Best Cycling Shoes Under $100: Affordable Quality


Cycling shoes are a must if you spend much time riding on the road. On the other hand, they may be prohibitively expensive on the high end, costing up to $350 for a professional level pair. Sure, high-end shoes are light and strong; however, not everyone wants to invest that kind of money. And it’s doubtful that you’ll get much better performance for the price.

The best cycling shoes under $100 are not always easy to find, yet there are some fantastic options out there if you know what to look for.

We have put together a list of top-quality cycling shoes that cost less than $100. This will help you find a comfortable pair without spending too much money.

Best Cycling Shoes Under $100

Venzo Road Cycling Shoes (Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta – Perfect for Road Racing Bikes)

Venzo Road Cycling Shoes

We’ve taken comfort, versatility, and performance seriously with these shoes. They’re built with durable slip-resistant soles to keep you standing on peloton workouts or any other cycling challenge. The Venzo also has a sweet mesh upper that is lightweight and breathable, making sure feet stay fresh during long rides! By the way, the cleat is compatible with all major pedal brands, including Peloton Bike & Look Delta Pedals.

We’re always looking for the next best thing in cycling shoes, and when we found out about Venzo road cycling shoes, it was like Christmas came early. These babies are made to take on long-distance rides with a minimal amount of weight on feet that retain their flexibility. The breathable mesh top lets our feet stay cool even during difficult climbs, while synthetic uppers keep them secure and quick-drying, so they’re always ready to roll. It comes with a removable sock liner that can let your toes get flying feedback from the ground below or adjust for an extra layer if you need some insulation against chilly mornings.

Who says you need to spend a fortune on cycling shoes? Venzo Road Cycling Shoes are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. The most important thing about these shoes is the quality. Quality that nearly every other company overlooks because they’re not spending money on research and development. Every pair of shoes comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.

Customers Opinion

What is the rating, and how do customers review Venzo Road Cycling Shoes? 4.6 out of 5 stars (over 3000 reviews), customers like that the shoe’s fabric is durable and capable of withstanding many lengthy miles

The Venzo Road Cycling Shoes are capable of withstanding many full-ride cycling miles with their durable materials and construction. With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, customers find these to be an excellent value for less than $100.

Tommaso Strada 100 (Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike, Touring, Indoor Cycling )

Tommaso Strada 100

With a perfect blend of price, quality, and comfort, the Strada 100 is an industry best-seller. This affordable bike shoe features a mesh/synthetic upper with a quick closure system for easy on and off options. The durable rubber sole has been designed to be comfortable even when putting your foot down after a race or sprinting out of the saddle going uphill.

Comfort? You’ve got it! The elastic laces keep the structure of this shoe while you pedal, pad your feet with cloud-like comfort. It’s our goal to make sure you have everything you need for a season or more of cycling. This shoe is up for anything, so strap in and get set to soar out on the trails.

The Tommaso Strada 100 offers the ultimate versatility to be ridden both indoors and on the road. It’s built with racing-style geometry, which means that it won’t just look cool at your local coffee shop or tour around your neighborhood. The high-end carbon fiber mix is comfortable to ride over countless miles of tarmac because of its superior vibration absorption properties, making it one hell of an option for training wheels too. No matter how you plan to use this bike, style never takes a back seat, even when you’re riding hard up against other riders in rideshare traffic!

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Customers Opinion

The people who have bought the Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike are very satisfied with it. The average rating of the product is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. 74% gave five stars for this product.

Reviewers said that the shoes were an excellent addition to their cycling collection or for newcomers into cycling or perfectly matched to suit their sporting needs or good value for money.

Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe


Looking for a more comfortable, breathable cycling shoe? Fizik’s Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe is the answer. With an asymmetrical construction and Microtel upper, this shoe has been designed to look not only good on your foot but also feel amazing! Whether you’re looking for speed or style – this is the perfect shoe for any cyclist.

The Fizik company has made a shoe that is different from all other shoes. They make it fit the shape of your foot. It curves over the top to the side and connects with a strap on each side.

This shoe is fast and secure. The closure is powered by a micro-adjustable boa IP1 dial and a Velcro strap for a fine-tuned fit of the forefoot area. It has an R5 nylon composite outsole that is very comfortable even in long distances, but it does not compromise pedaling efficiency.

Customers Opinion

Most customers (over 1000) who reviewed the Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe gave it a five-star rating (over 79%). They said, “great cycling shoes,” and remarked on the great quality and worth of these cycling shoes.

One customer said, “I’m an avid cyclist and have had cycling shoes that were way more expensive than these. I was surprised at the quality.”

Giro Cylinder Men’s Cycling Shoes


For those looking to ride with style and performance, the Giro Cylinder is a great mountain bike shoe that outperforms its contemporaries. The durable rubber sole can take on anything you throw at it and is equipped with an easy-to-assemble ankle strap for securing your foot.

