Are Haro Bikes Good? Haro Mountain Bike Reviews

Are Haro bikes good? Have you been asking this ever since someone or something showed or told you about Haro bikes? In this article, you’ll learn about the brand Haro, its bikes, its relevance today, some Haro mountain bike reviews, and more.

Haro Bikes have a long history in the BMX scene but what’s the most interesting story involving them? To figure that out, let’s take a look at who they are and where they came from.

It all began in 1980 when Bob Haro started making handlebar number plates for other BMXers and eventually led him to form the company which today is known as Haro.

Haro Bikes quickly became popular with their unique designs and grew to open a headquarters in Torrance California. Haro made a name for themselves within the BMX community as “the founders of Freestyle” because no one had ever pushed the boundaries in such an artistic way.

Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

They demonstrated new tricks across America and took Freestyle BMX from being something underground to something that anyone could pick up on and learn if they wanted to without fail.

Through the 80s and 90s, Haro watched their BMX production almost triple. They could keep up with the demand for customized bikes and other products like wheels, bolts, and sprockets.

Being a unique company run by folks who not only cared about the quality of their products but also the lives of those who used them, Haro worked to get its name out there through distributors, magazine ads, and new designs.

Their most popular BMXs were the Master Series and Sport Series with the latter being more specialized for National and International riders alike. But, are Haro bikes good? To better answer that, let’s first dive into Haro’s story in 1983.

Haro Bikes in 1983

Master and Sport were both a success, giving Haro a major boost. They started to look at BMX and how their company must bring something new for the top competitors as well as for regular riders. Schwinn, GT, and many more other competitor companies started to copy Haro’s ideas. The result was that Haro saw its earnings going down in the BMX market.

Haro is growing its line of BMX bikes for riders at all skill levels. Introducing a dirt jump bike with single-speed gearing and a flat top tube that is lightweight, FST gives new riders an economical way to get involved in BMX while continuing to take joy from riding their Haro bike.

Haro bikes have a longstanding history in BMX dating back to the 80s. With its brand becoming so popular, it’s no wonder that so many BMX legends were famous for riding Haros such as Bryan Blyther, Matt Hoffman, and Mike Dominguez. So to answer, are Haro bikes good? Let’s go deeper into Haro’s history.

Haro Bikes in 1988

Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

In 1988, Bob Haro struck up a deal to sell his own design company and products. Bob agreed to remain as a consultant for an additional five years to help maintain the BMX brand he’d created by displaying it alongside other prestigious brands.

In 1993, Haro was brought under the control of a few investors including Jim Ford who, before his time at Haro, served as vice president of Harro Bikes in the year 1981. Ford worked closely with Bob Haro’s original vision for the company and helped bolster some of their manufacturing processes so that they could streamline them even more.

Bob departed, pursuing another venture as a graphic designer, but Haro’s popularity among BMX riders continued to rise. Ryan Nyquist and Dave Mirra were two popular riders who signed with Haro Bikes, which further cemented its position as the go-to brand for BMX enthusiasts.

By 1999, the Haro brand was well on its way to becoming synonymous with BMX. Wherever there were BMX races, you might as well take it for granted that a couple of Haro bikes would be somewhere in the competition’s front row.

Back in those days, experiencing success was something that was quite new still. It had only started when they won their X Games medals. After 1999, Haro riders continued to display their medals more often than any other team and because no one else could rival them, there really was something special about owning a Haro bike.

To find more about: are Haro bikes good or not? Let’s have a look at some BMX riding benefits first.

Haro Downtown DLX

Haro Downtown DLX - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

There is a lot of positive feedback out there about the Haro Downtown DLX BMX. You can easily see why the Haro brand is always featured at the top of almost any online BMX blog and forums. The attention to detail that goes into every Haro product shows how much they care about their image in this highly-competitive bike market.

When it comes to Haro BMX style, the brand has been synonymous with great value whenever riders are buying replacement tires and rims.

