Top 10 Awesome BMX Bikes for Adults: Reviews & Buying Guide

You’ve probably found this page because you’re in the market for some of the best BMX bikes for adults. That’s awesome! There are so many of them listed below, but nothing beats the Mongoose Legion L100 when it comes to performance, quality, and value!

BMX bikes are the fastest-growing category of bicycle and are specialized for tricks. These bikes don’t come with a bike accessory that can absorb shock when riding over potholes, bumps, or other harsh terrains. What they boast instead are small dwarf-type frames, wide handlebars, fleshy tires, small wheels, and most of the time only equipped with rear brakes.

Top 10 Awesome BMX Bikes for Adults: Reviews & Buying Guide

These BMX bikes are meant to be ridden to perform tricks. You can add a peg to these kinds of bicycles so that you can perform stunts. But you are not supposed to ride them on-road and ride them like Cyclocross bikes or Road bikes that are used for road racing or neighborhood commuting.

These bikes are built to be ridden like no other. Whereas a regular bike might fall over every other time you hit a jump or launch off of a ramp, BMX bikes are specifically designed so that riders can do tricks and gain the most height possible during high-flying stunts.

These bikes can perform hundreds of tricks. They do a 10, which is also called a decade. They do forward hops, back hops, and bunny hops. There are no limits to these bikes’ abilities.

The best BMX bike brands have brought us here some fantastic products to present here. Check out some of the best BMX bikes for adults with this handy buying guide advising you of all the information you need to know before making your purchase.

Bicycle Motocross

In the early 1960s, BMX bikes started to develop out of motocross cruisers and have been uniquely designed to enable their riders to easily perform tricks like bouncing, jumping, doing spins, and all kinds of other cool moves. And then later, almost all kids, racers or not, had them. Though perhaps less intended for racing, BMX bikes still facilitate a riding style that is all about hustle and the desire to maximize speed.

BMX bikes for adults usually have 20″ tires (and 24″ for racing). The crossbars and handlebars are normally up in a standing position, as are the saddles. Rear brakes are only present on stunt-riding bikes as they tend to require more braking power. When you’re getting measured for a bike, it’s important to keep these things in mind when selecting one of the best BMX bikes for adults that are just right for you.

BMX bikes have edges that come in solid and light weights, but the lighter ones come at a higher price. These bikes usually feature aluminum or Chromoly steel construction. Aluminum is a common material used in bike manufacturing and it is probably the most convenient option for daily use. It weighs considerably less than Chromoly while also being more rust-resistant. Chromoly bike frames, on the other hand, have edges that are somewhat heavier yet efficient. They are generally easier to control, though not as light as aluminum.

As there are BMX bikes for adults, there are also for children. So these bikes aren’t just available in standard adult sizes, but you’ll also find a different size fit for children like dwarf sizes and fit for those pro levels.

Top 10 Awesome BMX Bikes for Adults

Below you’ll discover the best of the best, top-rated BMX bikes for adults. Reviews have been taken into account and there’s also a buying guide and useful considerations to help pick out the best option for you.

Mongoose Legion L100

Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

Mongoose is a trusted brand among cyclists and athletes alike. The Mongoose Legion Legion L100 BMX Bike is certainly no exception, boasting an eye-catching design as well as all the features you need to pull off any stylish trick you put your mind to. Between its 4130 chromo frame, 21″ top tube, and mid-BB shell, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best BMX bikes for adults that are right on trend now!

This Mongoose two-wheeler’s removable brake mounts make it easier to use and repair because all you have to do is remove the braking mechanism from the frame. This is important for reducing decal damage. It has a premium complete 4130 Chromoly frame, along with U-brakes and levers that provide ultimate control during your ride.

Also, the height of the 21-inch top tube remains constant as a way to keep the bike balanced (properly proportioned) at all times, so you can always be sure that it stays positioned upright on even surfaces regardless of terrain or weather conditions. Its 25T alloy chainring along with its 175mm 2-piece tubular Chromoly hollow spindle cranks drivetrain is worth noting because it lets you have more control over your L100. 

If you’re looking forward to getting some air after launching yourself off a ramp or feature, the American-made rod-sealed bottom bracket of this bike can hold up against just about anything while providing great support for you and your legs. And speaking of legs, with the 20-inch x 2.4-inch tires on double-wall 36H rims attached front and rear, your legs will find brand new ways to get their cardio in.

The handlebar with the front fork integrated into a 50mm stem (with threadless sealed integrated headset) gives you maximum steering performance. The foot support and seat height are such that it fits for people who are 5’8″ tall and up. This amazing machine weighs approximately 12 kilograms which makes it a lightweight junkie’s delight.  

Customer Reviews

When it comes to riding the Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike, you’ll be tested on your balance, coordination, and endurance. It’s no wonder why this bike comes with a few bells and whistles that make cruising around and doing tricks even better.

However, customers have noted that the paint on this cycle is chipping off quite easily while others have reported their new bike has painted rims that when the brake calipers make contact with them, they tend to slip off without braking at full power.

Our Verdict

The Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike is a great choice for cyclists and athletes who are looking for an eye-catching design with all the features necessary to pull off stylish tricks.

