The Best Bicycle Socks on the Market


You know what? Cycling socks are a strange thing to be so interested in. Riders are concerned about every detail, from the quality of the material to the height of the cuff and color scheme. But we have to admit that wearing some of the best bicycle socks is the best way to convey personality while cycling around town, in the countryside, and climbing hills. Couple them with the best bicycles and the best bicycle gears and you’ll have all your day riding worth it.

Summer is the best time of year for cyclists, but since you are out on the road for longer rides and if you’re wearing your best bicycle bib shorts, it’s important to wear quality socks that also look great. In the winter, you might want to invest in comfortable and functional socks that don’t get in the way of your favorite pair of shoes.

Some brands like to play with their designs, while others like to stand out with bolder color schemes. We have curated the best winter warmers from a selection of brands known for their excellent socks.

1. Tommaso Cycling and Spinning Socks

Best Bicycle Socks - Tommaso Cycling and Spinning Socks

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Are the best bicycle socks for you something affordable and lightweight? This Tommaso Cycling and Spinning Sock is a great option for you, as it features 70% nylon and 30% Elastane — materials that make it super stretchy. You can get three pairs of these socks for only $45. 

Many reviewers reported that their Tommaso Cycling Sock did well at first. However, some manufacturing inconsistencies did become apparent after a while. The super-thin mesh and fine seams wore out after a few rides or spin classes.

But the three-pack lets you buy one and still have another two when you need them. It’s available in white and black. If you prefer low-cut, or ankle-height, there are options for that too. Yes! It’s going to have issues as you use it often but being able to have three is a huge compensation; thus why it made it to this list of best bicycle cycling socks.

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2. Giro All-Season Cycling Socks

Best Bicycle Socks - Giro Seasonal Merino Wool Cycling Socks

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If the first one isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you might be interested in one of the best wool socks for bicycle sandals. Giro All-Season Cycling Socks are best worn year-round, not just during the fall or winter. This pair of merino wool socks are ideal for people who desire a lightweight, warm fabric. On a scale from thick to thin, they fall into the light-weight category similar to most all-season acrylic or nylon blend socks.

It owes its brilliant stretch and recovery to the 10% Lycra, 5% Elastic, 15% polyester, and 70% Merino Wool that make it up. According to one customer review, it retained the luxe softness that we love about merino wool and still managed to provide a second-skin fit after an entire year of wear.

The six-inch-tall cuff will make your socks stay up while biking instead of sagging or bunching up. With a minimal and superfine toe seam, you’ll barely feel them on your feet. Also, the sock is moderately compressive throughout your ride so that you remain comfortable with or without shoes.

The sock’s wicking ability is top of the game, providing a sense of breathability in the shoes. After you’ve used them for 18 months, you’d be amazed to see them still holding up well with no wear or tear under the foot — a feat Giro credits to a special blend of nylon made in Italy. But if you find them a bit thin and not keeping you warm enough during a winter ride, try doubling them up.

3. SEALSKINZ unisex Waterproof Bicycle Sock 

Best Bicycle Socks - SEALSKINZ unisex Waterproof Bicycle Sock

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If you’re in the market for warm winter socks, you might want to also consider socks that provide an added layer of rain-protection. It would be a crime not to include SEALSKINZ Waterproof Bicycle Socks as one of the best bicycle socks on the market. They are designed with a water-resistant exterior to keep your feet dry and offer an extra layer of protection if winter brings large amounts of rain or snow.

Think about a hardshell jacket – the three-layer construction of these cycling socks is exactly just like it. The outer shell is water-resistant while the membrane lining prevents wind from chilling you on the inside. Between the two is a wind-stopping layer made of 10% Spandex and 90% nylon, and then there’s an inner layer constructed of 36% acrylic, 36% Merino wool, 5% elastane, 18% polyester, 1% TPU, and 4% nylon.

You can’t expect 100% waterproofness with these rain socks. You might get wet under the shower but will stay reasonably dry in a drizzle. Also, because they are for winter wear, they don’t work well in warm weather. If you spend a lot of time outside during the spring and summer, these socks might start to feel damp and uncomfortable.

But don’t get turned off as these SEALSKINZ cycling socks wouldn’t have made it to our list if they were not a great deal for the money and able to do most of the job.

4. Castelli Gregge 15 Cycling Sock

Best Bicycle Socks - Castelli Gregge 15 Cycling Sock

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The Castelli Gregge 15 cycling sock is the best of both worlds. This item features a blend of merino wool and synthetic materials. These materials keep your feet warm and protected on cold days, but also help keep your feet cool and dry on hot days.

For those of you who are as big of fans of Castelli as we are, you know that these socks are a winner. Castelli’s special airflow socks keep you dry and comfortable, whatever the weather. Made out of 30% Elastolefin, (Olefin), 5% Nylon, and 65% wool, these socks are high quality and durable. A pair of these is perfect for an athlete who enjoys the outdoors and being active.

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Castelli updated the cuff length with an additional 3 centimeters (now 15 centimeters long) for a tighter fit and greater comfort. The length and thickness of the foot-sole have been improved to provide better thermal insulation and a more comfortable cushioning.

The Gregge by Castelli is also a fashion statement. The colors and patterns are new, cutting-edge, and beautiful — after all, the fashion trends are coming out of Italy. The Castelli Gregge 15 socks have low volume and thermal properties, making them one of the best bicycle socks to wear on cooler days. They also match well with summer shoes. And though they may be a bit pricey, they are certainly worth every penny for their performance.


If you’re not even aware that you are wearing a pair of socks, then it means that they have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard. Take the Castelli Gregge for example! Being able to find an everyday pair of good-quality socks should be a building block of everyone’s wardrobe.

The SEALSKINZ Waterproof Bicycle Socks won us over with their “hardshell jacket” like three-layer construction. But we can’t ignore the quality of Giro’s colorful designs. Their socks come expertly packaged in a plethora of styles. And of course, getting three good pairs of socks for under $50, how could you say no to Tommaso’s cycling and spinning socks.

Hopefully, from our list of the best bicycle socks, you were able to find one or two that fits your needs. But what are the best bicycle cycling socks for you? What specific features are you looking for? Feel free to drop us a line.


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