Top 10 Best BMX Tires: Reviews & Buying Guide

Motocross bicycle enthusiast? If so, you’re no doubt keenly aware of the need for the best BMX tires for your bike to get a smooth ride. In a hurry? Well, the MAXXIS Hookworm BMX Tire is a surefire delight! But if you’re looking for more options, the following listings below maybe some of the best BMX tires you can get based on what everyone is talking about in regards to quality and popularity.

Top 10 Best BMX Tires: Reviews & Buying Guide

However, if you’re going to buy a new motorbike tire online, you have to make sure it’s worth all your spending as many rogue dealers tend to offer fake products that can damage your bike and reduce its performance.

When it comes to selecting the best BMX tires, professionals are always going off of very specific characteristics but as a newbie, you need to make sure that you do the same. There are many things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect set of tires.

When choosing BMX tires that have a huge bearing on your riding experience, there are numerous features to look out for. So you need to carefully check all these features before buying your new tires in order to ensure the ones you’ll purchase are the best BMX tires for you and great at what they do. You’ll also find a list of some of the most highly-rated best BMX tires now available.

This guide will help you analyze everything there is to know about freestyle BMX tires, from the tread pattern to tire depth and size which affects your safety as a rider, tricks performance, and overall durability. If you want the best freestyle riding experience, then this guide will help you take care of every aspect necessary for keeping yourself safe and performing at an optimal level.

10 Best BMX Tires for a Smooth Ride

Take a look at these top 10 best BMX tires in the market and see how they can equip you with a superior ride that suits your preferences.

MAXXIS Hookworm Best BMX Tire

MAXXIS Hookworm BMX Wire Bead Clincher Tire - Best BMX Tires

If you’re an avid BMXer, chances are the only thing that will keep you from constantly thinking about your bike is a job that you need to perform.

Still, it can be difficult to shed your love for wheels, so finding a comfortable way to travel through life by wearing one of the best BMX tires such as the black MAXXIS Hookworm is sure to inspire enthusiasm for what lies ahead on your calendar.

Bikers from every area of the world know it: the toughest thing about biking is dealing with flat tires. The Maxxis Hookworm tire has been built to be completely resistant to flats and tread for speed, durability, and great looks.

It will stand up to drops, rails, curbs, rocks… You name it! You’ll have confidence knowing that you’re rolling around on a tire that’s designed specifically for urban environments.

The Hookworm BMX tire is available in 60 or 70 TPI casing and comes with a compound optimized for long-lasting performance. It’s durable, reliable, and has tread that can handle any road condition or surface.

No matter where you are in your bike riding journey be it BMX or otherwise this one of the best BMX tires is an excellent option that puts riders to the test.

This 60 TPI Casing tire also happens to perform really well, making it suitable for BMX but it’s also great for any uses where long-lasting performance is a must: cargo bikes, pedicabs, or even golf carts!

When you purchase this tire you’ll receive a “Limited Warranty” valid for up to one year. This means you can enjoy not worrying about your Maxxis wearing down prematurely… or at all (because it won’t).

The warranty covers defects in material, workmanship, AND traction for up to one year from the date of purchase or until there is no serviceable tread depth remaining on your tire (whichever comes first).

Customer Review

These tires roll well – though they do make occasional noise. They’re perfect on urban roads, going over curbs and rough patches of gravel-like nothing was there.

The downside is that it’s fairly heavy in comparison to other tires which affect acceleration somewhat. If you’re willing to put up with these inconveniences though, the RollRoyces is one of the best BMX tires and a solid tire choice!

Schwinn Replacement BMX Bike Tire

Schwinn Replacement BMX Bike Tire - Best BMX Tires

Next on this list of the best BMX tires is the Schwinn BMX bike tire, the best BMX tires for use in tight spaces such as the alleyway or near the skate park. Thanks to its symmetrical centerline tread pattern, this BMX bike tire offers superior traction, speed, and maneuverability when used for tricks around the neighborhood.

