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You’re here because you want to know which are the best clip on aero bars for triathlon, duathlon, and time-trialing bikes, right? It’s no secret that the best clip on aero bars and tri-bars have become the ‘must have’ item on the tri bike scene. Triathlon bikes are changing rapidly with more and more models coming onto the market with aero bars included.

Clip-on aero bars are the height of luxury and comfort for cyclists who want to go even faster on longer rides. These clip-ons work by giving you an advantage in speed as well as your upper body strength. Have you ever tried to ride a bike with your arms outstretched? It is really hard! That’s why clip-on aero bars were invented. They keep your hands in the center of gravity, which reduces resistance and makes it easier for you because they are not fighting against as much force.

If you want to further maximize your comfort as you ride your bike with the best clip on aero bars, you’ve got to consider riding with the best bicycle bib shorts. Though it’s optional, trust us, it’ll make a lot of difference — in a positive way of course! 

You’ve probably already bought a high-end bicycle since you’re reading this, and we bet you like its lightweight frames, aerodynamic designs, and durable parts because it allows you to go fast and ride efficiently. You may think that you’re the next Lance Armstrong, but if so, it’s time to step up your game. The increase in speed and comfort when you add clip-on aero bars to your bike is amazing. We’ve seen riders go from going 15 kph to being able to crank out 20 or more without any repercussions!

With clip-on aero bars, cyclists can reduce wind resistance and, ultimately, increase their speed. These clip-on aero bars give you the aerodynamic advantage without spending thousands of dollars on a high-performance TT bike or having to painfully balance a standard bar between your hands — neither of which is practical for everyday use. If you’re an athlete, a triathlete, or an avid cyclist, you’re going to love these bars.

Hoping to improve your aerodynamics on your next ride? Installing clip on aero bars will certainly get you noticed on the road. If you’re in need of one of the best aero bars for road bike riding, we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our top picks below.

1. REDSHIFT Quick-Release Clip On Aero Bars

REDSHIFT Quick-Release Clip On Aero Bars

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The Redshift Sports Quick-Release Aerobars are the ultimate in aerodynamic technology. As a rider, you can change your position at a moment’s notice to maximize speed, efficiency, and comfort because even when you don’t have the tools, you can easily attach or detach them. These aero bars give you the ability to ride a comfortable aero position, whether you’re going for a triathlon, a local road race, or a group ride. 

The new quick-release clamp design locks the aero bars in place to make sure that they won’t budge when you’re riding fast down a hill, and with an integrated safety retention mechanism, you can be sure they stay put until you’re ready to remove them from the bike. With tons of adjustability features, it gives you a wide range of positions for maximum comfort.

In the spirit of innovation, REDSHIFT designed these aero bars to be easy to change. They feature adjustable extension reach and pad width so you can always find your perfect fit! They also come with multiple extension shapes that are tailored for all riding styles. For a bit of an extra cost but totally worth it, you can also get the computer mount and water bottle mount that comes with it to complement your aerodynamic positioning, keeping you fueled and hydrated during your longest rides.

Built with the highest quality materials (made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy — the exact same material used in aerospace engineering), these aero bars are designed to fit securely to your bike and ensure they won’t slip during any ride. They require 22 mm (7/8 inch) of cylindrical space on either side of the bicycle stem. And you can use them with a handlebar with 26.0 mm or 31.8 mm in diameters.

2. Profile Designs Airstryke V2 Clip On Aero Bars

Profile Designs Airstryke V2 Clip on Aero Bars

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Out of the three most ergonomically designed clip on aero bars on the market we’ve listed here, these Profile Designs’ Airstryke V2 aero bars are our favorite for their unique armrests. The armrests feature a patented flip-up mechanism that makes it easy to adjust your position during long rides. They’re the most comfortable — you won’t have to worry about pain or numbness in your wrists or shoulders.

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Airstryke V2 aero bars are perfect for those who are looking for one of the best aero bars for road bike riding. With a design that’s sleek and elegant, these 6061-T6 aluminum aero bars will give your bike the performance boost it needs while ensuring your safety. 

Although there are many lightweight options available, the Airstryke V2, weighing 528g, brings a lot to the table. These bar extensions are compatible with 26.0mm and 31.8mm handlebars, providing a secure fit without loosening. Airstryke V2 also includes ski-style extensions that allow you to get a strong grip even on rough terrain. In addition to that, installation is built into the bar itself — no tools are necessary! 

Furthermore, these solidly-made Airstryke V2 aero bars will provide you an enhanced cycling experience. They’re easy to install, and it will take within minutes! You’ll find you have more energy for the ride when you use this aero bar because of its armrests – they make for an easier position while riding up hills without having to constantly switch positions throughout your journey. Using them also creates less drag by making sure air flows smoothly over the rider which increases speed and reduces fatigue during long rides. We guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase.

3. Profile Designs Legacy II Clip On Aero Bar

Profile Designs Legacy II Clip On Aero Bars

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The Profile Legacy is one of the best clip on aero bars for those who can’t or don’t want to spend top dollar on a triathlon bike and still want to participate in triathlons. They work well with regular or oversized handlebars, so they’re convenient for any kind of bike. However, the tribars are not really ideal for carbon bars, so it’s best to be wary of that when buying them.

Single-piece bars can be limiting in terms of positioning, but two-piece versions like the Legacy offers more versatility for a variety of bike builds. You can also set the adjustable arm pads in three different positions — this can help you find a comfortable position that really suits your needs.

The bar position is perfect for beginners — not too low, and not too high. For more experienced riders, you might want to drop the bars a bit lower. You want to get these clip-on aero bars if you want reasonable aerodynamics without sacrificing control. With an aero bar position that’s ergonomically friendly and doesn’t require riders to lean too far over, this bike is perfect for newbies who want to learn how to time trial without feeling like an Olympic athlete.

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You’re going to love Profile Designs’ Legacy II Clip-On Bar, but beware: the arm pads are thicker and harder than traditional clip-on bar pads. Riding with bare arms on a TT is difficult, and when you’re sitting in a steamy jersey all day, you’ll end up pretty sweaty. The aero bars aren’t removable, but they are washable. And one reviewer was kind enough to share that she made something similar herself. So if you’re handy with a sewing machine or have a bit of time on your hands, you could make something similar too.

True to its name, the entry-level clip-on tri bars are sure to provide a good starting point for anyone looking into this type of bicycle accessory. What’s more, they’re not too pricey and offer an easy way (and budget-friendly) way for cyclists who don’t want or need anything fancy.


You’ve been at it for days. Cycling up and down the same hills over and over again, stopping only when you are absolutely exhausted because if to maximize your chances of winning that’s what needs to happen! So as long as cycling is part of your routine this can be a great exercise but by adding clip-on aero bars or upgrading in some other way – like a new Suspension Seatpost—you’ll have more fun than ever before. 

In either case, when used correctly, aero bars can reduce aerodynamic drag, allowing you to go faster with less effort. They’re also a great way to build power and take your training to the next level, helping you achieve new personal bests.

Do you often find yourself with numb hands and sore shoulders and wrists every time you would go for a bike ride? Try investing in one of the best clip on aero bars on our list, and we guarantee you’ll notice a remarkable difference after using them.

Cycling can be a fun hobby, but for many, it’s an expensive and daunting sport. Most will never compete in the Tour de France. But all of us can still enjoy a long and fulfilling riding career with the right equipment and a little dedication.


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