The removable brake mounts, 25T alloy chainring, 175mm 2-piece tubular hollow spindle cranks drivetrain, American-made rod-sealed bottom bracket, handlebar with integrated 50mm stem and 20” x 2.4” tires on double wall 36H rims make this bike perfect for anyone who wants maximum control, traction and stability while riding.

A few customers have complained about the paint chipping off quickly and painted rims sliding when braking hard, but overall this bike is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable BMX bike that has all the features you need.

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ Justice

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ Justice BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

Established in 2009 and well-known for making some of the best BMX bikes for adults in the market, Mafiabikes offers you their phenomenal Kush 2+ Justice BMX Bike that is perfect for BMX freestylers and riders who enjoy biking up, down, around the edges of or straight down the street!

The Kush 2+ Justice is an ideal bicycle to fulfill all of its riders’ needs. Not only does it provide nothing but service beyond what one would expect from its price tag, it was made especially for beginners as well as pro bikers.

The Kush 2+ Justice’s frame and fork use high tensile steel material, resulting in a sturdy yet compact bike. The entire unit weighs less than 12.5 kilograms, which will allow riders to easily control the bicycle when performing stunts and maneuvers.

In addition to that, this BMX bike also uses a rear U-brake, which provides greater stopping power in action scenes, with rim caliper brakes for BMX bikes and vintage mountain bikes to enable sharp turns and quick acceleration.

Furthermore, it has the Lagos Crawler in 2.4 inches – a fat massive tire that is capable of supporting the stunt bike during activity, giving it an extra edge to make more dramatic moves such as jumps or falls within the film set.

With the addition of 25/9 gearing, aftermarket Lucky 6 grips, and large 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise, two flagship features of the Kush 2+ Justice bike, there is no doubt that you will have a plethora of fun experiences with this model.

Customer Review

The only real downside to this BMX bike model is that it comes equipped with plastic pedals. This may not be the best choice in terms of materials as this model is lauded for its overall high-quality design. Additionally, one tends to notice that plastic pedals easily break when put under pressure and used regularly.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ Justice BMX Bike is an outstanding option for riders of all skill levels. It boasts a strong frame and fork made from high-tensile steel, as well as a rear U-brake with rim caliper brakes for BMX bikes and vintage mountain bikes to give you an edge during stunts or sharp turns.

It also includes 25/9 gearing, aftermarket Lucky 6 grips and large 29″ bars with
8.5″ rise, allowing you to control the bike more easily. The only downside to this model is its plastic pedals which are less resilient than other models in its class. Despite this, it still remains a great choice for all types of bikers!

Elite Stealth Black Gum

Elite Stealth Black Gum BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

The Elite Stealth Black Gum Freestyle BMX Bike is a good-looking ride that makes it an all-time favorite among adults. The sleek design of this bike gives you flawless styling whenever you take it to ride. This bike has superior quality and comes at an extremely affordable price. Anyone who’s been looking for the best bike among the best BMX bikes for adults should get this one without any delay.

The Stealth Black Gum boasts a 20-inch Hi-tensile steel frame, and durable components including the Hi-tensile steel fork, 25-9 gearing, 1-inch head-tube, 25T sprocket, Alloy top load stem, 14mm hub, 170 mm Chromoly crankset, and the rest of the bike that provides awesome control over this bike to all its riders.

The handlebar is sure to keep you guided more than the front fork which comes with a 1 1/8″ unsealed headset for smooth navigation. At around 29 pounds, this one is on the lighter side in comparison to all other bikes that are available in this particular lineup, making it a great choice for those who want something easy to maneuver when going through your ride without any added weight to slow you down.

This particular BMX bike has a 2.4 micro-knurled tire that can stand up to the tough conditions of dirt and street riding. The high-pressure casing is able to absorb pressure caused by extraordinary tricks while allowing for a smooth, easy ride. The directional tread allows for greater speed and control by having a surface equivalent to sandpaper on residential roads.

Additionally, the angular raised tread section helps with traction, so you can run through places otherwise thought impossible with safe footing as well as incredible amounts of control over the particular situation of your course. This bike fits best for individuals between 4′ to 5’10” tall.

Stealth Black Gum also presents an extremely comfortable seat with thick foam padding for an elongated riding session and a nice Elite BMX embroidery and high-quality parts that will endure even the most rigorous of conditions. Furthermore, this product comes with grinding pegs, a seat clamp, and easy assembly instructions so you can put it together easily.

Customer Review

If you’re looking for an affordable bike that can help you with tricks and stunts, the Elite Stealth Black Gum is one of the best BMX bikes for adults. You won’t believe how incredible this bike looks in person! It’s a great product for its price, but keep in mind that some customers complained about a screw used to tighten the handlebars being slightly bent and needing to be manually hammered in place to work correctly.

Our Verdict

My verdict for the Elite Stealth Black Gum Freestyle BMX Bike is that it’s one of the best BMX bikes for adults. It offers superior quality and reliable components, with a sleek design and comfortable seat. It has an impressive 2.4 micro-knurled tire and directional tread that makes street and dirt riding smoother. Although some customers have reported a bent screw on the handlebars, this is a minor issue that can be easily fixed. If you are looking for an affordable bike with great features, this is definitely the right bike for you!