It features low-profile knobs that offer high durability and endurance even under rough handling. Don’t forget that it comes with a puncture protection belt, too – so you can ride your BMX bike carefree from bump to bump. This BMX bike tire fits internal rim widths of 15-20 millimeters (mm) with a PSI range of 30-40.

These BMX bicycle tires might not look like much on the surface, but they are a great improvement from your usual fat tires because of how well they handle different surfaces.

Their tread compound is softer and this means that you may be able to corner just as efficiently around courses as with other tires, but you won’t get flat tires almost instantly upon hitting sandy patches, dirt trails, or broken-up sidewalks. They really do grip the road quite well wet or dry whether it be pavement or off-road over grassy areas, tree roots, and so on.

And if you’re wondering whether these BMX tires would fit on the plastic rims of the cart or not, give them a try and you’d be very pleasantly surprised and impressed because they’ll fit just like the originals. It looks just like the originals. You can also change the bearings so now you have an entirely brand new cart for less than half that cart the official manufacturer wanted for one wheel.

Customer Review

Most bikes now come with tires with a very soft material construction and wear faster after about 25 miles. But this Schwinn BMX tire is one of the best BMX tires and has a much longer mile-life compared to other tires from different brands. These work great on not just road or dry trail riding but also smooth, non-slippery terrain (even if you’re doing tricks!).

Kenda K-193 Kwest Commuter Bike Tire

Kenda K-193 Kwest Commuter Bike Tire - Best BMX Tires

Kenda BMX tires are some of the best BMX tires around for your fixie. And this black tire in particular comes with a marbleized blue hue for a more eclectic look.

Since the tire’s veneer is comparatively slim and because it bears a reverse inclination in its tread, the knurling on the surface of the treads, the performances of this tire are remarkably fast as a result of it being claimed to be known as rolling smoother in a manner that will not jeopardize traction.

And here’s the best part of it.

The tire will help you keep an eye on the road, and can take a sharp turn with ease. The wide bead with SRC compound makes the shape of the tires wide and thick enough to provide a good grip. And they also come in a beautiful K-905 tread pattern, so you can feel confident taking jams around turns.

If you have the wire bead 26″ x 1.5″, pump these tires to 100 psi and they’ll blow you away with their fast and fun, super grippy performance that they could withstand most road hazards without much of an issue.

Customer Review

Out of the box, these tires look weird, but that’s not anything to worry about. Once you install them and inflate them to 60 PSI, everything straightens out and you end up with smooth-rolling commuters that grip the road like glue.

Odyssey Path Pro Slick D-Ply Tires

Odyssey Path Pro Slick D-Ply Tires - Best BMX Tires

The Path Pro tire is based on a classic and one of the best BMX tires worth getting. So what makes the Odyssey Path Pro Slick D-Ply Tires one of the best BMX tires?

Similar to the Path from days past, this new model is designed to meet today’s riding styles with some new technological advancements that include a proprietary rubber compound that has both extra-grippy capabilities for enhanced control and long-lasting durability on both roads and trails.

These bicycle tires are one of a kind and were specifically developed to absorb the intense movements BMX riders endure while in motion. The tires’ tread features enclosed side blocks (which reduce excess air pressure in case of accidental deflation), a soft center tread lane, and slanted outer sides.

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The manufacturer also applied their most advanced Dual-Ply sidewall construction technology to provide increased safety on the road or trail, with enough strength to reach up to 100 PSI maximum pressure.

Customer Review

The Odyssey Path Pro Slick D-Ply Tire is a one-of-kind tire and one of the best BMX tires out there. Just make sure it’s on the right way before riding because if you put it on wrong, you will definitely hurt yourself enjoying it. And be wary that there is only one tire in this pack.

SUNLITE Freestyle Best BMX Tires

SUNLITE Freestyle BMX Kontact Tires - Best BMX Tires

Whether you’re heading down the road to share some of your latest moves or just riding around on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, this BMX tire’s quality construction is guaranteed to make it a great investment.

It’ll handle wet pavement with no problem and the smooth texture will give you more feel for what you need to do next so that you have an edge over other riders who aren’t as prepared for anything – whatever ‘it’ may be.

