Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus – 2 Amazing Fat Tire Beasts

Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB – which one of these two bikes would make a better choice for you? In this article, you’re going to discover more about all the advantages and disadvantages.

Do you find yourself missing out on exploring the world around you when winter comes each year? Are you looking for a bike that will give you the freedom to explore whenever you want to and wherever you want to no matter the weather? If your answer to either question is “YES”, then the only choice you could make is getting a professional fat tire mountain bike.

Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus - Mongoose Fat Tire MTB Wars

Designed for extreme conditions, fat bikes are ideal for rocky, off-road, and all sorts of difficult terrains. Fat, easy to maneuver, and stable, they will help you go through anything without struggling. This post will focus on the top two fat-tire mountain bikes, Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus, which is the perfect option for anyone who wants to hit the trails with their bike.

But before we get to the Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus MTB wars, first and foremost, what are fat tire bikes exactly?

Fat Tire Mountain Bikes

Fat tire bikes are a type of bike with wider rims, wider pedals, wider forks, and often wider and thicker tires than those found in traditional bicycles. Most of their tires fall between 2.5 inches and 5 inches in width, while having between 7 psi to 30 psi inflation pressure. You can categorize these bikes as “mountain bikes” because they are sturdy and can handle uneven surfaces while on the road.

The Era of Fat Tires

In 2005, bike riding for mountain bikers came into a new era. Before that time, mountain bikers and their keen manufacturers weren’t sure how to make their hobby continue during the cold winter.

The tires used by riders were only appropriate for outdoor use during warm summer months, but a solution needed to be found so as to allow this popular sport to function throughout the entire year.

Why should one opt for fat tires?

This may seem like an odd question at first, but when riding enthusiasts ask themselves this very thing, their answers are the same: bigger tires mean a more stable bicycle and that means not having to worry about slipping into those corners while on a snowy path.

It’s hard not to be curious about something as big and black as a bike tire. That’s cool because fat tires are actually awesome! The big wheels make bikes safe and secure even when riding over that icy terrain.

Where else can you ride a Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

It’s no secret that fat bikes are popular for a reason. They generate a ton of traction and are great at tackling any type of terrain. Other bikes tend to struggle in all types of different terrains like loose ground, rocky, sandy places, or even on muddy, or wet terrain.

If you like riding off-road and love it when the soil is a little bumpier, a fat bike may be just the thing for you. This style of bike was originally designed for exceptionally rugged terrains, with wide tires that can absorb quite a bit of pressure.

Here, you’re going to get the chance to compare two of the most popular fat tire mountain bikes out there, and hopefully, you’ll find the review useful in making a decision. This article will be discussing Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes so keep on reading if this is something that speaks to you!

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Below is the comparison and review of these two bikes along with the diverse features of each bicycle model based on size and weight specifications, durability, braking capabilities, gear systems, and pedal performance.

Mongoose Dolomite MTB

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike - Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus

Now between Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus MTB, the dolomite is the pinnacle of performance, pleasure, and a solid investment for the well-rounded rider who wants to do more than lift up their legs and hit some jumps or rail singletrack, it’s also an excellent choice for those new to mountain biking. It puts you in control, thanks to a set of reliable components that make riding your own private thrill ride easy and fun.


This bike comes with knobby tires that have a diameter of 26 inches and a width of 4 inches, making it flexible enough to be used on any road or off-road terrain. A unique lip design allows this tire to be more functional than another tire size.

If you are between 5’6″ and 6’ tall, this bike might be right for you. And with a seat adjustment, it will be comfortable enough for a 6’4” rider if he can tolerate some initial discomfort. When assembled, it will measure about 70 inches long.


This bike is made from the highest quality steel, which means you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion due to weather, with the added security of aluminum wheels. It also has a seat, aluminum handlebar clamps, brake levers, and disc brakes, making this bike strong and durable altogether.

Braking Capabilities

You don’t have to be a daredevil to appreciate the power of this bike, which has exceptional dual disc braking. You can hit bumps without missing a beat, and when you find yourself in need of an emergency stop, this baby delivers.

Pedal Performance

Dolomite features beach cruiser pedals for cruisin’ and doing other fun things. Although this bike won’t get you going really fast, they are perfect to keep you riding smoothly and having a great time. You will always enjoy pedaling it because of how flawlessly its gears shift and change under your power.

Gear Systems

This bike is engineered with seven gears, which makes it a great medium-speed choice for riders looking to tackle mountains. It comes equipped with twist shifters, which means better traction on the road. The chain functionality is stellar too, courtesy of its high-performance crank and sprockets.

Weight Specifications

Mongoose states that it doesn’t recommend a rider to go over 350 pounds when riding the Dolomite fat tire bike. The frame is a lot heavier and sturdier than one might imagine on the road, so if you’re planning to be riding primarily on paved surfaces, this may work for you as well. It’s also suggested that while using the Dolomite, there are at least 48 pounds of weight attached to it since that’s its total weight even without any extras attached.

mongoose dolomite weight limit

Customer Review

So when it comes to Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes, know that the former is sturdy enough to take anywhere and simple to put together and ride.

Dolomite’s braking mechanism works like a dream without being hard to install and even looks great too. This product will last through all sorts of weather so that even if your local path takes some tricky turns, or you find yourself on a curious path lined with tree branches – as long as you handle your controller gently, this bike will weather any storm.

Sometimes you may hear squealing coming from its brakes. The saddle may look pretty soft to sit on but you’d be surprised by how uncomfortable they can actually get after a few minutes of sitting down. So you might want to upgrade it to a comfier one.