For example, Haro La Mesa BMX bike tire sets can now be had for a reasonable price – this set will include two high-quality BMX tires made out of rubber that is specifically designed to give you the grip needed while you’ll be moving around the local skatepark on your BMX bike, at a reasonable price.

For stopping quickly in emergencies or to get out of any other potential sticky situations, Haro has installed a 990 U brake in their Downtown DLX bikes. Add the Gyro system and four pegs, and you have a machine that will give you a Ryan Nyquist-like BMX riding.

The Haro Downtown DLX brings you a sturdy design sporting full hi-ten frame with a Mid BB shell, 20.5″ or 19.5″ top tube, and integrated head tube that will help provide adequate support for those hard jumps.

One of the best ways to ensure that an entry-level BMX rider has the wherewithal to advance to greater heights is by equipping them with high-quality bike components, like the full hi-ten frame which proves a sturdy foundation for all other parts.

Benefits of Riding a BMX

Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

If you are interested in Haro bikes, you may be asking yourself whether or not are Haro bikes good for your needs. Haro bikes are popular for their ability to get up to speed quickly which is great when you’re first starting out.

Moreover, Haro bikes have a sturdy frame that holds up well even as riders descend and ascend some of the most rugged slopes found throughout the world.

The popularity of street performance stunts has seen a sharp rise in the last few years, with it no longer being reserved to skate parks, however quite literally anywhere you can imagine.

It seems this attitude towards simply enjoying riding bikes through the streets un-aided has reached a new high in popularity thanks to the ever-increasing number of BMX groups and events popping up all around today.

Believe it or not, cycling has been part of the Olympics as well! Even if you don’t have your eye on the Olympic gold medal, high-quality riding is something you can incorporate into your life to stay fit while having fun.

These days so many people have taken up cycling as both a leisure activity and as a sport. It’s no surprise why – it’s an excellent way to not only meet new friends and strengthen old ones but also improve your physical health easily without even realizing it.

When you ride a BMX regularly, you enhance your cardiovascular fitness levels. This is really good for your heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The benefits of riding a BMX include:

Weight Loss

A big benefit of BMX riding is that it burns calories! If you are looking to lose weight and tone up, getting into street riding is most useful. It’s important not to try too hard too fast in a focus on the intensity just yet. Build slowly and ease yourself into cycling at your own pace.

Healthy Posture

BMX riding is an excellent way to get your back strong. The rider is constantly standing up straight and is in a position that tests the upper body and core region; this benefits the muscles of the core and upper body while strengthening stabilizing muscles. This can contribute to better posture, making you look like a well-built man or woman which contributes greatly to well-being and happiness.

Muscle Toning

One reason to ride BMX is that it helps build cardiovascular endurance and strengthens your leg muscles. People with joint problems or even athletes looking to find an exercise they can fit into their busy schedules will appreciate the low intensity and lower expense of BMX riding.

It’s similar to going to the gym, only less structured and a lot more fun. This kind of exercise can be as challenging as you want it to be, both mentally and physically.

BMX Community

Participating in the Olympics if you happen to be a BMX rider was introduced all the way back in 2008. Since, it’s become insanely popular! Riding a BMX is not only quite an entertaining sport, but it also promises to make you meet new people with similar interests in this discipline. That and that alone makes this sport one of the best games ever.

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There are plenty of former BMX riders who want to stay social and now use their bike to commune with people in parks. This can help you find and make some new friends as long as you are patient. One thing is certain, BMX riding will be a good addition to your existing routine.

Mental Health

Exercise is great for the mind as well as the body. The happy endorphins brought on from a good workout not only immediately lift up one’s spirits but also over time help avoid mental disorders and provide emotional stability.

Terms such as stress and anxiety are associated with many more disorders than people realize, and regular exercise often helps prevent these psychological issues, making it extremely important to take care of your wellbeing.