And when it comes to the best BMX tires that’ll guarantee you to stand out and ride best on the road, SUNLITE’s range is the kind of tire you want to keep an eye out for.

You can find a variety of colors that will match your bike and also add some character to it—like red, orange, blue, yellow, black, and white. And these tires even come in combos as well like black/blue, black/orange, or white/black.

Rated at about 40 to 65 PSI, the tires will give your bike a rugged look while also offering superior grip because of their great traction. The steel bead tires are perfect for someone looking to make a style statement while they ride. You won’t be disappointed with what this pair of tires has in store for you!

Customer Review

This is one of the best BMX tires but fitting the tire might be quite a struggle. The tire beads were reported by some customers to be so tight on the rim that it was very hard to get the tire on and make sure that there were no holes in the inner tube.

It’s best to avoid puncturing or damaging the inner tube – so maybe you should consider taking it to get a hot air gun applied at a local bike shop; this will help you ease the going for your tires.

Kenda Mx K50 BMX Tires

Kenda Mx K50 BMX Tires - Best BMX Tires

You can depend on the Kenda MX K50 BMX Bicycle Tire as one of the best BMX tires to resist wear and tear, whatever your intended use. Its design features specially developed elements that stand up well to abrasive conditions, including a patterned wall structure that can support even 400 lbs of load.

So that’s certainly much more than you’d normally ride while dirt biking. Despite that, it’s surprisingly basic like the air pressure which can be raised to 65 PSI.

There’s nothing complicated about installing tires like this one and most people should be able to figure out how to do it on their own in about 20-30 minutes. You should also keep in mind that you may or may not need tubes for these tires depending on what your bike has from the factory.

Nevertheless, the Kenda MX K50 Tire has excellent grip even on rough surfaces. This is due in part to its thick tread pattern which offers many biting edges! In closing, let’s just say that this tire can be purchased in either black or white.

Customer Review

The Kenda Mx K50 BMX tire is one of the best BMX tires and a great option to consider as an alternative to the more expensive competitors out there. According to most customers, the tires felt great and went on without any hiccups.

One very interesting feature about this model is that the opening in the middle of the tire is much larger than the other options considered (which makes no sense at all), but just make sure to take time seating it fully into place during inflation and everything else should be good.

Goodyear Folding Bead Best BMX Tire

Goodyear Folding Bead BMX Bike Tire - Best BMX Tires

If those six best BMX tires above didn’t appeal to you, know that it’s been a good year for tires with the release of this fantastic product from Goodyear.

Goodyear’s folding street 20-inch bicycle tire features an all-white appearance that’s sure to contribute to making your bike look extra cool and giving you superior traction at practically any speed!

The tire is flexible and comes with a folding bead, which also makes it easy to transport quickly from place to place. When you’re on the bike, its grip on the pavement is perfect, too. The tire can smoothly cut corners of various intensities without leaving you feeling like your tire will lose traction.

The alluring slickness of this tire will have you catching the eye of others. A quality driver that glides easily through the road with minimal interference, this tire is a popular choice among those who wish to keep their travel costs down while achieving comfort and smoothness on the road.

Customer Review

Customers are loving these best BMX tires, with commenters highlighting how the tires add a little drag when cornering at high speeds but can manage rough weather well and don’t lose pressure even after bearing the brunt of many potholes running over them in just many months!

Bell BMX Tires

Bell BMX Tires - Best BMX Tires

Whether you’re a BMX rider or just somebody who has to take their bike out on some rough terrain every once in a while, here’s one of the best BMX tires – Black Bell tires. They’re made for dirt or pavement so you can go wildly fast or simply cruise down the street.

Either way, they’ll give you ultimate control and confidence because they were optimized to improve traction in all kinds of conditions. They are a great option if you like to ride on rough terrains and have always dreamed of riding on the beach.

Made with unrivaled quality and boasting an unmatched tread design, Bell tires keep you in control from the moment you hit the road until your journey is over. With pressure up to 35 PSI, these tires are extremely strong for rides after rides.

