Yeti Mountain Bikes Reviews: Yeti Arc, SB165, and SB130


You’re looking to find one of the best Yeti mountain bikes for sale, but you’re having trouble navigating through the many different models. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

We know what you’re thinking: what the hell does Yeti have to do with bikes? Well, take a deep breath and I’ll explain. We’ll take you back to 1985 and tell you all about the brand we know and love today, and why its bikes deserve more of your attention.

Yeti Mountain Bikes

Yes! Yeti was born in 1985 and has been a major player in producing some of the most sought-after carbon frames for mountain bikes ever since. Yeti has always invested heavily in bicycle racing. They developed many frames for specific types of races. A few that you might have heard of include the Leadville 100, Isle de Jean Charles, and the Tour Divide.

The turquoise, by the way, was inspired by a 1971 desert turquoise Chrysler. If you want to get your hands on one but don’t like the color, then you can also purchase one in black and orange.

Yeti has been taking a lot of flack recently for their lack of experimentation in the mountain bike market. Although it might seem like Yeti makes a ton of bikes, the brand actually only has five models to choose from. But not all of these models are created equal: some are better for women and others for men, for example.

Yeti has gotten rid of their slow-selling hardtails, all-out XC race bikes, quirky cyclocross bikes… and their Downhill bikes. They have a new target audience in mind: the trail and enduro biker. And it’s all thanks to Yeti’s signature Switch Infinity suspension system.

Switch Infinity

Switch Infinity is Yeti’s patented suspension design. It allows the main pivot (where the wheel attaches to the frame) to ‘switch’ back and forth as the bike’s suspension compresses and extends.

What it’s supposed to do is make sure the suspension works in the most efficient way possible. This means that when you are pedaling hard, the suspension is firm, but when you are out of the saddle climbing up a hill, or smashing down a rough trail, your suspension soaks up all of those bumps instead of wasting them.

Below we detail our top three picks of the best yeti mountain bikes. One of these is the Yeti bike you can feel confident investing in.

It’s a little bit pricier than your ordinary ride, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Arc Carbon C2 Gx Eagle Mountain Bike

Yeti Mountain Bikes: Arc Carbon C2 Gx Eagle Mountain Bike

Latest Price.

Picking up where the previous model left off, the SB5 returns to the trail — and proves you don’t need a full-suspension mountain bike to have an awesome time! This 130mm-travel carbon fiber hardtail is ready for anything the trail throws your way. It’s fast and nimble like its XC counterpart, but more stable and more fun.

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The Yeti ARC has evolved to meet the needs of today’s mountain bikers. Featuring an updated geometry that strikes a perfect balance of stability and agility, and brand new components, this trail beast is ready to shred some gnarly trails. This updated version comes with an innovative geometry. It’s been designed to provide the perfect blend of agility and stability.

It has a 130mm Fox fork, which means your rides will be smooth, fun, and confident from the get-go. The bike also features Dual-Sided bottle mounts, which is ideal for those of you who like to go bikepacking.

The Arc Carbon Gx Eagle mountain bike is one of the latest and greatest from Yeti. It uses carbon fiber TURQ series tubing, which gives it the highest strength to weight ratio of any carbon fiber currently on the market.

The internally routed frame and cable system, as well as the ribbed chainstay protector, keeps your bike quiet and the trail ahead in view. The bike’s ability to accommodate a dropper post is also a huge plus. The ARC is the perfect choice for riders looking for a hardtail bike that’s ready for anything, yet still comfortable enough for those long days on the trail.

If you feel that the Arc Carbon C2 Gx Eagle is just too expensive for you, we’d recommend you take a look at mountain bikes under $500 from other brands. However, these bikes might not be as good as the ones from Yeti. 

SB165 Turq T2 X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

Yeti Mountain Bikes: SB165 Turq T2 X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

Latest Price.

Mountain bikes have been trending toward 29er wheels over the last few years, and there are those who think that 27.5-inch wheels are going extinct. But the truth is, there’s a large subset of riders who prefer 27.5-inch wheels for various reasons, including many professional racers.

Is it better to go fast or to go big? The answer: a little of both! That’s why Yeti crunched the numbers and come up with the best of both worlds: 27.5-inch wheels – roll faster than 26-inch wheels (not to mention they are more proportional to the size and weight of the human body). And although they roll faster, they respond to rider input faster too.

Yeti not only makes amazing bikes for the big guys, but they’ve also created a bike for the cool cats out there, too. The SB165 Turq T2 XO1 Eagle Mountain Bike is one sleek ride that doesn’t sacrifice quality or any of the finer things. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Yeti mountain bikes right now!