Let’s get back to the main topic concerning Haro bikes (also known as BMX or bicycle motocross). Are Haro bikes good when it comes to their maintenance? In order to properly maintain these awesome toys, it’s necessary to first understand their mechanics and know how to do routine daily maintenance in order to ensure that they are safe and reliable when operating them.

Haro Mountain Bikes

Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Mountain bikes are the bicycles of choice for mountain bikers. They are scaled-down versions of road bikes because dirt trails and other non-paved surfaces cannot be ridden on successfully with a regular bicycle. That’s why mountain bikes have wider wheels and more stable frames that make them better equipped to handle some hard terrain.

It’s not easy just popping into a shop and hopping on a bike you’re unsure of. With all the different makes, models, and brands, it’s pretty hard to know what bikes are best for you.

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of bike will suit your personality best – whether it be a flashy sports machine that would make a statement or one that would look better standing out against some natural scenery than a car park. You’ll also need to take into account the cost of fixies, hybrid, or mountain bikes when purchasing them.

Knobbier tires than traditional, narrower options are a feature of Haro mountain bikes. A wider tire provides more shock absorption on the trail and improves traction so that you can go farther, faster. In modern mountain bike design, front suspension for both front and rear wheels is beginning to become standard equipment as a way of adjusting to varied terrain types.

Handlebars with extended ends have been around for some time, but nowadays many mountain bikes have handlebars with flat straight hand grips and these are often positioned such that they oppose at what some would consider an awkward angle to the corresponding rider. Although the straight bar is still a popular option in gravel biking, fewer riders use bar extensions now but handlebar shifters seldom require high grip placement.

Haro mountain bikes generally come equipped with 559-mm or 26-inch wheels, but many bikes you’ll find on the market come with 622-mm or 29-inch wheels. This is what 700Cs or other normal road bikes used as their universal diameter.

Haro Mountain Bike Reviews

Check out these Haro mountain bikes that come in different colors and varieties:

Haro FL One 27.5 MTB

Haro Flightline One 27.5 Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Flightline One 27.5 is an all-new bike model from Haro, built with a redesigned X6 series alloy frame engineered to be more responsive to every change in terrain while still maintaining a lightweight and durable construction.

This Haro hardtail mountain bike features internal cable routing and a performance-enhancing HL suspension fork with 80mm of travel ensuring that bumps, potholes, and stones in the road are smoothed out, allowing you to ride your best even on the bumpiest of terrains.

The FL One 27.5 offers a high-quality build that looks and feels great on just about any terrain you tackle. Its 27.5″ wheels are paired with large 2.2″ tires, so you can ride further and tackle rougher roads without sacrificing puncture protection.

Haro bikes are rolling out a new wheel size for the FL ONE series. Coming off of their award-winning 26″ wheeled platform, Haro has decided to challenge the norm with 27.5″ wheels that provide many benefits over the traditional 26″.

27.5 was carefully chosen because it offers traction and rollability previously not used on smaller bikes and that is why these new bikes will be geared towards beginner riders interested in fire-roads, bike parks, and just flat-out shredding anything they encounter!

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

If you’re looking for an alternative from another brand that’s more of a hybrid between some of the great features of the Haro Flightline One 27.5 and some other mountain bikes, you’ll have to take a look at Schwinn’s Bonafide.

Unlike some mountain bikes which only focus on ruggedness at the sacrifice of things like comfort, the Bonafide is perfect for riders who want something that’s great for going around the town or enjoying nature in comfort and style.

When you’re an off-roader, every trail can be a challenging one. While the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike has earned its rep for grueling climbs and fast descents, it’s also highly capable on smooth trails or any other surface for that matter.

That’s because of this mountain bike’s rugged aluminum mountain frameset that features a reliable suspension fork to absorb bumps and vibrations so that you can enjoy a smooth ride over rough trails, potholed city streets, or even gravel and dirt roads.

