Evil Mountain Bikes: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Evil Mountain Bikes The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to an in-depth look at the various models of Evil mountain bikes. To help you choose which one suits your riding style best, we’ve gone over the technical specs of each bike in detail and analyzed the features that make them so great. 

Evil has made the choice easier for you, with the widest array of hard-hitting bikes in the industry. Their full line of Evil trail bikes delivers the right tool for the mission, whether that’s a 27.5″ wheeled hardtail that will help you conquer the hardest trails or an agile 29″ suspension machine that will rail through technical sections and sail over tricky climbs. 

For those of you who aren’t fond of Evil bikes, Pivot mountain bikes are another premium bike lineup from another brand that is worth checking out.

The Evil Bikes Story

Iron Horse bikes had everything going for it — a revolutionary suspension system, a visionary designer and industry stalwart, and an innovative business plan. But even with all of these advantages, the brand couldn’t shake the recession and filed for bankruptcy in early 2009.

The team behind Iron Horse Bikes — the first brand to use Dave Weagle’s suspension system — formed a new company now called Evil, with the goal of developing Todd Seplavy’s vision of a bike that lets riders of all levels explore rugged terrain. Using Kevin Walsh’s experience in design and Weagle’s suspension technology, Evil created a tough-as-nails hardtail that can handle anything.

The three founders of Evil Bikes wanted to make it evident that they were different from the rest of the market. They aimed to focus on the experience of riding bikes and less on how a bike works and functions. Together, they created a brand that is welcoming, supportive, and fun — and goes against the grain of current trends in mountain biking.

Evil Bikes has grown in popularity over the years. It has won races and taken over trails with their innovative designs and top-tier performance. Riders actually believe in the brand — something that its founder Alex Walsh takes pride in. Evil doesn’t hire marketing firms, because there’s no need to; the bikes sell themselves.

Mountain biking is becoming more and more diverse — there’s no longer just one style. In fact, the sport is so diverse that there isn’t even one way to describe it. Instead of aiming for one standard, Evil maintains its love for all types of riders with a wide roster of bikes that serve a slew of different riding styles.

What Makes Evil Mountain Bikes So Popular?

Evil’s bikes are born in a small workshop in the city of Seattle. They’re made for riders who meet life head-on. For cyclists that want to put a little evil in their day. For people who aren’t afraid to push the limits of what their bike can do. With an eye-catching design and high-quality carbon fiber, Evil mountain bikes are built for speed and durability.

Delta Suspension System

Delta Suspension System offers an efficient pedaling position and a smooth, supple ride. An innovative floating shock mount helps you generate pedal-power more efficiently and effectively — with less suspension bob.

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Powerful suspension and steering are just some of the benefits provided by a Delta Suspension System design. By using a series of linkages to keep the wheel at a constant angle rather than a constant distance from the vehicle body, the suspension is able to react quickly to bumps in the road surface or turns in the road.

The Flip Chip

Customizing your ride is easier and more accessible than ever before. A simple flip of the chip manipulates the position of bearing bores on the linkage, changing the bottom bracket height and the head angle. This customization also allows riders to determine their preferred balance between pedaling efficiency and uphill ability while maintaining a consistent leverage rate throughout every ride.

Top 3 Best Evil Mountain Bikes

If you’re looking for mountain bikes, Evil has some of the best options out there. They’re high-quality bicycles that can handle almost any type of terrain. With front suspension, disc brakes, and wide tires, there’s nothing these bikes can’t handle. To find out what the top 5 best Evil Mountain bikes of 2021 are, keep reading.

1. The Wreckoning  

Evil Mountain Bikes: The Wreckoning

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The Wreckoning is made for turning backcountry lines into playgrounds. Its long, supple front and rear travel let you push your stoke levels to the maximum while fighting gravity on technical descents. And it doesn’t just help you get down the mountain — it lets you enjoy the climb by maximizing its efficiency on steep sections. The Wreckoning is one of Evil’s bestsellers, and for good reason. This big-wheeled shredder can hang with the 27.5 crowds; it’s not just a bruiser.

The Wreckoning is an all-mountain beast that makes everything seem small. With its 170mm fork, 29er wheels, and three suspension options so you can choose exactly how much travel you need, it’s versatile enough to handle any terrain. This bike isn’t just for cutting through the trees — it puts you in perfect control over every inch of the trail, letting you push harder than ever.

Gravity is the driving force behind the Wreckoning, but it’s a friendly ride on climbs thanks to its short chainstays. The Wreckoning practically begs you to slash berms and drift corners, and with a little practice, you’ll have this bike mastered in no time.

2. The Following  

The Following

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The Following was first introduced a couple of years back as a radical new addition to the Evil family. The short travel, big wheels, and low and slack geometry – while a bit odd combination, making it a unique option for trail riders who wanted their mountain bike to play both ends of the spectrum. With a massive rollout, Evil has completely revamped the feel and performance of its innovative bike in order to create an even more capable ride. Quiver heretics that love their big wheels but still want to shred technical terrain will be psyched.

Few bikes were built for long days in the saddle, but this Evil 29er is one of them. Its geometry is designed to make you feel centered on the bike, which leads to more control and quicker cornering. The bike’s 430mm chainstays provide nimble handling and pedaling, while its longer reach increases stability at speed. 