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Huffy Enigma Matte Black

Huffy Enigma Matte Black BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

Adult BMX riders need a bike that can hold up for intense racing competitions. Huffy bikes were designed in the late 60s along with other BMX bikes and are still in great demand by players who take pleasure in the fast-paced racing of BMX.

Well, here’s one of the best BMX bikes for adults that’s stunning matte black and shiny BMX bike and one for which every BMX rider has been waiting.

With its smooth, durable steel frame and lightning-fast linear-pull V-brake, this bike is perfect for speeding around the neighborhood. The quality of the Huffy Enigma extends to its 20” x 1.95” tires which are accompanied by aluminum alloy single-wall rims ensuring smooth steering and a nice light feel for speedier journeys.

This bike has a feature that is not so common with other bikes. Its top tube is long, at 522mm, and gives the rider a more stable control over the bike for easy riding. Other features of the bike include a fork and handlebar design which provides riders with reliable grips and control.

These bikes are very affordable and can be disassembled quickly. The frame is built of 100% aluminum alloy, which makes it extremely sturdy. Its frame is specially designed for teens and adults who are 4’4″ or taller. With the 20-inch wheels, you can also experience top-notch traction and speed while riding.

Also, unlike many other bikes available on the market, this one is available in two different color options – black with lime accents and black with grey accents. They have been completely tested for quality.

Huffy Enigma is one of its kind with 44/16 gearing allowing you to conquer those really quick twists, turns and dirt road drops with your bike perfectly. Packaging is generally nearly 31 pounds so it would be the easiest way to move this on your own without any help.

Customer Review

Every inch of this machine has been expertly designed. With rich, matte blacks that contrast beautifully with the neon-green inlays and stylish logo, the Enigma BMX Bike is truly a marvel to behold. Every other bike we’ve had on the floor pales in comparison to its sleek and simplistic design – it’s quite possible you’ll never want to ride anything else ever again!

Though one customer did find it difficult to control when biking at high speeds because the handlebars were far wider than other machines he had ridden before – so be sure to measure your safety and comfort level with this particular bicycle first and keep in mind that you may want to customize or otherwise alter these parts before using the machine.

Our Verdict

The Huffy Enigma BMX bike is that it is an excellent choice for adult BMX riders looking for a reliable and affordable bike that is capable of performing well in competitions.

With its durable aluminum alloy frame, lightning-fast linear-pull V-brake, 522mm top tube giving riders great control and stability, 44/16 gearing for quick twists and turns, and two different color options; it’s no wonder why this bike has become so popular among riders.

Plus, it is relatively lightweight and easy to move around – all signs of a quality BMX bicycle! The only potential downside some users may find is that the handlebars are wider than those of other bikes which may affect their control when biking at higher speeds.

Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk

Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk - BMX bikes for adults

The new Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk bike is one of the best BMX bikes for adults. This version of the BMX bike has been launched by Micargi, who have also launched other cycles in the past.

The Maze Cape Sidewalk is suited for those who are just starting out on a BMX, or it’s open to experienced riders as well. The frame is made from Hi-Ten steel, thus making it sturdy so you can expect the bike to last you a lifetime.

The Alloy Cease U-brake and Stealth brake lever of this BMX bike provide an effective way to stop. And it also comes with one-piece forged steel cranks that provide a smoother riding experience.

This bike’s low-profile aluminum single-wall 36H rims wrapped in street 20 * 2.3” tires provide ease of riding and a stable platform for performing basic tricks during demonstrations. This BMX bike weighs around 31.5 pounds when shipping, so it wouldn’t be a heavy burden should you use it daily.

Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk comes in six color options for its frame (blue, red, maze, matte black, maze red, and white) that make it pop against its black parts – making it a little more eye-catching than some other models out there.

Customer Review

The Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk BMX bike is one of the most reliable BMX bikes for adults around. But if, for whatever reason, you find that the front wheel gets stuck and isn’t able to be attached, simply loosen the nuts on the opposite side and then tighten them back again with wrenches in order to get the kind of fit needed that will allow your bicycle to function as it should.

Our Verdict

The Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk BMX bike is that it is an excellent choice for adults looking to get into biking. The frame is made from Hi-Ten steel which makes it strong and durable, and its Alloy Cease U-brake and Stealth brake lever provide a reliable way of stopping.

Additionally, the bike’s low-profile aluminum rims wrapped with 2.3” street tires make it easy to ride and perform tricks on. With its six color options, the bike is also visually appealing.

The only issue you may have is attaching the front wheel should it become stuck but this can be easily fixed by tightening the nuts with a wrench. All in all, this BMX bike is one of the best around for adults starting out on their biking journey.

Framed Attack 20 BMX Bike

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

The Framed attack is a stellar way to introduce the world of BMX to rookies and experienced bicycle enthusiasts alike. Framed has taken the mentorship role seriously with this frame, as they have built-in elements that not only make flying high against gravity possible even for novices but are also completely customizable to match the style and personality of each specific rider.

So Attack 20 comes with a 20.75″ top tube to keep it versatile and well-suited for young riders or smaller adults who want to get into BMX but don’t want to deal with the complexities of larger bikes. And what makes this Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike a great buy is it comes with three color options: Pink, Black-White Combo, and Army Green.

