Is Nishiki a Good Bike to Buy or Not? Buying Guide

You must be wondering whether is Nishiki a good bike brand to buy your new bike from or not. Well, one thing is for sure: Nishiki is a brand strongly associated with various kinds of best value bicycles including vintage trekking, comfort, and touring bikes. What’s more is the company also makes bikes for cruising, racing, and off-road cycling. But is Nishiki a good bike brand?

To as whether is Nishiki a good bike or not is a lot like asking whether their bikes are the best possible options for everyone. Well, are they?

Is Nishiki a Good Bike to Buy or Not? Reviews + Buying Guide

Just like other bikes, Nishiki bikes don’t come flawless. Let’s explore some of the problems and then maybe all we’ve talked about should be able to convince you to see past these flaws with an overall positive impression of the brand.

And that’s what will help you out in deciding whether is Nishiki a good bike brand or not. As for recommendations for the best Nishiki bikes, you’ll discover a buying guide here that you can reference to find good quality rides at reasonable prices. There are also some Nishiki bikes reviewed here which you might find the ideal for your cycling experience.


Kobe’s Kawamura Factory in Japan is where Nishiki got its brand name. The bicycles that the company exports overseas are called Nishiki, and their more budget-oriented bicycles for customers in Japan are known simply as Kawamura.

It was only in the 70s that Nishiki bikes were actually known and brought over by West Coast Cycles. Before that, there was not much said about them in the US – except of course for those who had a chance to acquire one.

So for the remaining years of the 1980s, the American bicycle company Derby cycles put out Nishiki bikes produced by Kawamura. Only in 1989, when the owner of Derby ultimately decided to produce his own new Nishiki models outside Japan without cooperation from Kawamura the corporation of Derby (probably thinking this would result in fixing defects and mistakes), began to use model names identical to those bicycles built by Kawamura.

American Derby bicycles rebranded as Cyclepro when Derby needed to establish a presence outside of their home country of America. The name for the mail-order and department store bicycle brand was taken from their former branch that had been well known in the states.

There were several instances where Nishikis started popping up with “Cyclepro” on them here and there – causing a bit of commotion among Nishiki collectors… However, it seems that after 2001, “Cyclepro” fell off the face of the earth.

Nishiki Europe is an international network of bicycle distributors that work together to sell Nishiki’s products overseas. The members of the team range from individual agents who coordinate retail operations in their own cities and countries, to larger partners who play a key role in Nishiki’s distribution throughout many different areas.

What You’ll Like About Nishiki Bicycles

Nishiki bikes come with nifty features that make bike riding more enjoyable than if you did not have them.  Here’s a look at some of their features to help you know whether is Nishiki a good bike brand or not.

Their bikes tend to have extremely sturdy and reliable frames, designed to withstand even the most aggressive riding while capable of carrying heavy loads.

They have a geometry designed to be beginner-friendly, and this means you can easily hop on and off no matter your fitness level or cycling skill. If you’re new to cycling, these bikes will help you get into the groove without ever feeling strained, nervous, or frustrated no matter what obstacles may come your way.

This brand has an array of styles and designs to accommodate customer needs, with the appropriate models available for everyone from kids to adults.

Nishiki bikes, their comfort and trekking bikes, in particular, are reliable vehicles with a vintage-styled design. They usually include front and rear fenders, rare racks, chain guards, and other classic extra accessories.

Nishiki offers a broad range of bikes that can accommodate the special needs of women. The cycles feature frames with a step-thru design to better accommodate women.

And you’d be impressed by the fact that Nishiki bikes are incredibly affordable. Nishiki is a company that was built with your budget in mind. They don’t just design their bike prices around you; they design their bikes around your budget as well.  And that’s what makes them so great.

What You Won’t Like About Nishiki Bicycles

Nishiki bicycles also received a few concerns and complaints. Hopefully, this should also help you determine whether is Nishiki a good bike brand or not.

Nishiki bikes, their mountain and comfort two-wheels in particular, tend to be heavier or bulkier than other options. Most of these retail at about 30 pounds, which makes them somewhat on the heavier side. However, certain exceptions do exist like their road cycles, trekking bikes, and race options.

