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While today’s bike components are incredibly durable, they are not invincible. Vibrations, impacts, and neglect can take their toll over time, loosening bolts and connection points, twisting, breaking, and bending parts, and causing rust and corrosion. Luckily, you can prevent these things from wreaking havoc on your bike by bringing along the best cycling multi tool with you. 

For many, the all-in-one, Swiss Army knife has been the only multi-tool that has ever been needed. Now, however, there are so many different varieties of tools available that it is becoming hard to choose the right one. The most common type of improved at-home use for practical tasks is the bike repair kit. If you’re like MacGyver, you’ll find a million other smart uses for this handy tool.

When you’re a lone ranger, you always need to be prepared. With a great multi-tool, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck on a ride or stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having the right tool can save you from making a lot of phone calls to friends and family — with a multi-tool in your pocket, you’ll never have to ask for a ride home again.

The best cycling multi tool is easy to use, portable and can come in handy for a variety of situations. We’ve gone out and done the research to find three of our favorites — choose the one that’s right for you to ensure you’re not left stranded on your next bike ride.

1. Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX 

Best Cycling Multi Tool - Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX

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Although it may seem daunting to non-cyclists, the ToPeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX is the best cycling multi tool for mid-ride mechanics. Whereas other multi-tools don’t allow users to tighten or loosen bolts with ease, the ratchet system on this device provides a fluid mechanical movement that keeps your hands out of the way of the bolt.

The socket-and-bit design of the bike wrench makes it easy to tighten and loosen bolts on your bike. The ratchet minimizes the number of turns needed to open or close a bolt. The magnetic bit extender makes it easier to reach bolts behind your bike frame. The kit includes every hex wrench size you’ll need. Designed for top-notch performance in high-torque situations, the magnetic bit holder on the back of the torque wrench can be used to hold a variety of socket bits for easy access during sensitive operations. The socket wrench’s thumbwheel enables users to rapidly tighten and loosen bolts — even in hard-to-reach places like bottle cages. 

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While the Ratchet Rocket Lite DX is an excellent multi-tool, it does have some setbacks that you will want to consider before purchasing. First of all, it doesn’t have a chain breaker — which is a major concern for anyone who regularly rides off-road. The chain breaker is one of the most essential tools in any cyclist’s kit. BUT, it isn’t included in the price. A separate purchase would be required to have all of the necessary equipment for on-the-road repairs. Additionally, the Ratchet Rocket Lite DX is a one-bolt puller. While it is not a problem in most situations, if you need to do something as simple as adjust your seat post, you will end up with the hardware scattered all over the place. 

Considering those setbacks, we won’t deny the fact that the Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX is reasonably priced nonetheless, so it won’t hurt your wallet when you add it to your list of bike accessories.

2. Crankbrothers M19 Mini Bike Tools 

Best Cycling Multi Tool - Crankbrothers Mini Bike Tools

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Built for the most daring of riders, the M19 multi-tool is designed to be tough as nails and stay on your person at all times. Crank Brothers’ latest product is undeniably also the best cycling multi tool a cyclist can ever have. It comes with so many features, including a chain tool, spoke wrenches, screwdrivers of all kinds, hex wrenches, Torx wrenches, and more. Its light-weight design also boasts a lifetime warranty — just in case you ever happen to drop it.

The M19 is a durable, lightweight saw that incorporates modern materials such as 6061-t6 precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy into its construction. The side handle ensures a secure grip even with gloves on — which is especially important during challenging cutting tasks. The tools themselves are simple and durable with high tensile steel construction to withstand even the harshest of elements. Not only that, but the tool comes in three different finishes for a truly versatile option.

Crank Brothers knows that a multi-tool has to be more than just a collection of useful tools — it has to be something that is useful and that looks great. That’s why it comes with its own stylish flask — made from alloy and stainless steel, it’s capable of keeping even the nastiest of moisture out of your multi-tool. It will even keep away rust. The tool flask is the best tool organizer you can put in your saddlebag: it eliminates rattling, protects your tools from damage, and helps you stay organized.

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If you’re bike touring or bikepacking, it’s going to be a long hard day in the saddle, and you’re probably going to need a chain splitter. You’ll be incredibly thankful for your M19 Crank Brothers multi-tool (and the fact that they didn’t skimp out on this accessory) because when that moment comes, it’s going to be as relieving as a cool breeze. Made of 17-4 ph stainless steel, its chain tool makes quick work of your toughest chain. With its 8/9/10/11/12-speed capabilities, this cycling multi tool can take on any project or repair job. It fits easily into your pocket, so you can use it wherever you are, no matter the time of day.

Crankbrothers’ M19 provides a sturdy and reliable solution for all your bike repair and adjustment needs. But if you’re looking for something even lighter and more affordable, we also recommend the third best cycling multi tool on our list. Check it out below!

3. WOTOW 16 in 1 Cycling Multi Tool 

Best Cycling Multi Tool - WOTOW 16 in 1 Cycling Multi Tool

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It’s a crime not to call the WOTOW 16-in-1 Cycling Multi Tool another best cycling multi tool. This small device that fits in your pocket is an excellent decision for a restricted budget. With 16 tools in one, the toolkit can help any rider to fix any issue on their bike, even on the move. It has three extra nonslip examples, along with tough tire pry bars for instant tire replacement or wheel repair in case of a spill.

The unit incorporated 16 tools, from Allen keys and adjustable wrenches to screwdrivers and more. Whether it’s fixing the brakes or adjusting the seat height, there are plenty of tools to tackle most maintenance tasks; just look at how organized they are. Of course, all of these tools are removable and compatible with most other types of bikes.

Although this 2-inch-wide and 3.9-inch-long fixer isn’t really for serious torque, it can certainly lend a hand with minor repairs. In usability tests, most testers reported that the tool did as its design suggested: it fixed their problems with everyday ease.

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This multi tool features a non-slip grip pattern so your hands don’t slip, but the Allen wrench comes separately. With other models that have this feature, the wrench is attached to the tool, but with this product, it can be easily misplaced or lost. So you may find that it’s better for you to attach the extra tool to your belt or in another pocket so you don’t lose it. The tire rod included with the WOTOW 16-in-1 Cycling Multi Tool is easy to use, and it’s perfect for when you’re switching out one of your tires. The tire rod easily fits into your bag or pocket, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. 

Overall, this is an excellent multi tool for anyone with a bike that needs to make simple adjustments and minor repairs. The tire rods are also a great solution for those who want the convenience of doing their own repairs at home or roadside. With over a thousand positive reviews and a 4.5-star review average, this is a great investment for any bike owner.


When searching for the best cycling multi tool, there are many factors to consider. Take into account what you need to accomplish, and choose a tool that suits your needs. There are a variety of multi-tools in different shapes and sizes available, so you’re sure to find something that fits you perfectly.

Bike tools are just as unique as the mechanics who use them — no two riders will have the exact same needs and preferences when it comes to tools. A professional bicycle mechanic may demand speed, accuracy, and portability above all else, whereas a weekend warrior biker might not need the same level of precision or weight. We hope that our detailed comparative analysis helps you find the best cycling multi tool that’s right for you.

Again, if you’re smart, you’ll pack a multi-tool in your pocket. You never know when you might need to raise your saddle a bit, fix a broken chain, plug a tubeless tire, or tighten a rattling bottle cage. Just remember to include a bottle opener so that you can crack open some cold refreshments after the ordeal is over.

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