You know how frustrating it can be in your earlier years of riding when you seem to hit a skill plateau – that’s why Framed worked closely with their experienced development crew over many cycles of prototypes until they reached a consensus on a unique blend of geometry that could be ridden comfortably by even the smallest riders yet still provide performance advantages that more seasoned cyclists would seek out.

Not only does this BMX bike’s Hi-Ten Steel fork offer an incredible strength-to-weight ratio but vibration dampening as well – leading to longer life and less frequent maintenance vs. the standard aluminum fork found on most entry-level BMX bikes.

The frames and forks are made from hi-ten steel, the same kind of innovative material used to build BMX bikes back in the 80s. An 8-inch rise handlebar keeps things comfortable when you’re cruising along on smooth surfaces like a boardwalk or road. The Framed alloy rear U-brake will reliably stop when you need it most.

If you end up building one yourself, make sure it’s done by a professional, and if needs be get yourself a tool kit as well. It’s always safer to have a pro finish a job since otherwise there is always the risk of doing more harm than good or worse yet causing some severe damage which could cost you even more money later on.

Customer Review

Many customers have been raving about the Framed Attack 20 BMX Bike, claiming it to be one of the best BMX bikes for adults on the market. Although there may be occasional minor paint imperfections, they are not really even noticeable so you don’t have to worry too much.

In terms of handlebar grips, a blemish here or there is acceptable since it can easily be replaced. Thankfully, this bike won’t arrive at your doorstep having a defective fork. Because if it does, you know the pain and discomfort while riding and thus make the bike literally useless!

Our Verdict

the Framed Attack 20 BMX Bike is that it is a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. It comes with a variety of features that make it versatile, customizable, and durable.

The Hi-Ten Steel fork offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio and vibration dampening. Furthermore, making sure to have the bike assembled professionally will ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

According to customer reviews, this BMX bike is one of the best options for adults currently available on the market, making it a smart investment for any rider looking to take their bicycle skills to new heights.

Eastern Bikes Paydirt BMX Bike

Eastern Bikes Paydirt BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

One of the best BMX bikes for adults, the Eastern Bikes Paydirt BMX Bike is made with tough and sturdy construction. We’re not saying that you should immediately throw yourself at anything that comes your way, but this bike is more likely to be more durable during stunts than the rest.

From Eastern Bikes is the Paydirt BMX unit, a model made for riders of smaller stature. It’s designed to accommodate men and women standing between 5’2” and 5’8” tall. This model features a Hi-Ten steel frame and handlebars, a very common material used in bike frame production that is both durable as well as lightweight.

Paydirt bikes include sealed hubs, and this is important because it protects the bearings which are all kept as-is in their metal casing without an inner tube. This prevents the accumulation of debris or water into the bearings, which impairs their function. Furthermore, this high-grade bearing spins better and smoother because they have less friction than if they were contained with a rubber seal of an inner tube.

Paydirt BMX uses rubberized grips made from riblets. This grip is supported by nineteen percent of elite BMX bikers who are looking for better and stronger contact with the bars of their bikes. Using Paydirt’s gripping system helps dampen the vibrations in your hands, thanks to the textured surface.

The Paydirt BMX Unit is designed with a nylon material that lends itself to the unit’s pedals – this kind of pedal is great for those looking to gain traction on their bike without getting stuck in foot snags.

The Paydirt BMX unit also has a rear U-brake, which is considered by many people in the biking community as one of the better options for controlling shin, foot, and knee scrapes when trying to do tricks or jump off-ramps. You might also want to take a look at the linear cable brake system featured on this bike because it makes sure that the cabling won’t twist itself up during stunts.

Finally, this bike uses multi-surface 20 x 2.25 freestyle tires along with alloy, 20-inch rims. These tires are designed for versatility to ensure you’re covered if you want to go off the beaten track! Since these tires come with rims, it means that they work exceptionally well on rough roads, as well as skating ramps.

Customer Review

For BMX enthusiasts who prefer stunts, the Eastern Bikes Paydirt is definitely one of the best BMX bikes for adults out there. It boasts a unique design for taller riders and has been known to improve your skills thanks to its excellent grip and less frictional pedals. Apart from stunts, it’s quite comfortable for cruising as well! However, assembly instructions are not included with the purchase of the bicycle if you choose to buy it.

Our Verdict

The Eastern Bikes Paydirt BMX Bike is that it is one of the best options out there for adults. Its durable design makes it perfect for performing stunts, while its rubberized grips and less frictional pedals make it comfortable to use while cruising. Furthermore, its rear U-brake offers added protection when doing tricks or jumping off ramps. However, assembly instructions are not included with the purchase of the bicycle if you choose to buy it.

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike - BMX bikes for adults

The Title 24 BMX Bike is the latest, greatest lightweight trick bike from Mongoose. One benefit to riders of this frame is its affordability coupled with great specs.

It’s one of the best BMX bikes for adults who are just starting off in BMX or for those who want to squeeze some exciting riding in during their next vacation. As soon as you ride it you will be able to tell that the T1 aluminum alloy frame is super lightweight and absolutely responsive.