Nishiki bikes aren’t top of the line, given their inexpensive price tag. Some customers complained about the brakes of some of their bikes being weak, and some came with seats that are a bit too hard. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a kickstand on some of their bikes.

So, Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand to Buy New Bike From?

If you like classic bikes and have been asking if is Nishiki a good bike brand or not, Nishiki will be able to provide what you need. They also have products are also that are right on your budget. Plus, it’s rare to see how their bikes are of quality given the price range.

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For the seating and the brakes, you can upgrade them so that the seat has more cushioning since many found this feature to be not comfy enough and the brakes for better grip on the surface.

If you’re a pro or serious about cycling, you should look elsewhere because Nishiki bicycles are more ideal for casual riders and less aggressive riding. So, if you’re looking for a bike that can take you to the next level, consider other options like Mongoose or Vilano.

Best Nishiki Bikes & Alternatives

Nishiki makes the most budget-friendly road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, and hybrid bikes, and the following are favorites and the most frequently purchased ones:

Mountain Bikes

So there are a lot of things to say about Nishiki, but in terms of mountain bikes, is Nishiki a good bike brand?

Products like Nishiki’s mountain bikes are just the kind of companion you need for rugged trails and rigorous off-road exploring. These mountain bikes aren’t only great for harder days of work but also can take you along any kind of trail, be they straight and narrow or wildly bumpy.

Nishiki has worked extra hard with their new generation of MTBs to ensure customers get the fastest, smoothest ride possible. They’ve equipped their off-road bikes with knobby tires so riders can comfortably ride with excellent control and the ability to get through rough terrain.

And impressively, the front wheel or both wheels come with a suspension for a more cushioned ride against the unforgiving potholes and bumps. The Nishiki Boys Pueblo is a superb mountain bike that will amaze you not just for its suspension but in many ways.

Nishiki 24″ Boys Pueblo Mountain Bike

Nishiki 24" Boys Pueblo Mountain Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

At Nishiki, they have an MTB selection for those who are around 10+ years old. The wheel size is typically 24 inches in diameter and would suit anyone who stands anywhere from 4’6” to 5’5” inches tall.

This mountain bike with a frame made of steel can get its rider up the hills easily, owing to its remarkably dependable 40mm Travel fork that consistently keeps its riders feeling some relief over any bumpy terrains.

It’s very easy to engage its Alloy linear-pull brakes and they provide excellent braking power. And there’s also its Steel flat handlebar that is both ergonomic and reliable just like its light and strong steel seat.

This cute beast comes in at about 34 pounds. And kids will love how easy it is to take them on any adventure. Plus, its Shimano Revo twist shifters work well in tackling and climbing hills with ease.

Overall, the Boys Pueblo won’t leave you disappointed given its reliable 24-inch wheels, steel seat and frame; linear-pull brakes, front suspension fork, and Shimano Revo twist shifters.

Some customers did find a flaw in the bike’s frame. The frame is a bit heavy for its size. When you take into account its wheels and tires, gears, and other components, it’ll be a struggle for the bike to reach any technical inclines let alone make any real headway in a competitive field of MTB competitors.

MOONCOOL 24″ Mountain Bike

MOONCOOL 24" Mountain Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

If you want a mountain bike from a different brand that has the same features as the Nishiki 24-inch Boys Pueblo, consider the MOONCOOL 24-inch Mountain Bike and you’d be getting not just a strong Boys Pueblo contender, but a bad boy with a unique frame design wrapped in a stylish Spring Green color!

Nishiki Road Bikes

Now, is Nishiki a good bike brand when it comes to their road bikes?

Let’s find out!

If you want to experience a comfortable ride on paved roads, Nishiki also has models that’ll fit you perfectly. Whether you’re using them for touring, racing, or fun in general, you’ll always find Nishikis a safe bet.

The geometry of the frames of these Nishiki road bikes and their handlebars allow for them to be cycled on a more aerodynamic basis, and when used with skinny tires, they can give the rider a faster ride.

The bikes are lightweight and easy to handle, which also means they’re fast. However, they don’t have suspensions like Nishiki mountain bikes, so they’re not the best fit for bumpy country roads unless you have a particularly smooth road ahead.

The Manitoba Road Bike is an excellent two-wheel ride by Nishiki.