Mongoose Malus MTB

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike - Mongoose Dolomite vs Malus

Comparing Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes, the latter is one of the most in-demand bikes globally because it seems to shine in nearly every category:

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The bike you’re looking at comes with nice fat tires from the factory. They’re a pretty standard 4.25 inches wide and 26 inches in diameter when you measure them externally.

And having tires that are that big means this machine can coast easily over most terrain. But having wide tires does hurt its ability to corner, so if you’re planning on hitting trails or racing you might want to look at other options.

Speaking of cornering, the geometry used in this bike (40” tall, 71” long) is pretty relaxed so you’ll be able to turn your wrist more than normal. The 26” handlebars are pretty forgiving like that too – they don’t pull back as sharply as others which should make it easier on your wrists, hands, and body overall while riding.

This is a highly adjustable bike so people who are taller than 5 ft 8 inches will still be able to find a comfortable position thanks to the seat post which comes with plenty of adjustment up and down.


The frame of this bike is sturdy and durable as it’s made with high-quality steel. It’s also quite lightweight which will make having to carry this bike around while riding it in the city a lot less difficult. The rims are made with alloy and they are equally durable which will only lead to more enjoyable rides while out on the road.

Braking Capabilities

Both the front and rear wheels of this two-wheeled vehicle mean there’s no such thing as a “bad surface” during brake time.

Pedal Performance

It’s a fat tire mountain bike with an 18-inch frame and customized 9/16 inch beach cruiser pedals, so you can jump on and pedal wherever you like. No need to worry if your bicycle sinks or if it’s too hard to keep pedaling; the pedals are heavy duty so they can withstand any kind of surface.

Gear System

As you ride across town, this bike will impress you with its ability to shift through a range of speeds — as if it were a racing bike at heart. With twist shifter controls and 7 gears, you have access to all of the same speeds as a traditional racing bike. The bike splits the difference between a racing bike, a mountain bike, and a hybrid in terms of toughness and power.

Weight Specifications

Weighing in at about 40 pounds, this bike is pretty light. Most reviewers say that even people over 300 pounds can use the Malus for on-road and even off-road adventures.

This bike’s weight capacity is unknown so you’re in good shape if you weigh up to maybe around 400 to 450 pounds and have an interest in taking the bike off-road from time to time through light trail riding and commuting because it has wide tires which make it ideal for that type of travel.

Customer Review

Customers enjoy Mongoose’s Malus bike because it has plenty of padding to keep them comfortable while cruising, and the kickstand makes it easy to ride anywhere they want. The bike ships fully assembled, and many customers feel like it is easy enough for a child to put together. Mongoose’s Malus bike is durable enough for all-terrain use, but some customers have reported that their brakes can squeak sometimes.

Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB: The Difference

Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB – you’ll probably agree that these two bikes are outstanding for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for something for casual or beginner riders, then either bike might be a perfect choice. Why not take a look at some factors to think about when choosing one bike over the other, so please follow along!


The Dolomite bike costs $450 and up depending on the accessories you add. The Malus costs $400 to $480 plus whatever else you want to get with it when you purchase it. As of this writing, therefore, the Malus is a better deal than the Dolomite. Don’t hesitate.

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So between Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes, which of the two wins in terms of stability?

It’s been confirmed that the Mondraker Malus has 4.25″ tires, a slight difference in size when compared to the Dolomite 4″. At Mondraker, it was brought up that these tires will have a huge impact on the stability of the bike while it is being ridden. This is due to the fact that larger tires are generally more stable than smaller ones.

It’s important to note that this is particularly true when riding on rough terrain whereas this difference may not be as evident on smoother trails; however, in turn, one might need more attention paid to speed control and cornering should they choose to ride their Malus through a lot of rocky paths.


Let’s take comfort into consideration when it comes to Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes. Obviously, Malus has a lot going for it when the two are compared.

Firstly, the seat on the Malus is well-padded compared to that of the Dolomite (albeit made in the same material). Plus, a customer also pointed out how it’s been a long time for him since he sat on something so comfortable and after switching between both seats, his back feels as though most of the kinks have disappeared.

So hopefully, you should be able to take that into consideration because what you need is to experience more ergonomic seats within the Mongoose brand!


Although the Dolomite is heavier than the Malus, it’s easier to carry around because its weight distribution is even across its body. Because of this, the Malus ends up feeling too far away from your center of gravity and it pulls you forward when walking with it in hand.

Whereas the Dolomite, being more evenly distributed doesn’t pull as much because it is closer to your center of gravity, which means that less effort is needed to hold and take care of such a product.


This article about Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes has revealed more similarities than differences between the two bikes, which was quite surprising, to be honest. Furthermore, the differences aren’t significant enough to make a big difference when it comes right down to your riding experience – so don’t let that make up your mind for you.

If a bicycle that can handle any condition is what you’re searching for, then there are options to choose from Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes and after reading each review you will come to the best decision for sure.

So these monster bikes are interesting options to look at. This is because they are equipped with extra-large wheels, as well as a durable frame to accommodate several riders who will be able to ride it in any weather condition.

If you’re looking for the best between Mongoose Dolomite Vs Malus MTB Mountain Bikes that have all the right things, performance-wise but still looks great, you won’t regret either getting one of the two (or maybe both?) since these bikes have had an amazing reputation for years thanks to their excellent features like comfortable seat posts, high riding performances, and quality frames.

A lot of people love them because they are lightweight and have a nice design which makes this bike more attractive. However, if you are a smaller person and have never ridden on a heavy bike before, you may need to get used to it as some people do not prefer heavy bikes.

Therefore, if you’re interested in riding a fat tire bike and living the thrill of exploring hills and mountains while working out then you can either buy any one of these above-mentioned fat tire bikes to enjoy the best riding sessions in mountainous terrains.

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