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The Hi-Ten fork is light and easy to maneuver, making it the best choice for any rider under 6 feet tall, but it caters well to taller riders too. Once you’re on the road or on your favorite BMX track ready to drop a couple of serious combos, you’ll quickly realize that this bike was made to impress.

Since it has an internal cable designation and integrated headset, the 24-inch Mongoose title BMX Bike ensures that the lines are neat and clean at all times. The top tube is 21.77” in length, which makes this bike easy to ride for its rider. In addition, this BMX bike comes with a 3.44-pound frame, one of the reasons why Mongoose bikes are some of the best BMX bikes for adults.

Now, let’s talk about the drivetrain!

To start off, Title 24 has a euro cartridge bottom bracket and 3-piece 175mm tubular Chromoly cranks, and 42T chainring. And mounted on the bike’s Xposure double-wall rims made of aluminum, plus the ball bearing, are its wheel’s Arisun XLR8 24” tires. And if you’re curious where the 18T cog came from…let’s just say that these wheels are made to take you as far as you can go.

This BMX bike also comes with brake levers and V-brakes which make it easy to control the bike, allowing you to change direction or stop momentarily without feeling uneasy because of the brakes locking up. This bike’s 48mm stem connects the fork and handlebar to hold all three pieces securely together. This partnership improves steering capabilities, making it a much smoother ride as well.

Customer Review

This bike is a great deal for its kind. A new bike like this would usually be double the price at least, but you will never find such high quality at that price range. 

So this is a fantastic deal but here’s what you need to know before getting this bike though. The popping noise as the wheel turns can be annoying but is something that can easily be fixed by some simple maintenance work. Overall though, this bicycle is still one of the best BMX bikes for adults out there!

Our Verdict

After taking a closer look at the Title 24 BMX Bike, I can confidently say that it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and affordable trick bike for their BMX adventures.

This bike features an impressive aluminum alloy frame and Hi-Ten fork, making it ideal for all riders regardless of height. The drivetrain also provides great speed and flexibility, while the V-brakes provide exceptional control when out on the track or road.

The icing on the cake is that this bike comes with a great price tag, far below what one would expect to pay for such quality. But there are some potential issues like the popping noise which can be easily solved.

All in all, if you’re looking to get started in BMX riding or just want something dependable and high-quality to take around with you during your next vacation, this is certainly the right pick!

Elite Outlaw Black Combat

Elite Outlaw Black Combat - BMX bikes for adults

The BMX Outlaw line by Elite is a true standout in the industry. It has a cool color scheme, and it’s super streamlined to let you do your stunts with minimal drag and interference.

And with the Combat Edition, there isn’t even anything to get between you and your audience because it works great for casually riding around as well. Aside from the Black Combat color, there are other colors too like the grey one and the Neo Chrome one if you want something more flashy or muted, but then again all we can say is that this is the one everyone wants – they go fast!

Made from Hi-Ten and Chromoly steel, the Outlaw Black Combat is extra light and easy to manage. The heavy-duty Tektro U-brake adds a new dimension of reliability to the bike with an all-new alloy technology, allowing you to stop smoothly every time. This reinforced material is long-lasting and can be used for many bike adventures.

Since you like doing tricks with our BMX bikes we have included 2 support bars on the Outlaw which make sure everything stays firmly on the ground while making awesome tricks but they are also handy if you like riding in pairs safely. You get a grip that comes from a high-density plastic platform which is not too expensive but is hardy enough to last as well as training you how to prevent foot slips which can be nasty for everyone who doesn’t want any injuries!

What makes the Outlaw Black Combat model great is that it’s user-friendly; in fact, it comes packaged in parts and you will have to put it together by yourself with a simple lock and key – no technical knowledge required! This also means that it’s very easy for you to take care of the maintenance, any replacements or upgrades that may come up.

Customer Review

There are many things that people like about the Elite Outlaw Black Combat BMX bike or why they think it is worth buying. It’s made with quality materials so this means it’s lightweight and easy to control which is one of the best BMX bikes for adults who are starting out in the world of bike riding. And because it’s a comfortable angle, you’re able to pedal more naturally.

There are no assembly instructions included but most customers who have purchased the Outlaw Black Combat BMX Bike said they found the bike fairly easy to put together themselves. In addition, some customers also noted that when riding this bike you might hear a high-pitched squeaking sound during pedaling as well as the traffic of air entering the joint located above the brake; however, these two issues do not impact the use of the bike nor how much fun you will have riding it!

Our Verdict

The BMX Outlaw line by Elite is that it is an excellent choice for any bike enthusiast. It has a sleek design and color scheme, as well as lightweight and durable materials, allowing you to easily maneuver the bike with minimal interference.

Furthermore, the additional support bars provide more stability when performing stunts or riding with another person. The Combat Edition also offers a unique way to impress your audience as it looks great both in casual and challenging rides.

In addition, assembly is simple and not technical knowledge-dependent, making it easy to take care of maintenance or upgrades. Most customers found the bike fairly easy to assemble too. All in all, this BMX bike offers great value for those looking for a reliable yet stylish ride!

Hyper Spinner BMX Bike - BMX bikes for adults

Hyper makes excellent BMX bikes for adults and prides itself on its ability to create simple, dependable designs. They understand every ride is different, but to get the most out of your time in the saddle, it’s important to have a bike that can go wherever you want, whenever you choose, and that speaks for itself with its classic look.