Nishiki Manitoba Road Bike

Nishiki Manitoba Road Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

The Manitoba Road Bike comes with a design meant for racing and has a double-butted frame made of aluminum and flat handlebars for more fluid control.

Thanks to its Hi-Ten steel straight blade forks, the Manitoba perfect is able to withstand bumps and remain sturdy on the road. This bike also has a 7-speed EZ fire trigger gear system by Shimano which makes it easy to handle both uphill and downhill climbs in a steady manner.

The double-wall rims are made extra strong thanks to the 14 gauge maintaining their integrity when carrying enormous amounts of weight. The performance-style seat makes the ride more comfortable when racing, and when combined with the Promax linear-pull brakes, both give Manitoba and its rider a smooth ride like never before.

A lot of customers found the Manitoba a wonderful purchase and a great ride thanks to its double-butted aluminum frame, Hi-Ten steel straight blade forks, flat bars, double-wall 14-gauge rims, Shimano EZ fire trigger, a performance-style seat, and Promax linear-pull brakes.

But if you want something better than Manitoba, know that the OBK Road Bike by EUROBIKE is one of the best affordable road bikes on the market.


EUROBIKE 700C OBK Road Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

How is the OBK better? Well, it comes with a drop handlebar which is what road bikers often prefer. OBK is also one of the finest models in the 700C series. Throughout the years, this model has been hugely a hit to budget-minded consumers.

Aside from 21 speeds, which despite the name may not actually change too many times at all, comes with a kickstand and tools needed for upkeep – which only adds to the value of what you’re getting here. The specs for this bike are also amazing and allow owners/riders to focus on building up their own strength as well as working on their stamina.

And it’s incredibly affordable compared to Manitoba!

Nishiki Hybrid Bikes

Looking for an entry-level road and mountain bike but don’t have the money for either? Then you asked, “Is Nishiki a good bike brand to browse for my ideal bike?” Well, Nishiki may have a solution for you. They also offer an all-terrain bike, also known as a comfort bike or hybrid bike, which provides features of both MTBs and road bikes.

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A hybrid bike is an amazing way to combine all the benefits of owning a mountain bike, like fun and excitement when going up to large hills, and a road bicycle for speed and efficiency. A hybrid bicycle will bring the world of outdoor adventures and road cycling together.

With hybrids, you’ll be able to ride in comfort on the road and unpaved terrain and make short tours, making them a decent choice for commuting and casual riding. These bikes have a front suspension, knobby tires, and flat bars just like their mountain bike counterparts.

One of the best hybrid options out there with women in mind is the Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Hybrid.

Nishiki Tamarack Comfort Bike

Nishiki Women's Tamarack Comfort Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

This one will put an end to a query arguing whether is Nishiki a good bike brand for women or not, taking their hybrids into consideration. If you’re hoping to find a comfortable and easy-to-use commuter hybrid, there’s no better option than this Nishiki Women’s Tamarack.

This hybrid bicycle is your best bet if you’re a cyclist who likes to go off the beaten track. Its front suspension absorbs heavy impact and adjustable linear-pull brakes ensure that you can grip the handlebars with confidence in any weather conditions.

The 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain ensures you can tackle minor hills, while the heat-treated steel frame ensures your bike lasts. Amazingly, its unique saddle and shape work well together to help provide anyone who rides it with unmatched comfort. Moreover, the seat features a suspension that helps you ride over bumps with less or no impact at all.

Overall, it’s the 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, the front suspension, the soft-gel saddle, the adjustable linear-pull brakes, and the heat-treated steel frame that makes the Nishiki Tamarack a wonderful hybrid to many female users.

A great alternative to Nishiki’s Tamarack for women is Schwinn’s Discover Hybrid Bike.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike features a rear-mounted carrier that provides room for carrying things like large messenger bags or simply groceries while its fenders help protect you from grit and splashes. It boasts 21-speed shifters with a rear derailleur that makes gear changes more precise.

And anyone looking for a great hybrid alternative to Nishiki’s will find the Schwinn Discover a worthy buy – the fact that it can be ridden by both men and women!

Nishiki Trekking Bikes

But what about when it comes to trekking bikes, is Nishiki a good bike brand that will provide you such a ride?

