The Best Wide Toe Box Cycling Shoes Available on the Market Today

It goes without saying that finding the right pair of shoes is important in cycling. But finding the right pair will especially be difficult for one who’s, like me, been cursed with wide feet.

Indeed, there were more than a few instances in the past when I had to wear a horribly narrow pair of cycling shoes on a trail, only for my feet to give up before I even broke a sweat. For cursed individuals like me, normal cycling shoes didn’t infrequently cause me to have blisters and calluses while on a trail, and I was desperate to find a solution.

See, the problem with cycling shoes—and, cyclists will definitely know this—is that they aren’t like ordinary shoes. There is no breaking them in! They feel like one solid mold, so the width you get them in will pretty much be the width it will be… for the duration of the shoe’s life. So ill-fitting cycling shoes that are cramped in the toe area will feel like hell a few hours into the trail.


One day, and after an inordinate amount of googling, I found that my suffering was totally unnecessary because it turns out that there are many wide toe box cycling shoes available on the market, and they were specifically designed for feet like mine.

In fact, I discovered that a lot of people were suffering from the same predicament—I discovered that I wasn’t alone! It turns out that wide toe shoes were actually in demand among cyclists, and that there was a lot on offer that was fantastic for those with wide toes!

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Well, that was then, and this is now. I’ve literally gone through dozens of pairs of wide toe box cycling shoes already, through the course of my bike riding life. And for you cyclists out there whose lower extremities suffered as mine did because of a case of wide feet, well this article, where I’ve rounded up the best wide toe box cycling shoes you can buy, is for you. So read on!

The Best Wide Toe Box Cycling Shoes

ImageShoesPrice on Amazon
Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe - Men'sLake Cycling Men’s CX237-XCheck The Latest Price
SHIMANO-SH-TR9-Cycling-Shoe-MensSHIMANO SH-TR9 Cycling ShoeCheck The Latest Price
SIDI-Shoes-Genius-7-MegaSIDI Shoes Genius 7 MegaCheck The Latest Price
Giro-Chamber-Mens-Cycling-ShoesGiro Chamber Men’s Cycling ShoesCheck The Latest Price

With many options to choose from, it can be tough deciding which shoes are worth your time. The following reviews will help you make an informed decision!

Lake Cycling Men’s CX237-X


Now this, I can definitely recommend. That’s because I own a pair, and still use it to this day! It’s not too flashy, it looks like your basic cycling shoe, but that’s really what I like about it—it looks cool but not too edgy.

It comes in two colors; black and white (with a mixture of black). I love the boa straps. In fact, I think boa straps are so much better than laces, and I don’t know for the love of me why anyone would pick laces over boa straps. In any case, this beast is light. It’s made from carbon fiber, after all.

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Also—and here’s the best part—it’s got a wide toe box! In my personal experience with these shoes, they allow my toes to spread out and relax quite nicely. So, yeah, you can’t go wrong with these ones if you’ve got wide feet.

SHIMANO SH-TR9 Cycling Shoe


Ok, so the design of this one might not be to everyone’s liking. I personally thought it was ok, but some of my buddies said it was meh.

In any case, one thing I like about the Shimano SH-TR9 cycling shoe is that it is extremely comfortable. The material is perforated, which makes it breathy, too. The dual velcro straps make the shoe feel snug and secure on the foot, and, of course, it’s got a more than adequately-sized toe box for cyclists with wide feet.

The carbon fiber soles mean the shoe is light (10 oz), and they allow the wearer to grip the pedals with confidence, too. I noticed that the shoe was constructed in such a way that quick movements were easy to make. I’m not sure whether this is because of the shoe weight or design, but I loved it.

SIDI Shoes Genius 7 Mega


This pair is the priciest on this list, but hey, perfection costs money. First of all, lay your eyes on it; tell me it doesn’t look cool? You can’t, can you?

The sole is created from a millennium four composite carbon, which provides much more rigidity than standard nylon soles. That carbon coupled with the Technomicrofiber of the top part of the shoe makes it both lightweight and airy. Trust me, I tried this pair of cycling shoes, and it is extremely—and I mean extremely!—comfortable. The ventilation was something else. Plus it had a more than adequately-sized toe box for my wide feet.

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I will say that this is among the best cycling shoes I’ve tried, and I didn’t get pressure on my feet as I did with other wide toe box cycling shoes after long, extended rides.

Giro Chamber Men’s Cycling Shoes

Giro Chamber Mens Cycling Shoes

And here is our budget pick. They definitely don’t look as cool as the rest on this list but don’t let the skater-look fool you, these are great cycling shoes. The laces are a bit cumbersome, and they are nowhere near as good as straps, but hey, they work for a budget pick.

It’s made from synthetic leather, which, again, isn’t anything plush, but is more than adequate for the deed. The sole, meanwhile, is made from a vulcanized rubber, which provides adequate grip.

But what I liked in particular about this pair of cycling shoes is that it has a wide and reinforced toe box, which I thought was comfortable enough, and which I think will be great for the wide-footed, budget-minded cyclist.


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