The Best Cruiser Bike Seats Available on the Market

One of the most common problems of biking is uncomfortable seats. They can literally ruin your whole biking experience. Especially on a cruiser bike, uncomfortable seats on a bike that’s made to be ridden leisurely is just a pain that nobody wants.

Happily, there are many options in the market today that can take this particular headache away. Some are expensive, some not so much, but rest assured that more expensive saddles that work particularly well for a cruiser bike set up will offer more features and overall comfort. One always needs to keep in mind that comfort is a subjective experience; what’s comfortable to someone might not be for another. So, really, testing a slew of saddles out before making a purchase is key.

But if you have to buy online, then you should at least take a gander at the roundup below, where we list the saddles that are, in our opinion, the most comfortable on the market, at least where cruiser bikes are concerned.

So, without further ado, here are the best cruiser bike seats available on the market today.

Serfas Full-Suspension Hybrid Bicycle Saddle


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This saddle is pretty popular among bikers, and for a good reason. And the reason is that it is simply one of the most comfortable seats one can buy. In fact, this saddle is highly rated on Amazon and other online stores precisely because those who opt for it find themselves extremely satisfied.

It’s got a bunch of features, like a gel top layer and a spring suspension, to cushion your ride. It also has a groove design (with a good amount of depth) specifically made to keep your, how shall we call it, crown jewels well protected.

Trust us, we’ve tried this saddle, and it is cushy enough to soak up the bumps.

Serfas Super Cruiser Bicycle Saddle


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This is another excellent product by Serfas. And it was made explicitly for cruiser bikes. It’s got the same, excellent, groove design as the Serfas Full-Suspension Hybrid Bicycle Saddle, but this time it’s got a larger seating area, which is especially great for leisurely cruiser bike-riding.

It also has a gel top layer and an elastomer suspension to absorb those road humps on your bike trail.

One reservation might be that it will seat you much higher than the typical bike saddle would just account for how much thicker the saddle is compared to others. But, hey, you can always adjust your seat post, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat


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There is something about the padding and wide design of this seat that makes it orders of magnitude more comfortable than the narrow cruiser bike seats that come already attached to most cruiser bikes. It’s also very affordable, too, which we definitely appreciate.

It has elastomer springs that work really great at absorbing bumps, and the size of the seat has got so much bottom coverage that you are sure to feel the difference. We can definitely recommend this to anyone, but we would especially recommend it to heavier set riders with big bums.

VELO SD Cruiser Saddle


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Schwinn, a name that’s trusted by bicycle riders the world over, released this particular gem for those who’ve carved a special place in their hearts for their bums. It is quilted, too, which doesn’t really add to the comfort, we know, but it does look cool and premium!

Overall, it feels foamy—which will help soak up those bumps—and it has a bunch of coil springs at the rear side that will work to increase your comfort levels even further.

The wide design gives more cushion points for your tush, especially if you’ve got a particularly large tush. This will be a good replacement saddle for your cruiser bike because it doesn’t merely look good (quilted, remember?); it’s also extremely comfortable.

Bell Sports Memory Foam Saddle


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We know what you’re thinking; you think whether that’s the stuff used on high-end pillows. Of course, it is! And, yes, it feels as great as it sounds, too, because this saddle has about two inches of memory foam to keep your bottom protected from those pesky road humps.

And wait, there’s more. It’s got an elastomer suspension and a wide, comfortable design, too, for those with Beyonce-sized bottoms. Also, the groove design has a good amount of depth to protect your crown jewels.

One reservation we have about this bike seat is that when we sat in a somewhat racing position with our torso down, we noticed that the comfort levels dropped significantly. At least for us, we found it hitting two pressure points on our butt cheeks that made it rather uncomfortable. But if you ride upright, like you should on a cruiser bike, then it won’t be an issue because the bike seat will, in fact, be very comfortable when riding in an upright position.

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