Hyper offers you its Spinner BMX Bike with a steel frame and heavy-duty fork that makes it ideal for both speed and stability. Inside the Spinner Bike’s frameset, both front caliper and V-brakes deliver every bit of stopping power needed to handle any surface with ease.  

Meanwhile, the front and rear hand breaks are not only convenient and easy to use but also keep you safe during those exciting swerves past oncoming traffic or other obstacles such as potholes.

This BMX adult bike has a single-speed gear system, and at the back, it has a u-brake system. It’s sturdy with pegs on the rear and the front and 48 spoked rims. Your comfort is paramount; it sports ergonomic handlebars for proper hand positioning, padded seats for comfortable riding, and standard pedals.

This BMX bike has a glossy, jet-black finish with a bold red stripe detail along the middle. This unique design offers a stylish look to match the beautiful frame – perfect for both your weekend ride and a day at the track.

The Hyper Spinner BMX Bike includes features that aid in performing more complex tricks while also making it safe to ride on various terrains without worrying about any accidents. Whether you’re a beginner biking enthusiast or someone who’s been doing tricks for years, this bike will easily become your new favorite mode of transportation.

Customer Review

Everything about the Hyper Spinner BMX Bike is totally awesome BMX bikes for adults. But if you don’t know your way around some nuts and bolts, it might be a good idea to see if any of the qualified technicians can help you or buy it already assembled instead.

Our Verdict

The Hyper Spinner BMX Bike is that it is an excellent option for any adult who wants a dependable bike that can handle all surfaces with ease. The steel frame and heavy duty fork provide both speed and stability, while the caliper brakes, V-brakes and front/rear hand brakes ensure maximum stopping power in any situation.

Additionally, the bike’s ergonomic handlebars and padded seats provide comfort during long rides, while its single-gear system allows for more complex tricks. Lastly, its jet-black finish with red stripe detail gives it a stylish look that will stand out from the crowd.

All in all, the Hyper Spinner BMX Bike is an ideal choice for any biking enthusiast looking for a reliable and versatile ride.

Best BMX Bikes Ultimate Buying Guide

Factors to Consider

When choosing one of the best BMX bikes for adults, your riding style is going to be the most important factor. And then the following below are your options.


If you’re biking on a track, you’ll likely want a bike with a really big chainring so you can ride faster. You may also need brakes, tires that can grip the road, and the lightest BMX bikes for adults you can find.


When you’re going to take your riding on the road, then one of the best BMX bikes for adults that you should ride should be capable of withstanding both immovable cement and blacktops. It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy, because a heavier bike is generally sturdier than a lighter one.


For riding through rough terrain like a free rider, you need a rough and bumpy tire to get the best footing on your BMX bike. Likewise, the best BMX bikes for adults need to be built to withstand mid-air bailing.


Riding in flatland is the fun and exciting dance of BMX. If you hope to get into it, you’re going to need a bicycle that has been specifically built for riding in flatland.

Flatland bikes usually have pegs on the front and back wheels so that the rider can easily perform these flips and tricks with ease. Flatland bikes may also have both an inverted and regular seat post, in order to achieve maximum versatility when it comes to mixing things up from time to time.

A great flatland bike will feature a back center that allows the bike to roll in reverse and will fit comfortably between your legs even as you are performing all those awesome tricks!


If you’re riding in an indoor park, then it is a good idea to ride with a lighter bike amongst the best BMX bikes for adults. This is because you can easily get more air off of jumps and pull off more advanced tricks by using less weight for the bike.

Best BMX Bikes for Adults Features

If you are looking to buy one of the best BMX bikes for adults, make sure that you first take into account the features of the bike. Most models of the best BMX bikes for adults must have certain features to be classified as ‘truly’ one of the best BMX bikes for adults:

Heading and Edges

Headings are strategically-placed points along a bike ride or run. They’re little rings with metal balls inside that allow you to rotate or pivot points around the object of your route. Some headings can be locked and unlocked.

While the unsealed course is a bit more affordable, it does get destroyed quicker over time. And then there’s the increasingly costly sealed course that’s designed to be strong and provide a smoother move.

Edges come in single, double, or triple-walled options. Every time you upgrade the walls of your edge, you’ll be increasing its grounding properties and gaining a better ability to hold without clasping under stress – but it will also correspondingly cost you more money.


If you’re not aware of this yet, know that having brakes on your BMX can interrupt the flow of some tricks. The links cause distortion and make a few stunts impossible. Without much thought, you can also harm yourself.

While back brakes in a BMX bike are atypical, there is a trade-off. They are meant for stunts, and so moving them to the back area of the bicycle creates a weight distribution that allows for greater speed and free-style wheel spin. Once you get used to riding like this, however, it’s easy to get carried away.

Tire types

The best BMX bikes for adults should be equipped with tires that are meant to give you the feeling of freedom and excitement. Their tires come in three general classes: multi-purpose, bumpy, and smooth.


These tires are thicker and come with large grooves or peaks built into them that aim to add traction on dirt tracks and trails. Two different considerations when it comes to BMX tires are the outer cover’s thickness and air pressure.

