Portugal Bicycle Tours: Into Lusitania

Portugal Bicycle Tours Into Lusitania

Portugal bicycle tours are one of the best ways to explore the country’s beautiful scenery. We’ve rounded up the best bike tours in Portugal for anyone looking to take a cycling tour through the country.

Portugal packs in great cultural and geographic experiences for every traveler.

In the north, it is idyllic, mountainous, and wild. In the south, it is warm, vibrant, and teeming with life. And if that doesn’t sound diverse enough for you, the country boasts a plethora of stunning coastlines, nostalgic corners, and culinary hotspots too. 

Understandably, all this may sound overwhelming for even the most enthusiastic traveler. So, if you’re planning your next grand biking vacation in Portugal, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting stopovers and the best Portugal bicycle tours that you shouldn’t miss. 

If you’re not ready for an epic bicycle trip in Portugal, you might want to consider a biking tour in Holland. We’ve curated the best tours throughout the country, so check out our guide!

Top 6 Best Portugal Bicycle Tours

If you’re in search of a bike tour that showcases Portugal’s best, we’ve rounded up our favorite bike tours in the country below. From coastal to inland routes, you’ll find something for every cyclist’s taste. 

1. Lisbon

Portugal bicycle tours - Lisbon

If it’s your first time in Portugal, then the capital city of Lisbon should be one of the first stops in your itinerary. 

A buzzing metropolis that sits on a city with artistic stone pavements and open squares, Lisbon introduces us to a beautiful mishmash of the old and new world. One of the things that we find impressive about Lisbon is that it has managed to preserve its past even as it strives to remain competitive in the face of modernization. 

For the curious traveler, guided bike tours such as the one hosted by Lisbon Bike Tour and Outdoors can take you to see the highlights of the stunning city of Lisbon. From historic castles to modern museums, you will be guided through a fun and easy biking itinerary. More importantly, you won’t have to scale the seven hills of Lisbon for this tour. They have designed a comfortable downhill route that lets you explore both the cobbled interiors of the city and its waterfront boulevard. 

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2. Alentejo Region

Portugal bicycle tours - Alentejo

If you prefer wider roads and more rural scenery, a bike tour along the Alentejo Region might be for you. Here, you’ll see an expansive landscape that is carpeted by shrubs, grass, and wildflowers. No traffic, no unwelcome noise, and no strenuous hills to climb — it is the ultimate meditative and picturesque biking escape. 

Of course, Portugal, particularly Alentejo, is one of the biggest exporters of olive oil and cork stoppers. And so, a tour around the region will give you an opportunity to take a closer look at olive trees and cork oak trees in the area. 

Speaking of corks, a tour in the Alentejo region won’t be complete without a glass or two of Portuguese wine. Alentejo is proud of its full-bodied wines, so be sure to drop by a winery for a glass or two to quench your thirst. Your guide from Portugal Bike Tours will be sure to take you to some of the best wine houses. Now that’s going to be a relaxing break in your already relaxing trip. 

3. Madeira


A seemingly unassuming island in the Atlantic, Madeira is another great cycling destination for the adventurer in you. Brilliant shades of color at every turn, fresh breeze, and the year-round pleasant weather make this island an unforgettable cycling adventure. 

Eurobike can take you for a circular tour around this picturesque little island. Because of its near-perfect weather conditions, you can book your tour even in the winter. However, we recommend that you visit the island on the second weekend after Easter. This is when the spring Funchal Festival is celebrated. It showcases some of the most vibrant flowers of all shapes and sizes. 

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A tour around Madeira may seem like a breeze, but the terrain does keep it more interesting. With the highs and lows of the roads, a cycling holiday in Madeira attracts biking enthusiasts from all over the world. So if you’re interested in joining, certain training prior to the tour is strongly encouraged. 

4. Algarve Coast

Portugal bicycle tours - Algarve Coast

With an impressive 300 out of 365 sunny days in a year, the Algarve region can be the perfect coastal getaway for you. Our recommendation: cycle close to the sandy beach or up along rough cliffs to get an unimpeded view of the ocean.

If this sounds like fun to you, the Algarve Bike Holidays can take you on a 105km tour along the south coast of Portugal. Recommended for intermediate cyclists, this 8-hour day tour takes you through the famous beaches in the Algarve region. 

As one of the stops on your tour, you will be able to visit Lagos, one of the oldest towns in Algarve. It has managed to preserve some of the town’s old structures such as an old fort and what was once a slave market (now a gallery). 

You’ll be exploring the outskirts of Tavira, a town along the Algarve coast, as well as the Ria Formosa Natural Park. It is a heritage site protected by UNESCO that is home to thousands of birds.

5. Porto


To the north of Portugal is one of the country’s biggest cities: Porto. 

While the cobbled streets, hilly terrain, and fresh seafood of the city are notable, Porto (as it is aptly named) is most known for its port wine production. 

Discover some of the city’s gastronomic treasures, take plenty of pictures in the town squares, and make a sport out of finding the best wine houses in Porto. Of course, remember to do all this in moderation to prevent dehydration and hangover while you traverse through the scenic tour from the city to the Douro Valley. Cycling Country can guide you through an 8-day tour of the wine region and its surrounding areas.  

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Trek Travel’s Portugal Bike Tour

Trek Travel's Portugal bicycle tour

If you want to experience all five aforementioned Portugal bicycle tours, Trek Travel has got you covered. As one of the most well-known cycling tour companies in the world, Trek covers every detail of your trip so that you can focus on having a great time.

Of all Portugal bicycle tours out there, Trek Travel’s Portugal Bike Tour is one of the best. You’ll be exploring Portugal on a 6-day 5-night bike trip. The journey will begin in Lisbon and journey through the Alentejo region, which is home to some of Portugal’s prettiest towns. Each evening of your trip, you will stay at a cozy explorer-style hotel — Memmo Alfama, Hotel Britania, or Hotel White Lisboa.

People who did this trip were absolutely in love with the accommodations! They loved the variety of experiences that were offered, and they adored their guides, who helped make their journey even better. Book this tour now!


Portugal is a beautiful country that is blanketed by a rich history and culture. Because of this, you will always have a reason to explore all of its coastal paradises, best-kept secrets, and gastronomical wonders. With water, sand, and mountains, you’ll surely find a biking trail that fits your training and your preferences. 

The climate (with an impressive year-long sunny weather) gives you plenty of time to explore and gain new experiences when in Portugal. So, we invite you to explore all of the breathtaking places in Portugal by going on a biking tour of your choosing. Enjoy guided tours that will introduce you to hospitable locals, inspiring locations, and priceless adventures.  

So which bike tours in Portugal are on your bucket list?

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