Good Bikes for College Students

We know a lot of students feel that college is the time when getting a new car is totally justified. Most who have that impression feel a new car isn’t merely a luxury but a necessity for college life. And, to be sure, we kind of get that; owning a new car is cool, after all. Also, college is a time when freedom reigns, and what could be more freeing than having your vehicle?

The fact, however, is that you don’t need a car. Yes, I’m sure you want one. But need one? No. If you’re like the majority of college students who have everything they need within walking or biking distance, then why should you spend—or have your parents spend—all that money on a car that you’ll need to park and pay gas for? It’s just not that practical. 

What you need is a bike. A good bike well-suited for a college student like yourself. It’s cost-effective (especially if your mom is paying for it); it’s environmentally friendly; it’s good for your health—and you can skip getting a parking pass, going through traffic, and spending for the regular maintenance that comes with owning a gasoline-guzzling, a mechanical hunk of metal.


Come on, you know we are right. It’s just a question of whether you’ll admit that we are.

And in that regard, we’ve rounded up a few good bikes for college students to use, and discuss their pros and cons below. 

We know that as a college student, you’re probably not as moneyed as you’d like to be, so we’ve considered affordability, too. So, without further adieu, here is our round-up of good bikes for college students to use.

The Best Bikes for College Students

Pure Cycles Original Series Bike


This bike doesn’t merely have style on its side, it’s ridiculously affordable, too, which makes it one of our top picks for this round-up of good bikes for college students! Sure, it’s steel frame means it won’t be as light as some of the competition, but if you don’t mind the extra ounces, it’s a perfectly fine frame that’s both strong, rigid, and yes, reasonably lightweight (at 22-24 lb.) 

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It is available in a wide variety of colors (we counted 24, so far), which is fantastic. And avid bikers will also love the fact that it has a flip-flop rear-wheel hub that will allow one to switch between fixed-gear and single-speed. 

All-in-all, this is an excellent choice for college students. And the reviews of the bike online pretty much confirm that it is—they are mostly positive!

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike


We were surprised at how nimble this bike is, which impressed us a lot. This makes it perfect for zipping around campus. The handlebars aren’t bull-horned styled, too, as is typical in most fixed-gear bikes. Instead, they’re riser-styled, which not only provides a more leisurely ride but also gives riders the ability to turn more quickly and effectively. 

This bike also gives the option to switch between fixed-gear and single-speed, which is the kind of flexibility that college students—especially avid bikers—will appreciate. 

One thing we also like about this bike is that it’s made from quality aluminum and is therefore lightweight. Indeed, it’s lighter than a lot of daily beaters that are in the same price range. It’s so light that we think that it’s perfect for students who will need to carry their bike up and down a stairwell, or onto a bus, something we had to do often during college.

One thing we didn’t like about this bike were the pedals, which have been made from cheap plastic. Granted, this might not be an issue for most people, but we simply prefer shiny slabs of machined metal over plastic that might not provide as much grip as we’d like.

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Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike


Well, firstly, it’s made by Schwinn, one of the manufacturers that we trust. So, you can rest assured that this bike is quality. In fact, check the bike out and brush your fingers against every component, and you’ll notice they are of exceedingly good quality.

Secondly, the price is incredible. Bang for the buck is hard to beat on this one, considering it’s made by one of the most reliable bicycle manufacturers out there. 

The frame is made from aluminum, making it easy to lug around, whether up and down a stairwell or into a bus. This is what I often had to do when I was in college, so I’m guessing many college students these days will need to do the same.

But it won’t be all praise for the Schwinn from us. There is simply something about the seat that this particular bike comes with that makes our butt hurt after extended periods of riding. So, college students like yourself might want to take that into account. What we will say is that this is an easily resolvable issue; you can always replace the seat with a better quality one that will set you maybe $20 back.

Thruster 700C Urban Fixie Bike


If you’re on a really tight budget, then this bike might be to your liking. It’s the design of the tires that caught our attention, to be honest, because it looks cool. 

Ok, we’ll just go on and say it: we’d recommend you get the other bikes we mentioned over this one because, compared to the others, this one isn’t very comfortable to ride. It is, nevertheless, a bike that we feel is good for the price. So if you’re not too fussy about your ride, then this bike will get you from point A to point B in relative comfort.

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Also, another thing we need to warn you about this bike is that if you’re less than 5’8″ tall, then forget about it since this bike seems to be made for people who are taller than that. 

And yet another thing: it’s quite heavy. At least you’ll get a good workout? You literally can cancel the kettlebell sessions since lugging this bike around will more than offset all that. Why are we even mentioning this bike here, you ask? Well, as we said, we can recommend it if you’re on a tight budget!


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