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For a little traction, smooth tires are good and do well on flatland, yet there are not a lot of riders who use them for parks and slanted surfaces.

Pneumatic Stress

The lower the tire’s air pressure, the softer or more flexible it becomes. In case you are trying to do a lot of stunt riding on harder surfaces, then a low pressure (40 psi to 70 psi) might just give you much better landings. Tires that exceed 90 psi are harder and ideal when speed is what you think is most important.


Among BMX bike tire options, you’ll find the majority of these tires are 1.5 to 3 inches in thickness. Tires come with different widths as well, and this will be specific to a certain brand of bike and perhaps even a certain model so it’s best to check before buying. The tread pattern also depends on the manufacturer but most recent models feature treads that don’t get too deep into the rubber.


Multi-purpose tires can be ridden for a variety of purposes, from just cruising to taking on the occasional off-road excursion. In case you’re pulling your bike out for leisurely journeying through places like parks or the road, this is the tire to use. And with its increased level of safety and endurance against obstacles, it’s sure to last a very long time.

Center Points

When it comes to things like the best BMX bikes for adults, you truly can’t get enough of their distinct center points – most especially the back wheel. The four different ones in particular: the tape, freewheel, liner brake, and free coaster – all appeal uniquely to your passion for vintage bikes.

Free Coaster

The free coaster of a BMX bike is the wheel-drifting feature that enables the back wheel to move backward in tandem with forwarding motion.


A freewheel enables you to travel at any pace at an even and gentle rate. The pinion is the one driving the bike while it is not accelerating. A freewheel allows you to choose your own speed, which you adjust with the assistance of a lever. It’s the outside part that spins on the center point without the help of propulsion or power.

Liner Brake

The liner brake is responsible for braking when the rider pedals backward on their bicycle. Freestylers don’t use this center point. In truth, it will avoid them from attempting various stunts.


A sprocket works exactly as a freewheel, but it is inside a hub rather than part of the pinion. Some of these benefits may include no potential for big, heavy cog swaps and few issues with tightening resistance. Alternatively, if someone is mentioning mechanisms in BMX bikes that allow the biker to take advantage of freewheels or cassettes, at first glance isn’t hard to figure out what they might mean.


The best BMX bikes for adults aren’t ordinary by any means, but that’s what makes them so great. The size of its wheel is also one of the most important aspects because it determines how high you can handle your bike and maneuver your position as well. Similar-sized wheels enable youngsters and adults to perform stunts, making for a fun ride for all.

Most bikes come with a size of 20 inches in diameter regardless of the rider’s stature, yet top cylinder length is dependent on the individual’s height as it gets proportionately longer as one grows taller. In the end, however, nothing that has to do with BMX bikes seems to be ordinary especially when you factor in all the accessories that go along with them like tank tops, helmets, and flip-flops!

Six BMX Bike Categories

There are so many kinds of bikes, but the fact is that most bikes fall into one of six categories either by their functionality or size.

For example, race bikes often have a stiff frame and very specific sizing to match precisely with the race itself.

Cruiser bikes (bikes used for cruisers races) have 24-inch wheels for long-lasting use and stainless-steel spokes designed for endurance racing.

Despite sharing a rugged steel-frame construction, street, dirt, and park bikes each offer subtle customizations ideal for a specific venue.

Middle-aged riders who want to return to their youth will love the new retro bikes that are being released today that features better design and materials that can withstand a beating.

Lastly, “BikeLife” is a brand new way to BMX in which new bike parts have been designed as well as making use of existing parts in order to create something completely fresh while maintaining the spirit of BMX’s roots.

Many riders would choose dirt or park bikes that they can use to go off-road and practice crazy tricks, but young racing fans may not be content with the slower speeds these models allow them to achieve.

If your child tends to pick things up quickly and consistently, a bike specifically for the track might be in order; otherwise, a basic model will suit them until their speedometer starts clicking faster.

Best BMX Bikes for Adults Cost

It can be hard to find a competitive bike that’s priced $500 or lower and has pro-quality construction like that of Supercross and Daylight that are priced somewhere around $4,000. Dirt and park bikes are much easier to come by with an acceptable quality that you can get in around $350, and BikeLife models cost just a bit more, depending on condition.

When you’re on the hunt for one of the best BMX bikes for adults, starting with a budget-friendly complete BMX bike from the best brands is always ideal. As you determine which type of bike is best for you, making small customizations here and there will allow for small tweaks to be implemented until you’re completely satisfied.

The more expensive a bike is, the lighter it will be. For example, you can expect to pay from $150 to $800 for a high-quality adult BMX bike if you’re willing to spend quite a bit of money on this type of sport.

Some of the best BMX bikes for adults can cost about $150 to $400.  They’re usually heavy bikes with high tensile steel or carbon frames. These bikes feature only single-wall rims and probably don’t have sealed bearings.

In the mid-range, for between $400 and $800, frames are usually of Chromoly 4130, a more durable and lighter alternative to Hi-Ten steel. There will be a braking system designed for trick riding, and perhaps both wheels will even come with sealed bearings.

For the best BMX bikes for adults that cost $800 or more, you’ll find them fitting for more serious riders. These adult bikes are incredibly lightweight and sturdy. Plus, they feature stronger rims and sealed bearings.

