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Bike lovers, don’t forget that bicycles are incredible machines to get around on. If you’re like us, sometimes, you’d find yourself mulling over things like tire width, wheel depth, frame weight, and power transfer. Nevertheless, bicycles are fantastic for commuting. However, one of the biggest issues that people face when using their bikes to get around is the transportation of their belongings. Looking for the best bicycle backpack? With our list, you can safely and securely transport yourself and your lunch to wherever you’re going. 

When it comes to the best cycling backpacks, there’s a type for every kind of rider. For instance, if you’re a beginner rider, you may want to consider a hydration backpack. If you’re a casual rider, pick something sleek. And if you’re planning on mountain biking or going on long rides, you’ll want a backpack made especially for that type of riding. 

A commuter backpack can be a great solution for carrying your belongings on your bike. Plus, it’s portable and can be used off of the bike as well. To help you choose one, we’ve selected three of our favorite bags—scroll through to find the perfect one or jump to the bottom of the post for some quick pointers on what to look for in a commuter backpack.

1. Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack

1 Brooks Pickwick Daypack

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There are so many backpacks that come with many bells and whistles. Great design doesn’t have to be loud and flashy; sometimes a classic aesthetic can be just as effective — and just as beautiful. Case in point: Brooks England Pickwick Canvas Leather Backpack. 

The Italian-made bag is made of water-resistant cotton canvas. The main compartment is huge, but if you need a bit more space, the roll-top closure expands even more. It has a 12L or 26L capacity. It also has a special tool pocket where you can store your spare tube and tire levers easily. By using reinforced attachment points on its shoulder and sternum straps, the backpack is easy to adjust and perfectly comfortable.

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However, we’ve seen some reviews from owners worrying about color migration. When this backpack gets wet, the color tends to soak through onto the lining. It’s like giving it character, making it look more unique than it did when it was brand new. But does this make the Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack not one of the best bicycle commuter backpacks? Nope!

What are the odds that this could be the best bicycle backpack for you when you go run some errands around your neighborhood? It’s cute, simple, and comfortable to wear even for short distances. There are a few reasons for this: the simple and stylish design, the ability to carry only what I need to, and feeling completely comfortable because of the straps. It will make you feel like you’re literally not carrying anything at all!

2. Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack

2 Thule Pack n Pedal Commuter Backpack

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Just because a bag looks utilitarian does not mean it is boring. The Pack ‘n Pedal rucksack from Thule is the perfect example and, we must say, can also be the best bicycle backpack out there. It is designed with a utilitarian style but has all the features you want in a functional high-quality bag. It has an IPX4-rated main compartment that keeps your gear dry, even in rain. Plus, there is a rain cover stowed in the backpack that offers ultimate moisture resistance.

Within the bag, there is a padded laptop compartment that can be removed and positioned on top. This way, the computer won’t be pressing against your back while you’re carrying it. Inside, you’ll also find a mesh cable pocket, which will help keep your cords organized and untangled.

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The SafeZone pocket on the side is crushproof and crammed with a zippered plastic sleeve to protect your phone. There are other pockets, too. In the front, there’s also a key keeper, mesh pouches, and an internal zippered pocket that keeps your small items organized. The front of this bag and its rain cover are both reflective for visibility, as well as each featuring an additional clip.

It’s a cool design but it’s a hassle to open it. First, you have to unzip both sides, then you have to open and close the zipper. Then you have to reverse it all in order to make it zipped up again. If you’re also going to use it as a schoolbag and have to take things out often, it becomes a little annoying. Otherwise, it can also the best backpack for student bicycling.

3. Osprey Packs Escapist 18 Daypack

3 Osprey Packs Escapist 18 Daypack

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The Osprey Escapist 18L Backpack is a good option for cyclists who want a light backpack that still has room for a full day’s bike ride. Like all Osprey packs, it features a die-cut EVA foam together with spacer mesh for its shoulder straps. This design not only provides comfort to cyclists but also maximizes ventilation and breathability.

On the front of the bag is a handy bungee compression system, perfect for quickly stowing away any bulky items like a coat or helmet. In terms of space, Osprey included a pocket for your laptop that also works as a place for keeping water bottles. It’s also a great pack for everyday activities or traveling. Inside there is a document sleeve, and a clip to hold your keys. It’s a great carry-all for your day-to-day items or traveling needs.

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This bag has specific pockets for sunglasses. There is an emergency whistle feature on the sternum strap. It also features a removable hip belt great for stability of the pack. The Osprey Escapist is available in black and boreal blue.

We’re only concerned about the front compartment — specifically the section where your phone goes. The zippered harness pocket is rather large and in the way. It would be much better if it were a mesh pocket.

But anyway, if you are looking for the best bicycle commuter backpack that’s made out of recycled fabric and materials, this is the one for you. This backpack is sturdy, comfortable, and can fit a lot. After constant use for my daily commute, there are no problems at all. If you’re after the best bicycle backpack, we highly recommended this one. The price is worth what you get.


If you are going to choose a backpack, you need to ensure that it will be the right fit. Cycling backpacks are special designed for cyclists and offer comfort and protection against moisture. Although many bags are designed for use in the cycling position, you should choose a bag specifically made for cyclists if you bike often.

When it comes to buying a cycling backpack, size is also a key consideration. You need to make sure that the bag you choose will hold everything you plan to pack, without any issues. Other things to look at include reflective detailing for a night ride and features specific to your needs.

We hope we’re able to provide you the best cycling backpack review out of the 3 products we’ve presented. Now, go get that backpack and get back to us and tells us more about it in the comments.

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