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People spend too many hours sitting each day. But sitting for extended periods of time can have a major impact on your health. Under desk bicycle pedals let you exercise your legs even when you’re sitting at your desk. The best pedal exercisers can be used to help build muscle, burn calories, and improve blood circulation in your legs — helping to prevent long-term damage caused by sitting all day long. 

You’re the type of person to manage a dozen tasks at once, and it shows in your work. You thrive under pressure, and deadlines are your kryptonite. Unfortunately, those long hours in front of a computer aren’t burning as many calories as you might need to stay healthy.

Considering how many different things we all have to deal with on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that going to the gym can often seem like a distant fantasy. Between the grind of work and the unending stresses of life, I bet you can hardly have a really good sleep. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy; in fact, it makes it all the more important that you are.

But that’s all going to change now. Amazing new under desk bicycle pedals are making it possible to burn calories, boost your energy levels, and get fit without taking any time away from your desk. Imagine that.

This isn’t some cheaply-made piece of exercise equipment or one of those weird, expensive machines that promise to give you a six-pack without any effort. Just like bikes on a trainer stand, recumbent exercise bikes, and spin bikes, under desk bicycle pedals are all built to last and are real workout machines that deliver real results. You don’t even need to get on cable TV or pay a monthly subscription fee for every kind of workout you want to do.

You can find many under desk bicycle pedals on the market, but they are often poorly made and too bulky to keep under your desk. The right under desk bicycle pedal should seamlessly integrate into your workspace while providing a gentle workout that keeps you fit. 

After completing extensive research and consulting fitness experts, we’ve determined that the following are the top under desk bicycle pedals on the market. With comfort, high-quality fitness, and a reasonable price, these will help you stay in shape while sitting at work.

1. Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser 

Under Desk Bicycle Pedals - Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

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If you suffer from a weak core or unsteady legs, there’s a high chance that your doctor has recommended Physical Therapy. Now, there’s an easier and more convenient way of doing the necessary exercises — the Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser is one of the best under desk bicycle pedals that will let you pedal at your own pace while watching your favorite TV program. It has been specifically designed for home use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate.

Sit at your office desk for an entire day, and you’ll realize how stiff and sore you feel from stress. Placing this exercise equipment under your desk and just start pedaling will help to keep your blood flowing, your muscles toned, and your body healthy as you prepare for that big deadline you have to hit. It’s also a great way to tone your arm if you’d like.

With this pedal exerciser, you can instantly count the number of cycles and calories you’ve burned. The multi-functional digital LCD display allows you to do this. Moreover, the machine will fold into a compact unit, enabling you to bring it anywhere or store it without hassle.

And yes! Instead of grabbing that remote or getting your phone, exercising with your favorite activity is now possible. It’s never been easier to exercise as you watch a movie, read a book, munch some snacks, or do deskwork. Gone are the days when you had to choose between them. The adjustable knob allows you to control the level of resistance, workout intensity, and time you wish to spend on the exercise.

Vaunn’s Pedal Exerciser provides a low-impact, great workout with minimal effort on your part. With non-skid ribbed rubber feet, you can be confident in knowing that your feet won’t slip or slide as you pedal. However, it is very important to note that it’s not for rigorous use.

All in all, this pedal exerciser is well worth the price. For under $60, you can bring this pedal exerciser with you wherever you want and use it — whether in your office during a shift or in your home. It’s lightweight and quiet, so you can use it all day long without bothering others. We have no doubts that this under desk bicycle pedal exerciser will change your life for the better. But don’t just take our word for it — try it yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

2. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser 

Under Desk Bicycle Pedals - DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

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The DeskCycle could be the best under desk pedal exerciser for people of all heights, as it has the lowest pedal height in its class. This means that it is accessible to more people than any other mini exercise bike.

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There are quite a few problems to using under desk bicycle pedals, but the principal problem most people have is the pedals being placed too high. If you place your pedals too high, you risk hitting your knees on the top of your desk. This makes any under-desk exercise bike worthless. The pedals on the mini exercise bike are placed at such a level that they don’t impede your ability to do deskwork comfortably.

The DeskCycle 2 also comes with eight different resistance levels and fitness tracking features. And you can also use the DeskCycle app to track your progress on the bike, in addition to your calories, steps, etc. It’s completely integrated with Fitbit to give you a holistic view of your health. You can check your heart rate at a glance on your own desk! The clear, digital display is removable, so you can place it right where you are working. You can easily keep track of progress without having to haul your computer out from under your desk.

Designed to be sturdy and stable, DeskCycle 2 will make your pedaling experience comfortable and enjoyable — but this sturdiness comes at a cost. Because it’s heavy and has wide legs, carrying the bike from one place to another can be a hassle. This doesn’t matter when you know that it has a Kensington lock slot that you can use to keep your bike safe overnight. Overall, the DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser is well worth the price and will certainly let you enjoy your under-desk biking experience every single time.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike 

Under Desk Bicycle Pedals - Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

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The Sunny Health Fitness desk cycle is a great option for customers looking for one of the best under desk bicycle pedals to help them stay active while they work. With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating from customers who have tried it out, this piece of equipment will definitely get you where you want to be with your health goals.

Built with you in mind, this under desk bike is a simple and affordable piece of exercise equipment that lets you add lower body movement to your day. And since you won’t be standing, your joints will love it. The 7” stride length and the 3.52 lb. flywheel give each pedal stroke smooth momentum — there are no clunky or jerky motions as you pedal.

This under-desk bicycle pedal exerciser is compact and easy to store — it only measures 10.5 inches tall and 20.5 inches long, which means it can easily fit under a desk without being in the way. Plus, its integrated handgrip makes it easy to lift when you want to move it to a new spot.

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And now, we’re getting into some of the best parts.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike is designed to provide an effective low-impact workout. Its eight levels of magnetic resistance make it possible to adjust the bike’s intensity to suit your fitness level, and the resistance can be easily changed with the turn of a dial. With each level, you can burn more calories while making sure that you are exercising safely.

You can also use this pedal exerciser on a desk-level surface to develop upper-body strength. As you pedal forward and backward, engage your back, chest, and shoulder muscles — and just like that, you’ll have hit the gym for a full workout. 

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 is one of the best under desk bicycle pedals that money can buy — so don’t delay, go get yours today!

Before we wrap it up, since you’ve come here, you might be also interested in the best exercise bike for seniors. Check it out and you might find one for you or for your old folks. And if you prefer exercising with a bike but can’t go out to ride it, we also wrote an article discussing how you can turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike. Check it out also.


Under desk bicycle pedals provide an excellent way to get more exercise while sitting. Using one of the exercise bicycle pedals above can give your legs a great workout, which is perfect for overall health and wellness. Although every bike on our list above is a high-quality product, the DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser is our top pick because of its ease of use and adjustability. It’s also well-built, but if you’re looking for a lower-priced option, the Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser might be the right choice for you. It’s easy to use, but it doesn’t offer the same degree of adjustability as the DeskCycle or other options on our list. 

We hope that this article helps you make a more informed decision about which under desk bicycle pedal exercise equipment to choose.

Happy Pedaling!


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