Why Should You Be Wearing a Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Cycling cap under helmet, why should you be wearing one? Bike helmets are designed to protect our heads, but yes, many cyclists also wear cycling caps for protection under their helmets. And in this article, you’ll learn why, how to do it, and the best cycling caps on the market.

A beloved darling of many cyclists’ wardrobes, a cycling cap can be made of many different materials. It is normally thin and flexible. They tend to fit extremely well with helmets or even helmet liners.

If cycling helmets have made you shy from wearing caps, you need to rethink your stance. Here’s why! Caps are perfect for those who are riding on the road and looking for a more casual look but one that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Why You Should Be Wearing a Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Cycling caps typically come in materials like wool, cotton, or silk and are designed to appeal to the style-conscious cyclist so when wearing one, you would typically wear your helmet as usual but just raise your chin as if to see over it.

The back of any cycling cap should be elastic so as to provide a better fit while ensuring they stay firmly under your helmet and don’t fall out whatsoever!

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Top 10 Most Useful & Stylish Cycling Caps

ImageCapPrice on Amazon
Prestige Cycling Retro Caps - Cycling Cap Under HelmetPrestige Cycling Retro CapsCheck The Latest Price
Bleiou Outdoor Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetBleiou Outdoor Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
ROCK BROS CATEYE Riding Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetCATEYE Riding Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
Cycle Torch Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetCycle Torch Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
Giro PeIoton Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetGiro PeIoton Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
Mysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetMysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
BIKE BEER Cartoons Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetBIKE BEER Cartoons Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
Tough Headwear Cycling Hat - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetTough Headwear Cycling HatCheck The Latest Price
GORE WEAR C7 Unisex Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetC7 Unisex Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price
Hikenture Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your HelmetHikenture Cycling CapCheck The Latest Price

Before buying a cap it’s important to do some research online as well as ask around in cycling groups, communities, and teammates to find the right cap and style that fits you best! Below are Volata Cycles’ top 10 best cycling caps, carefully chosen to help you find what you are looking for. Get your head in the game with the most stylish and functional cycling apparel!

Prestige Cycling Retro Caps

Prestige Cycling Retro Caps - Cycling Cap Under Helmet

Prestige Cycling is a company that makes excellent, retro-inspired caps for those who are passionate about cycling. One of Prestige’s most popular models is their Retro cycling cap which many cyclists and fans of the sport adore because of its distinct look and style. It’s like having cycling royalty right on your head!

This fantastic cycling cap captures the spirit of cycling. Wearing one in public will instantly transport you back to the days when Eddy Merckx and other riders ruled the roads.

Your body produces an incredible amount of perspiration during strenuous physical activity, and you need to make sure that your head and scalp stay dry; otherwise, it’s very easy for your whole body to run the risk of overheating.

This cycling cap is made from a breathable material that will wick moisture away from your skin and keep you feeling fresh both during intense rides or hotter days.

You can wash this several times before the fabric becomes threadbare and worn out. But it would be best for it to be hand-washed or in a delicate wash cycle so you can minimize damage for optimal longevity of this supreme visor.

Made in Italy, this cap features materials containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The stitching on the seams gives it a striking look. With an adjustable back elastic band, this awesome cap will fit nicely under any helmet so you can move as quickly or slowly as you want.

Some customers did find this cycling cap a bit small. The elastic in the back just barely stretches to fit so you might have some difficulty finding your size. This would be less of a problem if the material was softer, but the fabric is rather coarse. However, this hardly makes this cycling cap a negative purchase.

Cycling cap under helmet Reddit, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Skull Cap

Bleiou Outdoor Cycling Cap

Bleiou Outdoor Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

This lightweight cycling cap does more than looking good on anybody riding through the hot weather. It’s designed to block out the sun and keep you cool during warm summertime rides. This is a deal that you don’t want to get away from you. It’s a super steal at its price, that’s almost half off the retail value!

Your go-to bike helmet accessory, this awesome biking cap will look good to anyone who wears it. It’s well made and will fit perfectly. Plus, with a thin and stretchy material, this doesn’t get in the way of your helmet at all. And the visor provides better shade than just what the helmet itself can offer.