The unique tread pattern on Bell Tires features a smoother more fluid rolling surface that allows them to grip and handle dirt perfectly, making them ideal for pavement riding as well as all-road cycling adventures.

The Flat Bell tire has Defense Technology built inside its’ tires, this means that in the case of a flat, there’s an extra layer for you to rely on. That protective layer will make sure your ride is smoother and safer than ever or if it comes down to having to fix one of these tires because of a cut it would be easier than with a regular tire.

These Black Bell tires will help you master the many tricky dirt, street, and BMX tracks wherever you ride with their precision-engineered aggressive knobby treads that give you an exceptional hold and handling across all surfaces.

This Bell tire is a luxurious carbon-fold by Bell’s performance line of tires and is built to endure the longest rides. When it comes to safety, problems can arise at any given time and this tire can be folded without damage for easy storage so you don’t risk having your tire damaged when in storage or during travel.

Customer Review

With its grips and its durable build, the tires made by Bell are some of the best BMX tires in the market. However, there is one problem with them: they’re incredibly difficult to get fitted! Luckily, with a little determination and perspiration, you’ll be able to do what needs to be done.

SE Bikes Cub Two Best BMX Tire

SE Bikes Cub Wire Bead BMX Tires - Best BMX Tires

Apologies for being a bit unfair and having you wait this long to reveal you these street tires that are also one of the best BMX tires, you will certainly want to add these SE Bikes Cub Wire Bead BMX Tires to your list.

These BMX tires are specifically designed for performers who prefer riding bikes downhill and also perform technical maneuvers at high speeds. The high PSI rating, along with their larger volume means you are capable of rolling faster and more comfortably than ever before.

It’s hard not to get excited when you hear about a collaboration between Vee Tire and SE Bikes. A brand that has been around since 1977 and pioneered racing tread patterns including the well-respected Vee Tire, which also happens to be on these tires which will certainly help you propel down the road in record speed while staying strong as a tank.

It’s hard not to get excited when you hear about a collaboration between Vee Tire and SE Bikes. A brand that has been around since 1977 and pioneered racing tread patterns including the well-respected Vee Tire, which also happens to be on these tires which will certainly help you propel down the road in record speed while staying strong as a tank.

These BMX tires feature long-lasting material that’s used to create any terrain from the street to the dirt and beyond. This tire is extra puncture resistant so seriously even if your wheels are rolling over glass, paint, nails, or anything else it will still keep pushing through without leaving you stranded!

SE Bikes Speedster Beast Mode BMX Tire

SE Bikes Speedster Beast Mode BMX Tire - Best BMX Tires

You’re going to love this next one of the best BMX tires on the market. The SE Bikes Speedster Beast Mode BMX Tire is available in 27.5″, and features a closely packed, compact pattern with large knobs that give you more control.

The center of the tire features a honeycomb-inspired tread. You can be sure this bike tire will perform at the highest level, whether you’re racing BMX, practicing stunts in the park, or tearing up city streets like a local hero.

With the SE Bikes Speedster Beast Mode BMX Tire you get a great bike tire with a durable compound designed to work on any type of terrain. There’s just one thing about this product, though – you won’t be getting the rims or tubes separately so make sure you are aware of this when buying it.

Customer Review

Two tires are included with this purchase but note that these provide the best performance of all the best BMX tires listed here so it only makes sense that these bad boys would come with a hefty price tag.

Different BMX Tire Styles

Race Tires

To not lose speed when racing on a track, you should look for the thinnest tires available for BMX – approximately 1.25 to 1.375 inches. Also, make sure that you have at least some amount of tread – after all, not all race tracks are completely flat and dry.

Plus, the thinner the tires are, the higher the PSI required to decrease rolling resistance when it comes to maintaining and gaining speed and to prevent tire pinch. Approximately 80 psi should do the trick here.


Street Tires

Street riding isn’t so different from freestyle and park riding.  For example, riders of both like to have 2” wide tires with a high amount of pressure and negligible tread. Pretty much all these cyclists will be riding on concrete and flat surfaces, so there’s no need of the grip when all it’s going to do is wear away over time and affect how you ride.