A reliable 24-speed trigger shifter makes your gear changes smooth and effortless while mechanical disc brakes provide stops as quick as you want them whether you’re racing down trails in the mountains or are out on a ride with friends and family.

The crank arms of the wheels are made from alloy to make sure you have stable gearing and never have to replace derailleurs again, which is just one less thing for you to worry about when biking on rough trails.

The 29-inch wheels and light, but strong double-wall alloy rims merge with the thick, knobby exterior of its 2.25-inch wide mountain tires for increased durability and control over any stretch of terrain. This powerful equipment package ships ready out of the box and is assembled to meet your highest expectations immediately upon delivery to you.

As the news goes, some Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike owners have reported experiencing problems with their bikes’ cassettes. It’s not too much of a surprise since Schwinn knows very well that not all cassettes are built to be completely stable – some can be shaky but still work just fine.

Such a flaw isn’t something you would typically find embedded in the processes set by Shimano, as they strive to make cassettes as perfect as possible; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean anything is bad per se regarding your bike’s cassette if it happens to be wobbly for example.

Haro Shift S3 MTB

Haro Shift S3 27.5 Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Shift S3 is a great choice for an outstanding trail crusher. Shift models are designed for aggressive all-mountain riders and hardcore trail enthusiasts, who demand the ultimate mountain bike experience.

Inspired by the simplicity of 27.5″ full suspensions of years past, the Shift S3 offers a simple, no-frills approach to shifter-free 1x transmissions with 27.5″ wheels designed specifically for the rigors of trail riding.

The X6 Alloy frame with 120mm of travel and tapered head tube enables you to benefit from an easy yet very functional single-pivot suspension design that results in low maintenance expenses.

180/160mm rotors assist disc brakes, Shimano MT-200, to provide efficient stopping for tackling mountain terrain. The Suntour Raidon XC air shock suspension in the front and behind offer 120mm of travel to keep you comfortable even when riding on more challenging terrain.

For a wider gearing choice, a single-ring Shimano Deore drivetrain is mated to a Suntour Zeron 30T crankset. Finally, this full-suspension beast is fitted with Kenda Honey Badger 27.5 tires for reliable off-road traction at the contact points even on difficult terrain.

EUROBIKE E7 Orange Mountain Bike

EUROBIKE E7 Orange Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

As of this writing, Haro run out of their Shift S3 models. But if you’re looking for a full-suspension MTB with similar features to the Haro Shift S3 and want to consider an alternative from another brand, this EUROBIKE E7 Orange Mountain Bike has some great specs for a full-suspension mimicking Shift S3’s performance.

And EUROBIKE E7 also comes with features you’ll find in some other cool mountain bikes and definitely worth taking a look at. The best thing about this MTB is that it won’t cost you a thousand, unlike Haro Shift S3.

This model has 27.5-inch wheels mounted on its rims, plus it features a supremely crafted frame made out of aluminum steel to achieve an impressive weight-to-strength ratio that means this bike will hold up to hard use in the outdoors.

Because there are quite a few cyclists out there who cannot endure riding bikes that have large-inch counts for one reason or another, it’s clear that this is an entry-level product.

From top to bottom, the EUROBIKE E7 is ideal for tall people who are above 5.5” so if you’re a tall rider looking to get out on the open road with some mates, look no further. This bike has been crafted from quality components that are known for making both men and women feel like they’re riding on air.

The Shimano gear system allows you to change the gears rapidly without losing any control over your bike and the steel frame means it’s capable of handling even the heaviest riders currently in existence through any terrain you may need to ride over.

The bikes don’t come fully assembled, but Eurobike has included the assembly kit in their package to have all the parts ready to mount in just 20 minutes. The seats, pedals, and other parts, you’ll need to put together yourself. Instructions are available in the manual included in your shipment.

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Aluminum rims are the perfect match for this bike’s overall design and they can still give you lots of options when it comes to different colors. In a nutshell, this product is an example of Eurobike’s aim to deliver quality bikes at a reasonable price, something that many competitors don’t achieve.

Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 Freestyler

Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 Freestyle MTB - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

The Steel Reserve 1.1 is a great option for a first MTB, and with its CrMo frame and fork, it’s just as capable at bike parks as it is for jumps on the trails.

Upgrade the fork later for an efficient front suspension, and add a few more parts if you want to slap on some pegs and handlebar grips for that all-mountain flavor.

Thanks to its 3-pc tubular CrMo crankset with reduced gear size, the Steel Reserve 1.1 is perfect for tight urban courses and crazy aerial stunts. Its 26″ wheelset has been constructed with sturdy XM-260 double-wall alloy rims that are sure to stay steady in case of any unexpected bumps on your journey to greatness.

The rims are paired with tough alloy hubs featuring Chromoly axles for reliable and secure handling, topped off with a set of stainless spokes and armed with Kenda K-Rad 2.3″ wide tires for added grip when landing jumps or going off concrete ledges.

A forged alloy BMX-style stem and a sturdy 65mm riser handlebar make up its cockpit for worry-free landings; you’ll feel like you’re flying without lifting off the ground.

CYBIC COOLBO 2021 Hardtail MTB

CYBIC COOLBO Hardtail MTB - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Unfortunately, Haro has also run out of stock of their Steel Reserve 1.1 as of this writing. However, there is a cheaper alternative from CYBIC that will continue to work well for beginning mountain bikers looking for Freestyle bikes that are ready for any terrain.

CYBIC has been manufacturing high-quality bicycles for several years and has now focused their energy on creating a new line of affordable yet durable bicycles for the consumer market. For added safety, CYBIC has equipped the juniors’ hardtail with front and rear disc brakes so that riders can take it safely down bumpy trails and ditches with no worries.

Their latest bike, the CYBIC COOLBO Hardtail MTB, is geared toward the younger crowd who are serious about getting out on the trails. For those interested in taking up biking or getting back into it, this high-end hardtail has been designed with 7/8/24-speed and 20/24/26inch variations to address all levels of cycling speed.

This bicycle features a lightweight aluminum frame that is constructed using cutting-edge technology not usually seen in bicycles at its price point. The suspension fork has enough travel to guard against bumps or small rocks while riding on off-road trails. This bike comes with four color choices: White/Black, White/Red, Black/White, and Black/Red.

Haro Double Peak i/O E-MTB

Haro Double Peak i/O E-MTB - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

One of the best Haro bikes, the Double Peak is an amateur-level cross country mountain bike that many riders will enjoy riding. Featuring Shimano components and Haro’s signature durable machine design, the bike looks great and comes at a worthy cost than other bikes in this class.

A lot of people don’t like climbing, but there comes a time in every rider’s life when he or she has to push through the pain to reach new heights. With i/O, you can conquer any climb with ease because the mid-drive system puts out plenty of torque to convert the strength from you pushing pedals into pure power driving the bike. A 10-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes keep things under control whether it’s up or down a hill.

Shimano’s E6100 is a lightweight and small motor for efficient mountain biking. Use Eco mode to ride 45 miles. It feels and handles like an ordinary mountain bike, so you can enjoy all the advantages of off-road riding. Best of all, it’s Class 1 e-bike compliant and legal to ride on most paths.

Pedaling is a snap on this comfy Haro. The low center of gravity, as well as its low stand-over height, make it easy to figure out what’s going on, and where your wheels are going. Big 27.5″ Kenda tires are mounted on rims that let you roll over obstacles without getting hung up, and keep the bike balanced so that it feels light compared to heaping loads with fat knobby tires out there.

The High mode offers power with every pedal stroke, but not so much as to lift your front tire or make you shoot out of corners. It’s a smooth and natural feeling. And thanks to the aluminum frame, it’s light and responsive on the trail whether you’re bombing down the straightaway or whipping through rocks and around bends.