This is a nice cycling cap to work that old-school racing look, and it is sure to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Just be aware that some customers found the cap running a bit small and others reported that this cap was crooked so be sure to check the stitching when you receive your item. But for a low price, the product does get the job done.

Cycling under helmet sun protection , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling cap fashion

CATEYE Riding Cycling Cap

ROCK BROS CATEYE Riding Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Will you look cool wearing this cap? Maybe. Or not. But will it keep your head dry from that sweat dripping down the back of your neck when you’re out in the hot sun? And will it keep sweat off your face and off your eyes? Absolutely!

If you’re riding a bike and your helmet pads get soaked in sweat that would then get into your eyes when fully saturated and make them sting, this cap helps by absorbing the sweat into the cap brim and evaporating from the wind on your head. This cap also works awesome both under a road helmet and an MTB helmet.

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The reflective CATEYE logo on the side of this cycling cap is in a good spot to attract attention. The seams’ top (on a side note: the sewing around the seams is better than most caps) are practically unnoticeable.

However, some room to luff on top might always prove useful when one has full hair for example, which is rather smooth and silky; more of a riding hat than a wearing hat in several ways that’s alright for short rides like commuting.

But the design was not without its flaws: The headband is quite thin which results in an irritating fit that leaves marks on one’s forehead after a long time wearing it in the summer heat. If you have a large head, you might also find this cycling cap a little too tight.

Best cycling cap , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Hat Under Helmet Women’s

Cycle Torch Cycling Cap

Cycle Torch Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

This Cycle Torch cycling cap is made from 100% high-grade polyester to keep you cool. This breathable material also allows for maximum ventilation of your head and hair, no matter how long your ride is. One size fits all, thanks to this cycling cap’s adjustable band that snugly fits onto your head.

It features a great visor for you to flip down whenever you need it. It doesn’t easily flop down in the wind like some crappy cycling caps you see out there! This hat actually fits really well and helps protect against UV rays while being stylish and cutting down on glare as well. Overall, it feels very well-made that you’re going to love it.

And if it’s a cycling cap to keep the sun and sweat out of the eyes you’re looking for, the Cycle Torch cycling cap is a great choice. It has vibrant colors that look nice and does the job well in keeping the sun out of your eyes when the brim is flipped down.

This cycling cup fits snugly on top of your dome yet allows for easy breathing. And it’s so comfortable and light, you won’t even realize you’re wearing it. There’s also no elastic band in the back that will burn into your forehead every time your ride.

A word of caution: Don’t put this cycling cap in the washer. But if you found something wrong with your cycling cap within a year, and you’re not happy with your purchase, Cycle Torch will refund your money or replace the product.

Cycling under helmet sun protection , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling cap fashion

Giro PeIoton Cycling Cap

Giro PeIoton Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Giro’s Peloton cap may look like a standard cycling cap but this unique piece of headgear is so much more than just a fashionable accessory for warm days or inclement weather. It provides a challenge to the convention with something different that’s even more than just bells and whistles: it’s a cap that will keep you comfortable in any condition.

The Giro PeIoton Cycling Cap is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a foolproof cycling cap that eliminates common problems such as stubborn creases and a lack of ventilation under a helmet. Made from 50% Polyester and 50% Nanobon, the Giro PeIoton Cycling Cap offers unparalleled comfort by wicking away sweat while offering some shade and protection from wind chill.

The cycling cap has a brim that is actually not as long as most other caps, although it doesn’t seem like much while wearing this cap, you will notice that you can see more clearly in all directions around you. The cycling cap has a reflective top to help warn both cyclists and motorists of your presence on the road at night.

The back panel of the cap is thin so it won’t be bulky under your helmet and the seams are minimal and located in high-stress areas where they won’t chafe skin when sweating or squashing down fit into the helmet. The fabric itself Giro has chosen for these cycling caps does block wind and insulates against cold but is also very airy so you won’t overheat during riding in warm weather.

Sure this cycling cap has a few downsides like how some customers weren’t too happy about it coming with a large peak that makes it difficult to flip up while also wearing their helmet, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out. The good things far outweigh any flaws.

