Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike Review

Why are fat-tire bikes, like the Mongoose Malus mountain bike becoming so popular? They’re very stylish and there are so many reasons why people love riding these beasts of bicycles! Find out more below!

Taking a fat tire bike to a sandy or muddy trail for the first time can feel intimidating, but you’ll find that just like the pleasure of riding in normal conditions continues all year long, riding on a fat tire bike in any kind of weather is an enjoyable experience worth trying.

For some, a lifetime of adventure is right around the corner with fat-tire bike trips. These bikes are tough and allow you to ride over any terrain, including soft snow or mud, sand, or streams. You might be wondering why a few people would ever buy these bikes when they can go everywhere they’d like just fine on their regular mountain or road bike.

Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike Review 8 Great Things to Love About Malus

But what separates the fat-tire vehicles from those is the simple fact that riding allows one to connect with nature in ways that simply aren’t possible in any other way. The incredible feeling of being one with your environment as you feel closer to Mother Nature rather than fighting it for dominion will leave an indelible impression on your heart and mind for many years if not for life!

Now, in the world of fat-tire cycling, there is no shortage of bikes that look good and perform brilliantly – especially if you’re interested in something a bit out-there. So to help you make an informed decision to purchase that perfect fat-tire bike for you, this article will help you discover simply one of the best fat tire bikes available: the Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike.

8 Great Things to Love About Malus

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike - Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

You may wonder why people who buy the Mongoose Malus mountain bike love it so much. Aside from the awesome features this fat tire boasts, many people also fell in love with it due to the following reasons:

  1. The simple design of the Mongoose Malus makes it super easy to put together.
  1. The Mongoose Malus mountain bike is easy to maneuver, whether it be over debris, fallen limbs, small rocks, dirt, snow, and through water.
  1. You never have to worry about having a flat tire or if you can’t get home because the path was too snowy or muddy to cross safely.
  1. Outdoorsy individuals as well as those with a particular passion and talent for mechanics enjoyed modifying the bike so they could best fit their personal styles.
  1. With its stripped-back good looks, you will be sure to grab people’s attention as you exercise on your way to achieving your fitness goals.
  1. The Mongoose Malus is a price-friendly option that will still get the job done when it comes to riding off road.

And if those things aren’t enough for the Mongoose Malus to win you over, have you ever heard of Mongoose’s history? If not, don’t you think you should learn more about it? If so, you can keep reading below! The team at Mongoose worked hard to make a better bike for you and they succeeded because they are one of the most popular bicycle brands today.

Mongoose Brand

So here’s the background story, Skip Hess, a man with a hobby that turned into a business. Back in the early ’70s, Skip was all about action and adventure thanks to his love of BMX riding. As you probably know, this sport is quite demanding without many vehicles that could withstand the pressure of all the tricks riders were trying to do.

In 1974, he built up some cast-magnesium MotoMag wheels in his garage armed with the goal to make bikes more resilient and reliable. Skip found success and began making custom bikes for pro riders. By 1976, his company BMX Products Inc. developed into one of the most popular brands around.

Freestyle BMX gained popularity fast, especially among those who were still learning the ropes of cycling. As word spread about this new craze, a fellow California native whose name was Dennis McCoy decided to become one of Mongoose’s first sponsored riders and helped the company design its very first bike, called the FS-1, which debuted in 1986.

Since then, the freestyle lifestyle has remained at Mongoose’s core with legends like Tim “Fuzzy” Hall and Kevin Peraza blessing it with their raw style as they lit up viral videos back in the day and today on YouTube as well.

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Mongoose started manufacturing mountain bikes in 1985 and became a dominant force in the market over the next decade. Mongoose developed the ATB and ATB PRO which were generally regarded as comfortable, reliable, and robust but not excessively heavy or flashy.