Then, there’s the tire pressure, which is a point of contention for riders everywhere. All tires will be subjected to hard impacts so the best BMX tires for this case should be softer, but many riders would choose a solid tire that can hold up to the hard shocks associated with street riding. Among less robust tires, snake bite punctures are bound to happen, but you can avoid these with a tougher tire pressure.

Dirt Tires

Finding the best BMX tires for dirt jump riding is hard since there are many factors that you need to look at. On one hand, a thicker tire will offer better stability with rougher terrain but will restrict some amount of speed. Another issue with thicker tires is looser stuff.

A lot of generic forks won’t give you much clearance with a thick tire and the bottom of your steering tube. During autumn time and muddy conditions, it can become clogged with leaves and dirt. This is very frustrating and should be considered by anyone who rides a bicycle in these seasons.

And then there’s also the slightly narrower tire that will noticeably improve your speed but maybe slightly less comfortable on tougher terrain. On top of that, you won’t have to deal with the mud collecting issue mentioned earlier. One thing that you should keep in mind is that deep tread patterns are great for dirt jump bikes. Directional tread patterns can help with stability and grip.

Lastly, the best BMX tires for dirt biking should be 2″. The smaller size will help you retain the speed. A deep set directional tread pattern will provide comfort and lessen the chance of losing your grip. The soft PSI will add the comfort lost from a larger tire while retaining the speed of a smaller size.

Guide to Buying the Best BMX Tires 

You can pull off some cool tricks and stunts or just look awesome in general with BMX bikes! A couple of decades ago when these beauties first came out onto the scene, they featured 20-inch wheels for larger surface area, which made them comfortable to ride and allowed for greater balance and control at high speeds.

The fact that they had smaller frames, capable of the more agile movement, also helped riders with more diverse skills who have since followed in their footsteps. But now you’re probably wondering why we’re spending so much time on history lessons as opposed to what all the hype is about – the BMX upgrades! Well, let’s get down to it!

Before you go out and start looking for the best BMX tires, it’s important to know what your street-tire needs are. Some riders prefer the feel of a high-performance tire, while others might be more attracted to something like a fat or dirt tire.

If you’re stuck not knowing where to begin and need some suggestions, it’s always helpful to speak with someone who has experience in this particular industry as they can help guide you towards some decisions that will best fit the way you ride.

Buying the best BMX tires can be complicated with so many different things to consider, but if you follow this straightforward guide, it will be a lot easier. As a new cyclist, there are some elements that you should definitely take into account before clicking “Buy”.

First and foremost, you want to check the PSI (pressure per square inch) of your tire as this is critical in terms of adjusting how well your bicycle will steer as well as its shocks when riding off-road. Also, you need to make sure that your wheels perfectly match the tires.

The grip and tread are also important considerations that come into play regarding your riding style since they will definitely determine how much traction and speed you’ll have on certain terrains.

In this guide, there’s everything you need to know about purchasing the best BMX tires. Let’s quickly run through some important factors you need to consider before hitting “buy”.


Don’t ever forget to think about the grip when it comes to the best BMX tires. ​Because not having a nice grip on things means your tires won’t only slip, but will also create unfavorable situations you don’t want to happen to you. ​Make sure you buy the best BMX tires with great gripping capabilities and make sure they are suitable for all overuse. ​The little rubber spikes created on the tire also help with that extra grip.

Good Pressure Rating

And then there’s a good pressure rating. You will find many bike tires with good pressure ratings such as those upwards of 65 PSI but be careful because there are those that don’t do what they’ve been advertised to do. A high PSI rating on a tire can improve durability and can also handle higher pressures.

Low Riding Resistance

Also, you want to consider the low riding resistance. You want the least resistance when riding your BMX bike. Many riders experience riding resistance, but some of the best BMX tires are really good about reducing it together. You need to find tires that are certified for low-resistance as they will provide a smooth, quiet, and engaging ride along with long life and improved performance in general.


Another point to keep in mind when searching for the best BMX tires for the streets is that they need to have tough rubber. You need to check that out as well because using cheap quality rubber could cause the tire to wear out quicker or get damaged in another way easily such as tearing if you’re riding it all too often on rough surfaces that aren’t completely smooth.