Cycling cap under helmet Reddit, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Skull Cap

Mysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling Cap

Mysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

True to its fit-all-ness, the Mysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling Cap can be easily adjusted and secured on your head. Its flat brim makes for easy embedding inside bike helmets as well – perfect for a faster ride! And you can wear this when you’re cycling, running, fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

The Mysenlan Outdoors Sports Cycling Cap owes its windproof, breathability, anti-sweat, and dustproof attributes to its high-quality polyester mesh fabric. The sporty look and great sun protection of this cycling cap make it a really nice option to keep cool and have staying power on windy days.

If you use a bike helmet with a visor, then the bill on this cap may be too large to fit correctly. Now, if that little flaw is what’s holding you back from ordering or buying this product, don’t let it! Many found this one fitting well and looking great on them. And the low price and the quality of the hat also hint that you should definitely order two!

Cycling cap under helmet summer, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Cap under helmet winter

BIKE BEER Cartoons Cycling Cap

BIKE BEER Cartoons Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

BIKE BEER has many unique fabrics to choose from and each one stretches in its own special way. This can be perfect for riding clothes since they require multiple movements during your ride.

Sometimes hats made with a specific fabric are better than those that aren’t because they let your head breathe and don’t rub against it in an uncomfortable way.

With BIKE BEER’s cycling caps, selecting one for yourself won’t be difficult anymore. There are so many different types and styles available, offering you the ability to choose from a variety of colorful patterns, such as red, green, blue, and yellow.

The flexibility of these BIKE BEER cycling caps has also made them easier to wear as these can be folded when used as a helmet and pop open for head heat dissipation. And the high-quality fabrics used to make sure your dome is kept safe.

The sports-oriented design means you won’t feel like you’re getting too hot wearing this in the summer and won’t be freezing your head off wearing it in the winter. And it looks novel and yet has a traditional appeal to it.

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You can wear this for outdoor activities like running, mountaineering, cycling, and fishing mainly because it just so happen also to have an anti-sweat function that comes in handy when bent over or doing whatever physical activity you happen to enjoy outside during the summer months.

Cycling cap under helmet Reddit, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Skull Cap

Tough Headwear Cycling Hat

Tough Headwear Cycling Hat - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Relieving you of the necessity to constantly buy new pairs of sunglasses because of your sweaty eyes and hair, this bike cap is lined with moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep you dry and comfortable on particularly hot days out in the sun.

The cap keeps your eyes shaded from the sun and provides helmet vent sunburn protection on hot days. Its pull-on closure helps to keep it snugly in place, while an elastic band ensures an optimal fit on almost any size head. Plus, you’d look great wearing this cap under your road bike helmet.

You can take the bill on this cycling cap up or down depending on how much sun you want or need. You’d do well not only while you are a wheel but also wherever you go. As a special added feature, this bill is reflective to help keep you safe while exercising early morning and late at night, just like all bicycle accessories should be!

Some users found this cycling cap to be too tight or too small for their heads, cutting off circulation and pinching their skin around their forehead and scalp. In case you are unfortunate enough to end up like them, however, you may need to consider restitching the elastic to give your head enough freedom.

Cycling under helmet sun protection , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling cap fashion

C7 Unisex Cycling Cap

GORE WEAR C7 Unisex Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

You’ll be very glad wearing this cycling cap! The price may seem steep but it is worth it since you find all sorts of rare qualities. First and foremost, the elastic band will ensure a soft fit and an optimum level of comfort. Also, you won’t have to worry about rain because you can be sure that some Gore protection is protecting your head. This way, even at the end of each ride, your hair won’t really get wet.

This cap is the best choice for expert athletes, especially if you’re going to be involved in competitive cycling or an activity that requires a lot of stamina. That’s because it’s made of high-quality materials that are specially designed to keep you comfortable and dry regardless of the weather conditions.

The cap doesn’t just absorb sweat; it actively wicks it and then releases it so that your head stays at the optimal temperature during use. It also has elasticity at the back and reflective details in the Gore name and around the bill to promote safety conditions while on the go. This cap will keep sweat from coming into your eyes because it’s designed to wick moisture. It looks stylish and has a nice brim.