Featuring a 180mm Fox fork up front and a Fox coil shock driven 165mm of Switch Infinity rear travel, the SB165 is a trail-loving, gravity-defying bike that lives for thrashing downhill over huge jumps at breakneck speeds. With a slacked-out geometry and 27.5-inch wheels, you’ll be floating over obstacles like they were never there — and if they are, well, just go around in style!

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For the new TURQ series, Yeti upped its game in terms of materials by using carbon fiber from the highest-grade suppliers in the industry. The frame uses the same material that you’ll find on cars — only this stuff costs more than a Bugatti Veyron. The result? A 220g weight savings over the standard Carbon Series frames.

The SB165 Turq T2 X01 Eagle Mountain Bike is capable of fitting water bottles and tires up to 2.6 inches in size with its versatile frame design. You can also get the best accessories for mountain bikes to have a more awesome ride with this bad boy!

It comes with custom DT Swiss 32-spoke wheels, which is a fancy way of saying it will help you soar through whatever obstacles come your way. This bike features a top-of-the-line build kit: It comes with a smooth-riding suspension system, an awesome drivetrain with super-smooth shifts, powerful brakes, and one of our favorite accessories – the OneUp Bash Guide.

The SB165 sports a 77-degree seat tube angle that lets you tackle tough hills in style. Its 63.5-degree head tube angle is designed to keep the front wheel planted while descending. It’s built for enthusiastic mountain bikers who want to rip down the gnarliest descents and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

We now know that you really love mountain bikes because you made it here, but not everyone has a few thousand dollars to spend on a Yeti like the SB165 Turq T2 X01 Eagle Mountain Bike. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite mountain bikes for under $1000.

SB130 Turq T2 X01 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike

Yeti Mountain Bikes: SB130 Turq T2 X01 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike

Latest Price.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the rise of the mid-travel bike over the last few years, it’s that cross-country bikes have more than earned their keep. Enduro bikes and gravity bikes have become synonymous, but these days, are just as capable on the gnarly stuff. Think about it: If a bike can pedal efficiently, it’ll be able to get up any hill.

But with all the variation in rim sizes, shape, and material, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. Be very glad because there’s one bike that can pretty much take care of any situation you put it in. This is one of the best Yeti mountain bikes and one of the most versatile in the industry, and perfect for pretty much anyone who enjoys riding on a variety of terrain.

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The Yeti SB130 Turq T2 is ready for everything! If you’re looking to go on an adventure, the SB130 is ready for days in the backcountry. When you want to play hard on your local trails, the bike is ready for that, too. It’s a versatile all-mountain machine that can play any role you throw at it.

Featuring SRAM’s XO1 Eagle AXS wireless drivetrain, a lightweight TURQ carbon fiber frame and fork, 150mm travel FOX Factory suspension, and a 130mm Switch Infinity platform, this trail-ready steed will have you pedaling through the toughest terrain that you can find.

Yeti designed the SB130 Turq T2 X01 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike with a slack head angle (the angle between the front fork and the ground) and longer reach (the distance between the saddle and handlebars) to instill confidence when riding at high speeds. 

The short chainstays and steep seat tube mean that even on long rides, you’ll still have the ability to move freely. Its frame allows you to take it on your favorite trails and take a full-sized water bottle along with you. The frame also has room for at least 2.5in tires so that you can get traction no matter where you are riding!

Overall, the SB130 Turq T2 X01 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike comes with a VERY hefty price tag, but it can do pretty much everything you could ask of a bike. Whether you’re going uphill, downhill, or just cruising around the neighborhood EVEN at night (just equip it with the best lights for mountain biking at night for safety), this bike is ready to go. Just be sure you’re ready for it, too!

So you’re looking for a new mountain bike, huh? If you’re a lady and you didn’t fancy the Yeti mountain bikes here, we made a separate article for you, too. Check it out!


Mountain bikers are a fickle bunch. When they fall in love with a bike brand, it’s often an exclusive relationship: If you’re not riding Schwinn bikes, you’re not riding at all. Yeti mountain bikes are no different. You may have fallen in love with Yeti bikes for their ability to absorb big hits, but there’s more to these bikes than their great design.

But if you think Yeti mountain bikes are way too expensive, don’t fret! We have a separate article where you can find high-quality used mountain bikes if you’re not a serious mountain biker and not really a fan of Yeti.

Hopefully, after reading our reviews of the best Yeti mountain bikes on the market, you’ve come to a decision about which bike is right for you. However, if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us.


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