Tire Rims

Good tire rims can be your best friend when life gets shaky. They’re your safety necessity for getting around on your bike. Rubber tires are only as good as the structure they’re attached to.

A strong structure supports you on rough road surfaces, so comfort and control are sure to follow. So when riding, a solid hard casing provides much-needed structural integrity to help make sure you’re safe not just for the minute, but for many years of lasting use without fail!


When it comes to tires, keeping them plump is practically a necessity. So unless you don’t need maximum performance or grip on the road, you’re likely better off pumping up those inner tubes whenever it comes to tire maintenance.

That being said, if you are wondering what psi and BAR are doing on your tire’s sidewall, and most importantly what they mean, here is a little clarification:

Pressure is important to measure using the right tools and it’s important that everybody knows how they work. The metric system commonly uses the bar (BAR) as a unit of measurement, but to work with any kind of gas or liquid, you’ll need to use the pounds per square inch (PSI).

But what about if you’re trying to measure pressure in something other than air? Well then you may have to use one of these units: Kilopascals (kPa) or bars of pressure (BAR).

So in simple terms, one BAR is an expression for the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level – 1 kilogram per square centimeter and as always with unit conversion, the PSI equivalent is a random number. One BAR can resemble 14.7 PSI; you might also see it written as 100 kilopascals at times.

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To put in simpler terms, when a cyclist has one bar of pressure in his or her bicycle tires, it’s equal to having the same air pressure as what you’ll find at sea level in your atmosphere.

BMX Tire Pressure

Looking to find out more about the right tire pressure for your vehicle? Here’s what you need to know.

Again, a rider’s weight, riding discipline, and surface the bike is being ridden on can impact the air pressure inside the inner tubes. A person who is lighter than average may prefer that his or her tire has a different amount of air inside it than someone who is heavier.

The more your bicycle weighs, the less you want to inflate your tires because they will have a harder time absorbing bumps with more puncture protection. In this circumstance, decreased flexibility means increased grip as there is a higher amount of friction between the rubber and pavement when compared with a normal tire at lower pressure.

There are several general guidelines that pertain to all riding styles, and I will share a few below. However, it’s really up to you as an individual rider to figure out what style works best for you. You may prefer varying pressure settings and other tweaks to your bike based on whatever personality or preferences might resonate with you most and help better equip you for a fun time on the trails.

After all, everyone has their own strategies and preferences – like the way some folks like using hard settings on the front of the bike so that they can handle turns better and maintain speed, but softer settings for the rear tires which are meant for dealing with bumps or jumps during its turning rotation.

Here’s how this goes: For street riding, set your BMX tires between 40 – 80 psi. When racing, you want a high pressure of anywhere above 80, and anything below 60 but not too low will serve well if you’re dirt jumping. And if it’s dirt jumping, 70 or less should do the trick.

BMX vs. Road Tires

As with most activities today, there are riders who prefer to specialize in certain types of activities. Someone who rides for fun might not need the same equipment as someone who is competing in races or doing tricks.

For example, if you plan on going trail riding through an area that has a lot of different kinds of terrain, you might need more grip because otherwise, your bike will be difficult to control on dirt roads or rocky obstacles. If you’re planning on mountain biking instead, it may help to have more knobbles so that your tires can dig into the uneven ground and hard-packed sand to achieve traction if you want a more thrilling ride.

Just like massive off-road tires, the best BMX tires should come with a design with technologies that your bike needs during this kind of riding. Dirt bike tires need to be puncture-resistant to protect you when you’re going fast over unpredictable terrain, so if you’re a biker who rides in off-road races regularly then it’s important that your tire quality is reliable.

Road bikes have tires that are thinner and don’t have a lot of treads. This makes them lower to the ground so the air has less to roll over which in turn gives you more momentum with each pedal stroke, which means they’re sometimes made of different materials than BMX tubes.

But what’s the difference?