The thing is…

While comfort bikes are hybrids of mountain and road bikes, trekking bikes are hybrids of the two (mountain bike and road bike) with a bonus of a touring bike’s performance. Trekking bikes are more versatile than comfort bikes, and make a great choice for all-rounders. Their suspension is powerful, allowing you to smoothen any bumps you’ll encounter.

They have a wide range of gear, making them an all-around decent choice for commuters. Their handlebars are usually flat, and they favor an upright riding position. They often come fitted with mud flaps, pannier racks, kickstands, or chain guards.

The Nishiki Master N8 Trekking Bike is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a trekking bike from Nishiki.

Nishiki Master N8 Trekking Bike

Nishiki Master N8 Trekking Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

This Nishiki Trekking Master N8 bike has an aluminum frame, which is lightweight and perfect for touring. The Linear pull brakes are easy to use and allow you to stop up close to corners when the trail gets tight. If you manage to get in a few races off-road, then you’ll have no problems bringing your bike home with its 40 mm travel fork to absorb those nasty bumps.

A trekking bike with skinny 700c tires, Master N8 will allow you to enjoy the efficient and speedy ride of a road bike. And thanks to its ergonomic seat, this bike will also make you feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition to this, the bike features a premium Shimano hub geared internally to match its lightweight wheels for a stable ride.

If you ask, “Is Nishiki a good bike brand to get your trekking bike from?” Think of Master N8 and its internally-geared Shimano hub, touring-style aluminum frame, 40mm travel fork, linear-pull and coaster brakes, ergonomic seat, and skinny 700c tires.

Nishiki Electric Bikes

The Nishiki Company also has a variety of other bicycle models for racing and for those who want to tour around the neighborhood in classic. And they managed to even create motorized bicycles in the e-bike era before falling quite in the market.

Nishiki Escalante Electric Bike

Nishiki Escalante Electric Bike - Is Nishiki a Good Bike Brand

If you’re stuck with riding your kids around the neighborhood and find yourself stressing about it over and over again, then you need an Escalante.

From a 27.5-inch wheel that swivels as well as 136mm Krayton Rubber for tight grips to a 36v Lithium-Ion battery with 350W 40Nm power for efficient motorized ride assistance, it has everything you need to get around in style.

This bike gets great mileage on both motor and battery and is incredibly easy to ride and simple from the very start. The Electric Assist Package comes included and can be adjusted easily for road or mountain travel as you like.

The Nishiki Escalante Electric Bike will arrive at you well-packaged. The bike consists of sturdy parts, with all the paint protected by padding and thick cardboard. Once you receive the bike, it should be in greatly-prepared condition so that assembly will be a snap.

The electrical parts are preinstalled, as well as all of the brakes and brake lines, which means that you should have everything in place once you take your first look at it.

It should take you no more than 15 minutes to attach seat posts, handlebars, and pedals, along with other simple pieces like ensuring that the chain works easily without too much resistance or working out any manufacturing defects. You might want to upgrade the seat, otherwise a great bike for a decent value.

Buying Guide for the Best Nishiki Bike

When you’re a bicycle enthusiast, it is important to consider various factors when looking for the bicycle of your dreams. And if you’re considering buying one from the Nishiki brand, you need to ask yourself, “Is Nishiki a good bike brand to get your bike from?” So please also consider asking yourself the following questions below so you know what you’re looking for.

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How do you cycle?

The Nishiki bike you’re after depends on what kind of road or off-road terrain you are riding it on. If you’re looking to get a single bike that can work wonders in city areas and easy mountainous trails alike, consider getting a customized Nishiki road bike.

When you want rugged machines to conquer those narrow dirt trails, Nishiki will also provide you with an excellent MTB option. However, depending on your commute situation or planned activities, a Nishiki hybrid or trekking bike will also fit the bill.

So when it comes to choosing the best Nishiki two-wheel vehicle, you also need to think about your cycling styles and abilities and take them into consideration.

How strong should it be?

You want to purchase a Nishiki bike with a frame that can hold your weight, resist rusting, and won’t be cumbersome to ride. Then, you might want to choose carbon fiber frames for the best or a double-butted aluminum one as a decent alternative – both of which are extremely light.