The Giro Cylinder is the perfect men’s cycling shoe for a high-performance ride. You’ll love this for its secure fit, which fits more sizes and shapes of feet than any other cycling shoes on the market today, as well as its lightweight structure that delivers potent power transfer to the pedals. Get going with less braking thanks to its synthetic plate, wrap your toes around the unbeatable grip with rubber outsole lugs, and set yourself up even better with micro closures that provide precise adjustment in 1mm increments!

A fan favorite, Giro Cylinder Men’s Cycling Shoes are some of the most comfortable cycling shoes available. They’re perfect for cyclists who need to balance style and performance with their daily activities without compromising on either one. Cleated, durable construction with excellent ventilation means your feet feel great even in hot summer months.

Customers Opinion

According to Amazon, the Giro Cylinder Men’s Cycling Shoes have a 4.6-star rating based on 366 customer reviews. People say they’re very comfortable and held up well so far with plenty of riding. Some people with wide or high arches said they were able to wear them without any shoe inserts or modifications necessary, which makes this affordable cycling shoe an even better buy!

Different Styles

Road Cycling Shoes

Road shoes are usually stiff and have no tread. Many people use a three-bolt pattern to attach their shoes to the pedals. Some people also have two-bolt patterns, so they can use the same shoes for mountain bike pedals.

Mountain biking shoes

Mountain bike shoes come in two styles: clipless and flat. Clipless mountain shoes have lugs that make them grip the ground better, and they are made to hold onto a special kind of shoe clip. Mountain bike shoes also have a heavier material on the top, so they can take more abuse from dirt, mud, and rocks.

Flat shoes have no clipless mounts for your cleats. They have sticky rubber soles, and you can ride them with platform pedals. It is easy to get on and off of these shoes because they do not have a way to lock your feet into place. You will pedal differently because if you cannot pull up on the pedals, you will need to push down more.

Disposable cycling shoes

These are great for beginners, but they have their drawbacks because you can’t walk very well in them, and the soles don’t last that long on average! They also usually come attached to a pedal system, so if you lose or break one, then your whole bike is useless unless it has another set.

Safety cycling shoes

These are usually just normal sneakers with a reflective sticker on them or something similar, but they can help you be seen at night because drivers tend to see the bright colors more easily than regular clothes, which makes this an affordable safety gear essential!

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Cycling Shoes: Buying Guide

When shopping for cycling shoes, be sure to take into account the type of riding that you do. If your sport is more competitive or technical, then look out for certain features like carbon linings and extra cushioning, which will help optimize power transfer on rough terrain. For leisurely bike rides where speed isn’t as vital but comfort still matters, consider having a shoe made with leather instead of synthetic material because these types can stretch when worn, resulting in less painful moments during long journeys.

For those who are just starting out, cycling shoes with all the bells and whistles might be a bit of an overkill. You can start off simply by looking for ones that have closures at the ankles, which will provide you with more stability than normal sneakers but is still comfortable to wear!

No matter what type of riding you do, these shoes are of great value and should last you for several years of cycling.

Sole Materials

For the shoe’s sole, there are three different materials that can be used. These include carbon, plastic, and sometimes even upgraded mixtures that will provide better performance with both attributes depending on what you’re riding or how much money is available to spend!

Some people think carbon is the only material for performance shoes, and they’re wrong. While it does help with power output and efficiency on a bike event, there are plenty of other materials out there that can provide those benefits as well without any downsides!

Top performers use the highest level of stiffness, which is more expensive. More casual sneakers have a stiffer material with numbers ranging from 10 up to 13 that fall into this category for their performance capabilities.

The stiffness of a cycling shoe is measured by how much force it takes to bend the sole. This ranges from 70 newtons up to 120 for high-end performance shoes being incredibly stiff and allowing less power transfer throughout, which can be great if you’re looking at them as race day footwear!

If you have a higher budget available to spend on cycling shoes, this is a product that can help you go faster and has more power transfer than normal sneakers.

Comfort Level of Cycling Shoes

Wearing comfort in the sense of how long it takes for your feet to become sore while riding will be different depending on what type of shoe you choose! Those who are just starting out should look for ones with plenty of ventilation on the top, enough padding to keep you comfortable, and no pressure points that will cause problems after prolonged periods of wear.

When it comes to cycling shoes, there is one major difference between price brackets: how well they breathe! The more expensive models are made out of mesh materials instead of synthetic fabrics, which allow your feet to stay cool while riding. You’ll find that even if you leave these out in the sun, they won’t get as hot, which is fantastic for both summer and winter cycling!

If you’re looking to save money but still want a model with great ventilation, look for ones made from synthetic fabrics instead of cheaper alternatives that are usually just plastic or rubber. There are some brands out there that have poorly designed cycling shoes, so be sure to check reviews before buying anything!

If you’re looking for the best riding experience, look no further than our list of high-quality models, which are all under $100! Each one has its own unique feature set that makes it stand out from the crowd and will provide you with a great experience when you’re cycling.

Cleat Compatibility

Knowing the right shoe and pedal combinations can make all of your cycling adventures more enjoyable.

