The Best Bicycle Hoist on the Market


Biking is one of the most popular ways to stay in shape. If you’re a dedicated bike enthusiast or simply enjoy riding with your family, the best bicycle hoist will help you protect your prized possessions and make the most of valuable floor space.

Cycling has been proven to be an effective way to stay in shape. It is also convenient since it can be done indoors with excellent results as well as outdoors for exercise and adventure. But we can’t deny the fact that cycling is a much more complicated activity and requires more gear than running or swimming. Unlike running where all the gear can be stowed away in a backpack, or swimming where you just need a bathing suit, a bike needs room. A lot of it. It requires a home or garage.

If you have a bike that’s worth thousands of dollars, storing it indoors is a must. Although leaving bikes outside on your property would be ideal, with all the rain and snow in the winter, you wouldn’t want them to rust or corrode. Additionally, keeping them inside protects them from theft.

Aside from floor racks, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and gravity stands, bike hoists are also a great way to store your precious bikes inside and keep them safe. A bike hoist is a pulley system that lifts your bike off the ground for storage. It’s easy to install and can be used for both residential and commercial use. Simply lift your bike by pulling on the rope! This storage method is perfect for garages or rooms with high ceilings since hanging bicycles above won’t pose a risk to those entering or passing.

Need some help finding the best bicycle hoist? In this post, we will show you the ones that we think you might just find perfect for your needs.

1. RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

Best Bicycle Hoist - RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

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With its patented pulley design that lifts the bike vertically, the RAD bike lift stands out as the best bicycle hoist. The RAD bicycle hoist is unlike anything else on the market. It can handle up to 100 pounds, making it ideal for those with lifting or movement restrictions because it removes any strenuous labor involved in putting your bikes away.

Don’t settle for a hoist that can only reach up to 10 feet — this one goes all the way up to 12 feet! There’s a safe locking mechanism to stop the pulley system from slipping, too. This type of pulley system is used all the time for cargo storage and kayak carriers.

With the RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist, you will have an incredible 6 to 8 feet of space under your bicycle. Also, this mount can hold a variety of bikes. It’s not just for individuals; it holds tandem bikes too! Furthermore, if anything goes wrong with the product, the company will replace or repair it free of charge.

The lift is of great quality and works as advertised, but it does have some issues. The screws that come with the lift could be much better. It is a good idea to buy some heavier mounting screws. Some customers have complained about fraying at the ends of the straps, a problem that almost no one will ever encounter. 

This hoist deal is now twice as sweet because you get two for the price of one.

2. Discount Ramps 1-Bike Bicycle Hoist

Best Bicycle Hoist - Discount Ramps 1-Bike Bicycle Hoist

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Hanging a bike from the ceiling is tricky, but not with this another best bicycle hoist for your shed or garage. The pulley system allows you to hang your bike up to 13 feet high without worrying about it accidentally falling. It provides an efficient storage mechanism for outdoor rooms, and it also keeps bikes safely secured, preventing thieves from stealing them.

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This set is easy to set up and includes adjustable claws that can handle a 44-pound bike. Its tie-down bar keeps the bike secure while its ceiling pulleys make the lifting process simple. This set comes with ceiling pulleys, a tie-down bar, pulley hooks, hoist rope, and mounting screws.

This elevation hanger is designed especially to hold bikes up off the floor in garages. It is made of strong materials and keeps bikes safe from scratches and bumps. Some screws will be necessary to attach the product correctly, depending on your garage layout.

3. Racor Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Hoist

Best Bicycle Hoist - Racor Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Hoist

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For any biker who’s looking for the best bicycle hoist, a solid option is the Racor Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Hoist. If you have high ceilings and a lack of floor space, this is an excellent option. So if you live in a house or apartment building, this product could be perfect for you. No doubt that this bike storage system can fit in well anywhere.

One exceptional aspect of this system is that you can set it up in minutes. The manufacturer, Racor, claims it will only take a few minutes to install. I’m betting that if you have the tools ready (screwdriver and drill), then you can get it done within ten minutes.

You will be needing its two brackets to fix it to the roof. These brackets should be secured into an object that is solid and not just plasterboard. If they are not, problems are likely to occur. Next, attach a bracket to the wall and run the cord through it.

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You will see a claw shape bracket attached to the two pulleys hanging on the ceiling. They lock the bike underneath the top tube and seat. To store your bike, first, pull the cord. Then, if the bike is in the air, lift the pulley on the top of each column. Finally, on the fixing bracket, there’s a cord. Use it to secure the bike into place. When you are ready to lower the bike, just repeat the process but do it in reverse.

While the Racor Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Hoist is only able to lift 50 pounds, this is not usually an issue because most bikes weigh less than this. If you have a fat or electric bike, however, it may be tough. Overall, we’re very pleased with this well-made bike hoist design by Racor. If you are considering buying this product, we recommend it. Although the instructions may seem complicated, do read them carefully, and you won’t regret your purchase.


So for the best bicycle hoist, we have a lot of them and the ones above are only a few of our many favorites. All the products listed above are reviewed based on our review, user reviews, and claims made by the manufacturer. We recommend that you rely on our recommendations as well as your research into the quality and price of any bike hoist that you are considering buying. Consider where you’ll hang your bike so that you purchase a bicycle hoist that works for you.

What is the best bicycle hoist for you? What are you looking for in a bike hoist? Have you ever owned one? Let us know in the comments.


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