Best Winter Cycling Shoes: Our Top 3 Picks


When the cold weather hits and your feet freeze, it’s time to pop on a pair of the best winter cycling shoes. Built specifically for the demands of bike riding in the winter, winter cycling shoes keep your feet warm with heat-trapping insoles and synthetic microfiber upper material. And trust us, once you slip these on, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Black boots are a classic, no-nonsense shoe that works well with just about any outfit — from a tank top and jeans to an evening gown. You can find several pairs in varying heel heights and tightness of fit. Winter boots, on the other hand, ensure that you’ll never have to worry about numb toes during the coldest month.

By the way, before you proceed any further, we just want you to know that we also compiled a list of the best cold-weather bicycle gear. You might want to check that out as well since you’re looking for the best winter cycling shoes

The extremities of our body are the most vulnerable to the cold — when temperatures drop, feet can become extremely cold or even numb, making it difficult for cyclists to cycle in cold weather. Winter cycling shoes are designed to combat this: they’re equipped with a composite sole that has insulation and reflective properties, making them suitable for a variety of conditions.

Let’s face it — the winter is hard. The days are shorter and the temperatures are colder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still ride your bike. So, to help you get out on two wheels, we’ve compiled a helpful list of our favorite winter cycling shoes. Because a great pair of winter cycling shoes is the difference between a fun ride and a miserable slog.

1. Lake Cycling MXZ303 Cycling Boot

Best Winter Cycling Shoes - Lake Cycling MXZ303 Cyling Boot

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There’s no question the Lake Cycling MXZ303 Cycling Boot is out there: from its durable outer to its aggressive tread, this product is built for cold-weather cycling. That said, this shoe is specially made for off-road and fat-tire riding.

If you can’t get yourself to ride your bike when the weather’s bad, a pair of the best winter cycling shoes is the key to getting you out on the road. We love how sturdy and waterproof Lake Cycling’s MXZ 303 is. They won’t let the cold in — they’re designed for freezing temperatures and icy streets. Mind you, its original version, the 302, provided great comfort and waterproof capabilities and has won the hearts of many winter cyclists!

The MXZ303 is a reliable cold-weather cycling boot that will keep your feet toasty warm. The Pitards WR100 leather design is water-resistant and breathable, ensuring that your feet don’t get wet when the weather starts to get dreary. The Vibram sole provides excellent grip even on snowy streets, so you can travel safely in inclement weather.

While the 3M Thinsulate temperature regulating liner keeps your feet warm, the BOA closure system provides an adjustable fit that secures your foot in place without any pressure points or hot spots. If you primarily ride your bike off-road, this is a great shoe to consider. However, if you are going to be hauling yourself around on pavement, you might find something more comfortable.

2. Lake MXZ200 Winter Cycling Shoe 

Best Winter Cycling Shoes - Lake MXZ200 Winter Cycling Shoe

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If you feel like Lake Cycling’s MXZ303 is lacking in comfort or durability, then we recommend you check out another one of the best winter cycling shoes — the Lake MXZ200 Winter Cycling Shoe. 

At first glance, you might think these are hiking boots. That’s because they look like a classic pair of leather hiking boots with durable laces and a sturdy synthetic sole. But the truth is, they’re cycling shoes! They’re easy to take off and put on just like regular tennis shoes, but they’re warmer and more comfortable than most running shoes. And they make for great commuter shoes.

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The Vibram sole of the MXZ200 can be useful for more than just biking: it can also provide traction and stability when you are not on your bike. The tread is generous enough to provide a wide area of contact, making sure that no matter what surface you’re standing on, your feet will stay in place, thanks to the soles’ grippy rubber composition. They work well with standard mountain bike pedals, too.

Great for commuting, dressing up or down, and running around, the boots feature 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep feet warm on chilly days. Because they look a bit more like casual shoes and aren’t as stiff as other winter cycling shoes, you can wear these boots all day, and they look just as good with jeans as with cycling-specific apparel.

Plus, the less aggressive tread on this cycling shoe will allow your feet to move more naturally off-bike, so you can feel at home whether you’re walking around or commuting to your favorite trails. And the power transfer is still excellent even while you’re out and about!

3. Fizik R5 Artica Winter Road Cycling Shoe 

Best Winter Cycling Shoes - Fizik R5 Artica Winter Road Cycling Shoe

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Although some cyclists would prefer to exercise indoors during the winter, most would not want to risk getting cold toes or wet feet over a few deep winter miles. Fortunately, Fizik has made one of the best winter cycling shoes that can keep your feet dry and warm in the harshest of environments.

Come wintertime, you’ll want something that’s going to allow for your pedals to push forward; The R5 Artica Cycling Shoe provides excellent support and is a great choice for cyclists. Fizik made these shoes with the perfect balance of comfort and performance — it may look like a specialized winter shoe, but don’t let its appearance deceive you; it’s a high-performance road shoe that can handle any terrain.

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These shoes work with an innovative speed-lace technology to provide secure, incredibly fast lacing, no matter what the weather. Shoes that are easy to put on and take off will let you spend less time fumbling with your boots at the door and more time enjoying your adventure. A water-resistant layer ensures your feet stay dry in wet conditions. 

From the moment you slip on a new pair of these shoes, you’ll feel the way your feet sit perfectly in place. The carbon-composite outsole of the shoe delivers reliable energy transfer while retaining its slim form factor, so you’re able to keep up with even the fastest paces. Its thick outer layer repels moisture easily, and its water-resistant zip makes it simple to wash off all of the dirt and grime that comes with whatever you’re doing.


Hopefully, you have found this post helpful. Though there are many winter cycling shoe options on the market, there are a few that stand out from the rest. We’ve reviewed what we think are the best winter cycling shoes capable of providing the best combination of comfort, performance, and durability.

If you were able to pick one from above, it would be nice to get yourself the best bicycle socks as well.

Nothing makes winter riding better than the right gear — a good pair of winter cycling shoes that give you complete comfort and control are just one of the items that can turn a potentially lackluster bike ride in cold weather into an exciting adventure with friends.


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