Shimano included a host of intuitive features in the monochrome display. The unit offers a dozen different functions in total, including information like speed, trip distance, clock, and even a digital range readout that estimates what percentage charge remains in the battery.

ANCHEER 26-inch Electric MTB

ANCHEER 26-inch Electric MTB - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

It seems that Haro is really popular to the point that they even ran out of stock on their Double Peak i/O E-MTB. Well, if you’re in the market for an electric mountain bike, there’s an awesome one by ANCHEER that’s more affordable.

This ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike features a unique “3+7” transmission that makes it easy to adapt to whatever kind of terrain you encounter on your rides. With 21 speeds, you’re free to shift gears up or down when you want to go faster or slower depending on what lies ahead and the riding mode, regular or pedal-assist.

It’s an incredibly powerful 500W motor. It can speed up to 20MPH with its 64N.M torque, easily going up any hilly terrain and road. It can last up to 15-30 miles depending on conditions thanks to its 36V/12.5Ah removable battery.

The different riding modes can be toggled via its LED meter. When in electric mode, all you have to do is start the motor and enjoy a carefree experience as a result. When in pedal-assist mode, you will be able to increase your speed every time you are pedaling.

You also have an option of doing away with batteries and using it as an ordinary bicycle which will make for a more convenient yet traditional experience for any rider.

The aluminum frame makes for a lighter ride that’s optimized specifically for off-road use so this bike isn’t just suitable for leisure rides but also great if you’re going off on some moderate trails.

Another great thing about this model is its dual-disc brakes that provide a sturdy and dependable braking system to keep you safe, while its front suspension absorbs shock so you can ride over uneven paths with ease.

When you receive your bike, it should be 85% assembled, the remaining 15% should only need about 30 minutes to complete. If for any reason whatsoever, you are not fully satisfied with the ANCHEER electric bike after receiving it, you can contact ANCHEER for customer service and damaged part replacement.

Haro Beasley Off-Roader

Haro Beasley 24 Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Designed for kids, the Beasley 24 sports 6000 series alloy construction and a low frame with a standover height that minimizes stress on knees.

This Haro bike has a rigid 6000 series aluminum fork and gets up to speed via its Shimano Revo Shifter and 7-speed 1X drivetrain, both of which help make it easy to inch along while little riders build up both balance and confidence.

Laced to a set of strong, fashion-forward alloy rims, the Pivit alloy cassette hubs set you up for an array of color combinations and eye-catching good looks to boot. The Kenda Kruiser 24×2.125″ wide tires are wider than average, providing a cushier ride for all rider weights over a greater spectrum of terrain.

There’s ample power in hand with the mechanical disc brakes set with 160mm rotors that help bring your ride to a stop as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Huffy Tekton Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Tekton Hardtail Mountain Bike - Haro bikes - are Haro bikes good - Haro mountain bike reviews

Huffy introduces their exceptionally reliable and superbly designed Tekton Hardtail Mountain Bike with incredible measures to ensure the rider remains in a comfortable and secure position. This bike suits kids who are 12-19 years old, has a height of 58-70 inches and loves getting out there on the trails.

Shimano’s drivetrain is created to deliver a seamless and smooth changing of gears with its 21-speed potential. In addition, there are suspension forks involved in the Shimano product that will absorb bumps from uneven terrain in order to make riding more enjoyable.

While the tubing in this bicycle is made from lightweight aluminum, Huffy offers a limited ten-year warranty for this standard construction frame. Aluminum frames are preferable when weight matters most and are often preferred by retail customers who enjoy cycling.

A compressed but more rigid material like aluminum provides this bike with a better power transfer than steel and helps maintain momentum over rough terrain ensuring responsive speed and acceleration.

Tekton’s Kraton grips and ATB-type resin pedals provide comfort and ergonomic responsiveness.

Dirt and gravel paths are wild with many unexpected challenges like mud, rocks, and rough terrain making for a very bumpy ride. The Huffy Tekton will help you overcome these harsh conditions with special oversized tires which grant you overall improved stability even on the most challenging off-road tracks.