To be honest, it’s kind of hard to say exactly, because there are a lot of factors to consider. For example, BMX tubes don’t necessarily need to be made from the same sort of durable foam as road bike tires because not many people use them for races or even on the smooth pavement where there isn’t as much danger of getting slashed by the glass or other trash lying on the ground.

That said, it’s safe to assume that their durability is about on par with one another, barring any kind of exceptional circumstances considering manufacturing practices or quality control.

Different BMX tires have different treads for their rims to match your style to get the optimal performance out of your tricks and stunts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does width matter when buying the best BMX tires?

Picking out the best BMX tires can be incredibly hard. All of the options are going to appeal to someone but you want to be picky when it comes down to what you choose for your own bike.

Yes, tire width does matter, and that is why it is essential to select only the best BMX tires available for your needs. So if you are looking for a particular tire that will work perfectly on the roadway, be sure that it is at least 2.1 inches wide. This type of BMX tire will not only provide you with more traction while doing tricks but also provide protection when you crash!

How often do you need to add air to tires?

How often you should pump your tires depends on the size/style of the tire being used. For example, high-pressure tires need to be kept at the right pressure at least once a week while hybrid tires should be pumped up every two weeks or so and mountain tires can go up to three weeks without needing to get it done.

What PSI should you run your BMX tires at?

Manufacturer recommendations for safe tire pressure are essential when it comes to how much air should be in the tubes that keep a bike upright. It’s best that you run 40-70 uncrushed pounds per square inch of tire on all-terrain bikes – however, certain models will always have more or less PSI based on the manufacturer’s specifications, so it’s always best to check before you begin a ride.

How much do the best BMX tires usually cost?

You can find a lot of great deals online. But make sure you think through your decisions – not all deals are created equal and you could end up spending a great deal more than anticipated. Consider cost-effective alternatives to the major brands, without sacrificing quality or durability.

What Size BMX Tire Should I be Riding?

There are two ways this question can be answered. One is with the size of the wheel and another is with the width of the tire.

The better option for you as a BMXer depends on what’s more important to you – do you have special preferences about riding style, speed, or appearance? Are you looking for more efficient rides where you spend less energy for longer periods of time?

In that case, 20” wheels would probably be your best bet. 20” wheels are great for jumps and tricks but if it’s so steep that even a BMX bike won’t do then one might as well get oneself a 10” playground bike.

On the other hand, 12″ bicycles fit just right even if they aren’t suitable for steep trails. Those who feel most comfortable doing bunny hops on flat surfaces will prefer larger wheels while those who only want to jump up curbs will likely find a 12″ bicycle perfect.

For those wondering about the other tire question, it depends on a lot of different factors. It’s important to ask yourself what type of riding you will be doing most of your time and also what kind of terrain you might find yourself riding on.

Before buying larger tires though, take into consideration that they are harder to handle than smaller ones. Bigger isn’t always better!

What size tire should I get for my BMX bike?

Balance is a key factor when riding a bike and the more balanced a rider is on their bike, the greater control they’ll achieve. Besides being able to steer in the right direction, it’s also important for any rider to be able to balance properly in order to avoid skidding out of control.

If you have been searching for a way to take your traction skills to the next level, 2.125 inches wide tires will perform great on concrete and asphalt, and if it’s dirt track racing, you want to participate in, 1.5 to 1.75 inches wide tires will do the trick. When you’re jumping over structures or ramps, 1.5-2 inch wide tires will be best.

When taking up biking as a hobby, something you’re going to want to make sure you think about is the tires on your bike. Wide tires can provide a better grip and help with your balance while driving, making it easier to ride in general and helping you avoid falls or tumbles that could be dangerous.


BMX is a sport that people around the world enjoy very much. It’s an activity that involves balance and a sense of danger, which makes it even more fun! This article explored some of the best BMX tires made by manufacturers with expertise in handling the tricky task of making street tires because honestly, who thought that riding downstairs would be so much fun?

Well anyway, street tires can pose unique circumstances when it comes to manufacturing them and still having them come out resilient enough for riding on rough terrain. So there are so many options to choose from within every range possible but hopefully, this post managed to narrow down your search.


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