advertised, which is precisely why we thought of creating this article.

Below, we’ll do a roundup of what we think are the best bike locks and bike alarms that are available on the market today. But before we do that, allow us to dedicate some pixels to discussing how you should choose the best bike lock and alarm for your two-wheeler.

How to Choose a Bike Lock and Alarm

As with almost everything, you can pretty much determine how well a bike lock and alarm system will perform by checking out its price. Naturally, the simpler the bike lock and alarm is, the more affordable it will be. To be sure, tandem bike locks and alarms that are simple aren’t all bad. Their utility will simply depend on where you keep your bike—and how you keep your bike. If your bike is parked in a moderately crowded area, then a simple lock and alarm mechanism will serve its purpose well. In fact, there might not be a need for a more expensive system if the risk of your bike being stolen is low. Conversely, if you keep your bike parked in, how shall we say, a more shady area—or an area where theft is more probable—then you might want to go for something that is more expensive but works better at protecting your bike. Ultimately, the type of anti-theft system that’s best for your specific circumstance will depend on you, so choosing a system will require careful consideration.

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Some anti-theft systems are expensive, but they are made from more durable material, are more difficult for thieves to bypass, and have more than just one setting. Some can even have more than one utility to users. In other words, some, typically the expensive ones, are more than just anti-theft attachments to your bike because they can serve multiple purposes. The more affordable bike anti-theft products will be pretty straightforward, and some will even be downright easy for thieves to break away from your bike while attracting a minimal amount of attention. In a nutshell, something affordable will always have some compromise in quality and performance, so this should be something you need to keep in mind.

Without further ado, below are the best bike lock and alarm systems we’ve found that are available on the market today.

The Best Anti-Theft Devices for your Bike

1. Bike Lock Anti-theft Alarm Bicycle Cable Locks


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When you want to keep it simple, the Bike Lock Anti-Theft Alarm Bicycle Cable Lock will do a good enough job and give you peace of mind. And simplicity is the operative word here because the system is pretty straightforward.

With this, you’ll be able to secure your bike to a lamppost or a rail, and anyone who’s got the cojones to tamper with the cable will be greeted with a loud, piercing alarm sound. It’s no fun to the ears, trust us. And anyone around will be alerted to the deed.

The cable is long, flexible, and easy to manage, and we’re sure users won’t have a problem implementing it and hooking their bike to street furniture. The alarm is also loud and piercing (like we mentioned earlier), so you’d have to be a good distance away not to notice it when it goes off. Overall, the system is very easy to use. There’s nothing here that needs to be further explained as it is all pretty straightforward—and we think that this is all they will need for some people.

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Of course, there are clear downsides. While the cable is strong, we fully expect a diagonal cutter to be able to break it with ease. Naturally, the alarm will go off should this happen, but if your bike is in an area where there are not too many people around, then there’ll really be nothing to dissuade an inveterate thief from taking off with your bike. If your bike looks like it’s worth $10,000 dollars, then you might be better off utilizing some other kind of anti-theft system.

2. G Keni Bike Tail light, Intelligent Anti-Theft Bicycle Alarm


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We liked this product, not least because it serves multiple functions, but we would suggest using it in tandem with another bike lock system because the G Keni’s anti-theft feature is simply an alarm. To be sure, it works great as an anti-theft alarm and will work by dissuading thieves with its loud and piercing sound. Indeed, the sound it emits is extremely loud and painful to the ear. It will take a really determined thief to still go through the process of stealing your bike once the G Keni is activated.

The alarm also serves multiple purposes. As we mentioned earlier, it’s both a bike bell and a tail light and can be placed unassumingly below the saddle, away from curious eyes. The whole system can be controlled via a small remote controller that is included in the package. It doesn’t require batteries and can be charged via USB—in addition, one full charge (which takes around 4 hours) will reportedly last 30 days. Moreover, the G Keni is that it is also waterproof—so you don’t have to worry about the device getting wet from the rain.

Like we mentioned, however, as an anti-theft device, the G Keni only offers an alarm feature and lacks the ability to keep your bike from being lifted and transported. So we think it will be best to install the G Keni in tandem with some other anti-theft system that offers a cable lock functionality or some such.

3. YEHAM Anti-Cut Burglary Digital Lock with Alarm for Bicycles


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This is an interesting anti-theft device that peculiarly serves another function that’s totally unrelated to bicycle theft. The Yeham Anti-Cut Burglary Digital Lock with Alarm for Bicycles pretty much works the same way bicycle cable locks do, except the cable that comes with it is advertised as having been made from a really hard kind of alloy that is more difficult to cut through.

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One thing convenient about this device is that it is code activated, which means you won’t need to be lugging around a key. Inputting the wrong code more than three times will activate the alarm. Also, attempting to pry the alarm open, or cutting one of its cables, will also activate the alarm. There is literally no way for a thief to get your bike without the alarm activating. And we have to say, the alarm is quite loud. The thief attempting to snag your bike will be getting a whole lot of attention once it is activated, that’s for sure.

Remember the second functionality of this device that we mentioned earlier? Well, let’s talk about it. The device isn’t simply a cable lock and an alarm, because it’s also apparently a self-defense whip! I guess it’s useful for those times when you need to protect more than just your bicycle. We obviously haven’t tried whipping ourselves or any of our buddies to test how capable of a whip it is, but simply eyeballing the thing suffices to prove that, yes, it can be used as a literal whip with which to beat someone into submission.

4. Hiplok DX Wearable Keyed U-Lock


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Sometimes, a thick hunk of sturdy, unbreakable metal is all you need to lock your bicycle into place and dissuade anyone from snagging it. And the Hiplok DX Wearable Keyed U-Lock might just be that hunk of metal that you need to carry around to secure your bike.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but it works. Oh, boy, does it work. It’s made from a premium hardened steel, and, trust us, it will take a power tool to cut through this thing. It also comes with a clip that you can slip into your waistband to carry the lock when riding your bicycle. It’s simple, useful, and nearly impossible to break without a power tool.

The downside to the Hiplok DX is that it doesn’t have an alarm feature. Some might think an alarm feature is essential, some might not, but we believe that this will work just fine for specific situations.

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