Their next-generation Amplifier was the first full-suspension bicycle which showed that they were one step ahead of their competitors in terms of both design and technology. Technology continued to be at the forefront of their cycles following this with more groundbreaking designs. This professional-quality range is ridden by some of the world’s leading riders beating all challengers.

Now let’s get down to business and talk about the Mongoose Malus mountain bike and why you should be getting one and riding one.

Mongoose Malus Ultimate Review

The Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike will take you wherever your heart desires to be. It’s made up of full steel mechanical components with rigid suspension, 4-inch fat tires, and 26-inch wheels, giving you a confident ride over snowfall, wet roads, dirt, stones, sands, and much more without losing control or falling over.

MTB Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

The Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike is the perfect companion for thrill-seekers and road warriors alike. This bike supports a wide range of features that are aimed at providing you with many pleasant experiences even on raceways where not everything goes according to plan.

You can confidently traverse even difficult turns whether heading up or down steep inclines because this bike ensures you have the braking power needed to stop instantly and prevents any accidents. Everything about this bike, from its frame material to its chains and other mechanisms, is top-notch ensuring that how well it functions as a whole is a reflection of the quality of materials used in its making.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s guaranteed to take some serious punishment and still hold up under prolonged use, this fat tire bike is the one to get. With solid well-engineered construction, it’s as reliable of a bike as you’re going to find in this price range.

You can rely on Mongoose for not only their surprisingly affordable pricing but also for knowing just what customers like you want out of a good quality bike so that others don’t suffer through anything less than the best when buying with them. You can totally depend on the Mongoose Malus and just take off.

Even to first-timers, this bike is more than able to withstand the rigors of outdoor terrain and make for a wonderful beach cruiser alternative. With features like its safety components and design focused on durability and functionality, enthusiasts interested in bike rides in any weather will find this bicycle to be an all-season option they can confidently rely on.


Frames Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

This sleek sporty steel Mongoose Malus boasts a sturdy and beautiful polished finish that looks amazing and is sure to catch the eyes of several pedestrians as you make your way through the city. It is perfect for those looking to get from point A to B without having to stop often. After long journeys and hard commutes, even in less than ideal weather conditions like rain or snow, this bike will still function flawlessly, steadfastly standing its ground against even the harshest of conditions!


Tires Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

The Mongoose Malus provides excellent control over rough terrain and a smooth ride on unstable ground, thanks to the thick yet durable tires with just enough give to handle any trouble you may encounter. The 26 x 4 inches of standard alloy rims provide flawless performance for years to come, making this bike an outstanding value for avid bikers who are looking for reliable transportation at a price that won’t set them back.

Seat and Pedal

Seat and Pedal Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

The Mongoose Malus mountain bike is a very commendable piece of equipment. You won’t find a more comfortable biking experience than on this cruiser mountain bike. The pedals are smooth, so there is no irritation while pedaling up a steep hill! And the seat could be adjusted to accommodate someone up to six-foot-two is really impressive, especially for such a reasonable price.

Gear and Speed

Gear and Speed Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

If you’re one of those thrill-seeking, adventurous types, chances are you’ll want to step up your game by investing in a more robust mountain bike like the Mongoose Malus. It’s good that its gear and speed system is high quality and reliable so that will be easier to balance even when riding down steep terrain.

Moreover, it is designed with a more stylish appearance than any other model out there. It comes with 7 speeds which ensure easy and smooth shifting throughout your entire journey up to 25 miles/hour.


Brakes Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

The Mongoose Malus has dual disk brakes on the front and rear wheels, causing instant, powerful stops without a bumpy or jerky feeling. The hydraulic brakes offer balanced, even braking power in all directions for safety and control.

If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast, you know that mountain biking can get difficult if there is mud on the trails or if it’s raining so much that some trails have flooded. But when you have a summer cruiser like the Mongoose Malus to rely on, all of your problems disappear as you are transported along wet, snowy hills, and muddy paths in total control.