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This rig features Trunnion shock mounting, which is basically a fancy way of saying that the suspension components are oriented differently from conventional designs. Why this matters: the initial stroke is much smoother; the suspension can be more active throughout its travel, and it allows you to really tune it into exactly what you need for your off-road adventures.

Now featuring Boost rear axle spacing, The Following allows you to choose from a wider range of compatible wheels and tires than ever before. The new design also makes your ride stiffer, stronger, and more efficient. The bike comes standard with 27.5+ wheels and tires, which give you incomparable traction over rough terrain and ensure stability even in off-road situations. To maximize these benefits, the frame is equipped with a threaded bottom bracket for optimal performance and water bottle mounts to keep you hydrated for hours of riding fun.

3. The Calling  

The Calling

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The Following inspired Evil to design the Calling, a bike that invites rowdy shredding in a playful manner. With 27.5-inch wheels and aggressive geometry, the Calling is designed to offer speed shredding in a light package.

The DELTA single-pivot design takes the best qualities of 130 mm and 150 mm bikes, combines them, then adds its own unique ride characteristics — making it a true hybrid of high climbing efficiency with a downhill carving feel. The DELTA Single Pivot provides DH-ready performance without sacrificing comfort on long rides.

No matter how big or small the obstacles, The Calling will smoothly carry you over any hill, around any corner, and down any line. The bike’s geometry was engineered to accommodate a wide range of body types and riding styles — from aggressive descending to playful jumping. Its downhill-worthy components are paired with an agile frame design for all-terrain capabilities.

If you’re looking for a bicycle brand to match the awesomeness of Evil Cycles, check out Yeti Cycles.

4. The Offering  

The Offering

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The Offering’s story is rife with contradiction: it’s a lightweight beast that’s ready for anything, but also welcomes new riders into the fray. With 29-inch wheels, a 150mm fork, and 140mm of rear travel, the Offering takes on more technical trails with ease—it can do most of the Wreckoning’s work while its longer reach and slacker head tube angle keeps it playful on the Following. 

The Following and Wreckoning were born out of Evil’s desire to create a single bike that would be capable of conquering any terrain. The Offering is the final product of this idea, mixing the long-travel suspension with the agility and stability of the shorter travel bikes. The development of the Offering was integral in reshaping what riders could expect from Evil — lowering the bar for entry-level bikes and raising it for bikes at every price point.

The bike’s geometry has been modified to be more fun, yet keep the downhill shredding ability. The seat angle has been steepened to 76° for climbing efficiency, and the bike’s rear end is positively locked down with a single-pivot linkage. This prevents any pedal bobs, leaving you with a playful and efficient downhill machine.

When the trail gets rough, you want to have your bike working for you rather than against you. The 29er’s larger wheels help you plow through rocky sections and ride over roots, keeping you in control at all times. The longer wheelbase also improves the bike’s stability and its ability to negotiate switchbacks, keeping you on track even when things get tricky. 

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5. The Insurgent  

The Insurgent

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The Insurgent LB is the perfect addition to any playfully independent trail bike quiver. It’s light, agile and it will shred every descent you point it down. New for this year are wider Boost axles and a more responsive suspension — the best way to improve a good thing is to make it better.

The top tube is longer. The head angle is slacker. The stays are shorter. And yet, it still has the same riding position you know and love from its predecessor. It’s the bike that had you searching for new trails in the first place: nimble, responsive, and super-capable. But new 27.5 wheels and a Boost axle spacing keep it quick, agile, and more stable than ever before.

The bike’s 151mm rear travel ensures a smooth, forgiving ride. With a 170mm fork and different shock options, the frame accommodates riders of almost any size. Install a BOOST spacing rear axle, and take advantage of its lightweight. The two settings on the bottom bracket adjusting Flip Chip adjust the geometry to suit your riding style. Choose between white and black colors, or green and blue if you prefer to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to hit the trail but don’t want to splash out on a premium brand, at least check out this list of great Schwinn mountain bikes.


The Evil range offers hard-charging bikes that will tackle all sorts of terrain. When you want to go as big and as far as you possibly can – sometimes even to the point of risking bodily injury – the Wreckoning is your best friend. 

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that will let you shred up the competition, look no further than the Evil Following. This incredibly versatile, powerful bike is ready to take on any terrain, from dirt and mud to packed snow. The Following has a high-quality build that will leave you feeling unstoppable.

For speed demons, the pace is about to pick up. Sight the Insurgent LB. This lightning-quick hardtail will blow your mind with its unmatched efficiency and precision. Want to get to the top of the mountain first? Go ahead — blast off past all of those death-defying switchbacks with an agile lightweight frame and Delta System Suspension. Not only will you reach the summit first, but you’ll look damn good doing it.

If you want to crush trail obstacles and roam through the woods, achieve new heights, destroy turns, and conquer exhilarating descents, then the Offering is the bike for you. If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves to push boundaries, the Calling is for you: it’s a downhill bike that’s sturdy enough to handle all of your wildest stunts.

By now, I’m sure that you have a pretty good idea of what you want in terms of Evil mountain bikes. After all, nobody knows your needs better than you. If not, feel free to have a look at our review of each model again or contact us for more information about any of the Evil mountain bikes listed here.

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