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Wheelies—what can be cooler? When I was a kid, learning to do a wheelie set you apart from the rest. Only a few in the neighborhood could do it, and it was like this dangerous game that elevated one’s status among the neighborhood kids.

So of course I tried to learn how to do it, as did everyone else. But I never got especially good at it. Nowadays, I do some version of it on a trail for more utilitarian reasons, like to jump over something in my way or what have you. Which brings me to my other point: wholly apart from the cool factor, wheelies are great to learn, too, to be better at controlling your bike.

The ability to control a bike, either from just the rear wheel or the front, makes one an overall better rider. Getting over an obstacle, say, or some object that’s in your way requires one to do at least a moderate amount of wheelie-ing. But, yeah, it is one of the most difficult moves to pull off for a biker—and it is especially dangerous if pulled off at certain environments. So if you don’t know how to wheelie, then we suggest you practice doing it. (In a safe environment, of course!)

In any case, some bikes are better than others for doing wheelies. And if one really wanted to master the wheelie, then one can’t go wrong investing in a suitable bike. And in this article, we’ve rounded up what we think—and what in our experience are—the best bikes for wheelies, so read on!

Elite 20” The Stealth Freestyle BMX Bicycle


This bike has got the perfect wheelset for doing wheelies. Indeed, they have been designed to be used on just about any hard surface. It weighs around 35 pounds, which might be heavier than some road bikes, but the weight is good and is evenly distributed, which makes it perfect for a trick bike, and perfect for doing all kinds of quick maneuvers.

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The frame is made from Chromoly, which is both lighter and stronger than steel, so you can rest assured that this is one tough bike.

The frame is a bit closer to the ground than most road bikes, but this makes the center of gravity low, which in turn makes tricks—like wheelies—much easier to do.

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle


Just look at this bike. It looks so cool. The design, the color combination—it’s making me a bit nostalgic for my youth. I had one of the coolest bikes in the neighborhood, see.

In any case, enough about me; this bike, just by the looks of it, was designed for wheelies! Check out those steel pegs, they were put there precisely for riders to do wheelies and double peg grinds.

The steel frame is strong and sturdy. And while the weight might be heavier, it is still excellently balanced, just as one would expect from a high-performance freestyle bike. You won’t be breaking this thing for a long time, we can guarantee.

The tires the bike comes with are particularly grippy, too. This coupled with the dual handbrakes makes the bike oh-so inviting for doing wheelies. It really doesn’t get any better than this bike if doing wheelies is your thing.

Redline Bikes MX2 24 BMX Bicycle


This bike’s frame is made from an aluminum alloy which makes it very—indeed, surprisingly—light. Which makes it, of course, perfect for maneuverability and doing wheelies.

The cranks, meanwhile, are made from Chromoly, a material that is stronger, lighter, and more durable than steel, which means it won’t just last longer than steel but will be smoother too, giving you the maximum amount of pedal power from every kick.

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All-in-all, the Redline Bikes MX2 24 BMX Bicycle provides its riders with a good balance of speed and trick-making. The lightweight components make it one of the more responsive bikes on this list, as well as the fastest, which is perfect for those who need a bit more momentum before pulling off a jaw-gaping wheelie.

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike


This bike was specifically designed for beginners or those who are still learning the ropes when it comes to bicycle tricks. Which is why we think it’s such a great bike for learning to do wheelies.

The steel frame is heavier than some, but has excellent balance nevertheless, which we need to stress is an important feature for a bike that’s made for doing tricks. The cranks are made from Chromoly, which makes the pedaling both smooth and efficient. The tires, meanwhile, are from Framed, and are spectacularly grippy, making them perfect for both hard surfaces and doing wheelies.

It is one of the cheapest options on this list, and it is more marketed towards the youth. But don’t let the price fool you. You’re getting all that you need in this bike because it was designed specifically for novices who want (or need) a gateway into BMX riding.


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