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This has meant that many bikers have found themselves in precarious predicaments before. Luckily, one of the huge steps forward for fat bikes was the creation of powerful braking systems to help keep users like you safe whether you’re taking these bigger, burlier bikes beyond their intended riding limits or simply trail-riding on a hardcore winter day!

Load Capacity

Load Capacity Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

As for the Mongoose Malus weight limit, there was a big rider who stands at 6 feet and weighs a little over 400 pounds needed to begin a new lifestyle and purchased this bike and said it really helped him get more fit.

He was so impressed with the Mongoose Malus’ ability to accommodate someone of his size that he even praised it as being able to make him feel more capable as opposed to how out of place he originally felt.

The lower gears mean that for someone of his weight training isn’t just about speed since building up will take some time, but the wider range makes it easier for him not only to go faster but easier when going slower while building up muscles.

The Mongoose Malus gets a lot of praise for its effective and reliable performance. Most riders will be satisfied with the build quality and materials, but if you’re a heavier rider, although this bike will certainly serve you, you should consider upgrading some parts.

You should consider investing in better wheel bearings and crank bearings as opposed to replacing your wheels completely, as these tend to last quite a while and they’re a fraction of the price.


Mongoose Malus doesn’t arrive assembled – you’ll need to do that yourself. But don’t worry: it’s easy enough to follow the steps in the manual, and assembly will go smoothly if you follow the instructions and take your time. You can also check out the assembly process on Youtube!

While you’re encouraged to do your own research here: for your first bike riding experience, it’s best that you have someone more experienced to help you with the bike’s assembly so as not to cause any problems during your time riding Mongoose Malus as an unbalanced bike could knock one over while in motion.


Safety Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

When dealing with a bike like the Mongoose Malus, it is essential to be aware of the proper safety precautions because it was designed to go over unstable terrain and handle massive jumps thanks to its huge tires on the wheels. And you shouldn’t begin by attempting to ride on a snowy or wet road at your very first time out.

Instead, you should start off with taking a test run while driving around in safer conditions! You should first get used to riding your vehicle before you bring it out into the real world so that you don’t end up putting yourself or others in danger by not having sufficient understanding and skill with its capabilities.


Mongoose Malus Cruiser Mountain Bike has one variation, in terms of the size of the frame. It can be specified as either medium or large. Hopefully, you are on the taller side if you’re going to purchase this model! There is a lot to admire about this bike, but it primarily was made for bikers that are taller. If this describes you, then it’s guaranteed that your experience will be quite satisfying as a result.


Saddle Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

Some Mongoose Malus riders complained about the seat needing to be more comfortable and the lack of a water bottle holder, so if you’re one of them and finding yourself at odds with these things, don’t worry! You can change the seats and add other accessories so it is more comfortable for you. It won’t be much trouble at all, and you’ll be glad you did this modification or upgrade.

The Sunlite Cloud-9 Gel Seat is an ideal solution when it comes to making the Mongoose Malus’ integrated seat more comfortable by using gel padding to cushion the ride. Anyone looking to upgrade their bike’s comfort and add grips can be sure that this pad will help them achieve their objective.

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bike Seat

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle - Mongoose Malus Weight Limit

The Sunlite Cloud-9 cycling seat is designed in such a way that it comes with its own side-bearing clamps, which can quickly be removed if you want to switch out the mount. The seat is wide and comfortable, so you should have no problems with numbness or soreness after long rides. It would eliminate pain and pressure points, so you could focus on having a great time on your bike even when commuting to work or just enjoying a long ride around town.


When you’re looking for a new bike, it’s always best to take time to check whether or not the brand is providing a warranty. If a bicycle isn’t offering any sort of guarantee, you might want to reconsider how much your heart wants that specific model.

Warranties are such great features of bikes because they really embody the level of friendly customer service that a company has and they give customers reassurance that if something goes wrong with their purchase, they’ll be able to seek help from the brand.

In short, warranties tend to act as guarantees for customers which is why it’s crucial that when one buys a bike, they make sure the brand is offering one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Mongoose Malus Differ From the Dolomite Model?