You can also opt for hi-ten steel – the fact that it’s also durable and rust-resistant. BUT, keep in mind that it can never beat carbon fiber or aluminum when it comes down to lightweightness.

How good should the stopping power be?

You want brakes on your bike to be reliable and as powerful as possible, but making sure you’re getting that kind of performance out of a brake is an important factor in deciding which types will suit you best.

It all begins with evaluating the type you’ll need to take into account if they are meant for use on hybrid bikes or road bikes, or even mountain bikes or fixed gear cycles.

Bicycles from Nishiki have a lot of different types of brakes. There are linear-pull brakes, disc brakes, cantilever brakes, and v-brakes. These different types of brakes perform differently in various situations, with high-quality brakes being disc brakes, especially hydraulic ones!

If your bike will equip the other types of brakes, there’s a chance that you might get them an upgrade later, which is something you want to avoid as much as possible.

How comfortable?

Comfort is fundamentally key for a bicycle rider, and it’s something that comes in many forms. For example, the bike seat should provide sufficient padding, while also taking the right form so that your body fits comfortably atop it.

Handlebars come in many varieties. You want a handlebar bike with good grips and a proper rise. And then there’s the bike suspension, which is also very important so you’re protected against the impact of hitting bumps and potholes.

What other features are you looking for?

Depending on your cycling needs and preferences, you will want to make sure that your Nishiki contains all of the necessary extras to satisfy you completely. It could be that you want a model that will include water mounts. And if you’re commuting by bicycle, make sure to invest in a rack behind, some fenders, and reflective pedals first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Nishiki?

West Coast Cycle, a California-based manufacturer, owns Nishiki. Although West Coast Cycle is currently running the bike brand, it’s not the original owner though. Japan is where the bike brand Nishiki originated, and it was Kawamura Cycle who used to run it.

What Does “Nishiki” Really Mean?

Nishiki is a Japanese word that translates to brocade or a red repetition.

Between Nishiki and Schwinn, Which is Better?

Both Schwinn and Nishiki are great brands that manufacture beginner-friendly bicycles that are priced fairly.

In terms of comfort, Schwinn bikes fall a bit behind Nishiki bikes. The Nishiki suspension is firmer, allowing you to take on any road or path that comes your way.

Still, Schwinns tend to beat Nishikis when it comes to lightweightness. On top of that, Schwinn tends to cover a wider range of models.

Who Makes Nishiki Bikes?

The American-based bicycle company, West Coast cycles produce and markets Nishiki bikes. The Nishiki bikes have a long history dating back to their introduction when the Kawamura Cycle, a giant bicycle company based in Japan, manufactured them.

Do Old Nishiki Bikes Still Hold Up Today?

Nishiki bicycles mostly come with a vintage design. This exotic, classic look separates the brand from other more mainstream brands on the market. The Nishiki brand also offers rides for new and aspiring cyclists, and these bikes come with a price tag that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So, is Nishiki a good bike brand and will getting their old bikes be worth it? Well, you know for sure that all that has been discussed here from the pros to the cons – all lead to the fact that Nishiki bikes still make a good choice.

Are Nishiki Bikes Still Worth It Now?

Nishiki is a fantastic bike brand that offers its customers a variety of affordable benefits. From young children to the more mature, they don’t leave anyone out! They have products that cater to women and men and are sure to be enjoyed by all.

But when you think of the design, Nishiki cycles are solid and user-friendly, which makes them a safe option for ride enthusiasts.

Nishiki bikes are more than decent. Considering their performance and what they offer, you can without a doubt say that Nishiki is a respectable brand.


For someone just starting or looking for a great value, Nishiki bicycles are an attractive choice, boasting vintage style and affordability for those just getting their feet wet in the cycling world.

Nishiki has been credited with manufacturing some of the finest affordable beginner-friendly entry-level two-wheel pedal rides on the market. Their elegant vintage look is distinctive yet unpretentious, and the attention to detail in the engineering of this brand’s products ensures a smooth ride for years to come.

And if you still haven’t moved on from asking whether is Nishiki a good bike brand or not, know this: although Nishiki is not as popular as it used to be, when you ride one of their bikes, it’s like riding a true piece of cycling history!


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