This cycling cap is not like cotton cycling caps; it won’t get soggy on those days when you know rain is coming and you don’t want to take the time to wash your hair. It’s not quite warm as typical fleece headwear, but this will still keep your noggin dry for short commutes in between work. Wear something fleecy over this if it’s cold outside.

Best cycling cap , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Hat Under Helmet Women’s

Hikenture Cycling Cap

Hikenture Cycling Cap - Cycling Cap Under Your Helmet

Your head will be happy with this cycling cap because it’s made of a breathable, wicking material that keeps your scalp comfortable. It also keeps you fashionable throughout the day and makes you appear even more attractive. It doesn’t only boast cheerful colors, but it’s also very lightweight and will/should fit perfectly underneath your helmet.

With adjustable elastic bands in the back and lightweight material that makes transport easy and folds down into the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to wear or store it anywhere easily without the fear of losing it wherever you go. It’s a fun and fashionable way to keep your hair back while participating in other physical activities like running, fishing, camping, and hiking.

A user ranted about the floral version of this cycling cap having a print that’s practically unreadable. Somehow, the pattern is on the hat but what’s written on it is imperceptible. It is pretty odd to have text on the hat one can’t read.

Cycling under helmet sun protection , Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling cap fashion

Cycling Cap Under Helmet Benefits

While cycling caps are more commonly thought to be used by cyclists, in reality, they serve a much wider purpose than just that. Not only can cycling caps be useful for those who cycle but it also has other uses.

When it rains, wearing a cycling cap proves to be useful for many reasons. For instance, this headwear serves as good protection against drizzle and rainy conditions.

If you ride your bike with glasses, then you need a cycling cap to help protect yourself from rain. Otherwise, the rain will stick to the glasses as water droplets. This might make it harder for you to see where you’re going because of all these little dots that have gathered at your glasses.

Another helpful feature of a bike cap is that it keeps your hair out of your eyes while you’re riding. If you have short hair, it offers the added benefit of protecting your scalp a little less vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays.

Cycling caps not only keep you comfortable and shaded from the heat but they help to absorb sweat that may otherwise end up in your eyes while on longer rides. For anyone who has ever gotten sweat into their eyes knows how uncomfortable it can be.

With that said, cycling caps keep your head warm in the cold winter months and help to keep your hair dry if it starts raining while you’re out on your bike. Not only are they a great way to stay warm on a chilly morning but they also make for an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Cycling cap under helmet Reddit, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Skull Cap

How to Wear Your Cycling Cap

So whether it’s a peak-down or peak-up cap, that does depend on your personal preference. It’s a very common practice for cyclists to wear peak-down cycling caps as opposed to peak-up cycling caps.

The peak-down style will make it easy for you to move your eyes from side to side quickly and it helps with your peripheral vision. There are three benefits to wearing a helmet with the peak down: it keeps away bugs from your face and keeps your eyes protected from rain, sunlight, and wind.

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So between peak up or peak down cap, this all comes down to personal taste more than anything but make sure you look at what purpose you would like a cycling helmet to serve while picking out which style cap will better suit your needs.

One time when you may want to peak up your cap is in a situation where you’re wearing it too low and your vision is obstructed by the bill. In this instance, flipping the peak towards the front of your hat will allow you to see more clearly.

Last but not least, you can also wear your cycling cap with the bill on the back. Some people will tell you that wearing it backward keeps your neck from getting sunburned. Unfortunately, though, this simply isn’t true. Just wear it normally, so that the peak is in front.

Cycling cap under helmet summer, Cycling Cap Under Helmet , Cycling Cap under helmet winter


In choosing a cycling cap, a cyclist is faced with many choices. There are caps in synthetic materials that wick away sweat, and there are old-fashioned cotton caps with the word written above the brim that adds style to an outfit.

Cycling caps for cold weather tend to be made in materials that insulate heat well. Those made from warmer fabrics let you ride in comfort during spring and autumn rides. Each has its own merits for different styles of riding.


Cotton caps might not be the best choice when you’re outside cycling, but they are definitely a great fashion accessory for both commuting and off-the-bike use.