Both the Mongoose Malus and Dolomite are very similar bikes, but there are indeed a few differences between them. For starters, the price of each one is different; where the Malus costs around $150 more than its counterpart. This may be due to the fact that Dolomite comes in different sizes, whereas Malus only comes in one all-encompassing size.

How Much Does the Mongoose Malus MTB Weigh?

How heavy is the Mongoose Malus mountain bike, you ask? Well, this machine’s actual weight is 43.5 pounds and gets one of our strongest recommendations to anyone who wants a reliable and sturdy bike. And when the kickstand and reflectors are removed from the bicycle itself, it has an actual weight of only 42.5 pounds in its most resourceful form!

But although that’s true, there is also another difference – which seems a bit silly – in regards to weight. While both come with almost identical specs on paper, Dolomite weighs right at fifty pounds while Malus only weighs forty-two pounds. It’s these little details that help customers choose their bikes!

Who should Be Riding the Mongoose Malus?

This bike was actually created for guys. But it’s not written in stone that women cannot ride this bike too.

Does Assembling the Mongoose Malus Need Special Tools?

Assembling the Mongoose Malus does not necessarily require special tools. All you should need from your garage are some basic tools that are used for repairs and maintenance around the house. It is important to hold the parts of the Mongoose Malus with both hands evenly and then slowly screw each part on, making sure that it is secured tightly.

What is the Bottom Bracket Size of the Mongoose Malus?

The size of Mongoose Malus’ bottom bracket shell is 112 mm and its bottom bracket thread is 68 mm.

What’s the Brand of the Brake Pads?

The mountain bike Mongoose Malus originally came with Jak-7 brake pads, but if you need replacements, you can order them directly from the manufacturer.

Is Changing or Upgrading the Seat Possible?

Changing or upgrading the seat is possible as it’s a fully customizable model.

Can I Ride the Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike for Exercising?

The Mongoose Malus mountain bike is undeniably heavy, indeed, but nonetheless, a cool mode of transportation for the family to use for daily use and exercise. What makes it even better is that it can be so enjoyable to ride, something that cannot be said about riding a stationary treadmill or other exercise equipment at home without something of greater value like company or location.

And while this dependable classic does need some love out of the box with basic maintenance (an unfortunate problem with bicycles because they can be quite temperamental), it’s always worth keeping your rides going strong especially when they deliver so much.

What’s the Frame Size?

All the Mongoose Malus mountain bikes (Matte Black, Silver/Black, Silver/Yellow, Tan) come with an 18 inch / Medium frame. An 18-inch bike is ideally made for someone with a height of 6 feet, but this is an estimation and is not always true.

If you are 6 feet tall, you may be best suited to ride the Mongoose Malus mountain bike. This model is commonly used by those with a 31–34-inch inseam length. However, it’s important to keep in mind the other physical characteristics that will factor into the right fit for your body, such as arm length and torso size.

Does the Mongoose Malus Have a Half or Full Suspension?

The Mongoose Malus mountain bike has a solid rigid frame with no suspension – it is ideal for most terrains, whether you’re traveling through the city or going off-road.


You may not have noticed, but fat tire bikes are now available in many different varieties. Some might think this makes them harder to choose from since it seems like they all do the same things.

While it is true that Mongoose Malus cruiser MTB lacks some specific settings compared to other brands, we feel like no matter what kind of biking experience you’d like to have, this bike can offer exactly that as well as give you a great ride.

Plus, you’ll relish every moment of your daily rides with this affordable performance-oriented beach cruiser bike’s durable steel frame and sturdy tires, and even the lightweight yet powerful rims. With every bit of this product, whether it be the tires or the frame, you can trust that your friend here will be able to accompany you on any journey you might have.

After careful consideration and tons of research and reading of reviews from verified users, this bike does not only look good but is also easy to maintain for frequent use!

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