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On your two-wheeled adventures, you need every tool to be the best it can be. We’ve been on the hunt for the best mountain bike handlebars in order to help you find an aftermarket upgrade that improves performance and comfort, as well as your riding experience.

Handlebars seem simple, but they come in an array of materials, sizes, and shapes. Some of them are stiffer, lighter, and look better than others. The designs vary, too. Different models can be stiff or flexible, absorb vibration well, and offer varying levels of control. We weighed each of our mountain bike handlebars after compiling verified reviews from people who took them over the course of hundreds of miles.

But before we proceed, we hope that you already have your good two-wheeler friend with you. No? Then maybe consider getting a solid one that’s at least priced under $500. Or you could buy used mountain bikes instead. 

Now, without further ado, check out our top picks of the best mountain bike handlebars below. 

1. BW Riser Handlebar

Mountain Bike Handlebars - BW Riser Handlebar

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Do you want to shred the trails in a clunky, outdated fashion? I bet you don’t! Now, the BW Riser Handlebar is an Aluminum alloy handlebar that has a sandblasted anodized finish, which makes it perfect for trail shredding.

The 620mm wide BW Riser is available in four rise options: 20, 40, 60, and 100mm. It also has a back sweep of 10mm. It’s a groundbreaking riser that defies steepness and corners. You can control your mountain bike in even the most extreme conditions and nimbly maneuver around challenges.

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Additionally, this is one of the mountain bike handlebars. It’s compatible with 25.4mm clamps for increased sturdiness, which guarantees the BW Riser Handlebars to be lightweight, stiff, and result in superior performance on trials and enduros. With 620mm length and ideally suited for downhill or enduro riding, this handlebar is prepared to take on the steepest of downhills.

If you’re looking for high-quality, low-cost frames, the BW Riser is your best bet. It’s an impressive product for the price point and a real gem among its competitors.

2. OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar

Mountain Bike Handlebars - OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar

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For the rider seeking to conquer tight trails, loose terrain, or just a long trail in one go, OneUp Components is one of the best mountain bike handlebars on the market. Mountain bikers around the world trust it for its strength and lightweight design. It can take any obstacle thrown at it. This handlebar features a unidirectional carbon construction that makes it strong while keeping its weight down.

On rough trails, the 35mm handlebars found on most mountain bikes are sometimes too harsh. OneUp offers its unique oval-shaped handlebar, which combines vertical compliance with steering responsiveness that riders appreciate on full days on the trail.

Handlebars are usually not very important, but this OneUp handlebar is the exception to this rule. This handlebar is absolutely fantastic! It’s one of the best mountain bike handlebars we have ever seen!

3. SUNLITE Chrome Steel Handlebars

Mountain Bike Handlebars - SUNLITE Chrome Steel Handlebars

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Most steel handlebars have a chrome finish, providing them with a sleek look and added durability. However, they are often heavier than their aluminum counterparts. But if you’re looking for one though, we highly recommend the SUNLITE Chrome Steel Handlebars. It’s another one of the best mountain bike handlebars on the market.

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Take your bike rides to the next level with the Sunlite MTB Rise Handlebars! These 3.5-inch rise bars are slightly wider than most, which can make your grip feel more natural and prevent wrist pain. You’ll be able to ride longer without discomfort.

Symmetry can be a turnoff with cheap handlebars. I’m glad they weren’t with this particular product, which had a glossy and thick diameter. The finish is a bit dull, but it doesn’t affect the quality of this set of handlebars. We didn’t see anything wrong with the thickness of the steel tube material or how simple it is to put on a mountain bike. It’s definitely worth the money.

4. TiTo MTB Flat Titanium Bike Handlebar

TiTo MTB Flat Titanium Bike Handlebar

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Titanium is a great choice for mountain bike handlebars. It’s both light and strong, and the best bar for shock absorption. Like carbon bars, titanium bars are also the most expensive, especially when compared to steel and aluminum bars.

If you’re looking for a flat mountain bike handlebar, then check out this titanium one. TiTo’s new trail bar is 600mm–720mm wide and 25.4mm or 31.8mm Dia to give you the smoothest ride possible. This mountain bike handlebar is made of Grade 9 titanium alloy to ensure ultimate control when you’re riding your mountain bike off-road.

Like all the other titanium mountain bike handlebars we reviewed, TiTo’s MTB Flat Titanium Handlebar is certainly expensive. It costs more than the steel and aluminum bars we looked at, but it is also lighter than those. We found that this model was not the lightest, though, so true weight-watchers may want to look elsewhere.

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5. Jessica Acekit Mountain Bike Handlebar

Mountain Bike Handlebars - Jessica Acekit Mountain Bike Handlebar

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The moment we saw Jessica’s Acekit, we fell in love with its striking looks right away. Featuring a glossy black, bright silver, bold red, and orange finish, this aluminum mountain bike handlebar is strong and lightweight. Its inner tube has been formed by drawing the alloy through a steel die, creating an astonishingly strong design.

Plus, the handlebar is 720 mm long, and its weight is evenly distributed for the most optimal drive. You can tackle tight corners and feel confident when shredding the trails. It also comes with a 2-year warranty in case of any issues.

These mountain bike handlebars from Jessica are amazing. They are wide and supportive, light and stable enough for technical trails, and provide a great feeling when climbing or descending. They provide great value, making them a perfect entry-level product.


After much hard work, we have researched and reviewed a variety of highly regarded models to make sure that you can spend your money on one with the characteristics that suit you. You won’t automatically become an Enduro World Series champion or King of the Mountain (KOM) with these handlebars—they do, however, give you a far better bike fit and more performance.

If you are riding a bike with handlebars that are too high, it’s time to consider an adjustment. Check out our review before you add spacers or switch to larger frame size.


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