The pads on most cotton design nightcaps aren’t designed to breathe well or keep you warm, so make sure you have some warmer headgear in your collection of hats and caps if you usually ride at night to help counteract any cold winter winds.


When it comes to your cycling cap, why do you think wool is an integral material that should be at the top of your mind for such a garment? The answer is quite simple; merino wool works in many ways, keeping one warm even when it has gotten wet.

Some fabrics offer great benefits like the Cycle Torch cycling cap which contains more synthetic fibers than natural ones but promises amazing benefits, too!  The polyester forms a durable and lightweight combo.


Although it’s probably no surprise where the specialty of an imprinted apparel manufacturer lie, it might not be as obvious that using a number of different synthetic fabrics could get you all sorts of great benefits and advantages.

Whether using polyester, nylon, or spandex, manufacturers like to explore several different types of fabric. All three fabrics are commonly used in various articles of clothing due to their versatility such as being lightweight, durable, and flexible.

Let’s start with the versatility – many of these types of fabrics are not only breathable but are also lightweight, which makes them ideal for those rigorous workouts. Plus, some special ultra-lightweight versions can wick away the moisture left behind by sweating so you don’t feel soggy.

Not only that but there are even fabrics made to be resistant to the sun or certain types of weather like rain. Some have a special coating that causes them to become water-resistant called Durable Water Repellent (DWR).

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wear a cycling cap under your helmet?

Yes, cyclists can use a cycling cap as a helmet liner under their cycling helmet. It works as a viable option to make a helmet more comfortable. A cycling cap is definitely warmer which a great advantage is during winters. You can find a cycling cap that is a combination of a peak cap and a skull cap. You can even cut two holes through the peaks to fit your goggles. The cycling cap is also good for regulating your temperature during summers.

Why should you wear a cycling cap?

Cycling caps are popular among all age groups riding bikes. In fact, they have become one of the signature accessories of bike riders. Cycling caps are particularly popular among bikers and they can be seen riding in all seasons. They are designed to protect your head from the sun, offer ventilation, absorb sweat, and protect your eyes from water droplets on a rainy day. The truth is that there are many different designs of cycling caps, and the choice is available to suit all styles. Cycling caps are the perfect hat for summer, whether you prefer the classic look or want to stand out a bit with a bit more flair.

What is a bicycle cap called?

Many people are still confused as to what they are called and oftentimes the terms cycling cap and baseball cap are used interchangeably but that is not wholly accurate. It’s called the humble cycling cap, aka La Casquette, and it’s a simple invention used for a practical purpose.

How tight should a bicycle cap be?

A cycling cap should fit quite snugly but not so tight that it causes discomfort. It shouldn’t sit up very high on your head, but leaving a little bit of space at the top and above your ears will be beneficial in wicking away moisture.

A good way to ensure you’ve got enough room to breathe underneath the cap is the pinch test – simple pinch your hand between your head and where the back of the cap sits, or grab it with two fingers then let go. If there’s just a little space before everything touches the skin, congratulations – that’s what you need!

How do I choose a bicycle cap?

Choosing a cycling cap can take some thought. While it is fairly easy to find caps made from cotton and other natural fibers, they wick moisture poorly and really aren’t ideal for increased sweat activity during the warmer months.

Instead, you will want to choose a cap made of synthetic materials that are moisture-wicking – doing an excellent job at keeping sweat away from the scalp and dealing with it quickly as opposed to other materials such as cotton. This means that your cycling cap should aid in heat retention during cold weather and keep you dry in warmer conditions.

How do you wash a bicycle cap?

When caring for your cycling cap, you should use a delicate cycle that is 30 degrees or less and make sure to avoid the dryer at all times. When cleansing your cap, it’s best to take it off and let it soak in the water first before wringing it out.

It’s also recommended (and worth repeating) that one refrain from using a dryer machine when drying your cap on low heat settings as this could easily damage delicate design elements.


A wonderful accessory for you to wear under your helmet during extreme weather conditions or in the summer when that lovely sweat starts to roll is a good functional cycling cap. Not only does it help protect your head from the sun and rain, but it helps absorb sweat and also makes you look fabulous! And always wear your helmet as much as possible every time when riding your bicycle on the road. Stay safe and enjoy your ride!


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