The bike’s super-smooth rolling wheels are made of machined alloy material and work with the Alloy linear-pull brakes to provide sensitive braking power, while the slight rise of the handlebar lets you stay in an upright position to reduce strain on your back and shoulders.

The acid green finish is clear glossed to add an extra touch of radiance which will help you stand out at events or just when taking a leisurely ride through your community. A premium padded ATB saddle ensures utmost comfort when sitting back and letting the bike do all the hard work while still keeping your rear in great shape.

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Haro Mountain Bike is absolutely ideal for all levels of bikers and even beginners. The bikes feature a component set that’s great for those who love to bike in the mountains, but they’re also great for anyone looking to have some fun biking in their neighborhood. This bike comes with:

Haro mountain bikes are super versatile and nimble. They are extremely lightweight, laterally stiff, and provide a smooth ride. Not to mention – they are stunning! They provide more style, comfort, and versatility than any other bike on the market.

The parts used to create Haro’s bikes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a versatile vehicle that is lightweight and efficient. You also have an option to upgrade some areas to achieve a more stylish look or reduce the weight or even improve the bike’s performance.

However, if you’re on a budget, then the best option is to get one of these fine bikes at its base price; it’s friendly on your wallet but still super light and has lots of impressive features.

Haro mountain bikes perform magnificently. When ascending a hill, the bike feels very stable, even through shocks such as rocks or roots in the path since its structure is highly durable and resilient. The bike performs very well for any level of experience in the sport and is highly recommended by professionals.

Haro mountain bikes are convenient to ride because of their simple design and practical engineering, making for an overall functional design that’s easy to repair. Despite the dirt trails and rocky terrain filled with thorns and tough obstacles, this bike has enough strength to get you over any hill in your path.

However, it may sometimes not be as comfortable as other types of bikes due to its characteristically firm seat. But remember, Haro is one of the best brands manufacturing bicycles and they’ll provide you with a bike more suited to your riding needs.

Haro Bike Maintainance

When answering the question “Are Haro bikes good?” it is important for riders and fans to remember that it’s not just about practice. Just like a professional athlete, cycling needs upkeep but only if you want your gear to work well for you!

Anyway to help you keep from neglecting your bike would be the best decision-after all, if you ignore maintenance for long enough your ride will stop functioning.

Bikes need regular maintenance. While not more demanding than bikes that are used for leisurely riding, Haro BMXs and MTBs have certain aspects which can deteriorate quickly without the proper upkeep.

A good habit to get into is checking your bike every couple of weeks and seeing how it’s doing! This will help one spot any problem areas that might develop and fix them before it gets to the point of becoming a larger problem down the line.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure for your bike is something you should do regularly. This will protect your bike from damage caused by potholes or any extreme jolts (such as those from overzealous pedestrians).

Not to mention that this save you from the frustration of a flat tire, which can happen at any moment and puts additional strain on the bike. Stick to the instructions found in the manual of your bicycle regarding how to inflate your tires right.


A chain brings in power from the bike to the wheels. Pedal power from one’s legs transforms energy into torque on the pedals and rotations are causing a reciprocating head. With a chain coming as close to the ground, dirt, dust, and grime can collect onto one specific area.

Although a chain can work well without being lubricated, it is best to get in the habit of doing this to avoid wear and tear, which could result in the need for a replacement down the line. You’ll need an old rag and a bit of soapy water for this task.

Think about gun oils getting any accumulated dirt off the links is pretty important too. Work that “elbow grease” into your chains as you scrub to ensure smooth rides ahead.


Cycling brakes are mechanical parts that must also be maintained for your safety. Brakes require lubrication, especially the moving or pivot points.

Dirt, dust, and grit build up in the nooks and crannies of your brakes and gradually wear them out! Lubricating the hinges with dry oil keeps things running smoothly without dirt collecting which would otherwise cause unbearable friction and increase your chances of having an accident.