BMX Bike Gearing

A BMX bike’s gearing system is entirely different than that of mountain bikes or road bikes that have a wider range of gears. Unlike their counterparts, BMX bikes are often single-speed bikes, making this the main point of concern for riders wanting to ride the best and perform tricks.

If the gear is taller, then the ratio needs to be larger between the tooth count of the cog and the sprocket. If this ratio is smaller, then that means the gearing is short.

So if the bike’s gearing is tall, pedaling will be harder because there are fewer cranks to increase acceleration get up to speed; however, you can achieve a faster top speed. It’s way easier to pedal with short gearing since you have more cranks to reach your desired cruising speed.

Shorter gearing usually earns the favor of flatland riders since it gives them greater control of their bike when jumping and doing tricks, while other styles of riding may vary. Tall gears usually appeal to racers because their sprockets have more teeth and they have a taller gear ratio. Fewer teeth have a gear ratio that’s shorter.

Some riders may also prefer a shorter gear ratio, or thicker and smaller chain links for more clearance and keeping your bike from hitting the ground as you learn new tricks on the street or in the air.

Best BMX Bike Brands

The following BMX popular bikes brands have risen above the rest, consistently offering quality BMX bikes year after year.


An independent bicycle manufacturer, Micargi specializes in electric two-wheeled transportation machines. Their road bikes, cargo bikes, BMXs, mountain bikes, tandem bicycles, and cruisers are engineered to meet the demands of everyday riders who appreciate style and performance. In 1998, Micargi opened its first distribution center in California.


WeThePeople produces all kinds of bikes for every type of enthusiast. Their equipment is mainly for high-level BMX riders who compete frequently. One thing that makes WeThePeople stand out from the rest is their long-lasting products and their professional team of more than 20 pro BMX riders, some with over 20 years of experience in the field.


Established in Kent, Washington, in the late 70s, Diamondback Bicycles was originally just a BMX bike company before getting into mountain bikes and then road bikes.

This popular bike brand puts out some of the most quality, cost-efficient bikes and they continue to advocate their mid-level BMX line to give intermediate riders access to competitive bikes without having to spend thousands on high-end bikes.


Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Kink first began as a parts-maker for bicycles. Eventually, they began producing complete bicycles for an experienced rider base. They still offer a large variety of spare and replacement parts but have also transitioned into crafting finely tuned BMX bikes.


Established in 1974 and hailing from Simi Valley, California, Mongoose later became a Pacific Cycle branch after becoming an influential bicycle company during the BMX’s rise to popularity.

Now, Mongoose caters to two BMX markets: a higher-end collection sold exclusively through specialty bike shops and a beginner-friendly assortment found in department stores.


It was Bob Haro who founded Haro Bikes in 1978. He cemented himself in the bike industry by introducing what is known today as the “freestyle” component of BMX in 1983. He pushed for evolution and innovation relentlessly, which earned him a reputation for being one of the first big names in his industry to push towards a cleaner, more efficient mechanic for both ramps and bikes as time went on. His brand has grown tremendously and is still around today.

Haro Bikes was acquired multiple times in the 1990s but quickly revived itself by establishing itself as a major BMX manufacturer and sponsoring many high-level global events. The company continues to provide an incredible lineup of riders who participated and came out victorious in X-Games events and World Championships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear should I wear when riding my BMX bike?

You need to wear a helmet. No compromises. Get one that can protect the back of your head for those times you take a backward tumble from your bike. Gloves are necessary, too and they will protect your hands from both the grips on your bike and the concrete (or dirt) when you fall.
To avoid potentially getting injured in either circumstance, it would be best to wear some knee pads and elbow pads because, after all, the more protected you feel under your gear – especially during uncertain circumstances like these – the likelier it is that you’ll feel ready to attempt that trick that’s been eluding you.

Is a bash guard necessary?

Not really. But as it sounds, a bash guard is a protective shield for something on your bike – usually the chain, derailleur, or crank. When you collide with a stationary object, these also protect your face and body from things that one might want to avoid while bicycling.

What are the bars on bike wheels for?

Those short cylinders are called pegs. They can be utilized for performing a plethora of tricks, including use as a platform for grinding or even using them for doing peg bonks. There are endless possibilities if you’re willing to try out new moves or high-risk maneuvers. What holds you back from trying is most likely fear and being overconfident, so remember – there are no limits.

Why it may be harder to find a bike right now?

Bike sales have gone through the roof due to more people looking for free rides. There is a shortage of bikes because factories are slow with their production and shipping out their goods. Major retailers and specialty shops are nearly sold out. However many shops still have some bikes in stock or can get them to you by your preferred date, otherwise, they can place you on a waiting list for when more bikes become available.


Hopefully, you should now have a much better understanding of the best BMX bikes for adults and their uses as well as some of the features that make a model one of the best BMX bikes for adults. This article isn’t comprehensive but hopefully, it gives you a good idea of all the information needed to decide which kind of bike to purchase either for yourself or someone else.

If you’re looking to buy one of the best BMX bikes for adults, be sure to come and check out the product reviews section and buying guide here, which has all the best BMX bikes for adults and for any type of budget. This buying guide goes more in-depth, helping you make the best buying decision possible.

Good luck with your stunts!


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