Be safe and smart

Your bike could be smarter. It could be equipped with everything you need to enjoy safer and more interactive rides. We created Volata with the rider’s needs in mind, and we designed all of its advanced, integrated features to work seamlessly together.

Fully Integrated Computer


Volata’s display is your primary way to interact with your bike.
It’s optimized for outdoor visibility and fully embedded in our CNC aluminum stem.

  • 2.4
    inch screen
  • 180
  • 65K


Accessing your essential information without handling your smartphone will make your ride better and safer. Volata’s native apps display directions, weather, music info, and more – right on your handlebars, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

Smart Controls

Keeping both hands on the handlebars is a safety priority. That’s why we’ve designed a smart joystick that you can easily control with your thumb while keeping your eyes on the road.


Volata can push smartphone notifications on its display while you’re riding, so you won’t have to worry about your phone vibrating in your pocket or ringing in your backpack.

Safety first

Automated Lights

Smartly built into the frame, our bike lights turn on automatically when it gets dark. You can also turn them on manually, if preferred.

Integrated Horn

With the flick of your left thumb, the integrated horn keeps you on the defensive and alerts others when safety is at risk.

Anti-theft system

Our pioneering anti-theft system lets you park your bike anywhere with peace of mind. If the built-in motion detector recognizes a theft attempt, it instantly texts your smartphone. You can check the bike’s location, and follow it via the GPS locator if it’s moving.


Over-the-air updates

Our bikes improve over time thanks to regular over-the-air software updates. When a new update is available, you can seamlessly upload it to your bike via Bluetooth, adding new features and improved tech.

Self-Charging Battery

Thanks to a dynamo integrated in the front hub, Volata’s internal battery charges itself while you’re pedaling. Or, if you prefer, you can manually charge the bike via a USB-C port hidden in the head tube.

Automated Gps-tracking

Track all your rides and review your performances, without doing a thing. Volata bikes automatically identify the beginning of a new ride and track your workout with the built-in GPS before uploading the results to your smartphone.

Volata Smartphone App

Metrics Monitoring

Review your performance summary and the details of every single trip.

Bluetooth Sync

All trips are automatically synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth. And also on your personal Strava profile.

Bike Status

Check the status and location of your Volata: anytime, from everywhere.


Compare your performance with other users in a gamification-based experience.


Type your desired destination, drop your phone in the pocket and let the turn-by-turn directions guide you through the Volata’s embedded display.


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