If you notice that your braking system is starting to malfunction then try using a thin oil-based spray or apply a thin layer of grease on pivots, moving mechanisms, and any other areas that regularly rub together will keep things running smoothly.

Be sure to also lubricate the pivot points of calipers, and the cables if applicable. You should also add a few drops between the brake lever blades to ensure that these high-performance parts are always operating as smoothly as possible.

To make sure that your bicycle is in good working condition, it is essential that you conduct regular brake inspections on the bike. One way to ensure the safety of a bicycle is to inspect the brakes and ensure that they’re functioning properly. To test your breaks, start by gently applying them and rocking the bicycle back and forth.

Nuts and Bolts

When riding a bicycle, it is vital that the nuts and bolts are attached to the bike at all times. The connection points on a cycle are very important – they hold the frame together. It is important to not overlook them when constructing your bike since they will ensure safety while you ride.

Let’s take a quick look at this video from the folks at Unli Ahon. In it, you’ll learn how to maintain your two-wheeled vehicle using tools that are pretty easy to come by.

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Is bike brand Haro good?

How do Haro bikes stack up against the competition? Are Haro bikes good? Well, to answer this question one needs to look at some industry benchmarks. The bikes are built to last and function properly, but they’re not as stylishly designed vs some of the other similar brands on your shelves! However, if you’re looking for a reliable mode of transportation that won’t break the bank, then Haro bikes are a good choice.

Where does Haro make their bikes?

The story of the Haro Freestyler begins in July 1982 at Torker BMX’s Fullerton headquarters. As its name suggests, Torker was most famous for its collection of bikes, components and accessories developed to move beyond the conventional sits-up-straight form of cycling that had made so many Californians aware of their location in the Golden State. The new bike differed dramatically from its predecessors in both appearance and configuration.     

How much would it cost me to buy a Haro BMX bike?

The Haro BMX bike models are available for children as well as for adults, and the price range varies. Once you know what model you want, and what price range you are comfortable with, it is just a matter of shopping online or heading to a local store, to find the perfect BMX bike that matches your needs.

Does China manufacture Haro bikes?

China is a popular frame-making country and is known for making some Haro designs. Those who want to buy a China frame should try brands such as Sunrise, Ideal, and A-Pro. But almost certainly, the frames themselves were made in Taiwan and not China if they didn’t come from a Chinese brand.

Are bikes from Haro good rides?

Haro bikes are great because they are made with such high quality and care. Haro Bikes offer some of the strongest components that can be upgraded as well, so you don’t have to worry about your bike breaking down on you after a few months or years of abusing it. For cyclists who know what brand and type of bike suits them best, Haro has all sorts of affordable options for different tastes and types.

Why are Haro BMX good bikes?

Haro bikes are generally of very high quality – even their cheapest bikes are decent. However, for a little more than $300, you can buy the same BMX bike from another brand that’s nearly identical in design. Just keep in mind that the materials used for all Haro bikes vary with a price; definitely not the case with all other brands out there.

Are there serial numbers in Haro bikes?

Try looking at the bottom bracket of your Haro bike or on the rear dropouts because they likely have the serial number you’re searching for.

What kind of bike is a Haro?

Haro makes some of the best bikes for any type of riding. Whether you’re doing BMX or riding trails with your friends, Haro has a bike that’s built to last and will be able to take whatever you throw at it. By getting a bike from Haro, you can rest assured that you’ve made something more than just a purchase; you’ve made an investment in something that will make it easier to get out there and ride.


Haro has been a part of the bicycle industry for quite some time and has helped shape it into what it is today. Haro mountain bike reviews are always positive, as the mountain bikes the company produces are made for both performances and for the rider’s comfort just like their BMX freestylers and other bikes. Hope you found this article full of great information that will help you decide if Haro is the brand for you.


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