SPD-SL cleats are used on road bike shoes, and SPD cleats are used on mountain bike shoes. The difference is that three-hole cleats increase power transmission on the road, whereas two-hole cleats are recessed into the sole, making them easier to walk in.

Not only do you need to keep track of the right cleat system, road and mountain bike shoes also have different mounts, which is why it’s important to always check before buying.

If your current pedals or cycling shoes don’t match up, then we’ve got a solution that will solve both problems with these adapters! They’re easy to install onto your bike shoes and pedals, which will save you the hassle of buying new ones just because they don’t match up.

This means that if you’re currently using three-bolt cleats, then all it takes is a quick spin to the store for some different mounting bolts! There’s no need to buy an entirely new cycling shoe as this accessory will solve both problems in an afternoon.

Closure systems

To ensure a safe and secure fit, there are four different types of closure systems available: Velcro Straps, Ratchet Buckles, Laces, or BOA Dials.

BOA dials are the best kind of dial. You can use them to make small adjustments that help you get a perfect fit. This is found in high-end shoes and other clothes.

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Ratchet buckles are easy to use but not as good as Boa.

Velcro straps are a good choice. They may not have adjustments, but they are strong and secure.

Laces are a good idea for shoes that don’t have a lot of weight to them, and that feels natural. But you can’t adjust their fit on the fly.


How much should I invest in cycling shoes?

Running shoes start at around $75 and go up from there. But a more expensive shoe isn’t always superior. And, according to recent scientific research, sole stiffness may not be nearly as important as we previously assumed.

Is it really required to wear cycling shoes?

Wearing cycling shoes is a good idea for avid cyclists and indoor cycling enthusiasts. Wearing these stiff-bottomed shoes that clip directly onto the pedals makes your ride more pleasant and efficient. Cycling shoes are an excellent investment if riding is a large part of your routine.

Is it possible to wear any type of shoes while cycling?

Some sneakers and running shoes are not built for bicycle cycling, but they may suffice for short distances. Make sure they have adequate grip so they don’t slip off the pedals and tuck away any laces if there are any. You don’t want them getting wrapped around the bike chain!

Will cycling shoes help me pedal faster?

Cycling is a repetitive task. This means that the muscles in your legs do not have to work as hard if you are pedaling consistently and efficiently. By providing more support for your feet, cycling shoes will keep them comfortable while helping smooth out any inconsistencies in your movement, which can slow you down.

Biggest benefits of cycling shoes?

The biggest benefit is that they provide support for your feet which results in more comfort on long rides. They also help you pedal more efficiently because it’s easier to stay balanced and the foot stays locked into place thanks to the cleat system. When done properly, clipping into pedals can give you up to 20% more power than when you’re just pedaling with your shoes on.

What type of cycling shoe is best for beginners?

People who are new to cycling and aren’t sure if they will like it should consider buying the least expensive pair of shoes available. This way, if they decide that biking isn’t right for them, then at least they didn’t waste a lot of money.

What is the best cycling shoe for wide feet?

Anyone with wider than average feet may need to consider buying cycling shoes that are specifically designed for people with extra-wide and narrow feet. Cycling shoes should fit like running or tennis shoes: snuggly without too much wiggle room.

What is the best cycling shoe for narrow feet?

If you have wide feet, then you will likely need to go up a half or full size. Cycling shoes can also stretch over time so if your current pair feels too tight, give them time to break in.

What is the best cycling shoe for flat feet?

Some shoes will be better than others at accommodating people with flatter feet. Flat soles don’t always mean that it’s a good idea to go up in size, so do some research first before buying anything new! If nothing else works, then shoes with a raised heel may help.

Do you wear cycling socks?

When cycling, you’ll need to use special cycling shoes because they fit more tightly and prevent your feet from slipping around inside when you’re pedaling. This is also why it’s essential to wear cycling socks with your shoes any time you ride. They won’t stretch the shoes, ensuring that the fit remains correct. A decent pair of cycling socks will also help absorb sweat and prevent blisters, too!

Can cycling shoes cause knee pain?

Knee problems are often the result of poor form when cycling. If your feet are slipping around in your shoes, then you’re likely compensating for that by over-working certain muscles to compensate. This can lead to serious injuries down the road, which is why it’s so important to use cycling shoes that fit snugly.

Do cycling shoes fit on just about any type of pedal?

Cycling shoes are generally worn with a matching pedal that keeps your feet firmly in place on the bike.

Final Words

Cycling shoes are an essential part of any cyclist’s wardrobe. They provide the necessary support to your feet so you can pedal with more efficiency and without pain in your knees or other areas of your body. A good pair of cycling shoes will also help keep you comfortable during long rides by keeping them from rubbing against the tops of your socks while pedaling. Getting a proper fit is crucial for cycling shoes, which is why it’s important to wear appropriate cycling socks when riding too! If you’re looking for affordable quality that lasts, then these recommendations should be perfect for anyone who needs new footwear this season.


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